Thursday 5 January 2023

Massive Illegal Trawling in Zuari

It's 9.30 pm today January 05, 2023. There are dozen trawlers inside Zuari river engaged in illegal trawling off Odxel shore.  Fisheries department control room helpline number 08322425263 has suddenly gone none responsive. 

A day before one attendant at control room information thar department patrol boat is not functioning. 

Superitendent of Fisheries entrusted duty to crackdown on illegal fishing by trawlers is Pritam Gaonkar. She too non-responsive and commits routine dereliction of duty. 

The flow of events indicate that there is Goa fisheries department is in criminal nexus with Trawlers to promote illegal fishing. There is likely huge underhand dealings between Fisheries department and trawler lobby for past 10 days of loot.

The intention of Goa Fisheries Department is to destroy Zuari river fisheries by keeping patrol boat non-functional.

All Goa Small Scale Responsible Fisheries Union strongly condemns Goa fisheries department for large scale promotion of trawling in zuari river. Trawling is banned in rivers. 

Trawlers are from Malim Jetty are carrying on this illegal fishing within one kilometers from the shore whereas trawling has to be 5 kilometers away from the shore. 

Blatant violations are being supervised by Director of Fisheries, IAS officer as Secretary to Fisheries and Minister of Fisheries. Entire Goa Fisheries administration has turned dramatic corrupt, rotten.

If an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer heading fisheries administration cannot enforce law and order in Zuari that means failure of Indian Rule in annexed Goa.