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Phase 4 of destruction of mulnivasi bhahujan samaj: Privatization of Higher and Professional Education

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

What is referred as Higher and Professional education?

Education imparted from IIT, IIM, Central Universities or equivalent institution of Medical and Engineering is referred as professional education. B.A, M.A, B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Com, M.Com is not called Higher and Professional Education.

(a)  India has 7  organizations of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). In Maharashtra there is one such IIT at Powai, Mumbai.
(b)  India has 6 organizations of Indian Institute of Management (IIM).
(c)  There are 20 Central Universities like that of JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University)

The salary of one person educated at IIT is 6,42,000 × 12 = 77,04,000. It means 6 lakh42 thousand rupees, nearly 6 lakh 50 thousand rupees. If we work for 30 years and at the age of 58 years retire even then we do not earn six and half lakh means one month’s salary of IIT employee.

Narayanmurthy has one company called ‘Infosys’. In this company:-

There are 668 people that draw the salary of more than Rs. 25 lakh per year.
There are 064 people that draw the salary of more than Rs. 50 lakh per year.
There are 010 people that are drawing salary of more than Rs. 03 crore per year.

What is most important in this is that in this company the percentage of people hailing from mulnivasi Bhahujan Samaj is negligible. This means as good as non-existing.

We came to know about these IIT, IIM, and Central universities at the most from the last year (2008). Do these IIT, IIM, and Central Universities start only last year (2008)? No. Then when they were started? It is certain that these IIT, IIM, Central Universities started from 1950 means from the time Indian Constitution was enforced. Perhaps they are existing even before that. But we mulnivasis came to know about them from last year (2008).

Before this we knew only of ITI and we still know them. From ITI we qualify as  fitters, welders, wire men, and we earn minimum Rs.3000/- and maximum Rs.10,000/- as salary. Children of Eurasian Brahmins get education from IIM, IIT and Central University and earn minimum Rs.6,50,000/-  as salary.

On the one hand we mulnivasis were never informed about IIT, IIM and Central Universities and now we know from last year (2008) and they started privatization.

India’s then viceroy Lin Lith Gough gave Rs 3 lakh to Hindus. That time Hindus started ‘Banaras Vishwa Vidhyalaya’. They he gave Rs. 3 lakh to muslims and they started ‘Aligarh Muslim University’. Dr.Ambedkar went to Lin Lith Gough and said “I am neither a Hindu nor a Muslim. Give me Rs.3 lakh.”

Lin Lith Gough: What do you propose to do with Rs.3 lakh?
Dr. Ambedkar: I will send some children abroad
Lin Lith Gough: For that you will not get money. Come with different proposal.
Dr.Ambedkar: Am I not equivalent to 500 graduates? (of their eloquence and capacity?)
Lin Lith Gough: Yes! You have a capacity and eloquence of 500 graduates.
Dr.Ambedkar: On what basis?
Lin Lith Gough: I have no understanding. I cannot tell anything.
Dr.Ambedkar: On the basis of foreign education. Then Lin Lith Gough was satisfied and he gave Dr.Ambedkar Rs.3 lakh and Dr. Ambedkar sent 16 children abroad in the first phase.

The Objectives for sending children abroad:

Whenever Dr.Ambedkar used to travel abroad, he used to return back in empty boat and while returning he used to get boat full of books. Dr.Ambedkar in his lifetime read 50,000 books. Out these he read 35,000 books in detail and glossed over remaining 15,000 books. His personal library had 32,000 books. World biggest personal library was that of Dr.Ambedkar. Dr. Ambedkar was the world’s first and last person too builds a house exclusively for books. ‘Eurasian Brahmins through writing of their selfish religious books excluded me and books included me.’ Dr.Ambedkar always used to say. ‘Read and read’ was the mantra of Dr.Ambedkar. “If you read, you will live” Dr. Ambedkar said.

Once Dr.Ambedkar’s eyesight diminished and doctor advised him not to read. That time Dr.Ambedkar went to the library and gathered books on his chests and cried bitterly, and while crying said, “if I will not be able to read then how will I be able to live?” As he purchased too many books his loans was mounting. That time Court bailiff came over to seal his library. That time Babasaheb Ambedkar said to the bailiff “If you seal Library then I will shoot you to death.”  With this intensity Babasaheb Ambedkar loved his books. That’s why Babasaheb used to feel that these 16 children must read the books like this and accumulate all the knowledge of the world and dedicate their lives to liberate their enslaved brethren.

