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Tagging Muslims in Goa as harbingers of terrorists is a very big Brahmanical conspiracy

The moment your mind turns against Muslims you are a victim of Brahmanism

After gangs and mafia tagging of mulnivasi taxi owners of South Goa on the centre spread page of the inaugural issue of ‘The Goan’ on July 28, 2012 as a part of wider Brahmanical conspiracy against mulnivasi people of India, in the second issue the weekly magazine has galloped miles ahead in its zeal of intensifying the Brahmanical conspiracy to lethal ends. That’s why it is important to carefully reflect and neutralize this latest attack against mulnivasi people in Goa.

In the second issue dated August 4, 2012 that got published by Fomentos, that is well known for its mining terrorism through the use of explosives in Colomba has subtly sought to give tag of mulnivasi Muslims in Goa as harbingers of terrorism. This time however the conspiracy is more spicy and juicy for it has all the necessary ingredients to make Sherlock Holmes and his colleague Dr. Watson mere rats in front of a cat. It has brought a front page story titled ‘When Terror came Home.  It’s team investigation seeks to convince the readers that the home of terror is not in Ponda and Margao but in Vasco, that too in unnamed private house of one mulnivasi Muslim. For the Bamani system that wears the mask of ‘The Goan’ the name of this terror is one Yasin Bhatkal on the run from Indian Security agencies and investigation agencies. He is supposed to have visited Baina in Vaso ahead of the Pune German Bakery blast of 2010. ‘The Goan’ conveniently seeks to erase the public memory that ahead of Pune German  Bakery blast was the Margao Diwali eve blast near Grace church.

What is fantastic about this is yet another plot of the newspaper that has the master plotter as its editor and large scale destruction of Goa’s plots as the owner - both bamons - is enviable triangle designed to create atmosphere of fear amongst Muslims not only in Baina, Vasco and Marmagoa taluka but in the entire State of Goa. The first angle of this triangle is ‘The Goa’ with an intention to turn the public opinion against Muslim something that had received terrible jolt after Brahmanical conspiracy tested terrible failure in the Margao Bomb Blast that exploded before being properly planted and two brainwashed into being terrorists died, one within four hours and second within four days: both mulnivasis captured by Bamons in their trap – Malgonda Patil and Yogesh Naik. The intentions of Sanathan Sounstha of Bamons were suddenly laid bare open with one miscalculation pushing bomb blasting bamons on defensive. However public opinion was tried to be rescued for rioting purpose by breaking open various temples across Goa and blaming Muslims. That did not work at all. 

The second angle to this plot is the privileged access to police records. Police is yet to confirm or deny through its PRO but fabricating cases to blame Muslims for bomb blasts that are exploded by organizations of Brahmins across India is famous recipe since 2002. Bamons master minds explosions in various parts of the country and Muslim boys are arrested or riots triggered against them till early 2008 when Muslims called all India meeting and decided to go against Congress. This frightened Congress and it gave free hand to police officer Hemant Karkare to apprehend 11 operatives indulging in Bomb blast all over India. These includes Brahmins Pragya Singh Thakur, Swami Assimananda and Col. Purohit. They revealed descriptively how bamons through their organizations like ‘Abhinav Bharat’ carried on bombings all over India. This exposed Brahmanical conspiracy to trigger explosions and blame Muslims and even after it became very clear from their confessions the arrested Muslims youth are still languishing in jails all over India. ‘The Goan’ story is an attempt to repeat the same in Goa. But now mulnivasi Muslims in Goa are not alone Bharat Mukti Morcha staunchly stand in support of mulnivasi Muslims who are historical converts from SC, ST, OBC communities, and in opposition to Bamons who are historically Eurasian invaders as proved from their DNA testing by Michael Bamshad of Uttah University in collaboration with Anthropological Survey of India.

The third angle is that this leakage from Police department cannot take place without the tacit verbal green signal from the one who heads Home ministry in Goa. The Home Ministry is headed by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar who has double distinction of being a Bamon and RSS cadre. RSS was set up in India to maintain domination of Brahmins in democratic India. That’s why all the heads of RSS are Brahmins right from the time of its inception. The combination of these three angles would not be so easy for Muslims without sophisticated organizations wider links to counter and remain without getting fear in hearts. This means enemy of mulnivasis, the bamon has taken over the State and ‘The Goan’ is a third pillar of this nexus between Press, Police and Politicians for the purpose of bamon raj.

