Friday 17 May 2013

Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns Bamon Raj Terror in Vanxim

Highly suspicious movement of three unknown people with tripod and cameras in their hands was noticed in Vanxim today. The three men were seen chasing women trying to take photograph of their faces.  Preliminary inquiry confirms that the three men were sent to Vanxim by Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar at the instance of the corporate Ozone group. This highly objectionable activity was going near the Ferry point in Vanxim from 2 pm onwards on 16th May 2013. It is not known as to what interest do Ozone group and Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar has got with women of Vanxim that they want to photograph them without their consent by coercive means. Perhaps they want women of Vanxim for themselves along with the land. Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly condemns these terror tactics of the Bamon Raj. Bamon Raj has been ruling in India only through Violence.

Recent book (2011) by Vilas Kharat titled “Who Killed Babasaheb Ambedkar: Why and How?” has a detail list of killings of Mulnivasis undertaken by the agents of Bamon Raj across India throughout history. Violence is an ultimate weapon of Bamon Raj and Mulnivasis have to brace up to face this reality in the context of what is going in Vanxim. Obviously it is going on with tacit approval from the Home Ministry headed by another Bamon Manohar Parrikar who is also the Chief Minister of Goa. Bharat Mukti Morcha will hold Goa CM responsible for law and order problem in Vanxim due to these prowling hooligans on the island.

So far the target of the Ozone group, Bamon Gaunekar in collusion with Goa Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao was only the land but from today with this incident it became known the intention to colonize includes women. Natura, Femina, Colonia. These three intentions became crystal clear from today’s incursions into Vanxim.

What is remarkable in this conquest is that the Roman Catholic Church is an official partner of it through its Goa Diocese Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao who officially sold Vanxim.  The sale of Vanxim by Archbishop particularly Khazan land was announced yet again in Vanxim church on Santus Cristus Feast day 12th May 2013 by the Parish Priest Fr.Auxemo Bismarck Monteiro. He even mentioned that Tenant Association was involved along with the Archbishop to sell Vanxim. He however did not announce as to why Vanxim was sold as cheap as Rs.20/- and Rs.6/- per square meter. He also did not explain as to why Cannon Law is violated by keeping Vanxim people in dark before the sale of February 11, 2006. He also did not disclose the names of the Persons on expert committee that recommended sale of Vanxim.

The fake announcement done by Fr. Monteiro on the feast day was disgusting. All this time Fr.Victor Rodrigues, then procurator of the Diocese dealing with property matters  was told by Vanxim people to come and tell the people of Vanxim. The letter was read saying ‘you will get what is yours’ which was sent by Bishop’s house. This was read at Vanxim Church by the Parish Priest then. If Bishop has not sold anything why did the letter sent to Mahendra Gaunekar on 10th November 2009 which reads:
“Dear Gaunekar
As we were re-arranging our records, files and documents in our office, we came across some notices issued by the mamlatdar to us under the Goa Agricultural Tenancy Act in respect of the above mentioned property. We immediately applied for the certified copies of the relevant papers to the mamlatdar which are received on 4th November, 2009. Since the said property has already been sold to you we enclose herewith the said papers received by us to enable you to initiate appropriate steps if so desired.”

 Why Court cases are going on if nothing is sold? Why people are harassed and troubled to appear in deputy collector’s court and mamlatdar’s court every 15 days for the last long three years?

All of a sudden Fr.Monteiro wakes up from his sleep and that also on the feast of our Patron “Santus Cristus” declaring by saying “Entire Vanxim is not sold only the fields are sold that also by the intervention of Vanxim Tenant Association” When Rajan Narayan wrote article in Goan Observer in 2010 ‘Church in Mega deal’ where was the Bishop’s house to answer Rajan Narayan? Again when Rajan Narayan wrote in Goan Observer in 2010 “Forgive Him for he does not know what he is doing (Bishop Felipe Neri Ferrao)” immediately couple of days later Bamon Bishop Felipe Neri Ferrao went in for the repairs of the weeping image Chapel at Santa Monica convent, Old Goa. Two notices put on both the doors which reads “Sorry for the inconvenience caused”. Restoration of weeping image repairs is not completed and the faith of the faithful people is damaged tremendously. People must come out in open and question Bishop Felipe Neri Ferrao as to why this chapel is closed for such a long period. Isn’t this hypocrisy? Is Fr. Monteiro aware of this fact?
People of Vanxim cannot be fooled by Fr.Monteiro as there are evidences and documents collected through RTIs and documents cannot be false, they speak for themselves. What a shame for Fr.Monteiro to speak this rot that too in the Church at the feast mass of our Patron ‘Santus Cristus’.  

What is Bishop upto? Everywhere in Goa there are sermons preached on Shristi, Shristi, Shristi (Nature, nature, nature). The main culprit to destroy this very Shristi (nature) is Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao who is an Archbishop of Goa. Isn’t this disgusting for the people of Goa?