One more feeling Babasaheb used to feel about these 16 children. If alone I could do this much then after these 16 children return from abroad after their education, filled new new thoughts, they will work with me shoulder to shoulder, they will help me. Then I will start why only 1 but 16 Universities and will liberate my enslaved brethren from the slavery of the Eurasian Brahmin bondage, will achieve independence.

But things turned out to be opposite. At a time when these 16 children returned back to India instead of books they brought with them one white madam. They left their society (samaj) to the winds. They forgot about their society. That’s why with great sorrow, on 18th March 1956 at Ramlila Maidan in Agra, Uttar Pradesh in front of the huge gathering of people said, “These educated people has betrayed me, I was thinking that these educating themselves they will march ahead, direct society. They are involved in looking after their own wife and children. I see no future in this crowd around me.” This means that Dr.Babasaheb was sad because of social betrayal of these 16 children, he even cried; those 16 children to sent abroad he argued with Lin Lith Gough and based on reason got Rs. 3 lakh and wasted on these 16 people. Some of them are still living. Children of some of these are currently betraying their communities the same way their father betrayed with Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar.

What you can do by taking Higher and Proffesional Education?

It is possible to gather information. It is possible to classify the information, it is possible ti analyze this information. It is possible to draw conclusion. It is possible to provide leadership. Leadership can develop ourselves and develop society. Due to Higher and Profession education it is possible to differentiate, compare, predict, build organization, and make organization to function. Due to Higher and Professional education un-awakened people can be awakened. Unorganized people can be organized. Ignorant people can be educated, propaganda can be spread. Can recognize what is of interest and what is against interest. Can understand what justice is, what injustice is. Can recognize what is welfare and what is anti-welfare. It is possible to provide direction to the society without direction. It is possible to create feeling and capacity to protect society.

Dr.Ambedkar alone acquired Higher education, professional education and foreign education and he did what what not possible to do for 33 crore people for the last 5,000 years. This was achieved by single Bhimrao in just 40 years. This is a consequence of Higher, Professional and Foreign Education. In order not to repeat this Eurasian Brahmins started privatization of Higher and Professional Education; this is a betrayal of India Constitution.

Hon. Sukhdev Thorat is the chairman of the University Grants Commission (U.G.C) There is one bill pending on his table. Which bill? Bill to stop grants to the universities. India has totally 250 Universities and under them there are hundred of colleges. UGC Charman Sukhdev Thorat has bill pending on his table to stop grants to these colleges and universities. Then how to make colleges functional? To make them functional by taking fees from the students. This is the suggestion from the Central government.  Then how much are to be taken from the students? For this purpose central government called the meeting of the vice-chancellors on 9-10 October 2007 and in that meeting central government (Congress + Communists) placed one proposal that current fees be increased by 1000 times. That means if currently one student has to pay Rs. 1 lakh × 1000 = 10 crore rupees. This is the proposal from the Poverty driving congress and capitalism destructive communists!

But vice-chancellors pleaded that current fees be increased by 400 times and this proposal was accepted. What does it mean to increase current fees 400 times? Example supposes one student had to pay Rs. 1 lakh per year then 1 lakh × 400 = 4 crore rupees fees. This is a program to shut down Higher and Professional Education and after privatization Collage Principals will decide as to how much fees are to be collected from the students. The Constitution of India will not be applicable here. It will in force but how? Seats will be available as SC, ST or OBC but college Principal will decide upon the fees. And whatever college management decides that much fees will have to be paid by SC, ST and OBC students. They will not be able to pay these fees. That means these places will remain vacant. And once they are vacant then they will be converted for open category students. For that purpose they have given 15% reservation to NRIs. This means as per Indian Constitution you will be given reservation but you will not be able to take it. During Dr.Ambedkar’s times ignorant people helped Dr.Ambedkar to carry forward the agitation. That time those ignorant people used to ask Dr.Ambedkar, “We are helping you in this agitation, but how will we benefit?” That time Babasaheb used to tell in clear words because Babasaheb never used to work by keeping anyone in dark, he used to clearly tell that, “You are not going to benefit at all from this agitation but your children will definitely benefit from this agitation.” Today children of those ignorant people have benefited. They have become doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Professors, and Officers etc. These people benefited because those ignorant people helped Babasaheb to carrying on the agitation. Due to untiring efforts, hard work and struggle of Phule-Shahu-Ambedkar lasting for 108 years we got education, scholarships, employment, promotions, bunglaws, Vehicles, Travel, Phones, mobiles, Respect, Prestige and many other things.

But today we are not able make our children doctors, engineers, Advocates, Professors, because the self-respect, independent, nation-wide agitation of our Mahapushas is destroyed through Poona Pact. And we have to re-create that self-respect, independent, nation-wide agitation again.

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