Friday 31 August 2012

Manipulation of Public Opinon of Vanxim is a Bamani Conspiracy against Mulnivasis

15 August 1947 was the liberation of bamons in India, while 50 years of Goa’s liberation starting from 19 December 1961 has proved to have culminated into Bamon Raj with most of political parties in Goa being taken over by Bamons who by their nature of Sam (co-option), Dham (bribery), Danda (violence,) Bhed (discrimination) work against interest of Mulnivasi people in Goa

‘The Goan’, a weekly dated August 25, 2012 has published story on page 11 that is titled ‘Frozen project, heated debate: Vanxim Island Project has been stalled but controversies abound’. Third paragraph of the story is as follows: ‘The project has been opposed by some of the islanders who feared destruction of houses and agricultural lands. In a special Gram Sabha at Sao Mathias last year, 154 residents voted for the projects while 84 against.’

There have been gross incidents of distortions in this story.

Distortion no. 1: There was no special Gram Sabha called last year at Sao Mathias to discuss about the project. The Gram Sabha in which this issue was discussed was a general Gram Sabha as other issues such as Garbage plant at Narva was also discussed.

Distortion no. 2: At this Gram Sabha voting on the project proceeded as follows: ‘Gram Sabha of Sao Mathias that was postponed previous Sunday took place on 6th November 2011. 234 villagers from the revenue villages of Narva, Malar and Capao (Vanxim) participated. This Gram Sabha had attained importance because of ongoing agitation against RP-2021 showing over 35,000 square meters of Vanxim land under survey number 8 as settlement zone. This land is a rivulet connected to Mandovi river and has two sluice gates, mangroves and mud flats. Then deputy Sarpanch and ex-sarpach Tulsidas Kundoikar sent then Sarpach Lourdes Attaide home and manipulated the entire Gram Sabha.

Then Deputy Sarpanch Tulsidas Kundaikar presiding over Gram Sabha was asked as to whether Panchayat members including Sarpanch had inspected the survey number 8 before declaring it as settlement zone. Kundaikar replied that Panchayat members including Sarpanch had not inspected the survey number 8. Panchayat were grilled as to why Panchayat had not filed objections to the same. Kundaikar said that objections would be filed if the Gram Sabha members desires so.

Entire Sao Mathias Panchayat is Eco-Zone III and no construction of resorts/hotels are permitted as per the provisions in the Regional plan. 

Panchayat was asked as to whether there was any proposal from any company for Vanxim. Deputy Sarpanch responded that there was no proposal of any project in Vanxim with Panchayat. Then members of this Gram Sabha raised a slogans loudly ‘No Proposal, No vote!’ Yet Kundoikar asked people to vote on the imaginary project. First the people who opposed the project were asked to stand up. 84 people stood up. Then people who supported the project were asked to stand up. 45 people stood up. Remaining 105 people – members of Mahila Mandals did not support any side. This voting was carrying on in spite of Panchayat of Sao Mathias not receiving any proposal on Vanxim from anybody.

Though this voting proved majority of those people voted against the project the deputy Sarpanch manipulated the results by including those neutral 105 into the category of those supporting the project. This manipulated result was shared with media for further bamani manipulation.

One of the TV channels in Goa - Prudent Media- owned by mining company and bamon Auduth Timblo ran three totally misleading newslines soon after the Gram Sabha: 1. Majority of Vanshikars support resort project at Vanxim (This is not true as majority of Vanshikars are opposed to the project and voting in the Panchayat was not restricted only to Vanxim people in spite of public demand to do so.) 2. Gram Sabha gives green signal to the project (This statement is wrong as in the voting 84 people opposed the project and only 45 supported it. 105 remained without voting. Kundaikar interpreted those remaining without voting as support for the project and prudent media headlined it!) 3. Some villagers still oppose (It is majority of the villagers of Vanxim still oppose).

Vanxim struggle of mulnivasi people against bamon raj is strong and growing. No amount of false propaganda of bamani media will succeed.’


It must be noted that TV channel owned by Fomento had indulged in manipulation of public opinion on 6th November 2011 and now ‘The Goan’, a weekly owned by the same Bamon is carrying on this false propaganda with the intention of manipulation of public opinion in favor of bamon interests.

The reason as to why this is happening is that Congress Party to which then deputy Sarpanch of Sao Mathias Kundoikar is a member, ‘The Prudent Media’, and ‘The Goan’, all belong to Bamons who are enemy of mulnivasi people.

