Wednesday 31 December 2014

Repeated violations in Zuari river, what is the solution?

December 31, 2014 morning at 10.00 am two trawlers found to be engaged in illegal fishing activities off Cacra coast. One of the two trawlers is named ‘Netra’ owned by Tulsidas Kukalkar of Vasco. This trawlers is engaging in illegal fishing third time in December 2014. Earlier this month it was detained by fishermen at Siridao coast and documents confiscated at mid-night of 3-4 December 2014 in Zuari river. The offender is yet to be booked.

Bharat Mukti Morcha units on Zuari coast contacted Fisheries Minister as well as Director of Fisheries over their mobiles but both did not answer.  They were then informed via sms on their respective mobiles. 

Later on Director of Fisheries Sharmila Monteiro answered the call Bharat Mukti Morcha State and informed that she has directed coastal police at Marmagao Harbor to act against the erring trawlers in Zuari River. She also informed that from January 01st 2015 there will be regular patrolling in Zuari River.

Monday 29 December 2014

Trawler violation of fishing rights in Zuari

Two trawlers were fishing within 20 meters of Nauxi-Cacra-Odxel coast in Zuari river. The violations were observed at 09.45 am on Monday 29 December 2014. Fisheries Minister Avartano Furtado was called on his mobile but he did not receive the call there by disrespecting struggling people of Zuari coast. sms was sent to him urging him to act. Not sure what action he initiated. 

Director of Fisheries Sharmila Monteiro was also called up by Rohidas Andrade at 9.50 am. She responded saying that she is driving and asked Rodhidas to call his after 30 minutes. So much illegality continued in the meanwhile. After 30 minutes when called she did not receive Rohidas Andrade’s phone call. Sms text sent to Director of fisheries Sharmila Monteiro and the Minister of Fisheries Avertano Furtado read “two trawlers in Zuari river now. Violation of fishing rights. Act now!”  This was sent for immediate action. What action what the Minister and Director initiated is not known.

Sunday 28 December 2014

Hotel Grand Hyatt release one more boat in Zuari river, violates fishing rights

It looks Sundays are favorite day to violate fishing rights in Zuari river by Hotel Grand Hyatt. Last Sunday 21st December 2014 it released 10 speed boats in Zuari river and got reprimanded. And this Sunday 20 seated double motor Tourism boat launched at 10.30 am on December 28, 2014 has caused provoked discontents am amongst the coastal people on Odxel-Cacra-Nauxi-Bambolim-Siridao coast. The illegally sailed through fishing rich Zuari river with tourists on board towards Arabian Sea with key officials of Aquasail on board. 

For strategic reason of baffling fishermen and government authorities the boat did no hoist aquasail banner. And this baffling worked with director of fisheries Sharmila Monteiro. After she was messaged on her mobile about the presence of tourism vessel in Zuari river she replied to Rohidas Andrade, Bharat Mukti Mocha Convener in Bambolim. The text of the message reads “We have not given noc you may contact tourism dept or police. I have found out they are not aquasail boats.” Clearly there is defect in the verification procedure adopted by the Director Sharmila Monteiro. Just because boat did not carry name plate of aquasail it does not cease to be aquasail boat when personnel involved are none other than that of aquasail. When black crow wears white mask it doesn't turn white dove. So when an aquasail boat commissioned by Hotel Grand Hyatt hides their banner they do not cease to be what they are - Aquasail.

Now the next question is as to why the onus of complaining of fishing rights violations is put on fishermen. Director of fisheries is duty bound to involve tourism department as well as police to streamline the fraud prone Hotel Grand Hyatt when it illegally sails its boats in Zuari river.  Director has committed serious dereliction of her duties.

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Illegal fishing in Zuari river goes unabated

On December 24, 2014 two trawlers were sighted in the morning fishing illegally in Zuari river. In fact they carried on fishing entire December 23-24, 2014 night as per eye witness reports from Odxel-Cacra-Nauxi-Bambolim-Siridao fishermen. They at around 11.30 pm one more trawler came at the distance of 70 meters off the Cacra coast. Minister of Fisheries, Goa Government Avartano Furtado as well as Director of Fisheries, Goa Government were contacted over the phone and urged to act against illegal fishing. Minister did not respond to the phone call from fishermen, so sms was sent to him. 

