Monday 31 March 2014

Corruption v/s anti-corruption: the fire razes at Dr.Ambedkar English High School, Mapusa

Two teachers Anat Kaushal and Milan Nare has challenged the might of the Corrupt retired bureaucrat Mr.N.G.Akhergekar. He asked two teachers to pay bribe of Rs.9 lakh each to get their services confirmed. Their struggle has been ongoing for the past 2 years with Goa bench of Bombay High Court directing Goa education department to to investigate the matter. The department slept over the matter and only woke up to investigate after the contempt of court petition from Anant Kaushal and Milan Nare. 

The ongoing inquiry too has been not satisfactory as education department has suddenly indulged in travesty of justice by attempting to close it down after the lawyer of the two teachers fell ill and was not able to attend hearing few days ago to education department to represent the two teachers. The department instead of granting new date is attempting to close down the investigation start proceedings to terminate the two teachers. It looks like Education department headed by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has personal interest to protect corrupt bureaucrat ex-deputy director of sports Mr. N.G.Akhergekar, who had his family members as his collaborators to run the school.

In the meanwhile this N.G.Akhergakar has taken few innocent teachers of the school for a ride and inciting them to fight against the two brave teachers Anant Kaushal and Milan Nare. Students of the school are monitored and are sought to be prevented from contact with Kaushal and Nare. Here is an example of what it is like to study at Dr.Ambedkar English High School for a bright students like Eknath Rathod whose brilliance is sparkling courage indomitable in standard VIII. Here is his first hand account of what happened in school on 29th March 2014 addressed to Child help line shared with this blog.

"I mast. Eknath Shankar Rathod student of class VIIIth studying in Dr. Ambedkar English High School Kuchelim, Bardez-Goa would like to seek protection from you to get rid from the torture of the Manager and few teachers.

I have habit of asking difficulties to my teachers. So on Saturday dated 29/3/2014 during interval I approached my class teacher Mrs. Milan Nare; who is teaching English subject to get my difficulties solved. I entered the room along with some other students to ask my difficulties where Milan teacher and Anant sir sits. The manager Mr. N.G. Akhargekar followed us holding the mobile in his hand and started video recording of my conversation with Milan Nare. Then I asked, the Manager, “Why are you taking my video recording? Can’t we ask our difficulties to teachers?”  He didn’t reply to my question.  Maths teacher Sahirabanu Jamadhar intervened in between and scolded me for asking question to the manager. She warned me not to ask any question to elders. Milan teacher also ask the Manager why he was taking her video recording? Without replying to her question he raised his hand to beat me. Sir Anant intervened in between and requested the manager not to beat me. He then went out murmuring, “I will show you”.

Then I went out and asked the manager why he is harassing me. Headmaster Mr. Dattaram Chari came there. Then the manager called P.E. sir Mr. Sidharth Shirodkar and Drawing sir Mr. Pravin Kalangutkar and ordered them to catch and thrash me. On the order of the Manager both the teachers came running after me. P. E. Sir Sidharth gave me bad words, “tu kite amachi sheta todtalo? Chedyechya. Tuka fodun udayatalo. I was frightened and ran as fast as I could to my class teacher Milan where she was sitting. I stood back of her. Both the P.E. sir and drawing sir came there and pounced on me. Both of them also pounced on Anant sir and Milan teacher as they didn’t allow them to beat me. Banging his chest P.E. sir told that he has got much support he can do what he want. Anant sir requested both the teachers not to beat me and settle the matter. But both went over them to fight. The Headmaster Mr. Dattaram Chari was silent spectator in the beginning. Later he scolded Milan teacher and Anant sir for not allowing the P.E. sir and Drawing sir to beat me.

The incident was witnessed by many students as it was interval time. Few among them were Akashay Hadagali, Padma Pujari, Asma Huballi, Gautam Kamble, Vitthal Sawant, Ganesh Rathod etc.

The Manager, the Headmaster and other few teachers are harassing me since I asked the manager to give fee receipt when any fee is charged from the students. Then onward on many occasions the Manager, Headmaster and few other teachers have been harassing me and insulting me. I have earlier given complaints in the Education Department but my harassment is not yet stopped.

I strongly condemn the humiliating act of the Manager and a few teachers who unite to harass and abuse the children instead of giving them protection and care.

I also request you to take this issue to the appropriate authority to take action on the said persons who threaten and abuse the children and behave in a rude manner with us."

What is going in this school is truly appallingly deplorable and Bharat Mukti Morcha calls for strict action against all those involved in this attack on Eknath Rathod, Anant Kaushal and Milan Nare. The educational atmosphere led by manager N.G.Akhergakar in school is filled with yearnings for corruption more than yearnings for learning.

