Friday, 24 August 2012

Targeting mulnivasi health care is Bamani conspiracy in Goa

It may be difficult for anyone trying to contain a campaign of misinformation to influence news outlets with a clear political agenda and low journalistic standards

‘The Goan’ has continued its tirade against mulnivasis in Goa. The weekly owned by mining company Fomentos is plotting to divert public attention away from the mining plunder of Goa and non-implementation of 5th Scheduled in Goa so that mining continue to make hay while sun shines. The sun however is approaching the dusk time and mulnivasis across the country are uniting to overthrow rule of Eurasian Bamons in India. This weekly is owned by Eurasian Bamon, edited by another Eurasian Bamon and has launched systematic campaign against mulnivasis of India. It started with tagging of South Goa taxi owners as gangs and mafia, then went on to tag Muslims of Goa as harbingers of terrorism, then attacked slums and communidades. Bharat Mukti Morcha has been closely monitoring this outlet of assault against mulnivasis.

The latest issue has three such issues that attacks mulnivasis specially their right to health care and right to self governance. On the issue that is published on Saturday, August 18, 2012 on page 10 in a story filed under the title ‘A TB causing hospital@ Monte’ it tags mulnivasis as migrants and accuses it of creating false local addresses to avail free facilities. The article conceals the fact that all the patients who are treated for TB in this TB hospital at Monte, Margao are mulnivasis OBC, SC, ST or those converted from these categories. It is against these people its salvos are directed against in much sophisticated manner.

Then again mulnivasi pregnant women of various parts of the country are targeted for availing subsidized health care from Hospicio hospital, Margao. The fangs of bamons against mulnivasis are all too opened and spitting venom here. In a story on page 11 titled ‘Friendly Goa ‘delivers’ babies to neighbors’ it states “The maternity ward of the Hospicio hospital is filled with pregnant mothers from neighboring states bordering Goa. Interestingly pregnant mothers from Belgaum, Karwar, Mumbai, Bijapur, Hospet, Dharwad, and other parts of the states board a train to Goa few weeks before their due date and head straight to Hospicio to avail free delivery of a new born baby.”  Creating of Regionalism and nurturing it is hall mark of Bamani system. This news item is an example as to how this is translated in practice. Fight is sought to be triggered off between mulnivasis living in Goa and mulnivasis living in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Beside racial angle to this assault the article also has economic angle to it. The story states ‘The normal cost of a delivery at a private hospital costs nothing less than Rs.8000/- for a minimum of five day stay in the hospital.’ That means the story has a problem with affordable health care system and tries to create public opinion against it and in favor of private health care system entrenched in capitalist system. Why are so much bothered about babies of Mulnivasis? We mulnivasis has never expressed our displeasure at the new born babies in the families of Bamons.

Further it gives interesting percentages ‘80% of mothers come from outside state and the rest from slums spread in various parts of the state. Further most of these births are registered in Goa allowing these migrants to settle down in the state.’ The story wants us to think that it is criminal to be coming from outside Goa, it is criminal to dwell in slums in Goa, and it is criminal to settle down in Goa. If these things are criminal then how come it is not criminal for the Eurasian bamons to invade India and settle down in India? How come it is not criminal to collaborate with Nandan Nilekani, another Eurasian Bamon and implement Aadhar bio-metric cards in Goa? This is because Eurasian Bamons all over the Country do not believe in dividing themselves on the basis of region but they only use region as a weapon to split mulnivasis. This is a conspiracy that Eurasian Bamons have hatched in order to continue their brahmanocracy indefinitely. If Bamons from Eurasian can settle in India and for thousands of years why cannot mulnivasis from Goa go and take medical care and even settle in Mumbai and vice versa? Who are these Eurasian Bamons to decide our mulnivasi agenda? It’s time that they are shown the place as to where they belong. Their place is in Eurasia and this has been proved with DNA testing and was published on the front page of Times of India on 21st May 2001.

Then on page 14 of this issue of ‘The Goan’ , the edit page sends orders to the South Goa collector N.D. Agarwal in the title itself. Title reads as ‘Clear the Moti Dongor slums Mr Agarwal’. The bamani plan against mulnivasis is declared in clear words in this edit article ‘A man called ND Agarwal plans to change all that. The South Goa collector, the same man who led the charge when illegal structures on the Baina beach were demolished in June 2004, is working on a mandate to clear the slums in spite of fierce local opposition. Agarwal has already demolished 36 of them and the Advocate General has informed the High Court that the rest will be demolished in six months line.’ The language itself reveals the fierce element of violence against mulnivasis. It uses the expression ‘led the charge’. This expression is generally is used in warfare context where in the charge is led against the enemy. Now the Bamons are considering mulnivasi people as enemies. However it is not new. They have always been our enemy for thousands of years. And what is most important is that they have left ample proof of this in written form. In Puranas it is war between bamons ancestors and our mulnivasi ancestors. Our ancestors have been referred as Daitya, Danav, Asuras and later on in Manusmriti as Shudras.

What is evident from the commands issued under the public directives from ‘the Goan’ to South Goa collector is that this war continues as aggressively as ever. Only this time Bamons have State power with them. Tiny minority Eurasian Bamons are powerful with their positions as Chief Minister, Collector, Editor, etc. In short democracy has been transformed into Bramanocracy. In this way they are using all their power to target and damage one section of mulnivasis every time. This assault is very sophisticated. Nevertheless with Bharat Mukti Morcha on the horizon the days of bamons, however powerful they may be, are numbered and it is matter of time that their rule is crushed with the might of mulnivasi power. The tide against bamons is already in the formation stage across India and this time it is going to the very cause of their perpetual slavery over mulnivasi of India – the Brahmanocracy.

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