Sunday, 5 August 2012

Part 11: Ruling Castes' betrayal of Adivasis

By Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Solution to every problem: nationwide agitation

The society that could not get opportunity for progress and development, adivasis society is one of them. This society has thousand of problems. And these problems have emerged as challenge. Any class can face challenges only by uniting. But as far as adivasis are concerned, adivasis do not have any national level agitation. And to create this nationwide agitation is the biggest challenge.

Adivasis has thousands of problems; these problems will have to be counted from number 1. What is the number one problem of adivasis? Number one problem is that adivasis are not capable to solve their own problems. Society is not capable because society has deficiency of united strength.  To solve hundreds and thousands of difficulties it is very necessary to have united strength.

Adivasis want to solve their social, economic, political, cultural and educational problems but in order to solve them are they capable? One or two people may be an exception but as far as entire adivasis society is concerned; after self-reflection and self-evaluation it came to be known that adivasis society is not capable of finding solutions to their problems. There is wish to find solutions but is wish a magic stick? And those adivasis trusted for 58-59 years after Independence, will they provide solutions? Will they enforce adivasis welfare? From their deeds they have proved that they do not want to look after adivasis welfare. And in order to look after their own welfare adivasis do not have their own strength, then what is to be done? The only option before adivasis is to join nationwide agitation.

Adivasis must join such an agitation that will have self-respect, self-dependent that will not work on the commands from the ruling castes; one such agitation that will have its objective, an ideology, a program that will actively work toward 90 crore mulnivasis into unity. ‘BAMCEF’ is working towards creating such agitation in this direction; nationwide agitation that will solve all our basic problems. There is no alternative to this.

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