Saturday 29 March 2014

Collector ban on Social media for Lok Sabha Elections in South Goa?

According to some disturbing information flowing, few hours ago South Goa Collector has banned the use of  Social media for election campaigning purpose. At the meeting held at Collector's office in South Goa's Margao city BJP candidate's representative and one independent Candidate proposed ban on use of Social Media for election campaigning. The proposal was debated and supported by officials. No candidate present opposed this proposal.

Now this is indeed very disturbing trend that will reduce India to Turkey and China in terms of respect for freedom of speech. This is truly dreconian decision taken by the South Goa Collector. 

Bharat Mukti Morcha urges all the candidates at the South Goa Parliamentary Elections to be held on April 12, 2014 to propest against this descion of South Goa Collector till it is reverted back. In case the Collector refuses to lift the ban then it should be defied openly for it infringes our Freedom of Speech and Expression which is our fundamental right guanteed under Article 19 of the Constitution of India. That is the only way to uphold freedom of Speech and Expression

The current Bamon Raj in Goa is unable to control Social media that is involved in repeated exposure of its ill deeds to mulnivasis. It fears that Social media may contribute to the collosal collapse of its centuries old edifice founded in systematic supression of mulnivasis of India through enforment of Manusmriti.

For thousands of years Bamons had kept munviasis under their yoke dening them right to education and right to teach others. This all ends now. Bamon Raj into thrash.

Friday 28 March 2014

Goa police foil blackmail for corruption at Dr. Ambedkar English High School, Mapusa

Well done Goa Police!

It was for the last two days that is on 21/3/2014 and 22/3/2014, that the Manager Mr. N.G. Akhargekar visited the houses of some students especially Scheduled Caste students studying in Dr. Ambedkar English High School along with the teachers namely Mr. Dattaram Chari, Mrs. Sairabanu Jamadar, Mrs. Manda Sugire, Mr. Siddharth Shirodkar , Mr. Pravin Kalangutkar, Laboratory  Asstt. Mr. Bilal Shaikh, Clerk Mrs. Tina Parulekar and Peon Mr. Vishnu Ugavekar and complained to the parents of some of the students that their children had spoiled, were disturbing the classes, were engaged with girls, that they bunk classes everyday and roam about in a group etc. He also alleged that the two teachers namely Mr. Anant V. Kaushal and Mrs. Milan A. Nare have instigated the students. 

However the Manager has very wisely concealed the fact to the parents that the two teachers have filed writ petitions against him in the Honourable High Court of Bombay at Panaji-Goa for their harassment and for asking a bribe of Rs.9, 000, 00 (rupees nine lakhs) each for confirming their services in the school. The Manager has united the whole staff against these two teachers to harass them and score his gains. Now he has targeted the students for they are in good relation with these two teachers.  Unfortunately the Manager and the teachers who should have helped these students to improve their behaviour if they were doing any mistake rather  they visited  their houses in a group that too by the school bus given by the  Government and leveled various allegations against the students.

Thus the Manager spoiled their names when they did not indulged in any of such activities narrated by the Manager to their parents. After the complaints from the school staff some of the parents also started harassing them. The Manager and few teachers are set to create grounds for expelling these students from the school as some of them are not ready to pay Rs. 5000/- for their promotion to next classes and they are in good terms with these two teachers. 

However the Children Education ACT 2003 prohibits the Manager from expelling them from school. Although complaints were false and concocted but made the children feel ashamed for tarnishing their image in the eye of their parents and even the neighbors who noticed the school staff members all together visiting the houses of these students. Consequently the following day that is on 24/03/2014, the upset students asked the Headmaster to explain what deeds they committed which made them to label as ‘spoiled students’ that they are engaged with girls and so on. The students also asked them to explain it in front of the two teachers how they had spoiled them. The Headmaster said he did not say anything bad about the students but it was the Manager. 

The Manager then was called by the Headmaster who was asked the same question. The Manager denied that he said anything bad about any students. The upset students did not agree to the false statements of the manager. Then the Headmaster called a policeman and took him inside  the class IXth which was engaged by the  teacher Manda Sugire. Along with police the Headmaster Mr. Dattaram Chari and the Manager Mr. N.G. Akhargekar also entered the class. Firstly it was wrong on the part of policeman to entered the class. Secondly his tone of asking questions to the students was wrong. The policemen in the beginning should have inquired what about the matter but one of the policemen directly said “you have come here to study. Then he raised a question, “why did you go to fight with teachers?”  Mast. Gautam Kamble told the policeman that the Manager along with the Headmaster had leveled allegations against them and spoiled their image and which had hurt them greatly. Then the policemen were off. 

