Sunday 28 May 2023

When Memory of Politics Turns Into Politics of Memory: The Sujay Gupta Case

Today May 28, 2023 I received certificate of participation in Konkani literature competition organised by Herald Konkani Daiz editors Vincy Quadros and Fr. Myron Jeson Barreto. I had submitted a Poem in Konkani. I received my certificate from the hands of Herald Chief Editor Sujay Gupta in the presence of former Chief Minister Luizinho Faleiro.

I met Sujay Gupta for the first time after all the turbulence from June 2008 onwards. Sujay and I were both part of that turbulence (but on opposite sides) triggered by mining greed wanting to silence voices articulating dissent at This piece of writing is motivated by my meeting with Sujay Gupta at the award ceremony at Fernandes House near International Centre, Dona Paula.

When questioned Sujay Gupta was in denial mode on controversial role he played between June 2008 right up to middle of 2009 in repressing opposition to mining in Goa in his capacity as Vice-President (Communications) of Sociedade de Fomentos. He has gone on such drastic denial overdrive that he even denies his even presence in Goa until late December 2008.

When I reminded him about certain facts he claims that he doesn't remember. Yet he remembers that I am associated with GAKUVED whose blog he targeted with defamation suit at Calcutta High Court for 500 crore rupees. But that was last thing he did as corporate shotgun before moving to start Goan, newspaper of the Fomentos which he remembers, admits, regrets as mistake of his life and all this because there is his name - on records. And if the records were not put out in public domain he would have denied that too. All the mercenary work that he did for mining industry without leaving trace of his name he denied to me! It is precisely because of his denials today to several facts an effort is warranted to bring all the facts on record here so that history is not presented in distorted manner. In this  situation my life is a document of history.

Sujay Gupta took over as an Editor of English newspaper in Goa named Gomantak Times that has ownership history with Chowgules in Goa and Sakal group in Maharashtra. Sujay Gupta's enterprising policies added dynamism that was visible in public domain that time around 2006 or 2007 onwards. He established reputation for himself and was soon popular. It has to be checked in archives as to when he took over as an editor of Gomantak Times and when did he leave. Any of you'll can do this and post it as comment below.

The first encounter

My first encounter with Sujay Gupta was on telephone call he made to me on June 05, 2008. That day GAKUVED had organised World Environment Day Program at Don Bosco Farm house premises in Sulcorna, South Goa. I was traveling to the venue in Car with Dr. Claude Alvares. I answered his call thinking that he is speaking to me in his capacity as Journalist. He asked me if village people and others from all over Goa are going to attack the Mines directly on June 05, 2008. I replied him negatively. Then he questioned me whether I know CPI-ML. I said yes I know and Kavita Krishnan is good friend of mine. At that moment I did not find anything suspicious in his questions and I answered them as matter of fact. He did not come for the program nor published my interview anywhere but he channeled information he got from me to some strategy team operating clandestine to suppress dissent against mining. Program was good and even Architect Kamalakant Sadhale was present with large number of local people. At later reflections I realized that Sujay Gupta had read my interview with Rajaram CPI-ML General Secretary, Jharkhand on openspaceforum blog. This information was passed on to Manohar Parrikar who shared it at the Public Hearing of Legislature sub-committee of Home Ministry tagging me as Naxalite on June 19, 2008.

The second encounter

I received phone call at 9.30 pm on June 19, 2008 from Derek Almeida, Editor of Gomantak Times informing me that I have been accused of being Naxalite by the Leader of the Opposition Manohar Parrikar. He said none of the journalists knew me and were surprised to know about my alleged Naxalite activities in mining belt. Derek informed me that he finally received my contact number from Dr. Claude Alvares. Derek requested me to meet him and his colleagues at Gomantak Times next day.

Next day was June 20, 2008. I picked up the copy of Gomantak Times and found my photograph printed on front page with a story headlined "Parrikar targets anti-mining activist". I read through story found something strange with my photo on front page. Photo was doctored and fangs were inserted in my mouth. I visited Gomantak Times office and met Editor Derek Almeida. First thing I brought to his attention about my photo on front page thst shows fangs in my mouth. I opened my mouth and let him do check up to find out the fangs. He couldn't find any. He then disclosed to me that it was Sujay Gupta who had shared that picture with all media offices. He told me that Sujay Gupta was earlier with Gomantak Times but recently has joined Fomento mining company. I wasn't aware of recent change in his status of employment and I had shared information in good faith under the impression that he was still a journalist. It was a betrayal of trust. Derek further had informed me that Sujay had emailed my pictures seated with students from Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work in Mumbai misrepresenting them as naxalites from Jharkhand. Later when Sujay came to know about the identity of these four students he wrote to the Principal of the college and protested their students visit to mining sites in Goa.

