Monday 26 June 2023

Bonded labour in Old Goa

Call up Old Goa Police Station on its landline and lodge your protest: 0832-2285301

Entry into Goa: June 24, 2023

The couple Mahendra Shamba Solekar (Ramnagar) and Akshata Anandu Velip (Joida) from Ramnagar, Karnataka entered Goa 24th June 2023.

Man (Agent) named Uday Deshpande (from Belgaum?) With mobile number 7411275974 contacted wife Akshata Valip at home in Joida for job at Old Goa. 

Agent contacted through wife's cousin Deepa Unjekar.

Agent took wife from Panjim at 5.30 pm to Old Old directly while husband proceeded to Parcem, Pernem to reside.

Day Ordeal begins: June 25, 2023

Wife contacted husband at around 9.00 am on June 25, 2023 saying that it's time for her to join duty on shop. Then again she called up at 2.30 pm same day with normal conversation. Then she called up at 7.30 pm wife called husband crying pleading that she is terribly disturbed at work. Then she shared address on WhatsApp to husband on where she is kept captive.

8.00 pm husband called wife. Phone answered by Madhavi Pai (mobile number: 9309523479) is where wife is working calling husband to Old Goa police station.

Husband went to police station at 11.30 pm and waited till 01.00 pm. Investigating officer Loreen Dias, it was informed by police staff to husband that said PSI has finished her duty.

Aggrevating situation: June 26, 2023

Husband visited Old Goa Police Station at 10.00 am. Mobile proof of marriage rejected. Husband visited police station again at 01.00 pm. PSI Loreen Dias was present. She rejected original marriage certificate and wanted marriage witnesses to be present at the police station. Refused to arrange meeting with his wife claiming certificates are duplicate.

Address of the working shared by wife to husband at 4.44 pm on June 25, 2023 as :

Sardhina coop housing society, F1,F2, Corlim, Old GoaMollar, opposite lndian overseas Bank Old Goa.

Bharat Mukti Morcha (BMM), Goa Unit has received copy of the bonded labour complaint at Old Goa and currently studying the manner.

BMM calls upon Goa Police produce Akshata Velip to her husband Mahendra Sulekar.

BMM has contacted Old Goa Police Station Padwalkar and brought this matter to the attention to his attention.

Attempt to contact PSI Loreen Dias on phone has turned futile so far. Wife's phone number is switched off and where about of wife is not known so far. Husband continues to be in anguish more so because police has informed him that wife's mobile is in police custody. How can police take custody of wife's mobile phone? And where is Akshata? 

Ground for police intervention is not known nor anyone at police station is able to share.