It was again on 25th March 2014 that the students asked the Headmaster to prove what made them label as ‘spoiled students’. Then the headmaster again called the policemen whom the students told that the school staff had spoiled their names by leveling various allegations against them. As the students were extremely hurt it was on 26th March 2014, that the students remained outside the classroom and demanded the Headmaster to solve their problem by contacting their parents and telling them about the fact. 

The Headmaster again on the third day called the police. The students explained to them that the Headmaster, few staff members and the manager were playing with their lives and spoiling their names. The police officer warned the Headmaster, Manager and the peon not to blackmail, beat or harass the students.

The School management has launched ferocious public pressure campaign against two teachers Anant Kaushal and Milan Nare who is standing up against corruption and currently inquiry is on under directions from Goa Bench of Bombay High Court, Panaji. Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly condemns Ambedkar High School management for the activities described above and advises Chief Minister Parrikar who if serious about education in Goa as education minister  to take strong action action against the manager Mr.Akhergekar who is responsible for bedlam to School, Students, Teachers, Parents and neighborhood.

Goa Chief Minister cannot fool all the people all the time

It's four weeks now and still no action taken report on objections to Vanxim retaining wall is submitted to Maggie Silveira, President, Ilha de Vanxim Association. The Chief Minister had directed Director of Panchayat to investigate as to how retaining wall in Vanxim has been constructed in spite of written objections from 56 Vanxim people as it is part of coporate take over of Vanxim Island on record in Joint Development Agreement. In any case report was expected to be an eye wash due to high level political fixing with Gaunekar and Ozone corporate. The very fact that report is not submitted to Maggie Silveira in spite of written communications form the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar it shows that he is fooling public. Yet he must know that he cannot fool all the people all the time.

Tomorrow morning he is expected to visit Malar Panchayat to further carry on his mission of fooling people. Fooling people is an integral component of Bamon Raj.

Meanwhile on 9th April 2014 will complete 14 years since Archbishop Emeritus Raul Nicolau Gonsalves began selling Vanxim to Mahendra Gaunekar on 9th April 1999 as recorded in Joint Development Agreement. This beginning was carried forward to its completion six year ten months and two days later by his successor and current Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao on February 11, 2006. Paco patriarchal,  is infested with corruption and has been integrated into Bamon Raj agenda for domination of mulnivasi people.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Need of the hour is to reclaim traditinal agriculture in Vanxim

The Joint Development Agreement on Vanxim has another very big scandal wrapped up in its womb. The following extract would reveal: "that the island land have not been used for agricultural purpose for a long time and non-agricultural properties and Schedule Property appears in the Tourism Master Plan 2021 and is earmarked to be developed for tourism purposes."

Whoever is responsible to demarcate Vanxim agricultural land has to be identified. The investigations has to be launched as to who is responsible for the breach of bunds that made cultivation of paddy field impossible. Investigation is also needed as to who is responsible for the abandonment of fields without repairing of bunds. Why government authorities has not taken action on war footing to repair and revive agriculture in these fertile paddy fields?

Who is responsible to lure farmers with money in order to induce farmers to give up paddy cultivation? Since the earliest records of 1999 suggests that Gaunekar has been actively involved Vanxim to take over what was his role to make sure that agriculture is given up totally? Why did Archbishops Raul Gonsalves as well Felipe Neri Ferrao did take no steps to protect Vanxim paddy fields? Is it because they wanted to create legal loopholes for the sale of Vanxim so that huge black money can be transacted?

Why was there no response from the Goa government administration when Paddy fields of Vanxim are threatened due to breach of bunds? Is is not the deliberate conspiracy of Bamon Raj - to destroy paddy fields and then turn it for casino (gambling) and Five star hotel and Spa (Prostitution) tourism which are both unethical in nature and Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar to have 16.7% share? Who is responsible for the survey number 8 scandal?

What is the need of the hour is reclaim the agriculture in Vanxim and dump filthy tourism dreams of Gaunekar and Ozone into Mandovi river.

Friday 21 March 2014

Will Goa Archbishop Ferrao sell his Aldona house to Gaunekar?

The extracts from Joint Development Agreement 11th February 2006 "That Item No. 2A property is absolute property of the owners as mentioned in Annexure II to this agreement and the First Party repeats that other than him there are no other persons having rights title or interest to the same. The First Party warrants that he shall complete the acquisition of the property mentioned in Item no. 2A of the Scheduled Property within a period of 90 (ninety) days from the date of this Agreement." 

