Saturday 21 July 2012

Part 3: ‘Brahmin Dharma’ is a conspiracy to make mulnivasis slaves

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Use of ‘Dharma' to enslave mulnivasis

Here only ideals are being told. You will find documents to prove this. All the documents you will find are written not by us but by Brahmins themselves. Brahmins wrote Vedas, Brahmins wrote Smruti, Brahmins wrote Smiriti,and like this they wrote thousands of books in which it is written to keep mulnivasis suppressed. And they just simply did not write but they translated that into law.

Dharma teaches humane treatment. Dharma thought to treat human being as human being. But Brahmin Dharma gives written order to make us lower. If we tell that this is a conspiracy and people believe that it is a conspiracy then our freedom is not too far. If people believe that it is a conspiracy then our freedom is not too far away.  The one who is psychologically free that person is practically free.
No one is free. Brahmins made Dharma a weapon in order to enslave mulnivasis, this is not the Dharma of Brahmins but a conspiracy to enslave mulnivasi bhahujan samaj. If we people succeed in unmasking this conspiracy then definitely there will be great awakening in the county, there will be wave of public awakening.

We want to bring about ideological transformation in BAMCEF agitation, and for two reasons we got inspiration to make this possible. The first is DNA research and second is the current literature of Dr.A.H.Salukheji.

From DNA research it is proved that Brahmins are Arya and they are from outside of this Country. They enslaved mulnivasis of this country and captured everything of mulnivasis. In this country Arya Brahmins had nothing. Arya Brahmins enslaved mulnivasis through aggression. If Arya Brahmins were successful in defeating mulnivasis bhahujan samaj only through aggression then they would have not prayed in Rigveda that 'Oh Indra, Oh God of Gods please destroy Asuras. You make this Asuras, you make that to Asuras'. If Arya-brahmin people were really brave then they would have not prayed, because brave people trust their deeds, real warrior never waste time in prayers.
Arya brahmin people are noticed praying. 'Destroy Asuras, these Asur, Daitya, Danav, Rakshas people are troubling us, destroy them.' Even today if we observe those guarding the borders of this country are people from mulnivasi bhahujan samaj. When Kargil broke out then 99% soldiers who died were from mulnivasi bhahujan samaj.

If Arya Brahmin people were brave then they would have gone to the mountains of Kargil to fight and died, but this did not happen. From this it is proved that Arya Brahmin people are not brave. It is proved from DNA research that Arya brahmin invasion took place with an objective to make mulnivasi bhahujan samaj people slave. Now this is not the topic of debates. In spite aggressive invasion they did not fully succeeded in enslavement they conspired and they named this conspiracy ‘Dharma’. For this they created ideology and created different system. Vaidik ideology is an ideology to make our people slaves and Varna system is list of rules created to implement Vaidik system.

In the system named Varna system that was created gave rights to people of first three varnas and fourth varna meaning Shudras were stripped off their rights. Stripping off rights of Shudra Varna is an evidence of enslavement.

Before DNA research findings came about there used to be this difficulty in front of me; how can brahmin call his own mother, own wife, own sister and own daughter a shudra or believe them to be shudras or how can he treat them like shudras ?

After DNA research finding it came to be known that  these aggressor Arya Brahmins when they invaded that time they did not bring their women along with them. They brought along with them only clothes and weapons. They used women from here for the sake of procreation. This thesis got established  from the DNA test findings. Because of this reason Brahmin’s mothers, sisters, wives, daughters are not from their own race. That’s why they kept their mother, sister, wives and daughters in shudra category. When mulnivasis reacted against this that time Thathagat Buddha and Mahavira provided leadership to this reaction.

History tells us that on one side there used to be struggle with Vaidik people and on the other side struggle used to be with our own people. The struggle of Buddha and Mahavira was freedom struggle of mulnivasis against foreign Arya Brahmins that was led by Buddha and Mahavira. They were successful in this agitation and revolution came about.

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