Derek then requested his Chief reporter at Gomantak Times Vithaldas Hegde to interview me. Hegde interviewed me for five hours non-stop but made sure he published not even five sentences from that interview. Interview was totally blacked out. Few years later when I questioned Hegde about it he told me that he lost his notepad! Currently Hegde is Chief Reported at Herald where Sujay Gupta is Editor. You can draw your own inferences. I have stated facts.

On June 21, 2008 at 3.00 pm Pravin Sabnis called press conference in which I was called to face the media at Tourist hostel in Panjim. Several media reprentatives were present for this press conference and amongst them was Sujay Gupta. Several media personnel questioned me and I answered them. I remember question asked by Sujay Gupta: Where was I working in New Delhi. I answered him that I worked at CACIM at A-3, Defence Colony. Sujay Gupta scribbled these details on a piece on his notepad.

At around 4.00 pm on the same day of June 21, 2008 there was another press conference organised by Sujay Gupta for Venkatesh Prabhudesai who attempted to tarnish my reputation with baseless allegations. Next day June 22, 2008 reports of both the press conferences were published. On this day it became a public knowledge that Sujay Gupta has joined Fomentos who were running several Mines in Goa with Hiralal Khodidas mining lease being in focus due to documented destruction of agriculture and protests from local people of Colomba.

Third Encounter

On November 12, 2008 locals and others from across Goa marched Hiralal Khodidas mining site. Sujay Gupta was on site on this day supervising lathicharge carried on by company's security agency causing injuries to many including to Gajanan Raikar, then executive committee member of GAKUVED.

Fourth Encounter

Protests against mining industry continued and reached its peak. It is at this moment on December 24, 2008 that Sujay Gupta filed civil defamation suit against me for 500 crore at Calcutta High Court in his official capacity as Vice-President (Communications) of Fomento mining company. It is amongst the highest claimed amounts in India. Petition is listed on Calcutta High Court website but hasn't come up for hearing since September 2009 after three Hearings.

Hostile reception

Sujay Gupta received hostile reception at several places in Goa. He was thrown out from Times of India first anniversary party by late Wendel Rodricks the fashion designer. Writer Hartman de Sousa launched online signature campaign against him with over 1,200 people signing and commenting. Floriano Lobo of Goa Su-Raj Party organised public protest meeting near then Sujay Gupta's residence in Moira village. Venita Coelho has been vocal in her writings against Sujay Gupta due to his alliance with mining industry.

In 2012 Sujay Gupta started off GOAN as weekly for Fomentos, then turned it as daily and then got into Herald. One man who publicly protested  then against Sujay Gupta taking over as Editor of Herald is Anthony D'Silva from Ambelim, Assolna.

Fresh encounter

This is memory of politics outlined here so that politics of memory is firmly grounded as and when it is activated. This piece is prepared after Sujay put himself in denial mode in communications with me today as mentioned above. Next time if Sujay Gupta goes in denial mode this has to be brought to his attention.

In my today's conversations with him I found him not honest. That's the reason for me to be honest and bold. For we are both connected in the opposites. Can Sujay Gupta turn honest too and afford honest conversation? Or will he be forever fugitive to his own deep self? What are those people called when they refuse to be honest and persist in denial? Let Sujay Gupta be the privilege one to answer this at his calling after deep pondering. 

May God Bless Sujay Gupta!

Sebastian Rodrigues 

Saturday 27 May 2023

Do Goa TCP Functions Under Mafia Dictates?

With recent proposal of Amendment of TCP Building rules realization has downed that Goa's Town and Country Planning Department has come under the firm grip of mafia. Important hallmark of mafia operation is secrecy. Recent analysis of those who pushed TCP department to proposed April 2023 Ammendments indicate that at least in five instances lid of secrecy is maintained. 

Analysis carried on by Tahir Noronha, Urban Planner posted online. Here we present our interpretation of Tahir's analysis.

Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant is behind the proposed Ammendment to get migrant workers to reside within industrial zones. This certainly is in  violation of safety norms. Nevertheless his name is on record. 

Similarly Babu Kavlekar, former Deputy Chief Minister of Goa is found on records as the one who pushed for allowing legalization of prevailing unauthorized structures greater than 500 square meters in size. He has openly advocated case of those posh people who has stolen land. We can imagine how much he has been favored in cash and kind by rich who are politically connected and confidently constructed more than 500 square meters of unautorised constructions.

Steering committee has taken upon itself as decision makers with regard to pushing of Ammendments connected with Charging of Electric Vehicles, and relaxation on minor changes while constructions of buildings encroaching in setback areas.

Confederation of Real Estate Developers in India (CREDI) are recorded as being the behind the scene pushers against Changes in rule concerning 5% Utility spaces in building complexes and making the utility spaces commercial thereby affecting open spaces negatively.