This means Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar is absolute owner of this portion of land.

"That the Occupant are unauthorized occupants of the properties described in Item No.3 and the Church is taking steps to recover the same back to and sell them to the First Party"

This means the Church in Goa headed by Archbishop Bamon Ferrao has initiated the steps to take away the legal rights of Vanxim people and hand it over to Bamon Gaunekar! So disgusting. Yet this is what Bamon Raj is.

"That a portion of the Item No.4 lands of the Sheduled hereunder is a absolute property of the Church and the balance is occupied by the villagers as lessees/ owners/individuals.

That the First Party undertakes to get necessary permission from the Church for the Second Party to enter into a Lease with the Church for a period of 99 years with respect to the properties in Item No.4 of the Schedule here under within 90 (ninety) days from the date of this Agreement and to acquire on an ownership basis the properties constructed by the villagers on land owned by the Church and leased to them within 90 (ninety) days from the date of this Agreement."

This means Church is facilitating the takeover of land in Vanxim even where villagers has built their houses. One wonders as to why Archbishop is not selling his house to Gaunekar in Aldona if he has ownership right to the same. Perhaps he will shortly. He has no right to do all the mischief that he is doing in Vanxim. Each paragraph of this Joint development Agreement is clothed with threads of scandal.

Thursday 20 March 2014

Mulnivasi minor girl stoned in Siolim, suffers injury

According to the information received late night of 19th March 2014 a sixteen year old girl was stoned in  Vaddy, Siolim, Goa at around 7.00 pm while she was behind her house carrying bucket of water on the banks of Chapora river. A man charged at her and flanged stone that hit her head. She was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Police at Siolim outpost as well as Anjuna Police Station are alerted and complaint lodged at Anjuna police station.

Few months back the same man twice gave bad words to the mother of this girl who is an widow. Police case was lodged at that time too at Siolim Police outpost. It is yet to be seen as to what action police are going to take in this case. More details are awaited.

Saturday 15 March 2014

Vanxim land scandal to have very serious repurcussions

“That the Church has taken all the necessary permissions required as per the Rules and Regulations of the said Church and its authorities and the Church for execution of both the aforesaid agreement of sale Deed dated 09-04-1999, the sale Deed dated 11-02-2006 and the Deed dated 11-02-2006 and the Deed of assignment dated 11-02-2006, has duly authorized the respective representatives to execute the Documents on behalf of the Church”.

This paragraph extracted from Joint Development Agreement of 11-02-2006 makes clear the following facts:

1.       There are three legal documents that Church authorities have constructed along with Gaunekar to facilitate land grab in Vanxim island (a) Sale Deed dated 09-04-1999 (b) Sale Deed dated 11-02-2006 and (C) Deed of Assignment dated 11-02-2006.

2.       Church has taken necessary permissions to sell Vanxim. Whose permissions were taken? When they were taken? Who were members of expert team that recommended sale of Vanxim? These questions need answers.

3.       Rules and Regulationst of the Church was followed. Which rules and regulations facilitated this Vanxim scandal? Both the Archbishops of Goa has to answer publicly.

There is no way discussion on these two aspects of Vanxim scandal can be avoided. Church is a body of Christ and whoever has sold Vanxim including Goa’s Archbishops Gonsalves and Ferrao has committed sinful act ;if not rectified then will have very serious repercussions.

Wednesday 12 March 2014

The games Goa Chief Minister plays around Vanxim

The below letter was received by Maggie Silveira, President, Ilha de Vanxim Association on the evening of March 11, 2014. The is in response to the letter from Ilha de Vanxim Association of February 13, 2014. Chief Minister directed this letter dated 28th February 2014 full two weeks after he was called to stop the retaining wall work in Vanxim with immediate effect. That means Chief minister gave two weeks time for corporate Ozone and to Bamon Gaunekar to carry on their escapades. This is irresponsible behavior from the Chief Minister. 

 To add insult to the injury the letter is addressed to the Director of Panchayats calling for inquiry and action with additional time of  three weeks. So these weeks plus two weeks taken to reply the letter comes to five weeks. And the action taken will be based on the inquiry of the Director of Panchayat. Now Iha de Vanxim Association has not asked for all this. It has asked only one thing i.e. to stop the work on retaining wall with immediate effect and signatures of 56 people from Vanxim are attached to the letter.