The entire objective of this front page story is three fold. First objective is to turn public opinion against Muslims.  This is needed because Brahmins in Goa are scared that Mulnivasis across religious boundary are co-coordinating and communicating with each other. Brahmin wants to create the split here. Second objective is that after creating the split get SC, ST, OBC people to come under the banner of Hindu (this word means slaves, black and robber in Persian language). And third objective is that after coming under this banner minority Brahmin will be able to make him into majority and get him elected as the leader of Hindus. Once bamon become the leader he then incites SC, ST, OBC people against Muslims, triggers riots and then stays calm and secure. This way 1200 riots organized by Congress party against Muslim all over India and muslims got fooled, tagged and killed. Currently riots are ongoing against mulnivasi muslims in Assam and Myanmar.  Things in India are changing very fast and Bamons will have to run for cover. For Mulnivasis in every field of life understood the conspiracy of Bamons. Currently mulnivasi Muslims along with SC, SC, OBC, mulnivasi Christians are beginning to see through the game of Brahmins and have decided to solve the Brahmin problem once and for all.

There is quotation that fits the mission of ‘The Goan’: “my job is keep you distracted while restricting public debate. I sensanalize talking points to keep you focused on the trivial while ignoring the important questions. I never contradict the status qou because what I really do is deliver State sponsored propaganda. What I omit is often more significant than what I share.”

We need to focus on exactly what ‘The Goan’ wants to distract us from for its purpose of manufacturing and mass producing an image of Muslims as terrorists. Let’s take the names mentioned in the charge – sheet of Margao Bomb blast of 16 October 2009. Malgonda Patil is not muslim, Yogesh Naik is not muslim, Vinay Talekar is not muslim, Vinayak Patil is not muslim, Dhananjay Ashtekar is not Muslim, Dilip Mangaonkar is not Muslim, Prashant Ashtekar is not Muslim, Prashant Juvekar is not Muslim, Jai Prakash allias Anna is not Muslim, Rudra Patil is not Muslim, Pravin Limkar is not Muslim, Sarang Kulkarni is not Muslim but Brahmin. The rest of the youth are either from SC or OBC categories mulnivasis who are used by Brahmins to fight mulnivasi Muslims. Mulnivasis were made to fight mulnivasis under Brahmanical supervision and mastermind. That’s how Brahmins in India have been ruling us for past few thousands of years. This legacy will be stopped by putting the topic of Brahmanism right on top of public debate something that that ‘The Goan’ and other brahmin-bania media of India carefully avoids.

Here it  is important to know that few months ago writ petition (criminal) no. 19 of 2012 has been filed and pending in Supreme Court of India under article 32 of the Constitution of India: Gulzar Ahmed Azmi & Anr Vs Union of India seeking re-investigation of all the Bomb blast cases right from 2002 onwards. The following is understood from the contend to this petition:

After the arrest of 11 operatives of “Abhinav Bharat” in the Malegaon blast case of 2008 Hemant Karkare in October-November 2008, the bomb-blasts, which had been taking place every 2-3 months for the past 5-6 years almost stopped for a year. However, this long blast-free period was a cause of great concern for the Brahmins groups as they feared that such a lull would convince the general public that the earlier series of blasts since 2002 were the handiworks of Brahmin groups. Naturally they were itching to have a blast as early as possible so as to reverse the process of change in the public perception. Therefore, on the 16 October 2009, the operatives of another Brahmin group “Sanathan Saunstha” which held connections with “Abhinav Bharat” attempted to cause bomb blasts at a place in Margao (Goa) where a large number of SC, ST, and OBC people were to congregate for Diwali celebrations. But unfortunately for the terrorists, one of the bombs went off while being planted killing two terrorists of “Sanathan Saunsthan”. Later two bombs were diffused by the police. (Indian Express, Pune, Sakal, Pune, ‘Pudhari’, Pune 18 October 2009)

What is more important is the fact that, in order that Muslims be suspected in the event of the plan getting materialized, a shopping bag with “Khan Market” written on it in Arabic script was left at the site and it contained a bottle of ‘ittar’ (perfume normally used by Muslims) (Sunday, Indian Express, Pune, 8 November 2009). The intention was very clear. One can imagine what would have happened had the bomb not exploded while being planted but exploded as planned by the perpetrators killing a large number of SC, ST, OBC people assembled for a Brahmanical festival that celebrates burning of mulnivasi people’s leaders known as Asuras. Muslim blast game would have started and hundreds of innocent mulnivasis Muslim boys would have been arrested, tortured and charge-sheeted, thus, making them languish in jail for years, as per the pattern set during the last 6-7 years.

