Thursday 29 December 2022

Will Talegao be torch bearer for Freedom yet again after 512 years?

Believe it or not evidence revealed that Talegao village in Tiswadi has Urbanized aggressively and irresponsibly over the past some years. Telegao Panchayat has revealed that within its Jurisdiction there are 04 Group Housing Approval licensed projects, 37 Residential multi-dwelling housing buildings approved licensed projects, and 31 multi-storied approved licensed projects.

Even though there is no data as to how many of these are constructed by filling up paddy fields but likely to be huge considering memories of any one familiar with Talegao or their occasional protesting belligerent farmers over the past three decades. 

There is also evidence that local Panchayat has none of these buildings' post occupancy audit reports done as required by law. This is huge scam and need further investigation.

Talegao is classic example of what urbanisation is without planning and with political bullying. In the absence of long term perpective plan in place urbanisation is further sought to be accelerated through Outline Development Plan (ODP). It is evident from the available evidence on Talegao that Urbanisation has taken monstrous form and political rulers has fueled it.

Time has come to re-look and re-think on urbanisation in Goa. Situation on ground indicate that we need to move towards de-urbanisation and increase  protection to and expansion of rural Goa. Urbanisation coupled with digitilizatization for smart cities is subtle orientation towards surveillance slavery.

People of Talegao historically has been defenders of Freedom. It is their chieftains that forged into alliance to overthrow tyrannical rule of Adil Shah in 1510. After 512 years can Goa look at Talegao with hope to lead yet another Freedom struggle against oncoming urban slave state? Can Talegao lead the band of torch bearers in our times? We extent solidarity in hope and optimism. To Talegao.

Sunday 4 December 2022

Restore fish breeding sites in CZMP!

All Goa Small Scale Responsible Fisheries Union (AGSSRFU) strongly objects to the Goa Government proposal to Central government to remove fish breeding areas from the CZMP on the ground that Goa Fisheries Department and Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) doesn't have scientific studies or information in this regard.

AGSSRFU also further objects to the promotion of Sand mining and tourism inside Goa's rivers on the same grounds of lack of data. Lack of scientific studies and information about fish breeding areas in Goa - if Goa Environment Minister's claim is true - is not due to any fault of rivers and fishing communities in Goa. It may be for other reasons like lack of focus of research scientists on fish breeding sites in Goa or lack of sanctioned funds for such scientific studies involving Fish Breeding Areas.

AGSSRFU was party to the consultation called by erstwhile Director cum Secretary to Fisheries in Goa Mr. Govind Jaiswal few years ago with scientists from NIO as well as ICAR. At that consultation Scientist from NIO revealed that entire Coast of Goa and riparian coast witness fish breeding and consequently entire coast and rivers needs to be protected.

Fisheries Department in Goa is subsidies oriented and schemes oriented since its inception, and more recently enforcement is attempted to be added as an additional component with moderate success. Research component is completely absent from the essential daily routine of Goa Fisheries Department. Goa's Environment Minister Nilesh Cabral is totally and completely wrong in accusing Goa Fisheries Department of lacking scientific studies on Fish Breeding Areas in Goa. Goa Fisheries Department doesn't even have rudimentary in-house study team to regularly scan various anti-fisheries policies and practices affecting Goa. In this context Fisheries Department carring on scientific studies on fish breeding areas is beyond posibility for Government has neither sanctioned budget nor appointed competent researchers in Fisheries Department. Hence Goa Government - of which Nilesh Cabral is part of  - is totally and completely responsible for the absence of scientific studies on fish breeding areas in Goa.

Goa Fisheries Department is in possession of data of Zuari river fish breeding areas submitted my fishing communities and same should be presented to Environment Minister Nilesh Cabral.

Various Coastal bio-diversity committees and other organisations has submitted detail maps of rivers displaying fish breeding sites in Goa's rivers. These are submitted to Goa Coastal Management Authority (GCZMA) under Ministry of Environment in Goa that Nilesh Cabral is heading. He should call first all these maps and access them for information on fish breeding areas.

Moreover if Goa Government is not satisfied with the submission from bio-diversity committees and other organisations on fish breeding areas in Goa then it should appoint scientific institutions to locate fish breeding areas in Goa like the was Goa State Bio-diversity Board (GSBB) appointed National Institute of Oceonagraphy (NIO) to identify sand clusters in Various rivers of Goa. It is rather bizarre that GSBB is more interested in identifying sand inside Goa's rivers for mining purpose rather than identify Fish Breeding Areas. It is even more surprising that Nilesh Cabral chose not to mention whether GSBB does or doesn't possess studies on Fish Breeding Areas in Goa in his press briefing reported in print media on October 25, 2022.

NIO studies submitted to GSBB and put out in public domain by the Director Mines and Geology, Government of Goa has important clues in this regard. It's Mandovi Survey Report notes that sand provides habitat to numerous forms of aquatic and riparian fauna. Second NIO study titled EIA/EMP for sand mining in Zuari Estuary, on page 138 notes "sand mining affects the area by limiting the ability of mined areas to function as a nursery area, and/or feeding ground for the fauna". Just because of demand for Sand from various commercial sources seeking to expand urbanisation Goa's rivers should not be pushed towards peril the way Goa Government is currently moving on to do.

AGSSRFU calls upon the Goa Environment Minister to withdraw the proposal sent to the Central Government to erase Fish Breeding Areas and entrust the responsibility to clarify status of natural fish breeding in Goa coast and rivers. AGSSRFU suggests that team of scientists from various competent research institutions in Goa be formed to Carry on full fledged short term and long tern study on fish breeding areas in Goa. Till it is completed and put out in public domain all the plans for erasure of fish breeding areas from CZMP 2019 and plans for Sand mining be put in abeyance.

Tuesday 27 September 2022

Shortcut to Heaven!