With 56 signatures from the People of Vanxim who all came out opposing the Retaining Wall, as it is the very first point of 109 page Joint Development Agreement under the caption 'infrastructure'.This being the very first point of the Agreement where in Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar has 16.7% share of 5 star hotel and Spa which is mainly front for prostitution like most of them in Goa that he and Ozone jointly want to set up after Golf Course. The villagers understood how criminal this very project going to be for villagers as even before single stone is laid for construction, Villas in Vanxim are being advertised for sale in newspapers in Pune and on websites and will cost Rs. 20 crore and above.

This construction is shown to be done in paddy fields, mangrove lands, mud flats all by dumping mining waste from Bicholim and fill up the land to the height of two meters. It is high time that retaining wall is stopped with immediate effect. Ilha de Vanxim Association doesn't want any inquiry when 56 people signed in opposition to retaining wall. We justt wnat it to be stopped with immediately. CM's intervention is meant only to create space for corporate undue advantage. Earlier we used to believe this that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is toothless to defend Vanxim. Now with this letter confirms that he is suffering from selective tooth corrosion when it comes to Vanxim which is as good as he is toothless CM. In konkani the correct word for him is "bonchro".  

Indeed this are dangerous ways of subverting democratic expectation of decisive action on the part of CM to defend Vanxim. Yet he is delaying the matter. Justice delayed is Justice denied and this is exactly what he has been doing. He has denied justice to Vanxim. British has banned Bamons from occupying the post of Judges in Courts of Justice citing the reason that they do not have judicious character. Now it is time that they be banned from occupiying CM's post too. It is perhaps futile to expect Justice to Vanxim and Justice to mulnivasis from Goa CM. It is best that is packed off from power. He should step down with immediate effect for his games on Vanxim are clearly visible. His games cannot go for long. He is highly insecure for public dissatisfaction is steadily rising up. Footage of CCTV cameras reveals that he has deputed secret police to spy inside the Churches in South Goa last Sunday 9th March 2014.   On February 24, 2014 Ilha de Vaxim Association already called for resignation of Goa Chief Minister. Perhaps that's a reason the below letter is issued four days after this.

Department of Public Grievances
Government of Goa
Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa - 403521

No. 2/110/2014/PG-Compt./442                  Dated 28/02/2014


The Director,
Directorate of Panchayats,
Panaji - Goa.

Sub: - Complain reg. Objection to retaining wall at Vanxim complain by Maggie Silveira, Ilha de Vanxim Association.


With reference to above cited subject, I am directed to forward herewith a copy of Grievance dated 13/2/2014 received from Maggie Silveira, Ilha de Vanxim Association, Em Vanxim, P.O. Piedade, Divar, Ilhas, Goa., addressed to Hon'ble Chief Minister.

You are requested to conduct necessary inquiry, in the matter and take appropriate action in the matter and action taken may please be informed to the Complaint with a copy endorsed to this office within 3 weeks. Prompt action will be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

(Fransquinha Oliveira)
Under Secretary
Public Grievances

Copy to Maggie Silveira, Ilha de Vanxim Association, Em Vanxim, P.O. Piedade, Divar, Ilhas, Goa.

Monday 10 March 2014

Corporate power combines with the power of bamon Raj to throw mulnivasis out of their lands

What is happening to Vanxim signifies what is happening to India. The root cause of the problem is Bamon Raj. It deeds dismantling very urgently. Nothing better can be expected with bamon raj in force. Their constitution itself - Manusmriti - is by nature document of guidelines of penalties for perpetuation of Bamon raj. In Vanxim Sale out only the Bamon Raj rates are hiked to multiple crores. Truly mind boggling if one looks at this Joint Joint Development Agreement very minutely. The below extract demonstrates as to how money is deployed to take over control over Vanxim. Bamon Raj believes that every one has a price and every one can be purchased. This document describes as to how the basics of corporate power combines with the power of bamon Raj to throw mulnivasis out of their lands.

"And whereas the properties mentioned in item No.4 of the Scheduled hereunder measuring 98,200 square meters (24.27 acres) are absolute property of the Church and portions of the same are on lease, in favour of certain individuals, some of whom have constructed structures/houses on the said property and some have purchased the property from the Church. First Party agrees to enter into 99 years lease with the Church for the same or facilitate the acquisition of the said lands more fully described in item no.4 of the Scheduled Property in favor of the Second Party within 90 (ninety) days of the agreement."

The intention to get hold of land any how - lease, sale, acquisition,black money, corrupting Archbishops, Silencing of protesting voices. These are the tools of the Bamon Raj.