This failed attempt was a heavy jolt to the Brahmin groups and their sympathizers in the IB as the general public was being doubly convinced about their game-plan of causing blasts and blaming them on Muslims. However they were not to give up.

German bakery (Pune) blast
Within a short period of four months there was a bomb blast in German Bakery at Pune on 13.02.2010 in which 17 persons were killed and 56 injured. As the bombs did not explode while being planted or being prepared, within days of the blast the Muslim blame-game started as expected and with it started the trial and error method of IB and its puppet ATS, Maharashtra to fit some Muslim youth in their readymade script.
  1. The police officer suspected that CCTV footage German Bakery resembled the photograph of one Samad Bhatkal, the brother of the alleged main accused Yasin Bhatkal (ToI, Pune, 25 May 2010)
  2. The fact that the IB and the police had almost confirmed his involvement in the case was apparent from the fact that his profile and the photograph was circulated amongst ATS Chiefs of all States when they discussed the Pune blast case at the Centre for Police Research at Pune in March 2009. (Indian Express, Pune, 25 May 2010)
  3. He was arrested on 24th May 2010, as soon as he landed at Mangalore airport. He was returning from Dubai, where he had gone on a regular 3 months visitor-visa in search of a better job.
  4. He was, however, formally arrested the next day in a little known case of seizure of arms for “supari” (contract) killing, which had been registered at Mumbai by the ATS in August, 2009. But the Court released him as his name did not appear in the FIR or any of about dozen remand reports of arrested accused. (Pune Mirror, TOI, 7th June 2010)
  5. The fact that he was actually picked up for the German Bakery case; and not for any other case became apparent when Union Home Minister, P. Chidambaram congratulated Pune Police and the IB for apprehending the prime accused in the case. (Sakal, Pune 26 May 2010) (Pune Mirror 27 May, 2010). Mr. Chidambaram could not have done so without being briefed by the IB or rather IB itself would have advised him to do so as it must be confident that it would frame Samad on the basis of CCTV footage, albeit blurred.
  6. However the ATS and the IB were put to a lot of embarrassment, when Samad’s family in Mangalore showed to media a video clipping of Samad at a family wedding in Mangalore on the day of the German Bakery blast. The Union Home Minister also had a tough time explaining away his statement (Pune Mirror, 27 May 2010).
  7.  Had there been no video recording of Samad attending the marriage, his fate would have been sealed.
  8. As the theory of Samad involvement got punctured, the IB and the ATS wrote another script involving one Himayat Baif, Mohsin Chaudhari, Yasin Bhatkal (that ‘The Goan’ claims visited Vasco, Baina and crown him as Indian Mujahedeen Chief on page 1!) and others. But from the charge-sheet filed by the ATS it appears that this story was based on the investigation of two cases i.e. the case of huge cache of arms, ammunition and RDX near Aurangabad registered as LAC no. 3/2006 at ATS police station, Kalachowky, Mumbai and the case of involvement of the IM mainly in sending e-mails before or after blasts registered wide DCB, CID (Mumbai) C.R.No.152/2008. The authenticity and credibility of the investigation of both these cases is highly doubtful.

‘The Goan’ has made itself part of nation-wide conspiracy against mulnivasis both converted as well as non-converted. Bharat Mukti Morcha calls upon all the Mulnivasis, SC, ST, OBC, converted Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, and Sikhs to join nationwide movement for Liberation and actively participate in BMM programs all over Goa. Bamons hiding under the masks such as ‘The Goan’, ‘Secular’, ‘Communal’, Hindu, and Socialists will be unmasked and rendered toothless through public criticism.

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