Friday 13 July 2012

Jati conflicts: new cospiracy of Eurassian Brahmins:

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

This is of creating conflicts between various jatis of mulnivasi people. Jati is a creation of Eurassian Brahmins. They created 6000 jatis in India and in every jati created between 12 to 13 groups Potjatis. In this way there are nearly 75,000 jatis in India. Educated people from other countries particularly from western countries invetnted newer and never things and people from all over the world benefited from it. For example electricity, electric appliances, Radio, T.V., Computer, medicines for various deseases etc etc. like this they engaged themselves in lakhs of experiments and invented crores of thinggs and all the people of the world benefited from their inventions. Like this, Eurassian Brahmins too have one invention to their credit. Which invention? Invention of Varna and Jati system and Untouchability. What is special about this invention is that it benefitted solely Eurassian Brahmins and they continue to benefit. Nobody else benefitted from this.

What is the mindset of Jati system?

Every jati considers other jati as its dangerous enemy. Between jatis there is antagonisms, there is mistrust, tremendous distance. Heaps of misunderstandings amongs themselves, deep-rooted suspicions amongst themselves, and intense hatred and enemity between them. They consider each other superiour and inferior (higher and lower). Lower jatis hate upper jatis and higher jatis look upon lower jatis with animosity. Every jati is satisfied and happy that there is a jati below their jati. They do not accept sweets fromlower jatis but tolerate sleeper from higher jati. They cannot tolerate words from lower jatis but accept with joy kicks from higher jatis… ‘Whatever you do Lord but let me grow aminds your sleepers’.  This is very cheap and miserable mindset has been come about. Eurassian Brahmins generated this knowingly, deliberately; its objective is that 6000 jatis must not unite as single force.

Our Mulnviasi Mahapurushas dedicated their lifefimes to awaken these 6000 jatis, connect them with each other, organize them, to create one united society. They tried their lifetimes to inculcate the values of Justice, Freedom, Equality and brotherhood. For this they had to suffer lots of hardships such as Insults, scorns, and indignity. Eurassian Brahmins sent people to attack them, they attempted to kill them, and some of them were even murdered. They diluted their ideologies by various mixtures alien ideas, and polluted them.  Tathagat Budha tried to unite everyone as ‘Bhahujans’. All the mulnivasi saints tried to unite the mulnivasis as ‘Warkari’. Kulwadi, Bhushan, Bhahujan Pratipalak Chatrapati Shivaji tried to unite mulnivasis from here in the name of ‘Maule’. Rashtrapita Jyotirao Phule tried to unite mulnivasis from here in the names of ‘Gairbhamani’, Abrahmani, ‘Brahmanettar’ and also ‘Satyashodak’. For these very people Rajashree Shahu Maharaj declared 50% reservation. Vishwaratna, Mahamanav, Babasaheb Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar created a new society -in constitutional language – connecting SC, ST, OBC, Ex-CT, all the converted and women.

That’s why awareness of this was possible. With this awakening amongst people increased. They came to recognize friends-enemies. They began to differentiate as to who belongs to them and who is alien. They began to understand conspiracies of Eurassian Brahmins. Jatis began to join together, began to interact with each other and began to establish contacts with other jatis. Based on human values of Justice, Freedom, Equality, and Brotherhood new society, new Bharat, new country, new nation, began to rise up. Mulnivasi people began to share joys and sorrow of each other; began to help each other in times of difficulties and hardships.  Due to this fire from the foot of the Eurassian Brahmins entered their head. All their hard work went down the drain. They adopted the policy of ‘devide and rule’. Because of awakening mulnivasi people began to consider them as their enemies. Due to awareness mulnivasi people began to leave their religion. Those on hints from Brahmins were fighting with lower jati, those who were scorning lower jati, those who were burning doors-houses of lower jati; began to treat lower jati with brotherhood. They were not uniting because of jati system. After noticing that mulvasi people are coming together and uniting Brahmins became nervous. They began to organize their think-tanks. And after their think-tank meeting they decided to implement new conspiracy. That conspiracy is that in the name of reservation re-create fights between jatis, to break the unity amongst the mulnivasi people and create strife.