I inwarded letter regarding illegal sand mining without mentioning any names at Vanxim at mid-night 00.50 am on September 22, 2022 at Old Goa Police Station.

Then at 7.35 am on September 25, 2022 I received threat to my life from Sadanand Tari allias Bayee in Vanxim Ferry. His house is close to Vanxim Ferry ramp. He told me that I have no public support and I will be overpowered by those engaged in illegal sand mining. He is from Vanxim and works with Police department as peon. When I asked him as to how he is affected with my letter he told me that he transports illegally mined sand in his tempo.

On September 27, 2022 at 11.00 am messenger came to me from Sadanand Bhosle from Vanxim informing me that they have got clearance from their higher ups to assault and kill me.

Those who are close to God doesn't fear death. I too don't fear death.

I personally wish to call all my friends and collaborators  to our beautiful island of Vanxim for which I will be laying down my life without resisting sand mining mafia of Vanxim. I am told not to resist this wickedness and I should pray and fast. I really want to meet all of you and say big thank you for all your care and love in Vanxim for the past dozen years.

I am really excited and looking forward to my shortcut to heaven facilitated by Goa Police leaking my letter to Vanxim Sand mining mafia. There is nothing new in their conduct.

I ready for death of any kind they might decide to give me if that is in  accordance with the will of God. For I live to fulfil the will of God and will die for the will of God.

But before my death I want to organize thanks giving prayers at Vanxim Holy Cross Chapel. I share close affiliation with this cross of the Lord for I had prayed for a girl in my life and I was awared with superlative Maggie Silveira as my wife.

I also want to pray for pardon and forgiveness of all my would be assasins and Conversion of their soul that they may come out of their infedel beliefs and embrace the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ. For this reason they will be invited for the prayers too.

Currently we are in birth centenary year of my Father-in-law late Ligorio Feliciano Silveira whose father late Pedro das Silveira had facilitated settlement in Vanxim of the ancestors of all those who compose sand mining mafia and are threatening me. Their ancestors were brought to Vanxim as keepers of the sluice gates. Sluice gates are kept non-functional and paddy fields are perennially flooded with Mandovi water.

I really wish to meet you all one last time before Vanxim sand mining mafia take away my life. They believe that they are competent to kill me for they had kidnapped Ashok and Jamla, two workers at our place two decades ago and they are still missing. Sadanand Bhosle was involved then too. Life of crime is habitual for them.

Not to mention that these people has captured paddy fields from Maggie's ancestors in fraudulent manner and flooded them with Mandovi. Only good thing is they haven't surrendered to Gaunekar.

It is important that all these things are brought in public memory before my life is snuffed out.

If I survive then I will let you know when we can have a party. For the moment I live a miracle called life and getting prepared to surrender my soul in the hands of Heavenly Father.

May God turn my enemies as footstool to tread upon and crush like dust and blown away like chaff of paddy in a windy hurricane of God.

Martyrs are the saints of God and I too share desire for Martyrdom. And I don't want to miss this opportunity. They can destroy my Bob but can't touch my soul that is eternal.

Regina Martyrum, Opra Pro Nobis.

Queen of Martyrs, Pray for us.

Sebastian Rodrigues

Wednesday 21 September 2022

Chronology of events concerning illegal sand extraction in Goa's Mandovi River and threat to life of Dr.Sebastiao A. Rodrigues

September 21, 2022

11.05 pm : Three cannoes noticed from Amboi-Vanxim with lights on engaged in sand extraction in Mandovi River

11.15 pm Emergency number to report sand extraction 112 dialled and complaint registered with reference number 135450. Police vehicle PINKFORCE-09(GA07G1625, Ph: 7030935471) assigned to assist. 

September 22, 2022

00.10 am

Police vehicle arrived at Amboi ferry point and contacted me over the phone. Police invited me to report on the spot of illegal sand mining at Vanxim Ferry point. I did report. One cannoe started the engine and fled. Other switched off their lights and stayed still in waters. Police informed me that they have no Patrol boat so they are in no position to reach to apprehend illegal sand mining boats at the distance of less than 30 Meters from Vanxim ferry point. Police had no whistle to blow and chase away sand miners. Police invited me to the police station at Old Goa and lodge formal complaint. I obliged and got into Police car.

00.50 am

Gave inward of handwritten letter dated 22nd September 2022  addressed to the Police Inspector, Old Goa Police station with subject: Illegal sand mining during night time in Mandovi near Vanxim.

September 25, 2022

7.35 am

On board Amboi-Vanxim ferry in the middle of Mandovi River I received threat to life from Prenanand Tari from Vanxim, an employee of Goa Police (Home Guard) for filing complaint against illegal sand mining near Vanxim. He admitted that his illegal sand mining transportation bussiness will be affected due to my Police complaint. He said that I should not file any more complaints as - according to him - I don't have any support in Vanxim.

September 27, 2022

11.00 am

I received message relayed through messenger sent by Sadanand Bhosle from Vanxim that all the legal sand miners of Vanxim had meeting and they have decided to kill me.

September 28, 2022

5.00 pm

Letter inwarded to the offices of Inspector General of Police, Director-General of Police, Superitendent of Police (North Goa), Sub-Divisional Police Officer (Panjim),  Director of Vigilance with subject: Inaction and threat to life on account of my complaint to Old Goa Police Station dated 22:09:2022 regarding mid-night illegal sand mining by unknown persons near Amboi-Vanxim ferry in Mandovi. Copy of the letter was marked to Waman Meshram, National President of Bharat Mukti Morcha, New Delhi and to the President, Goyche Fudle Pidge Khatir, Margao, Goa. Letter was neither addressed nor marked to Police Inspector of Old Goa Police Station.

5.30 pm

Goyche Fudle Pidge Khatir team and Roque Menezes from All Goa Small Scale Responsible Fisheries Union joined me in a delegation to DYSP Sudesh Naik at Panjim Police Headquarters. After brief discussion Old Goa Police Inspector Satish V. Padwalkar was summoned in DYSP office and directed to book both the persons involved in threatening me. Complaint copy was handed over to Old Goa PI to take further action.

