Friday, 20 July 2012

Part 2: 'Brahmin Dharma’ is a conspiracy to make mulnivasis slaves

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

No change in objectives

Brahmins did not change their original objective. They know very well that whatever was given in the name of Brahman Dharma anywhere, it was rejected by backward classes and entire mulnivasi bhahujan samaj. That’s why if these people had to be kept enslaved in future too then this poison has to be spread as it is by changing only the label.

That’s why in place of ‘Brahman Dharma’ adopted the name ‘Hindu Dharma’. And the conspiracy named ‘Brahman Dharma’ was given the name of ‘Hindu’ and is propagated. When somebody comes to knows this conspiracy and after knowing speaks out and exposes this Brahmanical conspiracy. After exposing when he tells about it to his own samaj then people from his own samaj give him the title of ‘Dharma Virodhi’.  Why do things turn this way? This happens because Brahmins propagated their conspiracy in the name of religion and mulnivasi bhahujan people accepted that conspiracy as their religion.

‘Dharma’, a good idea

Today even beggar use the word ‘Dharma’ while begging. While gifting or accepting gifts the word ‘Dharma’ is used. If someone has to be treated well even then the ‘Dharma’ is used. If some fights are to be ended with re-conciliation the word ‘Dharma’ is used. In warmer day if somebody has to be given water publicly in a ceremony even then the word ‘Dharma’ is used. It must be accepted that over all ‘Dharma’ is a good idea.’

But this good idea Brahmins turned into conspiracy and are still doing it, and they gave name ‘Dharma’ to this conspiracy and propagated it. Mulnivasi Bhahujan Samaj enslaved, after enslaving turned into Shudra and most backward, some people were compelled to stay in hills and forest, they made some people untouchables and told that these people must not be touched; they are untouchables. All these wrong activities, all these conspiracies were carried on by Brahmins and they named it ‘Dharma’.

What do manusmriti say?

Manusmriti says that these people must be denied education, deny right to hold weapons, deny them access to  good thoughts (Brahmins find writings in Vedas good and it is crime for Shudras to listen to them.)

Whatever written in manusmriti as to be denied to shudras are political. If they get them then they can take over political power. This formula Brahmins accepted for themselves and denied for mulnivasi bhahujans. At one place Lohiya says that ‘Dharma is long term politics’. I think that Brahmins in order to carry on their rule with consensus installed these chains in the name of Dharma. After analyzing this Lohiya must have said that ‘Dharma is a long term politics’. This is 200% true in case of Brahmins.

Why our people do not wish to leave the conspiracy named ‘Brahman Dharma’? This is because our people believe this conspiracy as religion. When and how will this be possible? This will be possible only then when we will succeed in telling lots of people that this Brahman Dharma in reality is not a Dharma but a brahmanical conspiracy; for which you call Hindu dharma.

If you want Dharma, you will get but what you call Hindu Dharma is not a Hindu Dharma but a Brahman Dharma. When you put this point in the minds and hearts of mulnivasi bhahujan samaj then these people from Mulnivasi bhahujan samaj will go against the conspiracy called Hindu Dharma. They will be ready to fight against it.

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