Ammendments concerning reduction of road widths regarding multi-family housing projects. Road with less than 08 meters width can service 180 housing units as per the proposed ammendments that has dubious origin as the records indicate "someone informed the Committee". Who is thst someone? Why identity is kept hidden? Obviously mafia don't reveal its identy! 08 Meters road will have to shed is edges to half meter shoulders and half meter gutters on each side as per the specifications of Goa TCP. That leaves 06 Meters right of way to service 180 housing units. This is a planned move towards making Goa intensely congested destination. In case roads are without gutters then sanitation and flooding issue will multiply. In case roads are without shoulders then traffic safety is compromised. In both instances TCP regulations stands violated.

Records traces use of phrases such as "Committee was informed" and "Committee was appraised" to cover up the source being recorded. This secrecy on the proposed ammendments are suspicious to be of mafia origin. Mafia origin ammendments that have been channelized through Steering Committee of TCP that is chaired by Goa Chief Minister. This means that mafia has gained upper hand over not only over Goa TCP but also over Goa CM. Let's have details of these mafia pushed Ammendments.

Steering Committee was "informed" to create giant farm houses of 1000 square meters. Who informed? Obviously this is mafia operation to steal away Goa's farmlands. Irrespective of which other Indian State has this kind of provision the very fact that identity of the informer is kept secret makes the intention of this proposed Ammendment malafide.

Similarly the proposed ammendments allowing for other usages in A1 and A2 zones (Agriculture and Forest/Orchard/ Eco-sensitive Zones) has attribute "Committee was informed because other States have it". If TCP is incapable of recording the names of those are pushing these ammendmends then it is clear indicating that TCP has become an epicentre of mafia activities that even Chief Minister is found to be incapable to tackling. Blazing fires to Goa's Forest that began in March 2023 doesn't look accidental but the handy work of these mysterious creatures known at least to TCP Minister Vishwajit Rane. Fires are most primary steps to execute change in Forest land use.

Next proposed ammendment from undisclosed source is to allow Farm Houses in rice fields provided it is not low lying fields. And records mention "Committee was appraised". Who appraised the committee? Records are full of Ghosts.

Similarly proposed Ammendment to allow unlimited sub-division of agricultural land is from ghostly source. Records mentions "Committee was informed". Who informed? Informer has been made invisible and mysterious alien in records. In 2019 sub-division of agricultural land was restricted. Now restriction is proposed to be revoked. 

Several objections are filed before Chief Town Planner (Administration). These objections will be considered and decided if they are worthy by sub-comittee. Director of Panchayat as well as Minister of Panchayat are members of this gatekeepers. Mouvin Godinho is the only Minister and of it's kind who is member of both the sub-committee as well as steering committee. 

As it stands today degeneration of Panchayati Raj in Goa is going on under active supervision of by the Panchayat Minister Mauvin Godinho and Director of Panchayat Siddhi Halarnlar. They effectively has sabotaged Gram Panchayat Development Plan. Now both of them has moved inside the TCP sub-committee. We can only imagine the disaster that is awaiting to unleash. In all probability most if not all the objections are likely to be aborted even before reaching the Steering Committee, at the level of sub-committee itself.

It is now clear as to how mafia operations at Goa TCP department. If mafia plan has to succeed through TCP Department then Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP) has to be stiffed. That's reason Panchayat Minister along with Director of Panchayats has found their way inside the sub-committee.

In case you are still confused then click here to know the composition of Steering Committee. 

And click here to see who are members of the sub-committee who are to consider public objections.

Sebastian Rodrigues 

Thursday 25 May 2023

Objections to the Amendments of the GLDR, 2010 of April 27, 2023



Dr. Sebastiao A. Rodrigues

Goa State Convenor,

Bharat Mukti Morcha,

48/2, P.O. Piedade, Vanxim,

ILHAS, Goa 403 403

Mobile No.: 992 333 6347


Date: 24/05/2023



The Chief Town Planner (Administration),

Town & Country Planning Department,

2nd Floor, Dempo Tower, Patto Plaza, Panaji – Goa. 403001


SUBJECT: Objections to the Amendments of the Goa Land Development & Building Construction Regulations, 2010 vide notification 21/1/TCP/(A)/2021/Steering Committee/675 published in Official Gazette- Govt. of Goa, dated 27/04/2023



We place before you our OBJECTIONS/ SUGGESTIONS regarding each amendment as follows;

1.     Amendment of Regulation 2: Clause (52), (52A), (52B) appears to have been amended in interest of the safety and good planning of buildings, by increasing the experience requirements of Graduate and Diploma Engineers, however we request that on similar grounds the Diploma in Architectural Engineering and Diploma in Architectural Assistantship pass outs also be recognised for planning of Residential buildings within similar limits. As otherwise the Government recognising its Diploma Civil Program for allowing planning which has no subject studies of regulations and not recognising its architectural program for the same planning is a conflict of not treating its Diploma programs on par to allow trained architectural pass outs their entrepreneurship options. Besides, these Building Regulations are treating Civil Engineers as eligible for both the regulations certificate and structural liability certificate, but not allowing the Architects for the same, on par with the same reasoning.