6.30 pm

Press briefing outside Police Headquarters on the issue of threats and illegal sand mining organised by Goyche Fudle Pidke Khatir.

07:30 pm 

I was called to the Old Goa Police Station over the phone. Five member team from Goyche Fudle Pidge Khatir joined me for the meeting with Old Goa Police team headed by Inspector Satish V Padwalkar. After initial hesitation he admitted possibility of Old Goa Police  station leaking my complaint letter to those involved in illegal sand mining in Vanxim. He promised to book two people involved in threatening me.

October 03, 2022

Anthony D'Silva from Ambelim released video in social media calling for Police protection to me. 

October 04, 2022

12.28 pm

Received phone call from Old Goa Police station that they have received wireless message from Superitendent  of Police (North Goa) calling me for urgent meeting with him at 4.00 pm today.

03.55 pm

At the office of Superitendent of Police, North Goa in Porvorim with team from Goyche Fudle Pidge Khatir. There I was informed that the meeting is postponed on account of some urgent work for SP-North Goa. I gave inward of the hand written letter to SP-North Goa informing him about my presence with punctuality and further request to him to intimate me a day in advance of the meeting. Immediately I received phone call from Old Goa Police station while I was still at SP's office that my meeting with SP is fixed for October 06, 2022 at 04.00 pm.

October 06, 2022

04.00 pm 

Meeting with Superitendent of Police (North Goa) Mr. Saxena. Team from Goyche Fudle Pidge Khatir joined me here. Old Goa Police Inspector Satish V. Padwal was present at the meeting. SP Saxena asked me to speak. I obliged and spoke briefly about sand mining and the threats I received due to leakage of my complaint to the accused involved in sand mining. I pointed out to the DGP Standing order on Sand mining in Goa dated 17:03:2022 under High Court directions. According to which SP is to visit illegal sand mining Hotspots once a month. I invited SP Saxena to visit Vanxim. He said "thank you very much!" SP Saxena then requested me to file complaints with Department of Mines and Geology as well as Collector, North Goa. I agreed to do so. SP then informed me that every complaint received at 112 is shared with task force on sand mining headed by the Collector. I then named the police constable at Old Goa Police Station who is involved in leaking my complaint information to the accused. SP Saxena requested me to immifiately file another complaint to SP - North giving name of this. police constable. 

Police Inspector Satish V. Padwalkar spoke saying that I had never met him in person ever. He then said that he has registered FIR against Premanand Tari and Sadanand Bhosle at Old Goa Police Station. SP directed PI to hand over copy of the FIR right now. PI obliged and gave me FIR copies.

I then filed fresh complaint before SP North Goa with subject title: leakage of my name in violation of DGP Standing order dated March 17, 2022.

7.00 pm

Received letter no. PI/OLG/7723/2022 from Nilesh Naik, HC - 4569, Old Goa Police Station dated 06/10/2022 with subject: Requests to provide eye witnesses in the crime. 

October 07, 2022

11.00 am

Attended investigations accompanied by Roque Menezes of All Goa Small Scale Responsible Fisheries Union. Investigations were conducted by Head Constable Nilesh Naik (HC-4569). I told him that Police should take statement from the messenger who relayed death threat from Sadanand Bhosle which Police haven't done so far. In any I told him that I know know both Premanand Tari and Sadanand Bhosle for the past 12 years and we shared amicable relationships. This threats has come about more because of leakage at the Old Goa Police Station and I am more worried about this. Investigator then informed me that my complaint dated September 22, 2022 never reached Police Inspector and was kept totally blind. I then understood that lower ranked Police officials has processed my sand mining complained,  transmitted messages to those engaged in illegal sand mining and threats were administered to me. This is how police-mafia links operated! I requested two pages of paper to file fresh complaint against illegal sand mining at Vanxim. I told head constable that I want to test the leakage points and resulting threats. 

11.30 pm

Complaint filed at Old Goa Police Station with subject: Illegal sand mining at Eastern point of Vanxim in Mandovi.

October 08, 2022

6.45 am

Two Police cars reached Vanxim early morning searching those engaged in illegal sand mining. Then met me at 7.15 am in Vanxim on the road under tamarind tree. They said they couldn't find anyone engaged in illegal sand mining at the Eastern point of Vanxim. I told them that my complaint was of yesterday's illegal sand mining. 

October 14, 2022

2.10 pm

Entry of my today's complaint refused at the Old Goa Police Station. Subject line of my refused complaint: Illegal sand mining at Vanxim and Divar on October 14, 2022. Timings mentioned of illegal San mining at Vanxim between 00.05 am to 03.00 am, and at Vitogem, Divar at 07.05 am between latitude 15.53403760' and Longitude 73.8988627'. Action was requested as per DGP Standing order dated March 17, 2022. I was told by Police official in duty that my repeated complaints to Old Goa Police Station is creating problems as I file complaints against them for Inaction. Official told me that Police station doesn't have patrol vessels to venture in the water to intercept sand mining boats. I was directed to Panjim Coastal Police Station based at Ribandar to file fresh complaint.

October 15, 2022

Forwarded my complaint that was refused entry at Old Goa Police station - with covering letter - with subject: Illegal sand mining in Mandovi near Vanxim and Divar Islands, to DGP, IGP, SP-North Goa, SDPO Panjim, Collector- North Goa, Director of Mines and Geology, and SP- Coastal Security.

Filed complaint to the Police Inspector, Panaji Coastal Security Police Station, Ribandar with subject: Illegal sand mining in Mandovi at Vanxim and Divar on October 14, 2022. Copies marked and also inwarded to PI at Old Goa Police Station, SDPO Panjim, DYSP Coastal Security, SP Coastal Security at Panjim.

