Monday 30 July 2012

Part 5: Ruling Castes' betrayal of Adivasis

By Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Effects of racial discrimination: nation and society handicapped

The result of 50 years of Independence is that today country has nearly 50 lakh bonded labourers. One’s father took loan from the money lender but did not pay it back. In order to pay up the loan that man started to work at the house of money lender and died while working. Loan repayment remained incomplete. In order to pay back remainder of loan his son started working at the house of money lender. He died while working to repay the remainder of loan. Then his son also took up working at the house of this money lender. In this way people working at the house of money lender to repay the loans are nearly 50 lakh people.

Children below 14 years (That are working due to absence of school education to them) are made to work like a bull but as compared to the work they are unable to get the sufficient money. There is law made not to keep these kinds of children on jobs but this law is not enforced.  The number of these kind of children too is running in crores. The handicapped people in our country is numbering around one and half crore and their life is insecure. The children become handicap because their mother does not get sufficiently nutritious food. 25 lakh women in the country have been raped and all these women are from SC, ST, and OBC communities. These are the figures of Independent India.

There are 35 lakh such poor women in order to earn their livelihood and livelihood of their families, are forced to sell their bodies. This too is a gift from the same system. These are also the mulnivasis from this country who are suffering from different problems. In our country one and half crore people are victims of disease called tuberculosis (T.B). Those who do get sufficiently nutritious food, their bodies are weakened and unable to fight back, that’s why they fall victims to T.B.

These figures about health are from World Health organization. This is just not the question of huger-deaths. If we look at all these figures then we could see that in our entire society has been made handicap. 

Some people reason out that all this has taken place because of population. But then the question arises that ‘is population increasing only of mulnivasis?’ If this situation results from increase in population then it means people who are increasing the population are responsible. Who increased this population? Population increased only because of those who ruled this country.

Those who planned this are not ready to take responsibility. How will agitation rise up? Agitation rises by making enemy known. Those people who recognize their enemy only those people are able awaken their nation. The people who are pushing our entire society into desperation are not willing to take this responsibility. They are the same people who created ‘hunger-line’ which is below ‘poverty line’. 

In a way ruling caste has embarked upon program of killing our people. Country’s government agencies’ statistics tell us that lakhs of tons of wheat are being eaten by rats, some wheat rot if they are kept in the storehouses for long period of time. Ruling caste can feed the grains from government store houses to the rats, can waste grains, but practically those who are in need of grain, and government does not take any serious steps to reach these grains to the needy people. People falling victims to hunger-deaths due to shortage of grains, they are dying, but government doesn’t bother. Direct meaning of this is that ruling caste in order to reduce population has embarked on program to kill us.

The way they have behaved with SC, ST, OBC and converted mulnivasis (minorities) during the past 59 years, it is like the behavior of foreign ruler. When discussion took place on the topic ‘Caste and Caste discrimination’ in Durban (South Africa) Indian government entered into a secret pact with Pakistan. The same people who incite us every day against Pakistan, the same people went to Durban and entered into secret pact with Pakistan. Media shows us every day that BJP and Congress fighting against each other but when people from both these parties went to Durban and together to formed delegation. Whenever our question used to rose on world forum that time these people used to go there and speak unity against us. Then they come here and make a drama of fighting against each other. The kind of treatment they are giving us as if they are foreigners is an effect of racism. Yugoslavia is an example of this.

What does it signify when the rulers of this country push its people towards hunger-deaths? If this not the stand of foreigner, then what is it? When the news of hunger-deaths were televised and published in the newspaper that time central government says that ‘Orissa government says that they died by eating roots.’

When those people do not get wheat to eat, rice to eat, other grains to eat then, if they do not eat roots then what will they eat? There are grains but no capacity to purchase them. World famous Nobel Prize winner who was awarded ‘Bharat Ratna’ for his economic theory says that in India most death in Adivasis localities take place due to the reason of hunger-death (malnutrition). People fall prey to hunger-death because they do not have money to buy grains. Their immunity power has reduced. Hunger-death (malnutrition) means body does not get enough food.

Today too there are crores of people who have no luck to get one meal a day. Nearly 30 crore people live in slums. In this too there are large scale untouchables or adivasis. If Orissa adivasis had immunity then would they have eaten roots? If there were not to eat roots then would they have died? Does immunity of untouchables, Adivasis finished on its own? If their immunity got finished on its own then why immunity of upper caste people did not get finished? From where the upper caste got so much wealth that their next seven generation can rest at home and yet lives in comfort? Do all this happen on its own or is it created deliberately? If this is done deliberately then who is responsible for it? Are those responsible who are dying of hunger-deaths (malnutrition) or are those people who are ruling this country for thousands of years? When our people die a miserable death due to hunger even then nations judiciary orders to make provisions of rulings caste people and our people are caught in this trap.

Those people who get frustrated due to their various reason either they commit suicide or take up arms. Both these options are dangerous for ruling castes and that’s they enact drama of making provision to the victimized people. In a single country two contrasting type of people are visible. When even after demanding people do not get their fundamental rights then these people pick up arms. After picking up arms they snatch their rights from ruling castes. People in arms are tagged as naxalites, terrorists, and then are shot dead.

This is a picture of our present times. Ruling caste people dies not understand pain and suffering of mulnivasis from here and neither do they desire to understand because mulnivasis from here are not from their race. That’s why they have driven mulnivasis in pitiable state. This is a solely and wholly a consequence of racial discrimination because of which they behave like foreigners with us.

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