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‘Gangs’ and ‘Mafia’ tagging of South Goa’s mulnivasi Taxi owners is part of wider Brahmanical conspiracy

Thanks to the 108 year old movement led by Mahatma Jyotibha Phule, Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj and Mahamanav Vishwaratna Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar from 1848 to 1956 we can now see through all the trickeries to keep us, the mulnivasis suppressed. 

Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly condemns the tagging of South Goa taxi owners as ‘Gangs’ and ‘Mafia’ by weekly ‘The Goan’ on its July 28, 2012 inaugural issue. The weekly carried the two-page centre spread (page 16-17) focus on taxi owners referring them as ‘mafia’.  The weekly is started by Fomentos that is involved in large scale destruction of Goa due to its mining activities in evergreen Western Ghats forest inhabitated by mulnivasis people. The Fomento group belongs to Bamon Avdooth Timblo. He has hired Bamon Sujay Gupta as the editor of his weekly.

The story has the colored caricature of taxi owners in mafia outfit and carrying hockey sticks for assault. In democracy the words are weapons. Avaduth Timblo after using Police as weapon against people of Colomba, Sanguem has ventured into starting of newspaper and in the first issue itself has launched attack on organized group of taxi owners in South Goa.

It is important to unearth massive conspiracy with long term implications involved in the tagging process here. The tags are labeled on people from South Goa who are carrying on their businesses in tourism sector with legitimate licenses from the respective government agencies. When government agencies has given them the licenses to carry on their trade then how did they became ‘mafia’? If they were ‘gangs’ and ‘mafia’ then they should have been booked by the state law enforcing agencies. This is not the case. What is the worry for Fomentos owned by bamon Avadooth Timblo now? The worry is very simple. Taxi owners are mulnivasis, they are Shudra, and they are Catholics and they are Goans too. So what is the compulsion of newspaper that is named ‘The Goan’ to attack in such a vociferous manner these Goan taxi owners, taxi drivers?  This means that the paper is not meant to defend the interest of Goans who are mulnivasis, Goans who are Shudra. This is crystal clear from the defaming attack launched against South Goa Taxi owners. Now, why did the paper named as ‘The Goan’? It is named ‘The Goan’ in order to create hiding mask for Bamons. This hiding mask is named as ‘The Goan’. It is very important to understand this politics in order to destroy Bamon Raj in Goa that is trying to tag Goa’s Shudra, mulnivasi people as ‘mafia’ and as ‘gangs’.

Why Bamon has to hide under the name ‘The Goan’? This is because all the Bamons are Eurasian invaders in India and this proved is from their DNA testing by Michael Bamshad of Uttah University, USA. This includes owners of weekly ‘The Goan’. When invaders start their newspapers they do it in order to create public opinion in their favor. Why do they need to create public opinion in their favour? This is so because Bamons are tiny minority as against overwhelming mulnivasi majority. In order to make them a majority and rule mulnivasis they create many hiding masks for themselves. ‘Goan’ is one of them. The other hiding masks for Bamons in India as well as Goa are ‘Hindu’, ‘Secular’, ‘Communal’, ‘Socialist’ etc. This time Bamons has decidedly brought about the mask of ‘The Goan’ in the forefront to hide their face. Why did they do so? They are using this in order to de-stabilize and destroy mulnivasi, Shudra in Goa bit by bit. Mulnivasis are original people of India, original people of Goa. This is the fight between Foreigners i.e Bamon versus Indigenous i.e Shudra, mulnivasis. Taxi owners are Shudra, they are mulnivasis. Bharat Mukti Morcha stands in defense of mulnivasi people from Eurasian Bamons. Parshuram was also Eurasian Bamon whose two distinctions are waging of bloody wars against mulnivasis of India and killing of his own mother Matha Renuka because she was a mulnivasi. All women in Bamon houses are mulnivasis and that’s why they are declared Shudra through Constitution of Bamons – Manusmriti.

This Parshuram’s picture is on the cover page of the Goa vision 2035 document submitted to Goa government recently. This document outlines details as to how Goa is to be transformed into Bamon Raj.  This document recommended that all the powers to give construction licenses be taken away from village Panchayats. Large number of buildings all over Goa is facing stiff opposition at the Gram Sabhas and number of projects stalled. In Salcete number of villages has voiced strong opposition to granting of construction licenses to buildings. In Benaulim mulnivasis people mostly in the profession of tourist taxis organized the public opinion against various buildings. One of the casualties of this protest has been the building project of Bamon from Margao Datta Naik who earlier used the masks such as Samata Andolan and Lok Shakti to hide his Bamon identity.

