Monday 16 July 2012

Why terrorists and naxalites get formed?

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Why people take up arms in their hands? Why people get provoked to indulge in violence? Nobody approaches the roots of these questions. People become terrorists, people become naxalites, people take up arms in their hands, all there are effects. But what are the fundamental causes behind all this? The root cause of these is Brahmanism, Brahmanocracy, Brahmandharma, Varna system, Jati system, Untouchability, Inequality, Hatred and Discrimination.

When people’s grievances are not solved through democratic means, when people grievances are not redressed through constitutional means, when after demonstrating,, petitioning, people’s problems are not solved, when people grievances are not solved through peaceful means, why problems do got get solved by contesting elections and by voting. That time people have only one way left for them and that is to arm them.  Actually to pick up arms is the last resort.

Current Lok Sabha elections we have noticed that people are not prepared to listen to the politicians. Common people now throw shoes and slippers are politicians. They are willing to get up at the public meeting and ask questions. As used to be the case in the past, now no crowds are seen in the public meetings of any of the leaders. If 125 year old Congress party nominates stone as its candidate even then it would win. Today the politicians have to face shoes and slippers. Instead of Vote they get shoes and slippers. BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate who is campaigning in the name of Ram had to face slippers thrown at him in public. Film actors and actress too is meted out same treatment. This is an atttack of common people. This is an objection of common people. This is a dissatisfaction of common people. This is an anger of common people, even though their way of expressing anger is different. 

Why did this revolt germinated amongst common people? This is so because their even basic needs are not satisfied. Poor has become poorer and rich has become richer and continue to be so. Basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, education, health, entertainment are still incomplete and unsatisfied. That’s why amongst people there is generation of revolt. Actually today people are in need of transformation. People today are ready for revolution. People get prepared to die and to kill for the sake of rights, self-respect, and independence. But this is not visisble to the people, activists and leaders of Shivaj-Phule-Shahu-Periyar-Gadgebaba-Ahilya Holkar-Dr.Ambedkar-Sathe. Actually to see there is a need of eyes. There is a doubt that these mulnivasi people, activists, and leaders whether they have been blinded inspite of having eyes. These are the signs of re-establishment of Peshwaee. These are the symptoms of Bramocracy coming alive again. These are symtoms of re-implimetation of manusmriti.

That’s why Rastriya Mulnivasi Sangh is germinating a nation-wide agitation for self respect and Freedom.

Our Constitution creator has provided more importance to the opposition party than to the ruling party in Indian democracy. Why? This is so because if there is no opposion then ruling party will behave as per their whims and fancies. Ruling party needs somebody’s check that’s why there is a need of opposition party. I ruling party do not implement the policies of public welfare then to compel to implement these public welfare policies, opposition party is needed.  That’s why Babasaheb Ambedkar has made provision of opposition party in the Indian Democracy and accorded importance equal to the ruling party. Even Jagatguru Tukobarai used to say, ‘Nindakache Ghar Asave Xezari’ (In the neighborhood there be house of a critic), this is so because this way improvement takes place. That’s why Babasaheb used to say ‘Opposition Party must be close by’. That’s how ruling Party will not be able to behave irresponsibly; Criticism is a tonic.

Today situation in the Indian Parliament is very bad. Today ruling Party is Congress of Brahmins. In India today Opposition Party is BJP of Brahamins. And the party that is supporting the ruling party is also the party of Brahmins – Communists. This means entire power in India is in the hands of Brahmins. Today Brahmins have absolute power in their hands. In last 5000 years Brahmins never have absolute power in their hands. But now in democracy, in the presence of Constitution, 3.5% Brahmins have total and uncontrolled power in their hands. Which wisemen of the world would call this a democracy? How did this situation come about? Only because of Poona Pact; it is responsible alone for our today’s destruction. That Pact took place due to Gandhi. That’s why Gandhi is wholly and solely the cause of destruction of our mulnivasi people; means SC, ST, OBC, Ex-CT, coverted mulnivasis.

Dr. Ambedkar wished to make all the mulnivasis ruling community. Gandhi did not allow us to rise up as ruling community. Instead Gandhi made us asking (demanding) community and made Brahmin Banias ruling community.

Today mulnivasi people have thousands of problems. But if there is any biggest problem then it is that we are not capable to solve any single problem. It is possible to solve our problems at personal level. But at social community level we are not able to solve our single problem. This means that we are incapable people. That’s why we do not wish to remain incapable too many days. Once we admit our incapability only then the process to become capable begins. We call ourselves incapable because we do not wish to remain incapable any more, we want to become capable, and in order to become capable we wish to generate nation wide agitation.

In past the agitation of our Mahapurushas was nation wide. It was self-dependent and self-respect agitation. That’s why our problems got solved. ‘Turned from animals to humans’ but Poona Pact destroyed the nation wide, independent, self-respect agitation of our Mahapurushas, and produced generations of stooges and agents. That’s why all of us who need self-respect and freedom have to revive the nation wide, self-dependent agitation of our mulnivasi Mahapurushas. Only and only then all our problems will be solved. Problems are not solved by folding hands and requesting. For that mass agitation needs to be generated. To who create problems, those will not solve those problems. Problems are ours and solutions will come from Sonia and Atal Behari! This cannot happen.

That’s why we have to revive Satya Sodhak Samaj. We have to improve the mistake committed by Jedhe. Jendhe was very close friend of Babasaheb. He was very close to Babasaheb but after Poona Pact Gandhi pulled people close to Babasaheb specially Satyashodak Marathas into Congress. At a time when Keshavrao Jedhe became the President of Congress in Maharastra that time Congress membership was only 318. This is so because all the mulnivasi people were working against Brahmins in Satya Shodak movement, but in his tenure he increased congress membership and touched it to 3 lakh 12 thousand 619. At a time when Jedhe understood Brahminism of Congress and faced insults that time he came out of Congress. At a time when he came out of congress Jedhe came out alone, the rest of the members remained in Congress. These 168 families are part of this group. That’s why Satyashodak Samaj will have to be revived and that work today has been carried on by Rashtriya Mulnivasi Sangh. Let whoever do whatever they want but we will propagate the thoughts of our mulnivasi Mahapurushas; complete the incomplete task of our mulnivasi mahapurushas. We will carry on the work of our father. For this pupose mulnivasi jatis must increase contact and coordination amongst themselves. They will have to do away with misunderstandings, illusions, mistrust, grudges, hatred, animosity, social distance amongst themselves. No, must do away. Displaced Maratha-Kunbi brethren are still slaves in independent India. They will have to be liberated.  For that there is a need and necessity of nation wide agitation. If we have to make appointed Renke commission applicable, if we have to grant central reservation to Marathas, if we want to grant reservation to OBC proportionate to their population, If we have to stop LPG, SEZ, transformation of individual trades into global market, privatization of Higher and Technical Education, then we not have any option other than nation wide agitation. We have to complete the incomplete task of our Mahapurushas and revive their self-respect, self-dependent nation wide agitation.

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