October 20, 2022

05.17 pm

Received call letter from the Police Inspector Ajit R Umarye with request to remain present at the inquiry regarding illegal sand extraction at Vanxim and Diwar as mentioned in my complaint dated 14.10.2022.

October 21, 2022

01.30 am

Four policemen attached to Panaji Coastal Security Police Station visited my residence. Purpose of their mid-night visit was to let me know that that moving about to catch illegal sand miners.

12.00 hrs

Attended meeting with Police Inspector Ajit R Umarye for an hour. I was accompanied by Roque Menezes  from All Goa Small Scale Responsible Fisheries Union. Two main points he made: first that his Police station though entrusted with Coastal Security doesn't possess even a single patrol vessels to enter water. Secondly they are facing manpower shortage to enforce DGP Standing order on Sand mining. It is therefore impossible to implement DGP Standing order on Sand mining. He directed me to file complaints with Director of mines and Geology, and Captain of Ports. He also requested me to write to the concerned authorities requesting that all the seven Coastal Security Police stations in Goa be equipped with functional patrol vessels. For the past three years Coastal Police doesn't have functional patrol vessels and patrolling of the rivers is done through roads in jeeps which is not sufficient.

Team from Goyche Fudle Pidke Khatir came to the police station in my support.

I have signed one page Statement at Panaji Coastal Security Police Station requesting stopping of illegal sand mining.

October 25, 2022

4.00 pm

Mamlatdar along with Police carried on site visits to Vanxim and Divar regarding illegal sand mining.

October 27, 2022

Received telephonic information about illegal sand mining posing threat to Konkan Railway bridge in Mandovi near Old Goa.

October 28, 2022

Received correspondence dated 19/10/2022 from Directorate of Vigilance to the Director Mines and Geology, and the Superitendent of Police ( North Goa) regarding illegal sand mining near Vanxim and Diwar.

November 03, 2022

2.30 pm

Received phone call requesting my intervention regarding illegal sand mining at Sao Mathias- Naroa ferry point. Loading of illegally extracted sand takes place in trucks from Naroa ferry point in Mandovi.


Dr. Sebastiao A Rodrigues

Tuesday 20 September 2022

What sense do we make of draft Jetty Policy 2022?

Draft Jetty Policy 2022 was released on September 12, 2022 by the Department of Tourism, Government of Goa. It makes it mandatory for any objections/suggestions to be emailed to within 500 words and within 15 days. 

It doesn't quote any law by which objections/ suggestions to be given within 500 words and within 15 days. Hence it is totally a completely arbitrary. 

15 deadline culminates on September 27, 2022, the same day one month deadline culminates for TCP draft regulations 2022. 

Draft Jetty Policy is formulated with an objective of securing economies of various existing vessel operators. So vessel operators are major player that intent to take people of Goa as hostages thereby further intensifying December 1961 Annexure of Goa through conquest as observed by Supreme Court of India in Shantilal Gosalia Judgement.

Draft Policy seeks to be applicable for all passenger cruise vessel operators excluding casinos, personal boats, barges, ferries and other transport vessels which do not cater to Tourism and leisure segments.

Policy seeks to expand infrastructure for Tourism by clearing way for jetties,  floating pontoons, Jetty terminal buildings etc.

Draft Policy provides for further strengthening of Jetty Management Committee formed in 2016 as per following composition:

1. Secretary (Tourism), Head

2. Director, Department of Tourism

3. Managing Director, GTDC

4. Captain of Ports

5. Two nominated active members from Goa Boat Cruise Association

6. SP, Coastal Police

7. River and Navigation Department,  Government of Goa 

Jetty Management Committee (JMC) has be entrusted with responsibility to evolve methodology and establishing carrying capacity of any river in Goa thereby regulating number of vessels including freezing of their capacities.

JMC has been bestowed with powers to recommend development of any new Tourism centric Jetty in Goa along with ancillary tourism activities.

Other roles and responsibilities of JMC includes:

1. Power to recommend activities to the relevant authorities or undertaking through private parties, including Dredging, Creation of floating pontoons, floating concrete for the safety and convenience of tourists.

2. To undertake independent activities like carrying capacity study and enforcement of the results for the improvement of overall Tourism in the State.

3. Review of Demand for water based Tourism activities across Goa and take suitable action for improvement of the same.

Dredging of river, water sports and passenger cruise boats in rivers is in direct conflict with fishing activities. 

While this Draft Jetty Policy 2022 seeks to disrupt fishing in Goa's river, draft Goa Land Development and Building Construction (Ammendment) Regulation, 2022 seeks to disrupt agriculture in Goa. Though issued from different departments its source is common: Government of Goa. The beneficiaries are common: Tourism industry. Motive is common: Profits. Those at receiving end are common: People of Goa engaged in Agriculture and fishing, and those who live paddy rice and marine fish as food. Calamity it will create is common: food insecurity and generation of unemployment by destroying fishing and Agriculture. Nature of Oppression and Oppresion of Nature is common: Further conquest of Goa. According to Supreme Court of India Goa was annexed to India through conquest in 1961 December as per Shantilal Gosalia case.

May God guide us grant us victory as we move further to defend Goa once again.

Wednesday 14 September 2022

In defense of our Homeland Goa!



Kindly refer to the earlier important note in this regard at the links:


Further shocking details as contained in draft Goa Land Development and Building Construction (Ammendment) Regulation, 2022 as published in Official Gazette dated August 29, 2022 Series I, No. 21, Government of Goa as under:


1. The above draft is notorious handiwork of Steering Committee set up under Section 6 of the Goa (Regulation of Land Development and Building Construction) Act, 2008.