"And whereas for various reasons the acquisition of the Scheduled Property has not taken place by the First Party as per the milestones set out in the Joint Development Agreement dated 15-07-2005 and the parties have re-negotiated the terms and conditions which were agreed upon the said Joint Development Agreement dated 15-07-2005. The First Party to fulfill his obligations has requested for additional security deposit and security deposit amount payable to the First Party has been increased to Rs.30,00,00,000 (Rupees thirty thousand crores only) and the Confirming Party No.2 herein paid a further sum of 7,00,00,000 (Rupees Sven crores only) to the First Party. It is agreed that upon execution of this, Joint Development Agreement dated 15-07-2005 shall stand cancelled/terminated and in confirmation of the same the Confirming Party herein affixing its signature on this Joint Development Agreement. Notwithstanding the contends of this Joint Development Agreement dated 15-07-2005, anything stated therein which is contrary to the terms of this Joint Development Agreement, in all circumstances shall prevail over the terms of the earlier Joint Development Agreement dated 15-07-2005. The Parties hereto deem it necessary to have the amended terms and conditions recorded in writing and accordingly this Joint Development Agreement is made."

In the meanwhile the information about the Vanxim scandal is spreading far and wide, online and offline.

Thursday 6 March 2014

On how without land locals in Vanxim are being reduced to serve rule of Bamon Raj

For thousand of years mulnivasi people in India were deprived of right to education, property, trade and access to shore. This was specially in areas where the Bamani influence of manusmriti was severe. However with Buddha's revolt, arrival of British, Portuguese made sharp dent in the hold of Bamon Raj and Mulnivasi people were given some breathing space. The voluminous contribution to our mulnivasi freedom struggle was made by Jhotibha Phule, Savitribai Phule, Shahu Maharaj, Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar, D.K.Khaparde, Dina Bahana, Kanshi Ram and currently this battle is being led by Hon. Waman Meshram. This posting here is meant to expose micro reality of Vanxim island as to how Bamon Raj and corporate raj together are involved in taking away every inch of mulnivasi people's land in Vanxim. This is the reason is is so critically important to strengthen this struggle even further in Goa today. The agitations carried out by Nehru, Gandhi, Congress, RSS, BJP currently by Anna Hazare, Medha Patkar, Ramdev Baba, Arvind Kejrival and his Aam Aadmi Party etc are for the protection of Brahminism in India so that minority of Eurasian Bamons can continue their rule over majority of mulnivasis of India. The below is an extracted from Joint development Agreement of 11th August 2009. 

"And whereas the First Party has since became the absolute owner of the extend of approximately 328,125 square meters (81.10 Acres) of the Schedule property situated on the island of Capao, standing in river Mandovi, within the limits of village Panchayat of St.Mathias, Taluka Tiswadi, Registration Sub-District of Ilhas District North Goa, in the State of Goa."

"And whereas the 81.10 Acres of the Schedule Property was purchased by the First Party in terms of eight sale deeds all registered in the office of the sub-registrar, Ilhas, North Goa whose details are as follows.

(i) Sale Deed dated 11/02/2006 registered as Doc.No.518 executed between the Patriarchate of the East Indies ('Church') and Mahendra Gaunekar, the First Party herein in respect of an extend of 1,85,125 square meters (45.76 acres) of land, which is more fully described in Item No.1 of the Schedule hereunder; (Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao sold this land through then procurator Fr.Arlino De Mello.

(ii) Sale Deed dated 27/04/2006 registered as Doc. No. 1232 executed between Mrs. Maria Cecelia Laurina Alice De Braganza Fernandes E D'Mello represented by her constituted attorney Mr. Ronnie Joseph D'Mello and Mahendra Gaunekar, the First Party herein in respect of the 50% share of an extend of 5050 square meters being 2525 sq. meters of land in Sy. No. 10/7, which is more fully described in Item No.2 of the Schedule hereunder;

(iii) Sale Deed dated 23/11/2007 registered as Doc. No. 3203 executed by Mr. Ronnie Joseph D'mello and another in favour of Mahendra Gaunekar, the First Party herein in respect of an extent of 5050 square meters being 2525 sq. meters of land in Sy. No. 10/7, which is more fully described in Item No.2 of the Schedule hereunder;

(iv) Sale Deed dated 24/01/2007 registered as Doc. No. 316 executed by Sri Hector Caridade Fernandes and others in favour of Mahendra Gaunekar, the First Party herein in respect of 12/16th share in a total extent of 50,300 square meters of land in Sy. Nos. 10/1 and 13/1, which is more fully described in Item No.2 of the Schedule hereunder;