For this purpose in South India they have created conflicts between two jatis – Mala and Madinga. In North India they have created a fight between Chamar and Valmiki. In Rajashtan they got tensions between Minas and Gujjars. In Maharastra earlier Mahars used to be fighting Chambars and Matang under brahmanical tutelage. Now they have created a new fight between Maratha-Kunbi versus OBC. Like this to create fights they use respective people from respective jatis. To teach all this to our people is a challenge. I write this not to show off my scholarship but make mulnivasi bhahujan samaj understand reality.

Actually true fight in India is between Arya X Anarya, Arya X Dravid, Brahmin X Brahmanettar, Brahmin X Abrahmin, Brahmin X Non-brahmin, Truth X Falsehood, Justice X Injustice, Equality X Inequality, Freedom X Slavery and Enemy X Friend. Our mulnivasi brother has forgotten this. That’s why this is an attempt to re-tell this history. Eurassian say with all the pride ‘Shudra, ati-shudras have little knowledge’. That’s why they have again started to create strive in our mulnivasi samaj under the garb of reservation, and there is new attempt to create animosity between various jatis as it was prevalent earlier.


1)    SC earlier was 15% and now 17% = 1700 jatis
2)    ST are 7.5%                                  =  750  jatis
3)    OBC are 52%                                = 3743 jatis
4)    Ex-CT                                            = 197  jatis
5)    Converted mulnivasis are 10.5%

That means the total nearly crosses 85%. That’s why we must grant reservation to Eurassain Brahmins proportionate to their population means 3½ %. Sometime ago Eurassian Brahmins organsied World Brahmin conference in Pune. What is about this is that this was an effort of one secondary school teacher named named Moreshwar Ghaisas. We must think as to what our teachers are doing and what Eurassian Brahmin teachers do. In this conference even Satish Chandra Mishra from Uttar Pradesh had participated. All the Eurasian Brahmins in India publicly facilitated him. In his gratitude speech to the facilitatation program he declared “We wish to re-establish Vaidik Dharma in India.” This means there is no Vaidik dharma in existence today. It is because Vsihwaratna, Mahamanav, Babasaheb Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar destroyed it; that vaidik dharma Satishchandra Mishra wish to re-establish. Vaidhik Darama means Varna Dharma meaning 1) Brahmin 2) Kshatriya 3) Vyashya 4) Shudra. He howver did not disclose as where mulnivasi Bhahujan samaj will be categorized. Even Ramdev Baba declared in his 7th September 2008 speech “We wish to re-establish Chaturvarna”.

In this Brahmin conference Brahmins passed many resolutions. In that one resolution reads as “We will not demand Reservation”. Lots of people, means mulnivasi people could not understand its proper meaning. That’s why mulnivasi people use above sentence liberally. The above sentence has two objectives

1) To tease Marathas-kunbi-OBC - who are currently demanding reservation- as beggars.
2) If Brahmins demand reservation then what percentage will they demand? Only 3½%. And today they have 71% reservation.  Then why will they demand reservation?
3) Brahmins today are ruling community, and ruling community never demand reservation but compels others to demand. That’s why Mahamanav, Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar calls upon all the mulnivasis to “rise up to be ruling community.”

Today LPG, SEZ, Transformation of Retail Marketing into Global Marketing, privatization  of higher and Proffessional eduation is going on. All these processes are against the constitution of India. This means due to above processes reservation has come to zero. And Eurassian Brahmins has created fight amongst us for this zero and we too are fighting for zero. How?

Like how Mahar says “We will not give zero reservation to Matang”.

Matang says, “It is fine if we shed our blood, but we will not leave without getting zero reservation”. And then Mahar respond, “If is fine if we shed our blood but we will not grant zero reservation.” This dangerous struggle has been deliberately started amongst various jatis of mulnivasi people and our people specially the educated one, those who consider themselves thinkers fall prey to it. True mulnivasi intellectuals, guides must think differently. Unawakened people must be awakened, unorganized people must be organised. All the suffering people, victimized by the system must be united. On the contrary they fight amongst themselves. Did Kulwadi Bhushan Bhahujan Pratipalak Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Rashtrapita Jyotirao Phule, Rajashree Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj, E.V.Periyar Ramasamy, Vishwaratna Mahamanav, Babasaheb Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar, Rashtramata Ahilyabai Holkar, Rashra Sant Gadge Maharaj, Sahityasamrat Annabhau Sathe worked only for their jatis? Did they struggle to provide reservation to only their jati? This must be thought about by mulnivasi bhahujan samaj thinkers.

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