Friday, 24 August 2012

Part 14: Burning Problem of mulnivasi Muslims

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha, 2009 Speech

Effect of giving religious colour

There are two effects of giving religious color to the riots. First is that riot getting justified by providing religious colour. Otherwise riots are not justified. The second effect is that minority Brahmins become majority and by fooling SC/ST/OBC people take their votes and get elected with majority votes and after winning with majority votes they carry on the work of imposing Varna system, jati system, untouchability against SC/ST/OBC people. That’s why SC/ST/OBC opposing Muslims means giving certificate to Brahmins for preserving slavery named Varna-Jati-Untouchability. Even if one person from SC/ST/OBC turns against Muslims and he believed Muslim as his enemy then you must understand that he has signed his slavery. Remember, anyone who wants to become slave then declare Muslim as your enemy. Anyone from SC/ST/OBC who will oppose Muslim and believe Muslim as his enemy will, before anything else fall prey to Brahmanism.  By giving religious colour riots gets justified.  Minority Brahmin becomes majority and derives strength to intensify Varna-Jati-Untouchability. From the Brahmin view Muslim is a thorn. For Brahmins SC/ST/OBC people are thorns. Brahmin wants to remove thorn with the thorn. In this way today riot has emerged as the biggest weapon in politics. With this weapon Muslims and SC/ST/OBC all are used. Scheduled Caste, Tribes, OBC and converted mulnivasis are large in numbers. And in spite to they being overwhelming majority minority people are ruling and dominating. BJP takes the votes in the name of Hindu and Congress takes votes by creating fear amongst Muslims. We are majority, we are bhahujans (majority people) but we don’t have Bhahumat (majority opinion). Ruling caste has a mechanism in their hands to make Bhahumat of bhahujan Samaj. Ruling caste has captured electronic media, print media, vocal media, and traditional media. They also have captured the means of creating Janmat (public opinion). We have public but public opinion is not with us. Public opinion is with ruling castes. This game is ongoing in politics. In this politics riot is very big weapon that is related to large number of mulnvivasi bhahujan samaj. The relation is not just with Muslims.

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