Director of Fisheries was on leave and she directed the fishermen to contact Superintendent of fisheries Hrishikesh. He was contacted and trawler went away from Cacra shore at 2.30 pm. It is an adamant attitude of the Fisheries department in placing patrolling vessel in Zuari river that is leading to all the illegal fishing in Zuari river. Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly condemns the illegal fishing as well as loopholes provided by fisheries department in facilitating illegal fishing in Zuari river by refusing to station permanent patrolling vessel in the river. 

Bamani project to destroy fisheries in Zuari river?

There seems to be a political project to destroy fisheries in Goa's Zuari river. Today 23rd December there were four violations of fishing rights. One trawler named "Netra"  from Vasco belonging to Tulsidas A. Kukalkar licence no. FVL – 407/0105 – Goa dated 01/01/2004 was fishing illegally for the entire day starting from 6.30 am up to 6.30 pm. This trawler was earlier detained by fishermen in Siridao on December 4, 2014 night at 10.30 pm while fishing illegally and ripping through the fishing nets of Siridao fishermen. His season’s pass indicates that he has been authorized to carry on fishing activities in Arabian Sea and not in Zuari river. Fisheries department must invoke Goa, Daman and Diu Fisheries Regulation Act, 1980 and rules of this law of 1981 and punish the offenders immediately. When informed over the phone fisheries department at Panaji refused to act against the offending trawler. Later in the day this trawler was joined by another one. 

In the night time at around 8.30 pm two trawlers were found fishing illegally in Zuari river with lights on. When fishermen called fisheries Minister Avertano Furtado he did not answer any of the 6 calls made by fishermen from Bambolim-Cacra coastal belt. This is very irresponsible act on the part of Fisheries Minister.

This behavioral attitude is pointer to the fact that Goa Government has adopted destruction of fisheries in Zuari river as a Bamani project.  

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Trawler found violating fishing rights in Zuari river

Today at 2.00 pm mechanized fishing trawler was seen trawling in Zuari river. Department of fisheries was contacted but they refused to sent patrol boast of the fisheries department. This kind of violations are bad.

Another trawler latter was also seen in Zuari river but was intercepted and pushed out of Zuari river into Arabian Sea by the patrolling boat of the fisheries department after repeated telephonic complaints was lodged with the department by the fishermen and the Bharat Mukti Morcha.

Bharat Mukti Morcha confronts Goa Director of Fisheries

Bharat Mukti Morcha led by its Goa State President Maggie Silveira today confronted the Director, department of fisheries, Goa Government on race war in Zuari river. Around 20 representatives of the fishermen from Odxel, Cacra, Nauxi, Bambolim and Siridao joined the Bharat Mukti Morcha team at the department of fisheries today. The meeting with the director Sharmila Monteiro in Panjim lasted for one hour. Number of issues were raised by Bharat Mukti Morcha pertaining to illegal fishing, mini-purse seining and water sports speed boats being released into the Zuari river by Hotel Grand Hyatt located at Bambolim beach.

Director though gave a patient hearing was non-committal on fishermen issues. Director did not commit to station permanent patrolling boat in Zuari river. Director also refused to commit herself on revoking of permission for water sports granted to Hotel Grand Hyatt's agency named Aquasail. She also remained non-committal on stopping of dangerous fishing practice called mini purse seining. Bharat Mutki Morcha will continue its agitation to support the traditional fishermen in the struggle to recover their rights and dignity.

Monday 22 December 2014

Fresh assault on fishing rights by Hotel Grand Hyatt today

Today 21st December 2014 at around 12.30 pm Hotel Grand Hyatt released 10 water sports boats in Zuari river in an act that is flagrant violation of the fishing rights of the local fishermen. Soon the information was shared with various people in authority like the Goa Fisheries Minister Avartano Furtado and Director of Fisheries Department, Goa Government Sharmila Monteiro. Minister acted and dispatched director, fisheries on Bambolim coast for spot investigations. 

Hotel Grand Hyatt in the meanwhile got the wind of the event to follow and withdrew all its boats from the river on shore at 1.45 pm. Director visited Bambolim at 2.30 pm in spite today being Sunday that is holiday for government servants. 

Reports from Bambolim indicate that there has been an attempt from the Director of Fisheries Sharmila Monteiro to convince the fishermen that they should allow water sports boats of the Hotel Grand Hyatt in Zuari river at certain timings as if she is also the director of Hotel Grand Hyatt. Bharat Mukti Morcha objects to such attempts and condemns Fisheries director Sharmila Monteiro for treating rights and dignity of fishermen with utmost contempt by attempting compromise on fishing rights and carrying on the bamani conspiracy against mulnivasis.