2. The members of the Steering Committee includes the following: (a) Chief Minister (Dr. Pramod Sawant) as Chairman (b) Urban Development (Vishwajit Rane) Minister as Member (c) Panchayat Minister (Mauvin Godinho) as Member (d) Town and Country Planning Minister (Vishwajit Rane) as member (e) Chief Secretary (IAS Officer) as member (f) Secretary to Urban Development Ministry (IAS officer) as member (g) Secretary to Panchayat Ministry (IAS Officer) as member (h) Secretary to Town & Country Ministry (IAS Officer) as member (i) Chief Town Planner as Member-Secretary and (j) One Co-opted Expert member.


Agriculture Minister is not on Steering Committee even though projects are pushed in A-1 and A-2 Agriculrural zones.


3. The above Steering Committee then appoints Sub-Committee consisting of (a) Director of Municipal Administration (b) Director of Panchayats (c) Chairman/member of Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) (d) Goa Chamber of Housing Industry (GCHI) (e) Local Chapter Representatives of Associations of Town Planners, Engineers and Architects (f) Senior Town Planner as Member-Secretary.


Representative of Khazan Management Committee is neither on Steering Committee nor on Sub-Committee even though projects are pushed in Khazan land.


4. Timeline as evident after decidings:

(A) Notification on August 29, 2022

(B) Public can comment for 30 days upto September 27, 2022

(C) Sub-Committee to report to Steering Committee within two months: November 27  2022

(D) Steering Committee to sent recommendations to the Government within 30 days: December 26, 2022.


5. Formerly process started just a day before Ganesh Chaturthi 2022 and is likely to end a day after Christmas 2022.


6. Goa Government has appointed few people as Notary-Architects and Notary-Engineers as section 2 (90). List of them needs to be compiled based in Gazette notification of their appointment. 


7. In Ammendment to Regulation 3.11, in clause (c) requirements of post occupancy within 5 years is dropped. Now it will take place from time to time on random basis. 


There is no time limit within which post occupancy audit needs to be carried on. Even if it is not carried on it is perfectly alright. So the scope for illegalities further increases. Audit can be used as threat to extort and blackmail in the absence of any legally binding timeframe to carry out mandatory. The is a major blow for Goa and boon for real estate lobby for can turn intensely reckless in their endeavors.


Audit is required for Economic, Ecological, Social, Environmental reasons. Carrying capacity of Goa to accommodate buildings with respect to water and electricity consumption needs to be identified. And so Goa's capacity to handle Garbage generated by increasing housing projects. Ecological auditing needs to be carried on.


Track record of the past audits for group housing, multi-dwelling building s and multi storied buildings needs to be checked from the office of Town and Country Planning Department. 


8. In an Ammendment suggested in clause (d) in Regulation 4.11 choices of Authorities are added. While existing three choices are "Authority/Council/Panchayat". Choice expansion suggested now is "Authority/Council/Panchayat/Town and Country Planning Department/Planning and Development Authority/ Public Works Department". 


So TCP, PDA and PWD are included as additional choices. This amounts to violations 73rd and 74th Ammendment. Further it creates centralization of power relations and new horizons of corruption special regarding 40% coverage and 3 meters setback.


9. In a commercial zone Ammendment is suggested to Regulation 6A.1 in Table - VII against serial no.II to include a new category of building clusters known as SPC-CBD designating it as Special Commercial-CBD. CBD stands for Central Business District.


What is Special about this commercial zone is not explained. 

Use the word District denotes that's its administration will be headed by a Magistrate.

It seems to be Special Economic Zone in camouflaged manner.

If that commercial zone is central then it means all other zones are to the periphery.

This seems to be at the heart of economic inequality fostering strategy. 


10. Infrastructure for SPC-CBD (Special Commercial -CBD) as suggested through draft Ammendment to Regulation 6.A.4 in Table - VIII indicate permissions for 12 floor buildings that will need 15 meters wide roads, 40% coverage, 400 FAR, 10.00 meters front setback and 40 meters height. 


Where will this Central Business District located?

Get information on Modi ground.

Get information on Patto II Project.


11. In draft Ammendment Farm houses are permitted in Agricultural zones A1 and A2 even if land is classified as "Rice" (Paddy field) in survey records. All that is required elevation to the land and minimum Land area must be 10,000 m². Ground coverage sort to be given in these cases stands at maximum 2.5% and maximum built up area can go upto 500m² with maximum height of 7.60m from the ground level to the eaves of the roof."


This means building as big as two floors covering 500 m² can stand in rice field as a farm house. It's this a outright mockery? Since there is no Auditing involved any deviations can take place and government is not duty bound to act.


One more lethal attack on Agriculture. From no construction status inroads for construction in paddy fields are proposed to be opened up. Day may not be too far when Agriculture in Goa may stop and Agriculture Ministry may be shut fowm. Ravi Naik may be the last Agriculture Minister in Goa for there are several more lethal attacks on Agriculture in Ammendment elsewhere too as below.


12. The very meaning of Agriculture itself is sought to be distorted with draft Ammendment to Regulation 6.A.3.1 inserts provisions in A1 and A2 zones that are outrightly objectionable. New additions proposed as agricultural activity:


(I) Agricultural Research Centre

(II) Development Centre

(III) Agricultural Educational Institute

(IV) Bio-Technology Unit

(V) Open Air Sports Structure

(VI) Open Air Religious Structure

(VII) Golf Course

(VIII) Film City

(IX) Film studio

(X) Residential school 

(XI) Yoga or mediation Centre


No dictionary every equals above 11 items as Agricultural practice of any society ever. They are given various minimum Land holding limits. And varying coverage and FAR for construction purpose. This draft Ammendment is a conduit to concretize remaining paddy fields of Goa. Only the greedy perverts can think of such a cruel abominations.


13. Suggested Ammendment to 6A.4 (iii) in Note (12) proposes to give two stilt floors free for measurement of height in any zone for a building with permissible 150 FAR.


Stilt floors are the floors for parking of cars of the building residents. However in scenario of absence of audit it is totally possible that greedy mafia real estate agents will construct flats on stilts and sell them off, of course, with palm greasing of all concerned. The fall out is parking of cars will be on public roads. This allowance like to be misused as it is non-transparent and arbitrary together with proposed absence of mandatory auditing of the building.


