Tuesday 24 July 2012

Part 6: ‘Brahmin Dharma’ is a conspiracy to make mulnivasis slaves

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

In the name of Dharma - Conspiracy after conspiracy

If you call someone untouchable, and don’t touch; this is Dharma too. If you believe someone else inferior; this is dharma too. If you practice inequality with each other; this is Dharma too. If you do not treat any human being in humane way, you treat him like an animal; this is Dharma too. If you tell this to people, no way it looks like it is Dharma. If you look from any angle, only conspiracies are visible.

Brahmin murdered mulnivasi saints. Killed Santa Tukaram in revolt, killed Chakradhar Swamy, He too was killed by Brahmins in the name of Dharma. Sant people were actually carrying on the work of Dharma. They were doing the work of justice. They were propagating for equality in society. Even then Brahmins killed our saints because Brahmins’ was not a Dharma, it was conspiracy. If it was not conspiracy then why did they murder saints? What was the need? This is very important analysis.

If Dharma is means for humanism, mercy, equality and prosperity then why do these brahmins call change in Dharma as illegal? Dr.Ambedkar says ‘Man is not born for Dharma but Dharma is born for man.’ What does Dharma of Brahmins say? Dharma of Brahmins says that Man is born for Dharma and Dharma is not born for Man. To say that Dharma is not born for Man is a Brahmanical conspiracy. In order to develop humanism and to promote its prosperity Dharma was created in the World.

If Dharma is created for man and Dharma is a development of humanism, this is ideal. Yet what is the practice of brahmin Dharma? Human being is for Dharma, Dharma is not for human being. That’s why this dharma is of enslaving human being and it is one conspiracy.

That’s why ideal is reversed and any human being comes to know about this conspiracy and wants to be free by leaving this Dharma, then Congress State Assembly, Jayalalitha’s State Assembly enacts anti-conversion law. Jaylalitha in Tamilnadu, Congress in Orissa, again Congress in Madhya Pradesh has enacted religious conversion laws. With the passing of these laws has they have accepted brahmanical ideal that ‘human being is for the Dharma and Dharma is not for human being’. None of the BJP ruled states in India so far has enacted a law banning religious conversions. There are some other reasons for this. That’s why I very often say that BJP is dangerous, but congress is most dangerous. This is so because always hidden enemy is more dangerous than open enemy. That’s why congress people enact laws banning religious conversions.

If Dharma is for the development of human being then humans must have total freedom to where ever Dharma/ religion he/she visualizes as his/her development but Brahman Dharma is not a Dharma, it is a conspiracy. That’s why in religious scriptures, religious books said that laws must be enacted in order to strip mulnivasi Bhahujan Samaj of their rights; these laws are enacted and implemented. Whatever new and old literature of Brahmins that has been circulation our samaj must have access to literature to counter them. We have to create literature to counter literature of our enemies.

It is like soldier getting into the battlefield for a war and get onto battle field fully armed with weapons, exactly the same way we have to fight, if we face our enemy with rules of war and strategy then certainly we will be free. If we get onto the battle field without preparation then there is danger of us getting finished even before the war starts. That’s why we have to fight the war with full preparation. This is an ideological warfare.

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