Sunday 21 December 2014

Pictures of Bharat Mukti Morcha meeting on Siridao beach

 On 20th December 2014 Bharat Mukti Morcha (BMM) meeting in Siridao beach. Goa State President of BMM Maggie Silveira addressing the  meeting in support of fishermen on Zuari coast.
 Member of Santa Cruz Panchayat and Cacra convenor of Bharat Mukti Morcha Cacra unit Sanjay Pereira speaking at the meeting.
 Janardhan Tamankar of Bhhujan Mukti Party addressing the meeting. He congratulated the fishermen for uniting to struggle.
Fishermen attending the meeting. It was decided to carry on the agitation further as the violations of fishing rights in Zuari river has continued.

Fishing rights violations in Zuari river today

There has been uncontrolled violations of fishing rights in Zuari river. Today 20th December 2014 two identified violators are 8 trawlers of unknown owners from Vasco and 6 water sports speed boats of Hotel Grand Hyatt, Bambolim. Goa Fisheries Minister Avartano Furtado contacted to inform about the trawlers and promised action. What action he has taken is yet to be ascertained from him. However his mobile phone was not reachable when water sports boats were violating fishing rights at around 12.30 in the afternoon.

Friday 19 December 2014

Pictures of speed boats that violate fishing rights in Zuari river

  They are operated by aquasail as can be ascertained from the picture below. The above picture is of speed boats used for water sports purpose by Hotel in river Zuari.
These are boats that Hotel Grand Hyatt has released in Zuari river which are objected to by fishermen supported by Bharat Mutki Morcha.

Fresh incidents of fishing rights violations in Zuari river today

Hotel Grand Hyatt released 3 speed boats in Zuari river thereby causing fishing rights violation. The aggression was carried on at around 10.30 am today. Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns the repeated violations in Zuari river by Hotel Grand Hyatt. Fisheries department of Goa government is party to fishing rights violations.

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Fishing rights violation in Zuari again by Hotel Grand Hyatt

3 Speed boats were released in Zuari river today at 1.00 pm. Local mulnivasi people specially fishermen  have objected to this bamani aggression. In the meanwhile Bharat Mukti Morcha has began contacting tourists to boycott Hotel Grand Hyatt for the reasons of fishing rights violations in Zuari river.

Monday 15 December 2014

Why continues violation of fishing rights on behest of Hotel Grand Hyatt?

According to the information received at 12.20 pm two water sports boats of Hotel Grand Hyatt were noticed violating fishing rights in Zuari river. Fishermen f the locality has objected to the speed boats plying in Zuari river by Hotel Grand Hyatt, Bambolim. It is not sure as to why this hotel is determined to violate fishing rights. Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly condemns Hotel Grand Hyatt for continues violation of fishing rights in Zuari river.

Update on race war in Zuari river

Date: 15th December 2014
The Governor
Government of Goa
Dona Paula, Goa
The Chief Minister,
Government of Goa
Porvorim, Goa
The Minister of Fisheries,
Government of Goa,
Porvorim, Goa

The Chief Secretary,
Government of Goa,
Porvorim, Goa
The Secretary (Fisheries)
Government of Goa,
The Under Secretary (Fisheries),
Government of Goa,
The Captain of Ports,
River Navigation Department
Panjim, Goa
The Director,
Department of Tourism,
Panjim,  Goa
The Director,
Department of Fisheries,
Government of Goa,
Panjim, Goa
The Collector (North Goa),
Government of Goa
Panjim, Goa
The Mamlatdar,
Tiswadi Taluka,
Panjim, Goa
The Director-General of Police (DGP)
Police Headquarters,
Panjim, Goa

The Superintendent of Police (North Goa)
Porvorim, Goa

Vishnu Surya Wagh
The Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA)
St. Andre Constituency,

The Parish Priest,
Our Lady of Bethlehem,
The Sarpanch,
Village Panchayat of Curca – Bambolim- Talaulim

The Sarpanch,
Village Panchayat of Siridao

The Sarpanch,
Village Panchayat of Taleigao,
The Sarpanch,
Village Panchayat of Santa Cruz, Goa
The Parish Priest,
Our Lady of Rosary Church,
Siridao, Goa

