Wednesday 15 August 2012

Part 5: Burning Problem of mulnivasi Muslims

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha, 2009 Speech

Congress-BJP: two sides of the same coin

What is the strategy behind this type of campaign?  People of Congress want to create fear in the heart of Muslims. Congress never says that we gave so and so representation to Muslims. Congress never says that we promoted economic development of Muslims, we allocated so and so amount in the budget for the education of Muslims, we created so and so arrangement for the security of Muslims. Congress people never say that ‘Muslims must vote for us because Congress created so and so agenda for the social, economic, political and educational development of Muslims’. Then what do Congress people say to Muslims? Congress says that if you do not vote for Congress then BJP will come to power. This means congress is creating fear in the hearts of Muslims. First create fright, then create fear and then multiply the fear, this is a strategy of Congress Party.  They first create fear and then tell we can save you’ll. First fear is created in the hearts of Muslims that BJP will come to power, Muslims will be slaughtered, and this will happen, that will happen. In this way, as compared to BJP, Congress is more dangerous. This does not mean that BJP is good party. It is publicly known that BJP people are undisputed badmash (rascals). But Muslims give their vote to Congress and that’s why congress betrays Muslims. If Muslim doesn’t vote for BJP then there is no relation of BJP betraying or benefiting Muslims. Whom do Muslims vote? Muslims vote for Congress Party. That’s why there is relation with Congress Party of betrayal and benefit to Muslims.  Muslims don’t vote for Congress because they like Congress very much. I have a friend staying in Aurangabad (Maharashtra). Whenever two of us used to discuss he used to blame Congress. When elections took place, he came back after voting. I asked him as to whom did he voted?  Then he answered that he voted for Congress Party. I told him that today morning itself we had discussion against Congress Party. He said what you are saying is true. I have just returned from voting Congress candidate but even then come let’s discuss against Congress Party. This is matter of thinking. If we want to fight the battle of transformation then we will have to study this entire mindset.  If you want to increase the strength of your enemy then the strength that has been given to enemy; that strength he is using in order to uproot you.  Before anything else your enemy creates fear in your heart and multiplies this fear. Creation of this fear and multiplication of this fear is the strategy of Congress Party.

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