(v) Sale Deed dated 08/05/2007 registered as Doc. No. 1378 executed by Mrs. Lily Ethelvina Fernandes E Abreue and others in favour of Mahendra Gaunekar, the First Party herein, in respect of an extend of 2/16th share in 50,300 square meters of land in Sy. Nos. 10/1 and 13/1, which is more fully decribed in Item No.2 of the Schedule hereunder;

(vi) Sale Deed dated 20/11/2007 registered as Doc. No. 3147 executed by Mrs. Lilia Sergia Correia E Abreue and others in favour of Mahendra Gaunekar, the First Party herein, in respect of an extend of 1/8th share in 50,300 square meters of land in Sy Nos. 10/1 and 13/1, which is more fully described in Item No.2 of the Schedule hereunder;

(vii) Sale Deed dated 16/02/2008 registered as Doc. No. 611 executed by Mr. Ajit K. Sukhija in favour of Mahendra Gaunekar, the First Party herein in respect of an extend of 82,275 square meters of land in Sy. Nos. 9/2, which is more fully described in Item No.2 of the Schedule hereunder;

(viii) Sale Deed dated 18/12/2007 registered as Doc. No. 3420 executed by Mrs. Sacremento D'Mello and others in favour of Mahendra Gaunekar, the First Party herein, in respect of an extent of 5425 square meters of land in Sy. No. 5/11, which is more fully described in item No.2 of the Schedule hereunder;

AND WHEREAS the First Party, ever since the date of their purchase, has been in peaceful possession and enjoyment of the aforesaid extents of Item Nos. 1 & 2 of the Schedule Property and has applied for mutation in the name of the First Party;
And whereas an extent measuring 3625 square meter situated in the survey No 4/4 described in item no.2/A is in the process of being acquired and the First Party herein agrees to purchase the same and complete the process within a period of 90 (ninety) days from the date of this agreement.
And whereas the properties mentioned in the item 3 measuring 3,00,275 square meter (74.16) acres are also properties that belong to the Patriarchate of East Indies, Church but are in the possession of certain persons claiming to be agricultural tenants under Goa, Daman, and Diu Agricultural Tenancy act 1964 ("Occupants").

The First Party proposes to either purchase these properties from the Church after the church regain possession over the lands by following the due process of law or get properties acquired by the government and allotted in favor of the Second Party or its nominee.

The Church by virtue of a registered Deed of Transfer and Assignment of Rights dated 11th February 2006 transferred and assigned all its rights, tittles and interest in the said land in favor of the First Party "

Glorious King-Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

                                                         By Milan Nare

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who was a determined, efficient, courageous king who fought against the Mughals, Adil Shah, Nizamshah, Siddi was born on 19th February 1630 on Shivneri fort. His mother Jijabai and father Shahaji Bhosale with their courage and hard work brought up their son. With the encouragement of his mother and father he fought bravely and wisely against the Mughals and the cunning Brahmins. His dream was to establish ‘Rayat Rajya’ for his people. His mother and father made him combative. They made him excel in using the sword, in tackling his enemies and so on. From time to time Shivaji Maharaj received support from his father and mother. He is well known for maintaining peace in his kingdom. Bringing social equality in India was his prime concern. The status of dignity given to women by him is immeasurable. Defeating his enemies he established ‘Rayateche Raj’. 

Under his rule he would not tolerate a man tease any woman or look badly at. All were equal before law under his leadership. He even protected the Brahmin women. Shivaji Maharaj was the protector of ‘Mawalas.’ He was the King not only of the Marathas but also of all the mulnivasis of India. He overturned the system of four varnas and treated everyone equally.

        According to the four varnas system of Brahmin, the efficient and able fighters who were declared shudras and divided as kunbis, mahars, maang, bhandari, dhangar,  Chambhaar were recruited as soldiers in his army by Shivaji Maharaj and given one identity i.e. mawala. Besides the support of  the soldiers  belonging to Maratha caste if Shivaji Maharaj was not to receive help from Tanaji Malusure, Suryaji Pisal, Bajiprabhu Deshpande, Netaji Palkar, Prataprao Gujjar, Hiroji Faarjad, Madari Mehtar, Habirao Mohite, Ibrahim Khan, Maynayak  Bhandari, Daulat Khan, Siddi Mistri it would have  been not possible for him to establish ‘Rayateche Raj’. 

In gist, his struggle was not against any caste or religion but it was against his enemies. His struggle was political struggle. He believed in equality of all castes and instalment of feelings of fraternity among brotherhood and indeed he behaved accordingly. He organised people belonging to all castes under one common name ‘Mawalas’ and also provided these people with job opportunities. The people who carried out sea activities like fishing and filled their bellies were also recruited as soldiers in his army by him. He also extended the boundary of ‘Rayat’ beyond Maharashtra. He was not limited to any particular caste but was the protector of all Mawalas. 