Subject:  Update on Race war against traditional Siridao, Bambolim, Nauxim, Cacra and Odxel fishermen in Zuari river by Hotel Grand Hyatt through water sports, Trawlers and Mini Purse seining


1.   As you are already aware of our letter to you dated 21st November 2014 that fishermen of Zuari coast in Tiswadi taluka are facing race war. Here we write to update on the situation since our last letter of 21st November 2014 and calling upon you to act in defense of traditional fishermen.
2.   On 22nd November 2014 at around 1.30 pm 5 trawlers were observed violating fishing rights in Zuari river. Minister of Fisheries, Goa Government was contacted by member of Santa Cruz Panchayat Sanjay Pereira. The Patrol boat of the fisheries department came and intercepted the trawlers in the river.
3.   On 24th November 2014 two trawlers were sighted in Zuari River thereby violating fishing rights of the traditional fishermen. The trawlers were sighted at 4.45 pm. Director; Fisheries department Sharmila Monteiro as well as Minister of Fisheries Avertano Furtado was intimated on their mobiles with request to act. Marine Police were also contacted. At around 5.05 pm both the trawlers abandoned fishing and raced out of mouth of River Zuari before they were booked and penalized. Fisheries department was too slow in acting and interrogating these trawlers.  There is a need for permanent stationing of Police patrol boat in Zuari River so that offending trawlers like this are not allowed to escape the arms of law. Investigations are also needed as to whose trawlers that are repeatedly dare to violate the law.
4.   On 27th November 2014 Naval police as well as Goa coastal police had a meeting with fishermen in Cacra village and assured the fishermen of their support. Director of Fisheries who was to come at the Cacra meeting failed to come and sent a message that she does not have transport facility to Cacra.
5.   On afternoon of 29th November 2014 police visited Bambolim coast and met up with fishermen in respect to complaint of Bharat Mukti Morcha about fishing rights violation through water sports/speed boats of Hotel Grand Hyatt. However as soon as police left, Hotel Grand Hyatt released two speed boats inside river with tourists on board thereby violating fishing rights of the local fishermen.
6.    On the 3rd December – 4th December 2014 night unknown number of trawlers was fishing with their lights off.  Fishing for trawlers is banned at the distance of 5 kilometers from the shoreline of Arabian Sea. They have no business to enter inside Zuari river. Trawler kind of fishing is ecologically unsustainable as it involves digging of riverbed. Bharat Mukti Morcha already advised Goa Fisheries department to station permanent patrol vessel in Zuari to curtail fishing rights violations. Why department is adamant to accede to this advise is not known.
7.   On December 04 at 3.30 pm three trawlers were spotted in Zuari river fishing illegally. Department of Fisheries has been contacted and action against trawlers promised. Fisheries department did not act in spite of telephonic promise to act. Trawlers continued to fish illegally till Two trawlers were fishing illegally in Zuari River till late night.
8.   On December 4, 2014 night at 10.30 pm fishermen in Siridao detained trawler from Vasco belonging to Tulsidas A. Kukalkar licence no. FVL – 407/0105 – Goa dated 01/01/2004 with six staff on board. His season’s pass indicates that he has been authorized to carry on fishing activities in Arabian Sea and not in Zuari river. Trawler in this case ripped through the fishing net in Zuari river of the fisherman Chandrakant Lotlikar. Fisheries department must invoke Goa, Daman and Diu Fisheries Regulation Act, 1980 and rules of this law of 1981 and punish the offender immediately. When informed over the phone coastal police at Harbor refused to act against the offending trawler.
This incident shows that policing in Goa has become ineffective and false reports of compliance to law are filed before the Home Ministry while trawlers leisurely violate the law.
9.   On 9th December 2014 at 6.30 pm Hotel Grand Hyatt released its single speed boat in Zuari river there by violating fishing rights of the local fishermen.
10.               On 12th December 2015 five trawlers were fishing in the morning time thereby continuing violations of law. It looks as if Goa Government is toothless to stop fishing rights violations in Zuari river. Hope this situation changes immediately.

