Tuesday 12 July 2016

Vanxim Agreement of Sale of 1999 text and comments

1. Agreement of Sale carried on 09.04.1999 between Fr. Victor Rodrigues and Mahendra Gaunekar

2. Land composition is in two clusters: 1,85,125 square meters and 3,00,225 square meters. Total 4,85,350 square meters

3. The then Patriarch of East Indies Archbishop Raul Nicolau Gonsalves gave Power of attorney on 30.06.1994 to Fr. Victor Rodrigues appointing him as attorney with powers to enter into this agreement, to execute necessary deeds etc. Did Archbishop Gonsalves consult Vanxim people before authorising Fr. Victor Rodrigues to sell Vanxim? If yes then why the records are not made public?

4. Rates fixed as Rs. 20/- and Rs. 6/- per square meters. 

5. Gaunekar will be responsible to clear tenants from Paddy fields. If Gaunekar fails then Church will not be responsible. Church is very clearly not in defence of Vanxim People as per logic of this document.

6. Total amount to be paid to Church is Rs. 55,03,850/-

7. Advanced paid to the Church is Rs. 4,02,500/-

8. Fr.Victor Rodrigues has shown all the Vanxim documents to Gaunekar. Gaunekar is satisfied that Vanxim land has good and marketable title. These documents are not shown to the people of Vanxim. Why these documents are kept secret? Who made Archbishop owner of Vanxim lands? So Vanxim was sold through documents and not through power point presentations. Why People instead of giving documents are shown power point presentations?

9. Gaunkear may nominate any individual, company, partnership to buy Vanxim. Archbishop will oblige. So Church was aware of the corporate involvement yet went ahead with Sale of Vanxim. Criminal activity, sinful activity of the Office of the Archbishop.

10. Agreed to sell Vanxim land that is not registered in land registrar office nor in revenue office bearing Old cadastral survey number 1 and has Mandovi River as boundary on East, West, North and South. Does this means entire Island?

11. Expert view suggests that signature of the Church witness Ayres Sequeira is forged in Agreement to Sale. His signature does not match with signature on Sale deed. Criminal investigation needed against those responsible.

12. Mahendra Gaunekar's Panjim address kept hidden in this document. It is simply stated that Gaunekar hails from Panjim while Fr. Victor Rodrigues has precise address as Bishop's Palace, Altinho, Panjim. Why Gaunekar's address kept hidden? Is it because he was staying very close to Bishop's Palace and conspiring? This is repeated in Sale deed of 2006 as well. How the Government Authorities did registered Agreement to Sale in Panjim Sub-registrar office without complete address of Mahendra Gaunekar the Vendee? How many more this type of scams carried on in Government offices?

13. Vanxim Agreement of Sale is suspicious due to above reason and needs public debate.

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