Monday 23 July 2012

Part 5: ‘Brahmin Dharma’ is a conspiracy to make mulnivasis slaves

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Consequences of counter revolution

The serious consequence of this counter revolution was that shudra was stripped of rights to reign in as King. It is written in manusmriti that Shudra does not have right to weapons. From earlier times Brahmins too did not have right to weapons. After counter revolution the additional point was added into manusmriti that if due to some compulsions brahmin has to take up arms then it is acceptable. This addition had to be included in mausmriti as the Brahmin picked up weapons in order to assassinate Bhruhadruth; it was violation of rules contained in their religious scriptures.
Because of this order was issued in manusmriti that it is acceptable if brahmin had to use arms. 

After counter revolution rule of Brahmins and their administration will not be possible to carry on only through dialogue and deliberations for convincing; for punishment was felt required. That’s why they made provision of punishment in manusmriti. After counter revolution they wrote Manusmriti, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Gita. A message was given through Punranas that if you want to defeat enemy then first you have to divide enemy. Break them, smash them and achieve victory over them.
Through the medium of Mahabharata message was passed on to Arya Brahmins that if you fight amongst yourselves then your destruction is inevitable. You remain united, otherwise one Asur (today’s shudra) named Krishna will destroy you. I developed opinion after reading of Gita that when Gauravas and Padavas (Aryas) fight and for it's  resolution they go to Krishna, that time Krishna tells them that for solution there is no alternative for war. When to start war Duryadhan approaches Krishna and says you have said that there is no other alternative to war, and I have no army worthy to fight in war.

As soon as Duryodhan said this Krishna replied “Oh Duryodhan, don’t worry, there will be war and for that you take my army. I will be alone with Arjuna but there has to be a war; under any situation, any circumstances. When two armies gathered in battlefield, Arjuna saw in front and said to Krishna “People whom he has to kill in a battle are my own relatives, own elder brother, own teacher, how can I kill them? This will be adharma. Can’t we win war without killing them?” Krishna was shocked to listen this from Arjuna, perhaps he thought that these people have understood that he has prepared a program of their death and this program is getting flopped.

Krishna thought that under any circumstances the program of these people’s death, meaning war must not be stopped. This is why immediately on the battle field Krishna started to feed his preaching to Arjuna and said “Oh Parth (Arjun) what you are speaking of killing your teachers, your loved ones, your relatives is wrong; because on this earth no one dies, only body dies, soul is eternally alive. That’s why O Parth your teachers, loved ones will not die. They will stay here itself, you go on doing your deeds. After listening to these things from Krishna Arjuna finally gathered his strength and was ready for a war.

Just for the show off Ramayana and Mahabharata are written separately; but they have common objective.  That objective is to alert Brahmins. Ramayana, Mahabharata, Manusmriti, Gita were written after counter revolution and testing by evidence, logic and proof was banned. One who searches proof, evidence and logic is opposed to Dharma, is an Atheist, one who is anti-dharma is without grace. He goes to hell. In counter revolution thinking based on logic, evidence, proof was banned. Women were declared shudra and shudras were stripped of their rights. In order to do all this, conspiracies had to be hatched.  For this purpose Brahmins had to write books and these books were named religious scriptures.

‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’ are both the books of politics. Who and how someone has to be overthrown. It is literature for this purpose. This variety of literature was given name of Dharma by Brahmins. Logic, evidence and proof based thinking was banned. Due to this people from mulnivasi bhahujan samaj people accepted and believed whatever they told. Buddha had said that first you know and then after knowing if you feel it is correct then believe. Brahmins changed his ideal of Buddha.

Brahmins said ‘believe but do not know’. Brahmin says to shudra ‘You believe that I am your teacher?’ Shudra replies ‘Gurudev only you are my teacher.’ Then Brahmin says ‘if I am your teacher then you have trust in me. When everything is known to teacher then what is the need for you to know? You only believe.’ The books existing prior to counter revolution was re-written with new perspective and few new books were written, some the main books include Purannas, Shruti and Smruti. In Gita that Brahmins wrote after counter revolution, it is said through the mouth of Krishna that “based on God of Gods, Talent and Deed I am creating Varna system”. Based on insistence from Brahmins Brahma had created Chaturvarna system, and then what was the necessity to re-create it? This is so because the earlier system in place was destroyed by Thathagat Buddha through his revolution; that’s why Brahmins felt need to re-create the Varna System and that’s how they included it in Gita. Yet it was not possible to re-create. That’s why the single category of Shudra that existed prior to Counter Revolution was divided into thousands of jatis. The people who accepted brahmin Dharma were called Shudras and those who did not accept brahmin Dahrma were declared untouchables. That means after counter revolution shudras were divided. After Counter revolution jati system was created and in jati system inequality was brought in. higher-lower was created and fostered feelings that the continues strife will take place between mulnivasis. Sati system got established. Sati system is related to jati system. This has already been written and kept by Babasaheb Ambedkar. After DNA research one more point got clarified and got established that at the root of sati system is jati system.

Brahmins created a system of Kanyadan. Is kanya (daughter) a thing that can be gifted? System of Child marriage too is connected to jati system. Whatever dangerous things that emerged after counter revolution was named ‘Dharma’.

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