14. Existing provision at Regulation 6.A.4 (iv) Note (16) is replaced with a new one. It was required that at the time of approval of development plans minimum 6 meters wide right of way should be available on site. This has been done away with. For right of way to be 6 meters width of the road is legally required to be 8 meters as definition of road includes shoulders and gutters adjacent to the right of way.


ANNEXURE-XII is introduced as a minimum width of road requirements for the buildings. Let's examine this annexure further.


15.  For a single dwelling with 200 m² minimum width of road needed is 3 mts or less if passing through other/ traditional access. Less mean it could be 2 mts or even 1 mt. Sounds ridiculous? Not at all. There are provisions in place that builder will pay Government to aquire land for roads in these type of land locked construction projects. Then road will be widened. Private lands are not safe at from real estate predators.


For a floor area of 500 m² of single dwelling unit 3 mts or more but public road is required.


For double units of 400 m² floor area width of the roads required is greater than 3 upto 4 mts.


For 4 units of 600 m² floor are public roads with width greater than 4 upto 5 mts is needed.


For 8 units of 1000 m² width of public road requirements is greater than 5 upto 6 mts is needed.


For 180 units with Floor area of 20,000m² width of road needed is 6 meters or greater. This means if units between 9 and 179 will need public road with width of greater than 5 mts upto 6 mts. Can public road of this width cater to 179 units fully occupied?


Further Table X provides scientific analysis of road. Width of the road includes gutters on both sides of the roads and shoulders on both sides of the roads. Gutters and shoulders occupy two meters of the road width. Right of way that is omitted in the drat Ammendment is what is actually  available space for vehicles to move on road. This means if the width of road is 5 mts then considering the width occupied by gutters and shoulders only one meter may be available for movement of vehicles. Only two wheelers can move in such space. 


The provisions introduced by bypassing right of way proviso is dangerous. Thinking looks to be to do away with gutters and shoulders. This will turn roads killers and introduce unimaginable floods due to roads without gutters as the case in many places where reckless urbanisatiom is haboured by the State. Audaciously definition of roads on this same law of TCP is overlooked. This audacity comes from the assumption of the Steering Committee that people of Goa will be efficiently mind control and this fact will never come to their attention. Bluff is over now.


16. This Annexure XII is substituted for existing BEE Annexure XII dealing with Adoption of Energy Conservation Building Code, 2006 of Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Department of Power, Government of India to control energy guzzling projects in Goa. This means buildings in Goa will be supplied with unlimited energy caring hoot for carbon footprints. Currently there is a legal limit upper limit on consumption of electricity. With the omission this limit goes off and disequilibrium in State Electricity supply can be expected in disruptive manner. Hence Energy Conservation Annexure that is sought to be done away with must be retained and adopted to Goa.


17. In an Ammendment to 6.A.3.1 clause (e) more construction is allowed in Industrial Zones I-1, I-2 and I-3. More people are allowed to reside in industrial areas not withstanding risks and hazards. Workers in industrial establishment need not take residence outside industrial zones.


Some years ago Industrial Estates were taken away from Panchayat jurisdictions. It's ironical indeed. Panchayat themselves are alien to Goa. They were installed to manage annexed conquest territory of Goa. Now there is trend to weaken them as much as possible. Time has arrived to revert back to pre-1961 model of management of Goa minus Portuguese rule.


18. There already are regulations in place that regularises unauthorized constructions less than 500 square meters. Now this facility is sought to be extended to those unauthorized constructions above 500 square meters. This is applicable also in Coastal CRZ areas with the permission of Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority (GCZMA). All that is required is the evidence that construction was before 31-12-2020. Evidence can be anything Electricity bill, water supply bill, tax receipts etc. Compounding fee is six times more than normal license.


After few years there is likely Ammendment that all such unauthorized constructions before 31-12-2022 will be regularised. This can on every two years till every inch of Goa's land is Urbanized.


This is very profitable venture to the vested interests on prowl but it is destined to ruin Goa to the point unimaginable. Damage causes might even have long term irreversible impacts. No impact studies are carried on even for legally permitted building so where is the question of assessing impacts of unauthorised structures? System in place is in need of drastic shake up.


19. FAR of 20% for 4 and 5 star hotels in increased to 30%. 3 star hotels too are given 30% FAR. Surely this is to benefit tourism lobby. This is indicative of the fact that Goa administration is controlled by luxury tourism lobby. Though public votes politicians, public has no control over them after they get elected. Political class is unanimous not to get Political Parties under the scope of RTI Act and hence it is not possible to know as to which corporate funded which politicians gor them to 'purchase' votes at the time of elections. Hence current democratic system has turned voters into disposable diapers that are to be discarded as soon as elections are over and further subjected to cruel humiliating treatment as reflected in this very draft Ammendment. Indian burecrats are part of the this nasty game as well. Indian Administrative service trains officers to rule ever since 1961 Annexure of Goa through conquest as pointed out by Supreme Court of India in Shantilal Gosalia mining Case.. This Ammendment indicate treatment of Goa as war booty camouflaged as liberation. The practical goal keepers are Goa's perennial behind the scene operators: Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI). They are part and parcel of this disgusting process to push Goa to extinction. This they asses is currently the best timed considering voice of Goans is weakened due to self-censorship enforced by those with Portuguese citizenship. 


20. There is an addition of new Annexure- XIV-A for allowing additional 20% FAR to the medical institutions/hospitals having 200 beds and more. Are these for private hospitals/medical institutions?


Recommendation for additional FAR must come from the State Government agencies. 


With the absence of Auditing system there is no accountability of what purpose these hospitals buildings will be put to.


Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Currently Urban Development Ministry, Town and Country Planning Ministry as well as Health Ministry is in the hand of one person Vishwajit Rane. Implication of such a concentration of power can easily lead to moral and ethical subversion in the corridors of power at the highest levels in Goa and Delhi. In fact there is something abnormal in the conduct of Vishwajit Rane. No one can sell off his homeland on a platter in a mercenary style the way this Ammendment seeks to sell off Goa. It  is a serious crises and to salvage Goa we need to locate true homeland of Vishwajit Rane and deport him there to sell it off to whoever he wants. It is most likely that Vishwajit Rane knows his homeland and can ponder as to if he would treat land of his forefather the way hebis treating Goa through this Ammendment. 


21. Some common observations thus as under:


(i) Translation of this Ammendment  is not available in vernacular language or official language for people to understand impact and implications on their fields and kulagars. Since the impact is going to be long lasting discussion on this Ammendment has to carried on at booth level across State of Goa. For this 30 days are not enough. Even if State Government doesn't extent the last date under influence of commercial interest this needs to discussed across the State of Goa far longer. If needed for the next five years. Discussion is the first step to action. State Government would like public not to discuss this and will certainly will throw various candies for distractive purpose. We need to reject them at the first instance. This Ammendment is the final nail the coffin of the very idea of Goa that we know of, the very idea of freedom we know of, the very idea of fresh air we breath, very notion of roads that we treat on and very history of Goa that we were prevented from learning. It is for this reason that we need to discuss this intensely both before and after September 27, 2022.


(ii) Land as a commodity is being brokered in terms of FAR of 400, increase of 15% for farm house, 30% for hotels, 20% for hospitals, premium payment for all FAR above 200, unauthorised regularisation, less road width instead of more to favour builders, farm houses in fields, etc..... all will only be a business model to broker land value and multiply corrupt in a department which have been notorious with every changing Minister. Latin meaning of the word 'Minister' is Servant. It means one who serves people. The behavior of current ministers is far from being servants. In fact they deviated so far away from their original role that the word Minister doesn't fit them. Most appropriate word currently fits them is 'Monster'. So we have Chief Monster, Council of Monsters, etc.


(iii) This actually can be a election funding model for all Politicos from land sharks.


(iv) There will be boom in construction, Ease of Doing Business, GCCI/TTAG/GCZMA will decide many critical areas of land use against an expected process of study, analysis, action, audit and review.


Ease of Doing Business is more important to the government than the constitutional duty cast on it to be custodian of the environment and showing the way forward for sustainability.


(v) All Rice fields will be in one stroke reduced by 15% as it will be covered by farmhouses.


To end it is important to know the original Latin meaning of the word Government. It is composed of two Latin words " Guverno" meaning to control, and "mentis" means mind. Government therefore means to control minds. Entire Government endeavor is mind control program in innumerable ways. Some of these programs will be clearly visible as soon as this note hits public domain. For public cannot be looted and fooled if their minds are not controlled. Logically, this Ammendment cannot be enforced without effective mind control program in Goa. Mind control programs are required to complete what was started by Nehru in December 1961. Congress Party started it then. BJP seeks to complete the conquest of Goa to the last inch. The Ammendment under discussion seeks to advance thus agenda. You are welcome to comprehend this note. You are welcome to debate, agree or disagree this note. You are welcome join us as we stand to defend Goa's land from organised mafia and their dens in corridors of powers. Yes, you are welcome, you are indeed welcome! Goa is our homeland!


You are requested to study this note and start discussions in your neighborhoods, contacts, friends, networks and family.


You can use this note as a backgrounder to your interventions at various levels of governance in Goa and India.

Monday 5 September 2022

When State turns Scam: Curious case of Goa TCP Amendment 2022


James Mathew, Chief Town Planner (Administration) & Ex- officio Joint Secretary issued notification on August 29, 2022 - by order and in the name of the Governor of Goa - that is destined not only affect present but also future generations of Goans: provoke and consolidate major demographic destabilization. 


In an Official Gazette Series I, No. 21 Government of Goa has issied death warrant to whatever remaining of Goa after being "annexed through conquest" (as observed by Supreme Court of India in Shantilal Gosalia case) in December 1961 under Soviet Union pressure, backing through veto at the United Nations and International management of an illegal conquest of Goa. Evil further strengthens instead of weakening with this notification. In faith I do pray : Thy will be done, you take care of it!


It appears from the cited notification that there is even a steering Committee in TCP to intensified this conquest at micro level. The code of this mysterious entity is as follows: 21/1/TCP/(A)/2021/Steering Committee/1377. It is important to find out as to who are the members of this steering committee that has put their ugly sight on Goa.


Nevertheless Government of Goa anticipates that people of Goa are going to be affected even negatively and therefore has asked for the objections and suggestions within 30 days from the date of publication in the Official Gazette viz 29 August 2022. So 30 days will be completed on September 27, 2022 which is known as World Tourism Day. No wonder Government of Goa intents to hand over huge amount of land to Tourism industry. That is the reason why this notification is published. It's classic case of neo-colonial penetration through tourism pretexts. It's way of taking remaining land out of control of Goans. Its legal dragnet finely weaved.


All the Objections and/or suggestions are to be manually handed over to:


The Chief Town Planner (Administration)

Town and Country Planning Department, 

2nd Floor, Dempo Tower, 

Patton Plaza, 



What is proposed for Ammendment called?

Goa Land Development Building Construction (Ammendment) Regulation, 2022.


Which Regulation is sought to be Ammended?

Goa Land Development and Building Construction Regulations, 2010


So to understand clearly one need to get copy of this 2010 Regulations from some source.


There is proposal to massively parcel out Goa's land to Golf Courses, Film Cities, Film Studios, Residential Schools, Yoga Meditation Centres etc.


Minimum Land needed to set up Golf Course: 4,00,000 m².


Minimum Land needed to set up Film City: 4,00,000 m².


Minimum Land needed to set up Film Studio: 1,00,000 m².


