Wednesday 18 July 2012

Continuing struggle for Self-respect and Freedom

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

On 18, 19, and 20 July 1942 Babasaheb said in his speech at SCF National Convention of at Nagpur, “Our struggle is not for power and wealth. It is for self-respect and freedom.” This is so because on 24th September 1932 Poona Pact took place and because of this Poona Pact we got Power and Wealth but it took away our self-respect and freedom. In 1932 itself Babasaheb said to Gandhi “Poona Pact disfranchise our people.” Poona Pact made our vote ineffective. It is Eklavvya who has right to use his bow to shoot an arrow but the necessary thumb to shoot an arrow is not there. Poona Pact means cut thumb of Eklavvya. That’s why we don’t have any confidence that because of elections problems of mulnivasi will be solved.  We are voting from 1952. Our problems instead of getting solved they are increasing. We are forced to say that British were good. It is proved that from elections does not get self-respect and freedom. Past two decades we expericed alliance; even there we did not get self-respect and freedom. Third option is to get freedom by begging. With begging you don’t even get alms then how will us get freedom? That’s why mass agitation is last option, because in India today we have Congress alliance and second is BJP alliance; both are Eurassian Brahmins. If Congress alliance has to be thrown away then BJP alliance has to be voted to power, and if BJP alliance has to be defeated then Congress alliance has to voted to power. Means, in short, if Sitaram has to defeated then Rajaram has to be elected and if Rajaram has to be defeated then Sitaram has to be voted to power. This means Sitaram-Rajaram, Rajaram-Sitaram, this bhajan song we have to sing. The reason is Poona Pact. Because of this party changes but ruling caste does not change their policies and stands does nto change. Biggest stand of the ruling castes is to destroy Constitution and to make mulnivasi people of India slaves. That’s why we will have to generate Nepal type of agitation. In Nepal 20 lakh people came on the streets and that’s how 240 years old Kingdom of King Gyanendra came to an end. King had to sit at home. This is an effect of agitation. That’s why we will create nation wide agatition from December 2009 onwards. Today Rashtriya Mulnivasi Sangh is active in 30 out of 35 Indian States, 500 districts out of total 602, 3000 talukas out of 5,500, and 2100 jatis out of total 6000 jatis that Brahmins created, and in 50 countries abroad.

In India there are 6 lakh 50 thousand villages. Assuming that one village only 50 people get ideologically oriented 50 × 6 lakh = 3 crore people will be ready. If 100 people are ideologically prepared then 100 × 6 lakh = 6 crore people will be ready. If 200 people are prepared in each village then 200 × 6 lakh = 12 crore people, and 3 crore people from the cities. This way under any circumstances we will get 15 crore people on road in January 2010 and will create decisive force; the force that will compel everyone to take note of. If we are honest and believe in building social network, and willing to share contribution of our Mahapurushas and we will be able to complete the work very soon. Now all the roads are closed. Only one road is open. That road is all the oppressed, victimized, voiceless, SC, ST, OBC, Ex-CT, Converted Mulnivasis, Women, based on ideology, for this objective meaning for transformation of system have to unite; and will have to re-create mulnivasi Bharat. If they have to recreate new society, new country, new nation based on Justice, Freedom, Equality, and Brotherhood, then we nation wide agitation has to be launched. That’s why all the mulnivasis must put in honest efforts because now situation is conducive for revolution. We cannot afford to waste time. For bright future we will have to do this.

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