Wednesday 1 August 2012

Part 7: Ruling Castes' Betrayal of Adivasis

By Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Adivasis has no voice

Different Adivasis states got formed, adivasis people also became their Chief Ministers, and even then Adivasis people are not happy. Adivasis have their grievance that in Adivasis states in spite of adivasis person being its Chief Minister Adivasis has no voice. Some people may feel that this is an imaginary idea but this is not an imaginary idea, this is a reality.

This reality cannot be considered as false When Adivasis state took place that time Jharkhand was carved out of Bihar. At a time struggle for separate Jharkhand State was going on that time nearly 75% population was of adivasis people who were residing in Jharkhand. But today when Jharkhand became separate State, only 20% population is of Adivasis who are residing there. What happened?  Did sky sucked them or earth swallowed them? These adivasis were neither sucked away into sky nor did earth swallow them but migration took place amongst Jharkhand Adivasis. Jharkhand adivasis went to Andaman and Nicobar Island, they went to Assam and they went to some other places.

It is natural that when displacement took place then population of Adivasis which was 75% of Jharkhand would reduce. When Jharkhand adivasis migrated to Assam then Assam’s Congress government launched a program to get Assam Adivasis fights with Jharkhand Adivasis, and propagated that they are outside people, and not from Jharkhand. Even today Assam has Congress Government this program is ongoing as it was earlier. Assam adivasis call adivasis migrated from Jharkhand as ‘Dikkus’.

The meaning of ‘Dikku’ is creator of troubles. But this thinking is not original to Assam adivasis but this thought has been put into the minds of Assam adivasis so that Adivasis will fight amongst themselves, incite amongst themselves, killed amongst them. Earlier Adivasis population in Jharkhand that was 75% was very big problem for the ruling Brahmin caste. If Jharkhand Adivasis are displace and go into Assam then adivasis population in Assam will increase, and on its won this will give rise to another problem. That’s why adivasis is made to fight another adivasis so that adivasis do not rise up as independent force, so that they do not transform into rulers.  In Assam there is Congress government but this congress government has not included adivasis in the list of Scheduled Tribes. This is so because if they were included in Scheduled list then Assam government would have been compelled to provide them with all the decided facilities. This is the reason as to why government did not include them in the Scheduled Tribes list; so that they are deprived of the facilities.

Adivasis who vote for Congress party, meaning based on adivasis votes congress party has been ruling, same Congress has denied to include Assam Adivasis in the list of Scheduled Tribes and prevented facilities to them. Adivasis has great contribution in getting congress party in power at central government level. Adivasis put in all their might to ensure that Congress government remains in power in Delhi (central government).

The strength that Congress got from the medium of adivasis, Congress used this strength to uproot these very adivasis. It is a different matter that adivasis from Jharkhand migrated. This is not the only reason as to why adivasis population in Jharkhand reduced. There are lots of other reasons for this. How ruling castes betray, and how with long term planning to carry on the task of destruction, this understanding is beyond the comprehension of common people.

Ruling caste put in place long term strategy to finish off adivasis. With the creation of separate Jharkhand State which was part of Bihar state; there was large scale migration of adivasis living in Bihar to other parts of India. Due to undeveloped industry it was very difficult to earn the livelihood of self and family, and in search of livelihood Jharkhand there was large scale migration of adivasis from Jharkhand.

Later on when separate state was formed ruling castes launched program of industrial development with multiple objectives. Biggest industry was set up in Jharkhand. After separation of Jharkhand and Bihar all the industry was set up in Jharkhand itself and lots of Bhumihar (Rajput) and Brahmin industrialists from Bihar migrated and settled in Jharkhand. In this way ruling caste people set up industry in a big way. Mulnivasis Bhahujan samaj people migrated in search of means to mitigate hunger but Bihar’s Bhumihars – Rajputs and Brahmins migrated for development meaning prosperity and wealth. Bhumihar’s from Bihar were taken to Jharkhand and to set up industry adivasis lands were snatched away. Brhaminical Bhumihars developed and prospered while adivasis were displaced and destroyed.

Bihar’s Bhumihars went to Jharkhand and Jharkhand’s desperate daily wage adivasis went to Assam. In this was first Bhumihars entered Jharkhand and desperate daily wage adivasis went to Assam. In this way the large percentage of adivasis population in Jharkhand got reduced and adivasis population dwindled from 75% to 25%.

When Jharkhand adivasis were agitating for separate State that time Jharkhand was not grated separate statehood because that time their population percentage was 75% and ruling power would have gone in their hands. That’s why when Jharkhand was formed as separate state its Adivasis population was just 27%.

When Jharkhand state was declared as separate state that time Jharkhand Adivasis were very happy but power to rule went in the hands of BJP Chief Minister. Those Jharkhand adivasis struggling for separate Jharkhand did not get power to rule in their hands, nor did Congress Party –to whom adivasis agitating for separate Jharkhand supported - get power.

Power sent in the hands of BJP because Bhumihars (Rajputs and Brahmins) strengthened their hold on Jharkhand.  They purchased adivasis votes and made Babulal Marandi, a tribal man as Chief Minister. Congress took over Power in Chattisgarh that was carved out from Madhya Pradesh as its share. The State that adivasis demanded got formed but one state was captured by Congress and second state got captured by BJP.

When Bill for separate Jharkhand State came up in Parliament that time Congress and BJP opposed it tooth and nail, and did allow it get passed. But when the compromise took place between Congress and BJP that Congress will get Chhattisgarh and BJP will Jharkhand only then the Bills of both these States were passed in the Parliament. These two adivasis States got formed but the true representatives of adivasis could not reach to take over power and rule. Adivasis men is made the Chief Minister but his Chief Secretary some Brahmin named Dubey, Chaubey and even if he is not a Chaubey, Dubey but definitely a Brahmin.

In this way both the brahmanical parties kept power under their control and only to show public to put forth Babulal Marandi, Babulal Gaur, Ajit Jogi, Arjun Munda and the like. After putting these people in front people were told ‘see this is your representative’. With just one man as Chief Minister, Adivasis are happy and take flight into illusion ‘now our rule has come!’. Chief Minister is adivasis but he does not have any capacity to and power to take decisions. He is like a bull who is tied with role in his neck and the end of rope is in somebody else’s control, and this bull runs only to that extend that is permitted by the one who is holding the end of the rope. On his wish bull cannot decide the pace of his run either fast or slow. Bull cannot do anything on his own wish.

The state of our Chief Ministers is somewhat like this. Chief Minister remains our man but administration remains under total control of Brahmins. The Brahmin sitting in administration gives suggestions to our Chief Minister, Cabinet minister as to which task to be taken up and how it is to be accomplished. Our Chief Minister implements the suggestions given by him. Suggestion is given to make law against our interest and in the interest of Brahmins and this suggestion is implemented. Brahmins read Indian Constitution as per their calculations and drew its meanings according to their own calculations. Today Brahmins are administrating all the affairs in a manner convenient to them and that’s why now ‘We do not have any voice’ is a thinking of adivasis which is natural.

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