2.     Amendment of Regulation 6.A.3.1: Clause (e) is regarding housing to be allowed in Industrial zones of I-1, I-2 and I-3. The condition of minimum 10,000 m2 plot and maximum 2.5% of built up area has been relaxed to include plots with minimum 5000 m2 and increased the maximum extent to 7.5% of built up area, thereby defeating the very reason why a wide variety of utility spaces are being provided within the 15% and limiting the residences within the Industrial zones due to conflict in favourable and normal living conditions. Residential use is one of the uses prohibited in Industrial zones due to odd working hours, possible environmental pollution levels being on higher side affecting health conditions of the vulnerable and high risk people. This proposed amendment will undo that and convert all the utility spaces into residences thereby not just limiting the utilities availability but also adding residences in unfavourable and hazardous conditions. We therefore strongly object and demand that the said clause (e) be retained without any change as suggested by the said notification.

3.     Amendment of Regulation 6.A.3.1: Clause (i) has been added with (iii), (iv), (v). This completely threatens the very idea and objective of Eco-sensitive zones in the Regional Plan of Goa. The meaning of the word Agriculture and the use allowed in the existing paras which are proposed to be numbered (i) and (ii) is being completely contradicted, corrupted and will mislead the very concept of Agriculture which has been one of our traditional occupations. All the 3 new uses proposed in the 3 new clauses (iii) to (v) are all in complete contradiction to the meaning of agriculture, threatens the eco-sensitivity of our fragile coastal ecosystems, our traditional livelihoods and occupation, exposes the local communities to increased coastal risks, accelerates climate change crisis, contradicts many other mandated authorities who have painstakingly provided us well researched documents like the National Building Code, and completely tears down the defence protection that our eco-sensitive zones have built around us against climate change risks. This is a complete disaster of the environment in the waiting and if land use planning is not risk directed can be the sole cause of irreversible damage to the local environment which will prove to be very costly for Goa. The very basis of land uses or zones is supposed to be on the nature of the soil, but this amendment will force construction on cultivable soil as extensive as 30% which will be lakhs of sq.m. thereby exposing vast indigenous population to life threatening risks. We demand that to know from whom has all these proposals been received by your department or on whose request this is being inserted and the locations of such proposals which are under consideration by the authorities. The 3 talukas of Tiswadi, Bardez and Salcete are already listed as highly vulnerable to climate change risk and the impact will affect 50% of the state population. Is the TCP department prepared to take such a risk? Has it a disaster management plan for such eventuality. All this is also against the fundamental right to life and against the directive principles of the State being custodian of the environment against risks. We therefore very strongly demand that this said amendment to clause (i) be completely dropped and the original be maintained without any change.

4.     Amendment of Regulation 6.A.4: Note (4) is being substituted by “ Farm houses within A1 and A2 zones shall be permitted with maximum permissible FAR as provided in Annexure–XI, provided these lands are not classified as “Rice” (Paddy field) in Survey Records and “Forest”. However, in case of elevated land, recorded as rice in the Survey records and the land is not low lying and also not a “Forest”, farm houses shall be permitted, provided the minimum area of such land is not less than 10,000m2, the maximum ground coverage shall be limited to 2.5% and the maximum built up area shall be limited to 500m2 with a maximum height of 7.60m from the ground level to the eaves of the roof.” This dilutes the restriction of no construction in Rice fields and merely by the elevation of the rice fields it is free from such restriction actually exposes all the low lying rice fields to get illegally “elevated” as the ground reality of elevation will be undisputable proof, in light of no mention of any such elevation documents or records of the government which are suggested as proof of the elevation which the Note emphasizes on. Interestingly, the Morodd cultivated land of Rice in Goa will also be open to construct upon with farm houses of 500 sq.m. each thus destroying the sustainable cultivation model that Goa evolved with as per its soil conditions. Farmers of Goa are very well planned communities and have high integrity of protecting their cultivable lands from corrupt practices. It’s the approach of the builders lobby who are cashing on the poverty and innocence of the farmer to usurp his land against offer of money against the backdrop of no sustainable agricultural crops and income. If A1 and A2 is considered for construction, where will be the exclusive zones left for posterity, with roads built in, machinery requirements, etc the rest of the agricultural areas also will die a slow death as a consequence. We demand to know who are the proposers of such needs and where are these locations. The farmers’ Rice fields will get purchase offers with high bidding prices causing increasing pressure on the farmer to sell off. We therefore demand there should be no dilution of allowing farm houses in Rice or forest lands and the substitution of said Note be limited to “(4) Farm houses within A1 and A2 zones shall be permitted with maximum permissible FAR as provided in Annexure–XI, provided these lands are not classified as “Rice” (Paddy field) in Survey Records and “Forest” under Forest Act.”