The Church to its greater part of history has been subjected to persecutions and repressions in Europe have turned itself persecutor and repressor of mulnivasi people at the hands of Bamon Raj and their agents.  Vanxim is a classic example to this effect. Certainly these were not the intentions of the one who founded the Church through the rock St.Peter.  This is indeed a puzzle as to how this situation has come about. Church is an international institution and the rot is certainly not restricted to Goa alone. Church is controlled from Rome, Italy. So far even though the scandal of Vanxim is well know all over the world Church headquarters in Rome has not acted against the Goa Archbishop. None of the Popes Benedict XVI, the Pope Emeritus or Pope Francis has demonstrated the necessary courage and guts to act against Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao and to penalize him, to ex-communicate him. This means Church headquarters in Rome is totally supporting the sale of Vanxim. This is indeed a sad reality and something needs to be done about it. To begin lets understand the situation in Rome.

Even though this is truly a tragedy it is not surprising as Church headquarters in Rome is under siege. Church is under siege from 1962. The enemies of the Church have taken control of the Church at Rome. The siege intensified in 1965. The siege of the Church continues till date. In this period enemies of the Church, enemies of mulnivasi people entered and sabotaged the Church to such extend that we are witness to what has turned out in Vanxim. The enemies in Latin language are known as ‘Santanus’ or ‘Satan’.  In English the enemy is named devil who is highly cunning and expert deceiver. The qualities that Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao shares in abundance. He kept the news of Vanxim sale secret for three years so that time bar for a legal challenge in the court gets over and Vanxim people are put into permanent trouble.

The enemies of the Church has entered its seminaries and introduced and proliferated confusion, created divisions and are building the bastions of the enemy support. The organized groups within the Church are silent. The most well organized group is that of the Priests. It is silenced. It is confused. It is living with belief that just because culprit here is an Archbishop he should not be put in spot light and objected to. It is a criminally sinful act of the Archbishop to sell the Vanxim the way he did it. It is also equally criminally sinful on the part of the Priests to support this wrong by maintaining silence. Goa Archbishop is heading the Church under satanic siege of Rome. Rome has strayed away from itself.

The power of the devil in the Church was not that there were some masons that got in. It was not that there were some wicked men who got into some high places and changed the laws and started to put heresies into the church. The trouble was that the good men lost their savor. The good Priests and good Bishops did not any more want to offend.

St.John Chrysostom said that most priests go to hell. It is not because of the wicked things they do but because of the good things they do not do.

The duty of the priest is to say the truth. Yet they refuse to say. And by refusing to speak the truth they clear their path to hell. Silence is a trap. We cannot allow ourselves to fall in this trap. We have to speak boldly! Bharat Mukti Morcha is committed to speak out boldly! 

Priests must shed light on the cockroaches in the church so that they run away and go and hide. It’s a best way to get rid of cockroaches: turn on the light! He must shed the light on evil. He must shed the light on good. He must shed the light on the true and the evil that is going on in the church today.  This is what the duty of the Priest: to turn on the light! Not the light of his own eyeballs but the light on the candle stand that enlightens the world.

Rights of Vanxim people are being taken away. Rights of 55 families in Tiracol all of whom are Roman Catholics have been taken away. For 40 years Roman church in Rome, the Seat of the Holy Roman Cathoilc Church has lost its head and is acting like a beast. Rome is acting like the seat of the Anti-Christ as the Blessed Virgin said it would act like when she said at La Salette, “Rome shall become the seat of Anti-Christ. Rome shall loose the faith and become the seat of the Anti-Christ.” The Seat is the place of power.  In other words from Rome itself will come the wicked commands. From Rome itself will come the direction and the coordination and the preparation for the Anti-Christ and the spreading of his Kingdom.

All this is visible in Rome clearly few weeks after Pope Benedict XVI said in October 2012 “We will encourage one world economy. We want one-world currency. We need one-world government.” And that’s not the government under Christ. It’s a government obviously to destroy the rights of Man that they have before God like in Vanxim, Tiswadi and Tiracol, Pernem and rights of God are already gone. We have a world that is preparing for the Anti-Christ. And who is the one who tells us that we must have this world? The Pope. The devil has struck deep into the Church. Priests are too shy to speak out for the fear of offending and resultant reprisal. They end up confusing mulnivasis, confusing laity. The priests and Bishops who speak out for truth are being repressed world over.

Yet Bharat Mukti Morcha will continue to speak boldly even if all the Priests in Goa does not even whisper a word. Bharat Mukti Morcha is committed to uphold the truth under every trying circumstance. It is written in Latin on the casket of St.Francis Xavier’s body at the Basilica of Bom Jesus ‘Maior in Occasu’ meaning ‘Greater when he sets down’. One reality will remain Vanxim will never be allowed to take possession by Bamon Raj and their agents. May they be the Gaunekars, Ozones, Parrikars or the combine might of all of them. Every time to come near Vanxim they will be blown off like dust particles. Cantor dust is being formed with every passing day. The process of iteration is rapid. Enter Vanxim at your own peril. The consequences that are going to follow from what the Archbishop has done to Vanxim are going to be unpredictable. The battle is being fought fearlessly, spiritually, daring the enemy in his headquarters – the Rome.