Awaiting your positive response for the cause of humanity, ecology and sustainable fisheries,

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Maggie Silveira
President, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Goa State Unit

 Rahul Gawas
Convener, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Tiswadi Taluka unit

 Sanjay Pereira
Convener, Bharat Mutkti Morcha, Cacra unit

Rohidas Andrade
Convener, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Bambolim unit

Soccoro Braganza
Convener, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Siridao unit

Anthony Cardozo
Convener, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Curca Unit

Sitaram Pereira
Convener, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Odxel Unit

Milind Palkar
Convener, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Nauxi unit

Sunday 7 December 2014

Facts of trawler seized by fishermen in Zuari river

On the night of December 4, 2014 at 10.30 pm one of the fishermen from Siridao village, the coast of Zuari river was fishing inside Zuari river. He noticed a trawler entering within 100 meters distance and ripped through traditional fishermen’s fishing net in Zuari river.
Fishermen towed his canoe closer to Trawler and got onto the trawler and ordered it to stop in the middle of the riveri. He then asked the trawler staff to get into his canoe in river and come to the shore. The staff agreed and everybody got into fishermen’s canoe and came to Siridao.

Fishermen asked dinner to the staff from the trawler but they refused. Then he gave his mats to staff to sleep. Before sleeping, fishermen got all the legal document of the fishing trawler available in board as well as identity cards of the trawler staff. Fishermen told the staff of the trawler to stay on land till morning when Director of Fisheries, Government of Goa will be visiting them. The staff agreed. Fisherman went to sleep at 1.00 pm as well as the trawler staff. Everybody went to sleep. Fisherman got up at 5.30 am and found trawler as well as staff missing. He found them nowhere in river or on shore. Their documents remained with fishermen. Mats were there but sleeping trawlers were not there. Fisherman cannot believe as to how the trawler managed to escape. They must have gone swimming to the trawler or someone must have taken them in canoe. Mobile phones of the trawler staff were not confiscated. Possibly they were in communication with their boss somewhere and succeeded in releasing the trawler at the wee hours of December 05, 2014. For fishermen it is still a victory as the initiative of one fisherman along with his family members succeeded in compounding the trawler.
Bharat Mukti Morcha congratulates Siridao fishermen for the direct action on the illegal fishing. Goa government as well as police has few lessons to learn from Siridao fishermen. Will they learn? Never mind, even if not they will be forced to learn.

Friday 5 December 2014

Fishermen detain trawler in Zuari river at Siridao coast

Traditional fishermen on the banks of Zuari river has detained one trawler engaged in illegal fishing off the coast of Siridao village in Zuari river.

Trawler was detained at around 10.30 pm on December 4, 2014 night. There has been tremendous tension over illegal fishing inside the Zuari river by trawlers over the past few months. Fisheries department has not shown necessary commitment to stop illegal fishing.

Owner of the trawler called up the fishermen to release his trawler. Fishermen however decided not to release the trawler till the Director of Fisheries visits the spot and book the offending trawler.

This incident shows that policing in Goa has become ineffective and false reports of compliance to law are filed before the Home Ministry while trawlers leisurely violate the law. This lacuna has now turned fishermen into policemen and has exercised citizens right of private arrest as well as the fundamental duty to protect environment from destructive trawler fishing in Zuari river.

Thursday 4 December 2014

Fishing conflict in Zuari river rooted in land conflicts on shore

By Sebastian Rodrigues

The clash between traditional fishermen and star hoteliers is rooted in on shores of Zuari river. Number of villages on Zuari bank near Bambolim are occupied historically by ST, OBC people. Yet they do not have legal control over the land that they inhabited and cultivated. From the time of 1972 land survey most of the land of traditional fishermen has been recorded as owned by Brahmins. This is also the case Bambolim, Nauxim villages. Brahmins through the application of educated yet cunning mind has got the land registered in their name even though they do not reside in the villages. Mhamreys, Kamats and Sinaris did this in Nauxim, Bambolim villages and then sold off the land to hoteliers putting ST and OBC people to new confrontational challenges.

However over the past 30 years there has been significant changes vis-à-vis traditional fishermen control over the land. Cacra village on the banks of river zuari were entirely dependent upon agriculture and horticulture. Then Goa University was located on their land. Their cultivation of vegetable stopped though gradually. The problem of livelihood arose in very powerful manner. There was increased pondering as to what to do next. Leadership of the tribal movement in Goa betrayed tribal people of Cacra village and did not promote any resistance to take over their land. This has been terrific betrayal of the tribal people at Cacra.