5.     Amendment of Regulation 6.A.4: Note (16) proposes to substitute “Further, at the time of approval of development plans, minimum 6 meters wide right of way should be available on the site.”, with a new Annexure-XII, proposing new minimum width of road for Settlement, Industrial and Hotels/Resorts uses. Please note that in Table-VIII, the same 3 uses are listed with minimum road width as 6, 10 and 8 meters respectively and the existing Note (16) as existing regulation merely states that this minimum should be existing/available on site at the time of development. So overall it is noted that all the road widths proposed in the Annexure-XII are less than what is applicable now and the that too the effect of available on site at the time of development is deleted, meaning whatever Annexure-XII says can even be in proposed state and the project with such compromised road conditions will still get approved and constructed. At this rate all our villages are going to face a huge road safety impacts, congestion and pollution and a social unrest with the crowding and density increase without any supporting infrastructure. We strongly condemn the dilution of the Road widths, selectively only to the settlement, Industrial and Hotel/Resort uses, ambiguity in the language adopted “upto” “or”, no reasoning and study analysis is the background of such a proposition, why levels have been decided as 8 units and 180 units and what road widths to follow if it is 9 or 179 units, the increasing pressure on the existing road conditions, safety and security of the vulnerable local population, unprecedented increase in population density, social and economic unrest and huge health implications. We demand that the Note (16), should be retained as it is and no such change or addition of Annexure-XII be done to have a super riding effect on the minimum road widths available on site.

6.     Amendment of Regulation 10: Clause (f) inserted suggest that 20% Car park spaces will have to be made “Electric Vehicle Ready”. This will involve expenditure and consumption of power across the state. Is the state ready for the additional power needs and the resulting regulations to be put in place for its management? We convey that although this is in sync with the overall policy of phasing out conventional fuel consumption, it will also have burden on the power needs which itself is a concern and a bit more consideration for renewable energy policy could be made in this area. We highlight this approach required on this issue and the same may be conveyed to the respective departments for consideration.

7.     Amendment of Regulation 10: Clause (f): The inserted clause (f) is actually substituting the existing clause (f) which is about the ramp to the basement floor and the conditions governing its sizes and number. As such with a new clause inserted as (f), it is obvious the the existing one is being silently deleted without revealing it in the notification. Such practices in a public notification speaks of bad governance and needs to be not just corrected but publicly apologised for and renotification be issued in this regard.

8.     Amendment of Regulation 12.4: Clause (d) is substituted with new provisions to allow the 5% public utilities in open space in one parcel instead of multiple parcels. This will lead to concentration of construction areas in open spaces, lead to centralised locations of utilised, and completely overusing the open space instead of what it is meant for. No such proposed changes should be attempted and the clause should be retained as it is. 

9.      Amendment of Regulation 12.6: Clause (b) (iii) has been omitted and content is in context to regulating the sub-division of A1 and A2 zone. Omission of this clause omits the Table – XII(A), which will open the sub-division of the eco sensitive zones of A1 and A2 in any manner or rather diluted manner of 4000 sq.m. minimum plot size which otherwise had condition of minimum plot size of 10,000 sq.m. and 20,000 sq.m. for the higher area properties. Additionally, the ban of any further sub-division of plots partitioned after the 2021 effective regulations will get lifted subjecting to a number of plotted developments of the Eco-sensitive zones into small parcels and thereby creating pressure on the cultivable and eco-fragile land. These conditions are required to be maintained to deter sub-divisions of eco-sensitive zones and to retain them in an undisturbed manner. We demand that the omission of the said clause (b) (iii) be reconsidered and the same be retained without any change.

10.  Amendment of Regulation 12.7: Clause (a) (i) is proposed to be substituted with provisions of commercial utilities accommodated in the community spaces. All this is allowed to the owner, which effectively means the plot area of 5% in a property equal to 50,000 sq.m. is 2500 sq.m. and of 500,000 is 25,000 sq.m. such areas actually be in collective ownership of the plot holders in the sub-division and the commercial nature of the utilities amounts to allowing commercial uses as a back door entry to the project developers. These provisions are actually meant for the needs of a community which is large as the sub-division involves large areas between 5 ha. to 50 ha. Understandably if these uses are expanded then the 5% reserved areas for community utilities will get sublet as business models by the developer and ignore the community needs. 5% area of such large sub-division development is very justifiably needed to accommodate the community needs for their well being which is the main objective of Town and Country planning regulations. We demand that the clause (a) (i) be retained.

