Tuesday 31 July 2012

The towering relevance of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar in Goa

It was on this day 31st July in 1937 that Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar had predicted that in the times ahead there will be freedom of Brahmins to rule over us and we have to organize to fight it. He delivered his speech in Dhule, Maharashtra. In 1937 Brahmins had only one political party namely Congress Party. In the same speech Vishwratna Mahamanav Dr.Bhimarao Ambedkar said “From the analysis of Congress politics if I had to conclude anything then I can see only one conclusion and that is prosperity of Brahmins.”

What Dr. Ambedkar said in 1937 has come true completely. The entire country has been ruled by Brahmins to affect their own prosperity and prosperity of their caste allies. Today there are many Brahmanical Parties in India besides Congress. BJP is also one of them. MGP is another one. Both these parties together are ruling in Goa. Mulnivasis are  organizing to revolt against the Bamon Raj in Goa. Bharat Mukti Morcha (BMM) is getting increasing acceptance.  As a result Bamons and their cronies are getting jittery and are trying various means to suppress mulnivasi people in Goa.

Today Brahminical government has sent call letter to Vincent Dias, an activist of BMM from Colomba, Sanguem under section 149 of CrPC that empowers police officer to summon any one for investigation to prevent commissioning of cognizable offence and make that person wait endlessly at the police station with the intention of demoralizing the movement. This time the target of Home Minister and Chief Minister Bamon Manohar Parrikar is Roman Catholic mulnivasi Vincent Dias. This call letter comes after less than a week Rama Velip was subjected to Police Harassment.

 Vincent Dias is called at the Police Station at 16.00 hours on 1st August 2012. Bharar Mukti Morcha once again condemns police harassment of Colomba villagers agitating to overthrown Bamon Raj in India. Police harassment like this will only speed up the spread of BMM across the state of Goa. The days are over when mulnivasis people of Goa were fooled by Bamons and the days of their rule over mulnivasis are numbered.

Today BMM Marmagoa Taluka President Nadeem Ahmed, a mulnivasi Muslim from Vasco received a call from the mobile number 8104774200 wherein the speaker claimed to be speaking from Intelligence bureau, Delhi Police at 11.15 am. The speaker refused to disclose his name told Nadeem that arrest warrant has been issued against him as the case against him has been filed in Delhi under section 420 of Indian Penal Code and Goa Police will make arrest. Interestingly he also gave the phone number of one Advocate Bharatwaj as 09828184311 to know more details about this matter. However every time this number was dialed response was that it is switched off.  This is an act of suppressing liberation movement of mulnivasi people of India and deserves fitting retaliation. Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns pressure tactics against BMM Marmagoa Taluka, President Nadeem Ahmed. This kind of pressure tactics proves the effectiveness of Bharat Mukti Morcha activities in Goa. BMM takes strong objections to the vested interests trying to pressurize Bharat Mukti Morcha activists across the State of Goa.

The two incidents of the day points out to the increasing relevance of thoughts of Mahamanav Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar and BMM stands committed in its resolve to continue its struggle with determination.

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