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P.V. Narasimha Rao's march to LPG

By Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

After P.V.Narasimha Rao assessed all this he could foresee his death. That’s why he decided to create new way of destroying reservations. Till today most dangerous Prime Minister has been P.V.Narasimha Rao. This means the issue of Ram temple and Babri masjid is the issue that these people have deliberately created. What is special about this is that this issue has been created to prevent reservation or representation to Marathas-Kunbi-OBC. This issue is not against Muslims but only against reservation of Maratha-Kunbi-OBC. If you see Ram temple issue is of congress but BJP at last hijacked it. BJP benefited from this. BJP had only 2 MPs in 1984, and then in 1991 this number went up to above 80. After that it rose to 182 MPs. This means that this congress issue was hijacked by BJP that’s why congress currently campaigns saying “Gandhi did not say He Ram”. This is because now Ram is not of any use to them. Ram now has become useful to BJP and now Advani declares at public meetings that ‘Gandhi at his dying moments uttered ‘He Ram’. That means Gandhi wanted to establish Ram Rajya”. This means that in order to deny reservations to Maratha-Kunbi-OBC BJP and Congress are using Ram from every angle. To politically rule India Eurasian Brahmins make use name of Ram and to rule Maharashtra polically they make use the name of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This means that Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Ram are politically useful formulas.

Did Gandhi utter the word ‘he ram’ in his last breadth? Gandhi collapsed after being shot times 5 times by Nathuram Ghodse of RSS. That time British journalist Mark Tully was present on the spot. He said, Gandhi did not speak a single word. What is special is that Gandhi was attacked on two occasions before this one prior to 1947. He had escaped unhurt from those attacks because that time it was British rule and after this Gandhi died in first attempt. This is because Eurasian Brahmins were ruling and Patel was home minister.

If any person is hurt, then that person shouts ‘Ayee’. If he is surprised then he shouts as ‘Bapre!’ And if air pressured out from the nose then he says ‘He ram’. This is a nature of human being. Gandhi too was human being. How will he say ‘He Ram’?  He could have at the most said ‘Ayee gha’. Or he might have said ‘Oh Mother’ in Gujarati language. And if he did not say ‘Oh mother’ after being shot at then it would be greatest insult of all the mothers in the world. Perhaps instead of saying ‘He Ram’ he might have said ‘He Nathuram’.  

What is most surprising is that when Nathuram Godse of RSS shot 5 bullets at Gandhi he silently collapsed without uttering anything but Nehru heard him in Delhi. What did Nehru hear? ‘He Ram!’ and Nehru wrote on his samadhi on Raj Ghat ‘He Ram!’ All this had to be explained in this detail to point out as to how our mulnivasi Bhahujan Samaj is taken undue advantage by Eurasian Brahmins.

Why do Eurassian Brahmins use Ram in order to deny reservations to Maratha-Kunbi-OBC? This is because in Ramayanan there is one such story justifying this. Once one child of Brahmins died and that brahmin takes the dead body of his son to King Rama and says “Oh Prabhuramchandra, There is misery in your kingdom, sins have increased and dharma is sinking.” On that Prabhuramchandra asked that brahmin “What happened Muni?” On that the brahmin filled with sorrow said “Some Shudra is educating himself in the South that’s why my child died in the north.” In South one Shudra was educating himself that’s why Child of brhamin died in North. If this had to happen now then it would have been so good. Now all the children of Shudras get educated and that’s why children of Brahmins would have died one after the other. But this does not take place today because there is no Ram rule today but rule of the constitution. Possibility of this actually happening cannot be denied once rule of Rama gets established.

Ram after hearing the story of that sorrow filled brahmin father got up, lifter his bow and went in search of that Shudra in the South. Over there a Shudra named Sambook (Kunbi) without creating trouble to any one was educating himself through his tapasya. This innocent Shudra was killed by Rama based on compliant from brahimin and to the North his dead son became alive. This is a story from Ramayana. We read Ramayana for thousands of years but we could not understand its meaning. The clear meaning of this is that if children of Shudras and ati-shudras get educated then the importance of Brahmins declines. They suffer losses. They do not get jobs. In short they get destroyed. Meaning their wisdom, their education, their progress is based on our ignorance.