          With the inspiration from his father Shahaji Bhosale and mother Jijabai, he sown the seeds of ‘Rayat rajya’. People felt that Shivaji Maharaja’s Rajya was their rajya. In the kingdom of Shivaji Maharaj everyone was entitled to get justice. He was the first king to establish ideals like equality, fraternity, justice and freedom from Buddism which were later on brought into effect in the constitution of India by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. 

              During Shivaji Maharaja’s time there was a pitiable condition in India. The rules of Mughals tortured the Bhumiputra (the sons of the land). People from the Maratha caste itself saluted the Mughals and fought against their own people. There was also prevalent of manusmruti, Vedas, Upanishad, puranas. Overcoming this terrible condition and giving people their freedom by establishing ‘Rayateche Raj’ was a strong desire of Mata Jijabai. 
Accordingly she and Shahaji Bhosale gave a fighting spirit to their son, Shivaji Maharaj.  Jijabai instilled in him the spirit to fight against injustice, to give justice to the downtrodden and the sufferers. She instilled in him lessons like ‘If one try and work hard one can overcome all the difficulties even a mountain.’ With the encouragement and support of his parents he established Rayateche raj. 

Under his rule he had well designed plan for giving justice, with regard to dignity of women, his army etc. The information required for a good social activist with regard to politics, Geography, economic, social, cultural and religious was well known by Shivaji Maharaj. The qualities of being determined, firm are primarily found in him. He gave importance to give training to soldiers. He also made the provision of protection of livelihood of the soldiers’ families. The welfare of his people was important characteristic of his rule. His soldiers were well- disciplined. The soldiers were bound not to take to drinking, to trouble women and swaraj, to loot swaraj etc. The soldiers were paid on time.  

  Shivaji Maharaja’s greatness is note worthy. Even the courageous and well built Mughals had to bow before him. While he spoke Aurangzeb once said “He can purchase anything in the world with his money but he could not purchase Shivaji Maharaj” Shivaji Maharaja’s history is glorious. Today’s youth should read his real history and learn a lesson from it. He had established Rayat rajya for poor and those declared inferior by varna system. The times when no justice was given to the people, when they were looted, the times when women’s chastity was in danger, he helped the poor and treated women in respect. He had become a king not by his ancestral rights but on his own strength. This revolutionary king dreamt to establish Rayat rajya and to give freedom to the people of India in the 17th century.

He was the first king to establish his own army. He started giving regular fixed salaries to his workers. He was scientific in nature who fought against bad times boldly.     

          Shivaji Maharaj established ideals like liberty, justice, fraternity equality, among the people of India but the benefactor of this system, Eurasian Brahmins are greatly shocked by this.  Today they take utmost care that Shivaji Maharaja’s real history does not reach the mulnivasis of India. Prabhodankar Thakare says, “The moment we utter Shivaji Maharaja’s name, the strength of thirty three crore Gods become useless.” 

      When Shivaji Maharaj decided to perform coronation and accept the throne of the Maratha kingdom, all the Brahmins from Maharashtra  became furious and boycotted his coronation. Moropant Pingale , Annaji Datto Rahuji Somnath  denied the idea pointing out that Shivaji  Maharaj could not be coroneted as he was the shudra according to four varnas. Dadoji Kondeo Kulkarni frightened him opposing his coronation. By getting coroneted at the hands of Brahmins he wanted to get right to inquire into the matter of a criminal Brahmins. 

          There are youths in lakhs who are ready to sacrifice for Shivaji Maharaj. Understanding this mindset the Brahmins have very wisely hid the History of him by manipulating his history through books, drama etc. In order to destroy his unpublished work the Brahmins today propagate that the sword he used was given to him by the goddess Bhavani. This propaganda is carried out to spread the message that no mulnivasi or indigenous person can achieve great heights without the support of God whose creators are the Brahmins. In a whole the world lots is controlled by the Brahmims.   

Shivaji Maharaj could be the great king due to his trust on his hard work and potentiality. As also he received help from his father and mother .He was greatly influenced by the teachings of Saint Tukaram who was his Guru. By much hard work, continuous struggle with the organization of ‘Mawalas’ belonging to eighteen different castes, he established ‘Rayatecheraj’. He became chhatrapati, the protector of the people. Such a glorious king was killed by the cunning Brahmins through his wife, Soirabai who breathed his last on 3rd April 1680 on Raigad.