After pressure on their land and stopping of the cultivation these tribal people turned towards Zuari river for fishing on full time basis. They struggled and picked up the skills necessary for the purpose of fishing. Gradually with no option left at their command they found their destiny tied to Zuari River. Fishing in river and selling fish in Panjim market turned into new occupations of these adivasi people. Men would venture into Zuari river at 3.00 am in morning and return back by 6.00 am. Then sometimes customers would come to Cacra to collect fresh fish or if not women would carry fish to sell in Panjim market. Now if they are deprived of fishing for the sake of water sports in Zuari River then it is going to be terrible blow that is most unlikely to be taken the way Goa University was taken hands down 30 years ago when education was almost non-existent especially amongst ST and OBC people.

Goa University led to the construction of road approaching Cacra. This very road as ably demonstrated by Prabhakar Paddekar turned into source of ruin of the village. It attracted attention to the village from the mining company[1] that wanted to take over and turn the village as mini port for its ships to dock in Zuari river in 1997. Cacra is one of the villages located on the banks of river Zuari from where Prabhakar Padekar hails and is adivasi in terms of ethnicity. He wrote “This old community our ancestors have lived here for centuries. When nothing else existed, not even the road that passes from Bambolim to Donapaula. After liberation you will see that Cacra is loosing more than it is gaining. Due to the development of the University, we have lost our right over the forest which our ancestors cultivated for centuries. We in Cacra do not get public water supply and have no toilets. Yes, we have a road that threatens to bring into Cacra the construction of Dock on our river front. Yes, we have electricity but then while we remain in darkness when the Industries and construction that gets all the electricity they want.[2]This has been the order of marginalization state of people in villages like Cacra and its neighbors. Tensions that this coastal region has been put under can be gauged from Padekar’s writings further “It may be noted that temporary structures, machinery and personnel were first moved into Cacra on may 7th 1998. On Friday 8th may work was started. By the morning of 15th May, Police from Goa Velha Police station arrived to protect the work. On 18th May the villagers requested MLA Ms Victoria Fernandes and Sarpanch Mr. William Gonsalves to intervene and the work was stopped on site.

On 20th May company resumed work with increased police protection. Cacra Nagrik Vikas Samiti protested against the illegal drilling operations. However, Murmugao maritime Ltd (MML), a Fomento Company carried out the work with Police protection.

On 5th June 1998, ‘WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY’ CNVS organized a protest Dharna on the occasion of the World Environment Day to highlight the issue. Over 100 men, women and children and teaching faculty members from Goa University participated in the Dharna in front of the office of North Goa collector. Then they called on the Tiswadi Mamlatdar and North Goa Collector. We discussed in detail the illegal drilling operations and soil testing by MML for the purpose of constructing the Offshore Stockyard and Berth (OSB). Then the CNVS has written letter to the chief Secretary, department of Science, technology and Environment, Panchayat for immediate action on the illegal activity undertaken by MML. The letter received from Marmagao Port Trust (MPT) Deputy Conservator, who disclosed that MML permitted to carry Soil Testing in Zuari river near Bambolim beach. It was stated that the company was asked to get all permissions from the State Government before undertaking the work. It should be noted that Bambolim beach comes under the revenue jurisdictions of Curca-Bambolim-Talaulim and is part of the San Andre constituency.[3]
Even though after protest work is stopped the red board with white writings on display board of Fomentos at the very entrance of the Cacra village is highly revealing. It read “Fomentos: Private Property: Trespassers will be prosecuted” Fomentos is the same company that is involved in open caste mining in Goa for iron ore and manganese is facing stiff resistance in hinterland Goa including with the use of explosives that are banned by law.
In addition to sinking of ore barges in Zuari river and fishing by mechanized boats also add up to the disturbances of smooth sailing of boats of traditional fishermen. Sinking of barge in Zuari river covered up the space where fishermen used to dive to harvest Oysters. Sinking of barges takes place for the reason of claiming of insurance. This is an additional incursion on fishing activities of traditional fishermen next only to the bigger incursions by mechanized fishing trawlers in Zuari river.

It is in this state of affairs that further land got sold off especially in Nauxi, Bambolim area where the epicenter of current tension in Zuari river is located – Grand Hyatt Hotel.

[1]                      Fomentos
[2]                      Padekar, Prabhakar (2003) Turmoil and struggle of a village, 

[3]                      ibid