11.  Amendment of Regulation 22.4 (a): Sub-clause (i) has been numbered as (a) and then added with a sub-clause (b), which state that any unauthorised construction with area more than 500 sq.m. built before 31-12-2020 can be regularised with submissions of certain listed documents. This provision serves no purpose other than creating and complicating disputes on illegal possession, encroachment and construction on land which could belong to different individuals, organisations or communidades. Regularising an illegal unauthorised structure itself is against any form of justice and presenting a cut off date and compounding fees are mere cosmetics and flexible conditions which can be revised forever to accommodate all under the sun. Besides there have been number of court judgements which prohibit such provisions which are against the law, like the Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgement dated 28/01/2011 in Civil Appeal No.1132/2011 @SLP(C)No.3169/2011 (arising out of SLP(Civil) CC No.19869 of 2010, in which even the Government of Goa has presented a say that all encroachment on community land will be identified and the land restored to its original state. Also, the provisions being for construction above 500 sq.m. to be regularised suggest that the rich builders who have engaged in illegal constrictions will get protection under these regulations. The documentation condition mentions electricity/water bills and tax receipts conveniently not specifying what tax, bills which are in fact fundamental rights of any individual and has no bearing on the ownership rights in the land. We therefore, demand that this addition of (b) to the sub-clause (i) should be dropped and even the regulation 22.4 (a) be omitted. It also implies that the sub-clause (ii) does not continue to exist with all the new numbering, which means that the 3 times compounding fees to be levied on the less than 500 sq.m. regularisation proposals deems to be deleted. Thus implying that the unauthorised constructions are encouraged by the Town and Country planning department of Goa. These amendments are unacceptable and all proposed changes are to be dropped.

12.  Amendment of Regulation 22.5: Note to be added for this regulation allows a shift of 5% in building height and in setback area that too without any compounding fees. This is completely against the National Building Code and the fire safety parameters. Any interference or reduction in the setback areas is completely out of question as there are provisions to ensure that the building alignment is approved by the authorities before work gets started so there could be no such case of shift. And if at all there is, it can be detected early before starting construction and the same can be rectified to maintain the sanctity of the minimum setback areas. We therefore demand that the original provisions as in regulation 22.5 be retained without addition of any such said Note.

13. Amendment of Regulation Annexure-XI: Clause 2 and 3 has been substituted with certain increase in coverage and FAR from 5% to 10%. This is regarding farm house regulations which are being increased 3 times of the original, thus subjecting the green eco-sensitive zones to construction activity which is 2 times more. The maximum built up area of the farm house has also been proposed to be increased from 500 sq.m. to 1000 sq.m. This is the builders or second home building lobby requirement because 1000 m2 farm house will never be the requirement of a genuine farmer living in the green zones. This merely exposes all the eco-sensitive zones to a lot of purchase and construction activities in addition to all that we have commented in the earlier points. The green areas of Goa will be up for sale in plots of minimum 4000 sq.m. each with farm houses possible of 400 up to 1000 sq.m. each. Is this the green area model which the TCP department is planning for? We demand that this increase in Coverage and FAR to 10% be dropped and the increase of 1000 sq.m. of farm house area too be dropped. The Annexure-XI clauses 2 and 3 be reverted back to its original state without any change.

14.  Amendment of Regulation Annexure-XII: This Annexure has been completely replaced by another. The original Annexure as existing in the regulations provides for controlling excessive demand of power and in event of crossing a pre-established threshold of 500 kW the project proponent was encouraged to generate his own renewable energy. The applicability also has been listed in it, thus making the construction industry realise that power comes at a huge environmental cost and there has to be an equally huge effort in sustainable means of power. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency is mandated to this cause and under the PAT scheme of the Central Government already different category of buildings are listed as designated consumers for filing their energy consumption returns so as to monitor and regulate the energy consumption by efficiency passive and active measures. Dropping of these Energy Conservation Building Code from applicability to Goa is a very regressive step and is not in sync and mandate of the BEE and also the Government. Climate change crisis is at our doorstep and Goa which does not produce its own energy is proposing to build more in green zones extensively and with freely available and uncontrolled power to be provided on demand. We demand to know the reasons behind this change and whether the National Building Code and the BEE policies are not a mandate in Goa. We demand to restore the said Annexure-XII as is in existing regulations. 