It must be noted that this sale of Vanxim carried at the office of the Tiswadi registrar, Panjim between three Bamons Mahendra Gaunekar, his wife and Archbishop of Goa diocese Felipe Neri Ferrao is completely immoral, unethical, and was carried on in clandestine manner in 2006. People of Vanxim even though are stake holders were not at all informed prior to the carrying of sale deed nor were they taken into confidence. This sale deed fits perfectly to the Bamon morality of looting, cheating and betraying of mulnivasi people of India. Of course this morality is a hallmark of Bamons ever since these Eurasians invaded India and maintained their invasion till date. 

The Vanxim sale is a consequence of bamons taking control of the Church leadership in Goa. Bamons have taken control of every religion and are continuing their mission of betraying mulnivasis people of India in this sophisticated yet cruel manner. This sale is also the consequence of majority of mulnivasi people not being organized; as a result organized minority Bamons are ruling over unorganized majority mulnivasi people. 

Vanxim sale is just a tip of the iceberg as to how Bamons are strangulating mulnivasis people through various ways – legal as well as extra-legal. We mulnivasi people never understood as to how this process of cheating and betrayal was going on for so many centuries till Bharat Mukti Morcha started creating awareness about the same in Goa. The awareness is fast spreading to the nooks and corners of Goa. We are no longer blind, deaf and dumb in the face of Bamani plunder of mulnivasi people of Goa. Goa’s mulnivasi people are increasing sensitive to the conspiracies of Bamons, and are articulating them. It is a only a matter of time as to when the whispers of revolt will transform into roars of Lion to tear Bamon Raj asunder. The process is already on, rivers are flowing, and thoughts are moving. ‘The Goan’ is only speeding up the pace of our journey. Ever since this weekly started it has systematically carried on the media attacks on Mulnivasi people in Goa. In the inaugural issue it was South Goa’s taxi owners who were tagged as mafia and gangs, in the second issue muslims in Goa were tagged as harbingers of terrorists, in the third issue Goa’s communidades and slums were targeted, in the fourth issue Health care system of Goa’s mulnivasis people attacked and in this issue manipulation of public opinion about Vaxim has been attempted.

Euressian Bamons in Goa are aware that their days are numbered and are rapidly trying to rescue their sinking canoes. They have pressed panic button and trying to criminalize the entire population of Goa by collecting their finger prints and retina samples so that everyone in Goa could be electronically controlled during the time of revolt. Bamons are doing this as per their age old policy of infiltrating and sabotaging of mulnivasi organizations and initiatives in increasingly becoming redundant. Last Chief Minister Bamon Digambar Kamat went to the extent to personally advertizing for Aadhaar card on Bill boards across highways in Goa. What was most interesting in these advertisements was that Bamon Digambar was shown holding Aadhaar card of one of the mulnivasi named Shetye. Why Kamat did not advertize with his own bio-metric Aadhaar card? It was a message that Bamons Kamat-Nilekani are conspiring against mulnivasi people. The policy in being carried forward by current Chief Minister Bamon Manohar. Bamons are hoping that Aadhaar cards are going to rescue their sinking canoe in India.

Bamons are tiny Eurasian minority in India ruling over overwhelming mulnivasis. Bamons are foreigners ruling over mulnivasis. They are ruling over all of us via policy of divide and rule, like how they orchestrated fight amongst mulnivasis on 25 May 2011 at Balli, Quepem and got two mulnivasi youth killed. It was Bamon engineered fight between two groups of mulnivasis. Mulnivasi people are fast learning about as to how they are being used and discarded, exclusively for the Bamon interest.

Bharat Mukti Morcha campaign to dislodge Bamon Raj continues all over India and spreading across the country. Yet it is not reported in India’s Bamon-Bania media due to their caste and class interest. Bharat Mukti Morcha has understood the Bamani method of destroying mulnivasi people and is taking necessary steps in this direction. Bharat Mutki Morcha invites mulnivasi people to join nation wide agitation for liberation. 15 August 1947 was the liberation of bamons in India, while 50 years of Goa’s liberation starting from 19 December 1961 has proved to have culminated into Bamon Raj with most of political parties in Goa being taken over by Bamons who by their nature of Sam (co-option), Dham (bribery), Danda (violence,) Bhed (discrimination) work against interest of Mulnivasi people in Goa. 