Why this story was pushed in Ramayana? This is because Bhahujan samaj every day reads Ramayana. In this story Rama has threatened Shudra not to educate himself and in spite of threat threat children of Shudra gets educated they are threatened of killings. This is a serious threat. On the other hand the Constitution of Bhima through article 45 granted fundamental right to education to everyone residing in India. Constitution of Rama means Manusmriti that bans shudras-ati-shudras from being educated and if anyone educates himself then he is killed. And Bhim’s constitution means Constitution of India grants right of education to anyone residing in India. In short in Ramrajya the living Ram did not allow us education and dead Ram deny us means to Maratha-Kunbi-OBC education and employment. That’s why we have to understand the conspiracies of Congress, BJP and those helping them. Ram rejects fundamental right to education and Bhim grants fundamental right to education. We are looking at how Congress and BJP are trying to use Ram in order to destroy mulnivasi bhahujan samaj in a big way.

Now P.V. Narasimha Rao understood that now relation of Ram is not going to work. So they formed independent strategy. Which strategy? To destroy the Constitution without touching it. Because of the constitution SC, ST got reservation. With this itself Eurasian Brahmins are troubled to the great extend.  Now they could not tolerate that Maratha-Kunbi-OBC has to be granted reservation. This is because in the name of reservation SC,ST,OBC will unite means polarization will be created, their communication and coordination amongst themselves will increase. Internal differences, lack of trust, misunderstandings, anger, prejudice, hatred all created deliberately by Eurasian Brahmins will stop.  All mulnivasis will unite. In order to avoid this from happening Eurasian Brahmins pledged not to grant reservation to Maratha-Kunbis-OBC. Instead they make them to struggle against reservations for SC and ST. They take minute care that SC,ST, OBC never anywhere unite.

Root of reservation is Constitution. Because of reservation mulnivasis from here get education, scholarships, employment, promotions, bungalows, Vehicles, Travel, prestige and all the facilities to form an organization, to make organization functional,  to express once thoughts, in short to organize unorganized people, to awake the unawakened, to educate the ignorant. This means the root of every problem of Eurasian Brahmins is the Constitution of India, organizations of the mulnivasi Bhahujan people, awareness amongst them, and the root of every problem of mulnivasi people is Eurasian Brahmins. It may be any problem.

There is one difficulty in front of the Eurasian Brahmins. Which difficulty? The difficulty of how to destroy Indian Constitution. Because as long as mulnivasi people have faith and confidence in the Constitution of India till then not only on Eurasian Brahmin even their fathers cannot touch it, because they cannot counter anger of the mulnivasi people, because they are minority population. They are less. That’s why they made the strategy of making the Constitution of India ineffective. Brahmin called P.V.Narasimha Rao formed this strategy. Why did he form this strategy? This is because one of the great intellectuals has declared his prediction that “P.V.Narasimha Rao is going to be the last Brahmin Prime Minister of India”. As a result Brahmins got alerted and began the program of making Constitution ineffective. This is because Constitution is a manifesto to unite all SC,ST,OBC, Ex-CT, all converted mulnivasis and women meaning all the non-brahmins to create a new nation. This work is carried on by BAMCEF and Rashtriya Mulnivasi Sangh. To foil this attempt P.V.Narasimha Rao initiated the program to render Constitution in effective. The name of this program is L.P.G that stands for Liberalization, Privatization and Globilization. For this purpose he invited Manmohan Singh.

That way Manmohan Singh is from Punjab but he was born in Pakistan. His surname is Kohli. He is Katri by his jati. Most of most of major part of his life spent abroad. That was there are two Katri in India. Both are very dangerous.

1.    Ratan Katri: Every one knows this. One who indulges in gambling. “Open” does not allow to eat and “close” that does not allow to sleep. That is a Katri. His stomach is on his hands. Those who survive by daily wages he does not allow them to live.
2.    Manmohan Katri: through privatization he does not let employees to live. Manmohan Singh, Arun Shourie and Sharad Joshi all these three were working for World Bank. All three are RSS full timers. All three resigned at the same time and resigned at the command of RSS.

1.    Manmohan Singh entered Congress and took over as Finance Minister. He was entrusted responsibility of deciding country’s finance policy.
2.    Arun Shourie is a fair brahmin from Punjab was ordered to write against Dr.Ambedkar and wrote a book titled “worshiping false gods” and took over charge of as minister of disinvestment.
3.    Sharad Joshi was ordered to establish farmers organization to destroy farmers workers party that had evolved from the Satyashodak struggle.

Here Manmohan Singh took over as Finance Minister in the P.V.Narasimha Rao government and started India’s new economic policy : LPG
L stands for Liberalization
P stands for Privatization
G stands for Globilization
Most of our mulnivasi people know only one word of LPG. Other things they are not aware. Media too shared only this word. The rest nothing is disclosed. That’s why we need to understand as to what exactly is LPG.

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