Regarding the proposed replaced draft amendment for Annexure-XII allows relaxation of road widths for settlement, industrial and Hotels/Resorts. This reduction in road width has also diluted the “available on site” criteria and the carriage width having reduced further will increase the road problems leading to a social, economic and environmental crisis in our villages. Life will be at risk and congestion will be the norm of our village planning and development as suggested by the percentage of accidents and deaths on the roads. Besides more has already been commented in the point. No. 5 earlier. We demand that the effect of the Table VIII be restored and the proposed Annexure-XII be dropped and consequently the overriding effect also be dropped. 

It is also to be noted that the sub-committee and steering committee who are in charge of all these amendments are more populated by political leaders and business leaders rather than ecologist, environmentalist, sociologist and planners. This is a complete conflict of interest and positions are used as liasoning agents by all who have financial stakes in the construction industry. Land use planning which is so crucial in this age of climate crisis is in the hands of lobbies who will expectedly think of self interest than that of the communities or the land as a whole. 

This is completely reflected in the overall observations of construction in eco-sensitive zones, regularisation of large constructions, road widths compromised to smaller widths, open spaces sacrificed, farm house allowed are larger, sub-division of green zones conditions deleted, etc. None of these proposals appear to be an evaluated response from real time study nor from the risk informed climate crisis management point of view. Even the Energy efficiency code has been done away with, is the extent the business lobby is taking our small fragile eco-sensitive land of Goa for granted. The amendments ignore ground data and bypasses planning context laid out by the Regional Plan, create conflict in the regulations within themselves as well as in the very visionary exercise the regulations are supposed to be in any land use planning.

Finally, these amendments expose the Town and Country Planning Departments INABILITY to;

·       Control illegalities and rather approve them,

·       Improve the basic infrastructure and rather stress it out beyond levels of well being

·       Encourage construction activities in eco-sensitive zones against the very objective of identifying such zones in the Regional plan for their protection

·       Uphold the various court orders to stop illegal, unauthorised and encroached land and construction issues

·       Comprehend the increase in road accidents as a fallout of bad planning of road and the unavailability of proper widths for the carriage ways

·       Understand the power crisis in our state and the environmental damage we are facing to get power from long distance and yet not make energy efficiency provisions more compulsory than be dropped altogether

·       Understand that above all, land use planning should be risk informed in this age of climate crisis with high coastal vulnerability risk for Goa.

In view of all the above, we demand that all the above amendment proposals be scrapped and the same be prepared in a holistic manner by planning the Land use at the state level, district level and regional level along with the impacting land use regulations with the participation of the people of Goa as per their constitutional right. 

Development in Goa be carried ahead through Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP) enforcement through activation of State Level Empowered Committee headed by Chief Secretary of which Chief Town Planner is one of the 28 members.

Kindly take take note of the content of this letter and act accordingly without ignoring or bypassing.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Dr. Sebastiao A. Rodrigues

May God Set Goa Free From Resource Curse

Recent book release function in Panjim of "The Supreme Court of India and Intergenerational Equity: The Goa Mining Case" authored by Claude Alvares and Rahul Basu and dedicated to Hanuman Parab from Pissurlem, Sudeep Tamankar from Siolim, Ramesh Gauns from Bicholim, Shankar Jog from sacorda and Rama Velip from Colomba, Sanguem provoked me to think.

There are few things that deserve introspection under the category of 'Resource Curse' used in the above book.

1. Curse by its very nature is of supernatural origin with its source in demonic realm. Application of Resource Curse subtly transforms the discourse around mining in Goa to a supernatural level to a world of Demons and their counterparts- the Angels; these supernatural categories are largely ignored if not denied. Authors of this book must be credited with taking the discourse where it actually belonged. Alvares and Basu transcended natural realms to focus attention on workings of demons in Goa.

What is Curse?

A Curse is an action that is done to harm another with the help of demons. Curses are effective only if God allows them to have effect. (Interview with an Exorcist by : Insider's look at the Devil, Demonic Possesions and Path to Deliverance by Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea). To state that Goa is under Resource Curse means assume that God has allowed destruction of Goa. In fact this is one of the implications that flows out of the book that has long introduction from Upendra Bakshi.

2. Resource

The word 'resource' in the phrase 'resource curse' is attributed to the mineral wealth of Goa: Iron Ore, Manganese, Bauxite. Book acknowledges that minerals are responsible for making Goa lush and Green. Attribute of the term 'resource' to minerals in Goa however has serious implications. Its not an attribute of all humans but an attribute of those humans who exercise their intellectual faculties particularly in the realm of unjust economics to pop out such tags. So, in this context the word resource can safely be equated with arrogance.

3. Resource Curse

'Resource Curse' therefore can be easily deconstructed to mean the demons of arrogance. And looking critically as to how movement to stop mining in Goa is being shaped into movement that wants to re-start mining in Goa one can easily sniff role of demons in seeding ideas. Minerals existed in Goa for times immemorial without they becoming a curse for Goa. In fact they are a blessing. Demons inspired Industrial Destruction and spread its terrible tentacles into Goa in the last century. It is then from 1929 that minerals turned into Resource. Process of extraction got inspired by demons and thereafter turned into curse.

