Sunday 1 July 2012

Rule of V.P.Singh 1984 to 1991

By Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

After the period of Rajiv Gandhi from 1984 to 1989 got over fresh elections took place. Rajiv Gandhi decided to contest elections again under his own leadership. But Vishwnath Pratap Singh brought the issue of Bofors in public and Rajiv Gandhi had to accept defeat. He sat in the opposition. After Vishwanath Pratap Singh meaning V.P. Singh took over as Prime Minister to enact drama of social justice he accepted Mandal Commission on 7th August 1990.

V.P. Singh’s betrayals
1)    Out of 3743 jatis Mandal commission was made applicable only to 1200 jatis. He excluded 2543 jatis.
2)    According to Mandal Commission these 1200 jatis reservations were granted only in employment. He did not give reservation in education. How employment is possible without education?

This was a social justice of V.P.Singh. Lots of people from our mulnivasi Bhahujan Samaj consider V.P. Singh as a ‘Messiah’ for having made  Mandal Commission applicable. Our problem is that our people do have true information available with them. Due to lack of information we understand friend as enemy and enemy as friend or ‘Messiah’.

After V.P.Singh became Prime Minister Chandrashekar got angry. Chandrashekar was a sole M.P. of his own Party. He got angry. V.P.Singh has become Prime Minister based on support from BJP and Communists.  That time Kanshiramsaheb went to Devilal and said “Tau, V.P has not made you a leader but a ladder. For what the ladder is used? (1) To put your legs (2) To climb up”

Devilal and Chandrashekar got alert from Kanshirams this uttering and they organized their independent rally. Kanshiram sahib supported this rally. After that in order to prevent Sharad Yadav and Ramvilas Paswan from following Devilal and Chandrashekar the Mandal Commission toy was given to them. Small children are given toys in their hands for them to play. This toy means:

(1)  Mandal Commission was made applicable to 1200 jatis out of total 3743 jatis.
(2)  Reservations only in employment and not in education.

Rath Yatra of Lal Krishna Advani

At this time Lal Krishna Advani organsied Rath Yatra. That time Lalu Prasad was a Chief Minister of Bihar and Mulayam Singh was Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Both of them threatened to stop Advani’s Rath yatra. That time Advani said, “What these Lallu=Mallu can do?” Lalu Prasad stopped Advani’s  Rath yatra in Bihar and immediately B.J.P withdrew support to V.P.Singh and his government collapsed.

At a time when V.P.Singh was a Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was the leader of the opposition. At a time when discussion Mandal Commission began that time Rajiv Gandhi delivered his speech for 2 ½ hours and drank water four times. Prior to this he had never spoken more than 15 minutes in opposition to Mandal Commission means in opposition to the rights of Marathas-Kunbis-OBCs. This was how Rajiv Gandhi was. V.P.Singh government collapsed because BJP withdrew support.

Rajiv Gandhi’s fresh attempt to take over power

As we already discussed earlier in order to influential and effective leadership like his mother Rajiv Gandhi established contacts with LTTE chief Prabhakaran and trained Prabhakan’s people in use of RDX explosives. This was done personally by Rajiv Gandhi. Later on for some reason Rajiv Gandhi and Prabhakaran fell apart. That time Prabhakaran called those who were trained in use of RDX explosives and ordered them to experiment its first use on Rajiv Gandhi. In one village in Tamilnadu two people – Kana Shirasan and Shubha Murungun exploded Rajiv Gandhi into pieces. Main reason for all this is Mandal Commission, representation of Maratha-Kunbi-OBC.

At that time Chief of Rajiv Gandhi’s election propaganda was Arun Nehru.

T.N.Sheshan deliberately prolonged elections so that Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination sympathy wave benefits Congress. Congress profited from the sympathy wave of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. Congress government came in power.

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