Minimum Land needed to set up Residential School: 2,00,000 m².


Minimum Land needed to set up Agricultural Research Centre/ Development Centre/ Agricultural Educational Institute/ Bio-technology Unit: 2,00,000 m².


Minimum Land needed to set up Yoga  meditation centre: 1,00,000 m².


Minimum Land needed to set up Open air sports or Religious structure: 20,000 m².


Minimum Land needed to contract 500 square meters of Farm House: 10,000 m².


Further explanation given:


Golf Course, Film city or Film studio to be set up only with approval of the Town and Country Planning Board and the Government. 


The second explanation is curiously topographic. It goes as under:


"The proposal of the Residential school, or Yoga meditation centre shall be permitted in any zone except Eco-sensitive such as low lying paddy fields, water bodies, kazan lands, flood prone area, land having slope more than 25%, forest land, wild life sanctuaries, and tenants agricultural land."


What the above explanation imply?


Explanation implies that Golf Courses, Film Cities and Film Studios will be permitted in all the zones including Eco-sensitive such as low lying paddy fields, water bodies, kazan lands, flood prone area, land having slope more than 25%, forest land, wild life sanctuaries, and tenants agricultural land.


There detailed note at 6(v) that indicate Golf Course proposals are already toying around the corridors of power. Let's see through:


Golf course is given 30% and 30% FAR. Details worked out for Project Report is very instructive:


"Project report shall be conceived with the following requirements:


Site planning and management,


Green and eco-friendly design,


Selection of species of landscape, 


Water conservation, 


Material selection, 


Energy efficiency,


Operation and maintainable,


Installation of Sewage Treatment Plants (STP),


Creation of Catchment Areas to ensure that the project is self sufficient in water requirements,


Organic/ non-toxic fertilizers to be used,


Golf Course should be designed to act as the lungs of the locality."


From 1992 Goa has battled out successfully against eight Golf Course projects at Canaguinim, Tiracol, Bambolim, Amthane, Mandrem, Morjim, Vanxim and Arambol.


More recent combat against golf course has been in Tiracol and Vanxim. 


While Golf Course design is prescribed as lungs of the locality it gives an impression that Ammendment is carried on with love and concern for the planet. This image gets torn apart with Ammendment proposed at 8 (ii) g.


Regulation 8 (ii) (g) reads as follows:


"All new and renovated non-residential buildings as well as individuals and other residential buildings, co-operative Housing Societies and Colonies managed by Residents Welfare Associations (RWA), with parking demarcated for more than 10 Equivalent Car Spaces ('ECS') shall have atleast 20% of such ECS to be made 'Electric Vehicle Ready' ECS spots with conduits installed or as per the GOA ELECTRIC MOBILITY PROMOTION POLICY - 2021 as ammended from time to time".


Electric vehicles of all types runs on batteries. These batteries are made up of rare mineral Ore like Cobalt, Nickel and Lithuim which are dugged out of bowels of the earth though mining. Electric Vehicles are horrible for environment. Goa is an excellent example as to how this Ammendment is meant to destroy Earth and disrupt communities by promoting mining in various parts of the World. This indicate that overall thinking that has gone in conceptualizing these Ammendments are rather warped. Golf Courses is presented as lungs of the locality only as Public Relations exercise to win public legitimacy. If not then Regulations would have pointed out as to how many Golf Players are trained by schools, Colleges and Sports department of the State Government.


Golf is an integral part of global sex tourism. Filthy rich from in and out form the ring if exploitation. If Golf Course is installed in Goa then sex trade will take new high. Goa has already attracted ill reputation with Casinos in Mandovi and all the immoral activities that goes on there as pointed out several times by late Dr. Joe D'Souza.


With Mopa airport coming through its sustainable needs Golf Courses in Goa. Mopa Airport is being built by crushing down voices of local farmers. It's sustainable needs more land for Golfing. To sustain one wrong several more wrongs are being planned and enforced. This notification therefore is not a stupidity. This is treatment given to Goa as 1961 conquest booty. This will continue as long as Goans will continue to immerse in alcohol, till they accept manipulations by intellectuals, till they don't dare to stand up and retort "I am an intellectual! I too is subject of history! I won't tolerate being kicked around by anyone! I too have conscience! Voice of my conscience is supreme and none can silence it any more. I here and now speak out persistently!" this nasty horror of Goa will continue to flourish unbridled with new intensity.


Next important point 12 needs our attention. It puts Goa out rightly for grabs in an outstanding mockery of not only law but also common sense too. Here is how Ammendment of Regulation 24.4 (a) reads:


"Regularisation of unauthorized construction having an area of more than 500 m² complying with these regulations and built before 31-12-2020 may be done on recommendation of Town and Country Planning Department or the Planning and Development Authority by verifying that the construction carried out prior to the cut off date i . e 31-12-2020 period of construction based on documents like electricity bills, water supply bill, tax receipts and other evidences. Compounding fee shall be six times the normal license fee for regularization of these structures."


As per the dictates of logic if any structures above 500 m² are constructed in unauthorized manner and given electricity connections, water connections, even paid taxes not only these buildings needs to be pulled down like twin towers in Gurgaon few days ago but also all the officials involved in releasing electricity, water connections needs to be identified, chargesheeted, prosecuted, and sent to where they belong: Jail or gallows. 


Why this is not happening. It's because Goa is annexed through conquest. Conquering nation believes that it has privilege to decimate and subvert legal system into jungle law, predator-prey relationship. Regulations are ammended like this one to resemble decree of dacoits assembled in the middle of town. Large number of People in Goa are not aware of scary horror that Goa has been reduced to post 1961. This Regulation is more milestone towards Goa's sad demise.


This draft Ammendment can also serve as point of resurrection if people of Goa kick out their compromising postures and stand up to the rotten reality to glitter it with words of power and wisdom. This can happen only if we choose to snub. 


Sebastian Rodrigues