Vanxim struggle of mulnivasi people is very inspiring struggle of mulnivasi people against Bamon Raj that has its tentacles spread in numerous institution of society. The root cause of our problems lies in caste and jati system that is social system created by Bamons, for the benefit of Bamons. Its solution cannot come from political system. Social system can be changed only with revolt against Bamons and their social systems of caste and jati. Bharat Mukti Morcha continues to stand in defence of Mulnivasi people of Vanxim in this struggle against Bamon Raj.

Part 2: Jati: a practical weapon to split society

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Social Revolution of Tathagat Buddha

If we view from historical perspective then Buddha never fought against Jati system. People may be surprise with this, yet it is true. Buddha never fought against Jati system because at a time of Buddha there was no Jati system. There were Varna at a time of Buddha, it was Varna system. Written historical evidence available suggests the real fight of Buddha was against Varna system. It is also important to know the history that Buddha was a product of Republican system Gana Vyavastha.

Buddha was a product of Republican system and tradition. Republic and Republican system were not providing legitimacy to Varna system. The people who subscribed to Republic were also not accepting Varna system. It is alleged that Buddha was a Kshatriya, but in reality Buddha was not a Kshatriya. The Republic and Republican system that did not grant legitimacy to Varna System and then on what basis it can be said that Republic product Buddha was a Kshatriya?

Why Buddha was fundamental opponent of Varna system? This is so because the prevailing tradition of Republic before Buddha was pushed ahead by Buddha. Opposition to Varna system was not that of Buddha but it was that of Republic. Buddha pushed on the heritage of Republic. This is what history says. That’s why it is very important to understand that Buddha’s struggle was not against Jati system because at the time to Buddha ‘Jati’ was not there. At a time of Buddha there was Varna system and that’s why Buddha’s entire fight was against ‘Varna system’, and the fight against Varna system that Buddha fought led to destruction of Varna system and social revolution came about in the country.

Thursday 30 August 2012

Part 1: Jati: a practical weapon to split society

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha


We people, we mulnivasis have been divided into pieces of jatis by Bamani people. The people who divided us into pieces of jatis; there must certainly an objective of one who did this. This is so because one who plans has his intentions. One who has intention naturally has his objective. What are the objectives of the one who divided us into the pieces of jatis? This is so because with division people get divided within, we are not self divided people we are people divided and separated from without by an external agency.

There is a difference being internally divided and externally divided. Divided people means we self-divided, externally divided people means that is a plan, it is a conspiracy through which our enemy has divided us. One who has divided us has a purpose. Why he wants to divide? They want to divide us because by dividing strength gets divided and dissipated. One who strength is divided they are not capable to launch counter attack.

One who is not capable to counter attack they know that we are slaves. They know that we have been enslaved.  In spite of this they are not able to counter attack. Why are they not able to do so? They know that our strength is limited. This is because mentality of jatis created the awareness of limited strength and with this realization of limited strength transformed slavery into long term slavery. It ended feelings of counter attack. And because the feelings to counter attack ended slavery transformed itself into long term and permanent phenomena.

This is very frightening situation. Mulnivasi Bhahujan Samaj people have not realized this situation. That’s why we have to carry on the task of bringing about the realization of breaking up and dividing. We have to bring about the realization that we are not capable of counter attack. We also have to bring about the realization that we are not capable of counter attack against slavery. This is so because if this realization comes about in the person of one jati then he will think as to how to bring this realization in the person of another jati and he will connect with him. Realization of break up will create a feeling of connecting.

Realization of break up will create inspiration to connect, will create wish to connect. Wish is important to fulfill the objective of our agitation. The mindset of this unavoidable necessity has to be created. Nothing in the world gets created on its own. Effect has its own cause. If you become cause then it will generate its effect.

The cause if not formed then it will not generate any effect. Transformation is a conscious process. Transformation is planned process. This plan will have to be formed with intention, with objective, and only then transformation will take place. The transformation that you desire; you have to be its reason. Without reason no transformation will take place in the world. Through BAMCEF these sorts of subjects are discussed, there is definite purpose behind these discussions. To hold discussion is not the purpose of BAMCEF.

We want to arm our people. Our enemies have set the mindset of our Bhahujans, against this mindset we want to give our people our logic and our thoughts. These weapons, this logic, these thoughts will make our people psychologically strong. Till our mind does not become strong, our mindset will not be strengthened, till then we cannot prepare our people for psychological transformation and mental transformation. It is necessary to create this realization amongst people. To create this realization is a basic objective of this book.