Who are the authors that made this recommendation to make mulnivasis people powerless and captives of bamons in near future by taking away rights of village Panchayats to issue and revoke construction licenses? They are Dr.Raghunath Mashelkar- Pune, Dr.Vijay Bhatkar - Pune, Dr.Anil Kakodkar - Mumbai, Mr.Ashank Desai - Mumbai, Dr.Vijay Kelkar - Pune, Prof.Madhav Gadgil – Pune, Architect Charles Correia- Mumbai, Dr.Satish Shetye – Panjim, Prof.Dilip Deubagkar – Panjim, Mr.Raj Paroda- New Delhi, Dr.P.S.Ramani – Mumbai, Dr.Ligia Noronha – New Delhi, Prof.Vithal Sukhtankar – Panaji, Prof. Errol D’Souza, Ahmadabad, Chairman of Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Panjim, Secretary, Planning and Statistics, Director of Higher Education.  This is second phase of disfranchising of Panchayats after Panchayat right to issue licenses to industry were taken away in late 1990s.

For this realization of Bamon Raj it is important to destroy all the mulnivasis organizations in Goa. This is the context of defaming attack on South Goa taxi owners through the inaugural issue of ‘The Goan’. With this attack bamons has offered mulnivasis as sacrifice. In the brahmical tradition it is very auspicious that mulnivasis be offered as sacrifice before starting anything worthy. This is the reason as to why two full middle pages are dedicated for this sacrifice.

If this tag shot by Bamon weekly ‘The Goan’ remains without dissection then it will create legitimacy for use of violence against them, against mulnivasi people of Goa. Bamons in this case are using very famous dictum ‘Call the dog mad, and then shoot the dog.’ Similarly what Bamons are doing here is that they are calling Goa’s Mulnivasi people ‘Gangs’, ‘Mafia’ and are creating grounds for encounter killing of these gang members meaning mulnivasi Shudra taxi owners. Bamons in Goa are not very happy with the ‘Sussegad’ tag which they gave to mulnivasis in Goa. Now they want a new tag, new aggressive tag, a tag that would make chopping process smoother and faster.

Bamon functions strictly as per the caste as well as Jati system and they tell us not to speak and think caste. If we think then we will realize that tiny minority of Bamons is ruling over overwhelming majority of Mulnivasis. We will realize that Goa Golden Jubilee Development Council is composed of overwhelmingly Bamons, those accepting ideology of Brahmanism including most dangerous ‘Poona Brahmins’. We will realize that Parshuram is ready to shoot his seven arrows and his seven arrows are sugar coated in Bamani – the language of Bamons. Why not, Bamon will have a language of Bamons – Bamani! Thanks to the 108 year old movement led by Mahatma Jyotibha Phule, Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj and Mahamanav Vishwaratna Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar from 1848 to 1956 we can now see through all the trickeries to keep us suppressed. And we can see through the bamon strategy of tagging South Goa Taxi owners as ‘Gangs’ and as ‘Mafia’. Bamons have historically usurped huge amount of lands of Goa’s mulnivasi people during and after Portuguese colonial rule. They sent in their sisters, their daughters, wives, for the sexual gratification of Portuguese officers and in return got large tracks of Goa’s mulnivasis lands for themselves which they have been selling to Bamons, and other capitalist interests across the world.

Bharat mukti morcha does not seek an apology from the Bamons - editor or owner hiding under the mask of ‘The Goan’. Bharat Mukti Morcha expects ‘The Goan’ to carry on the Bramanical agenda of creating enmity with Goa’s mulnivasi people by hiding under the mask of ‘The Goan’ and other masks. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar has allowed them to carry on their work of enmity under article 19 of the Constitution of India. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar has also granted right to organize for mulnivasis under the same Article 19 of Indian Constitution. Bharat Mukti Morcha will continue to publicly expose Bamons and their conspiracies hidden under every mask. Bharat Mukti Morcha is aware of the Bamon-Bania nature of media, its collusion with Brahmanical State Government in Goa and is not at all surprised at the attack on mulnivasi people, this time taxi owners of South Goa.

Bharat Mukti Morcha is thankful for giving opportunity to retaliate against bamon raj in Goa with this tagging as ‘mafia’ and ‘gangs’, for this really helps in creating awakening on. Bharat Mukti Morcha is aware that Fomentos used explosives in Hiralal Khodidas mine in 2007-2008 and Fomento’s eye witness Babu Dayanand Gaonkar has admitted to the use to explosives in Sanguem trial court a week ago. Uses of explosives in mines are banned. And whoever uses it is liable to go to jail. Avdooth Timblo is a candidate to go to Jail for this reason. What tag is to be given to the one who uses the explosives in unauthorized manner? The tag of Terrorist to Audooth Timblo? Perhaps that is the most suitable tag. By the way Fr. Pratap Naik, S.J. few years back has already given the tag of terrorists to Bamons in Goa who have blackmailed mulnivasis and imposed devnagri Konkani (bamani) as Goa’s official language. Bharat Mukti Morcha will continue to fight and expose Bamons at every encounter in every situation under any circumstances till Bamon Raj in Goa is totally destroyed and Mulnivasi Raj reins in.

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