Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Part 18: Burning Problem of Mulnivasi Muslims

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha, 2009 Speech

Gandhiji was assassinated, Nathuram Godse was circumcised, After assassination Muslims will be blamed and violence will get generated, who planning was it?

Some people think that we are giving clean chit to BJP. Perhaps some people think that we are giving clean chit to RSS, VHP people. We are well aware that RSS, VHP, BJP, Shiv Sena people are top grade badmash (rascals) and mostly Muslims know that these people are badmash (rascals). That’s why Muslims were not able to get trapped in BJP trap. When they did not get trapped in BJP web then there is no need for break them from BJP. Muslims are trapped in Congress web and that’s why Muslims will have been pulled out of Congress trap. In order to pull out there is no reason to attack BJP. This is so because if Muslims are not trapped in BJP web then what is the reason to attack BJP? Actually there is a need to attack Congress. Because Congress is betraying Muslims and Muslims do not have even a slightest realization. That’s why before everyone Congress will have to be attacked first and then Muslims will be liberated. If Muslims are to be connected then first of all they will have to be disconnected. Because where will we connect with Muslims? Muslims has prior connections. Muslims are connected with Congress Party. That’s why he will not be connected to you. There is nothing left to get connected. That’s why where they are connected they will have to disconnected, first they will have to disconnected then connected. This is politics. Our lower ranked mulnivasi Bhahujan samaj people will not be able to understand this so easily. There is no doubt that RSS, BJP, VHP people are badmash (rascals) BJP and Congress both are snakes but Congress snake is invisible. Congress is a hidden enemy and RSS an open enemy. Hidden enemy is more dangerous than open enemy. This is so because we understand his as our friend and as soon as he gets an opportunity he bites us. After biting he hides again. Invisible snakes are hidden enemies and hidden enemies are more dangerous and deadlier than open enemy. Congress is the biggest enemy of Muslims. If Muslim brothers want to protect themselves from this hidden enemy then they will have to search out the way of defence and have to gather similar pained people. Muslim is troubled from Brahmins and those who are not converted like shudras, ati-shudras are also victims of Brahmanism that’s why it is possible for both these people to form a front. Truly this will be common front. The front that is formed in Delhi is of Common Minimum betrayal front. Nothing will happen from this.  One natural common front has to be formed. Elections will take place every five years. After two to three years elections will take place. That’s why people must be thinking that now so early what the need to do anything is? So you will not be able to formulate any long term program. If you are not going to make any long term program then in future you will not be saved. If you start working on long term program then in the next 20 years your alternative will be ready. If you do not implement from today then for the next 50 years you will have no alternative ready. There will be no option left in future. In a situation without alternative enemy will hunt you down.

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