Right through the turn of this century. Few articulated sporadically in 1980s and 1990s in print but from 2001 onwards this arrogance got increasingly articulated in an organised manner. First offline. Then from 2007 offline as well as online at and beyond. Mineral extraction process was demonic. Alvares and Basu in their book applied right vocabulary. However they have goofed up in their solutions.

Mineral extraction is Curse. Anti-dote to it is certainly not more Mineral extraction through auctioning and subsequently intensification of Curse. Goa Foundation suggested to Supreme Court that minerals in Goa should be auctioned. Goa Government endorsed this proposition. With a hindsight it looks pre-fixed. Auctioning of Goa's Mineral wealth is not a solution for the Curse. This idea of auctioning is seeded by demons and articulated through Goa Foundation and Goa Government. It ensured that the demons will have uninterrupted innings at extraction even after termination of 88 mining leases.

Demons then moved from one step to another capturing minds. Those who opposed mining in Goa are found on page of the book that advocates mining in Goa and it is but demonic that such a dedication be made to Ramesh Gauns, Shankar Jog, Hanuman Parab and Rama Velip. Sudeep Tamankar was never involved in on ground protests against mining in Goa to the best of my knowledge and so nothing in this article is applicable to Sudeep Tamankar. None from the rest (Ramesh, Hanumant, Rama and Shankar) people are known to have advocated their stand for re-starting of mining through auctions during my conversations with them over the years.

The current frontal voices to re-start mining in Goa are Claude Alvares and Rahul Basu. Now this is demonic stronghold. 'Resource Curse' is imposed on them, dominated them intellectually and turned them into tools of demonic enterprise. They needs to be exorcised of demonic powers off their lives now threatening entire State of Goa.

Mining resistence increased gradually from April 2001 and manifested in Public domain from December 2007. Claude Alvares joined the coalition at this juncture that composed largely from Gawdas, Kunbi, Velip, Dhangar Federation who already had State wide network. Nevertheless to include more communities Goa Federation of Mines Affected People (GOAMAP) was formed in August 2008. Discussions centered around resistence to mining because it destroyed local occupations, dried up water sources, created air pollution, used dynamite, destroyed people's houses, silted rivers, destroyed agriculture and horticulture etc.

Discussion of this topic at the book release functions was a sharp departure from perils of mining that was discussed.  Application of Curse then convinced me that it is demonic powers that has taken charge of what once was resistence space of mining movement in Goa. This space now stand captured, absorbed by demons for demonic ends. Claude Alvares speaking at the function on March 15, 2023 proclaimed that he is in support of mining in Goa with justification that we all use metals. Al were using metals in 2008 too when Claude Alvares published his book "Goa Sweet Land of Mine" where in he stated that Mining has dismembered Goa. This change in stand of Claude Alvares was like thrusting dagger inside our hearts: A complete coup d'tat of the movement that stood in opposition to mineral extraction in Goa. It did not pain or shock me because it was anticipated worst case scenario played in front of our eyes.

Time has arrived to realize that it is not Claude Alvares who is in command but the demons as the source of resource Curse. Appropriate response is needed or as Rama Velip, one of those to whom the book is dedicated tells me "In our hands we will be chopping our own legs if ideas in this book are enforced and mining resumes due to auctioning."

Should Goa be handed over to the highest bidder? People of Goa are lured into calculations of how much will come into their account simply by doing nothing as more land gets under mining and undermined. Is Rahul Basu leading Goa for another mega collapse after Enron Dhabol Power Project? My Economics Professor (Vasco Pinho) at St. Xavier's College, Mapusa once explained to us the meaning SCAM as Somebody Cutting Away Money. Isn't this apt description for GMM - Goenchi Mati Movement?

Someone connected with mining movement and cares deeply for Goa expressed "Indigenous Goans always spoke about our natural resource wealth as being a gift from God. Our folk songs and stories, our Konkani songs celebrate this wealth as a gift from God and to Indigenous People extraction of their minerals means their wealth is being looted big time by those who are cursed to perpetuate evil upon others. Rahul Basu should have never used the phrase 'resourse curse', to an attribute of Goa that is so precious to it's people. He shouldn't be using such terms simply because he wants to project himself as an handler of some great concepts at  international and national conferences where he is invited to give presentations on Goan people's movement to preserve the natural wealth of Goa. By using such fancy terms he also wants to project that indigenous people cannot come up with such concepts. And that he is some sort of a Saviour. The term 'resource curse' also shows the complete polarity between the mindset of the mining affected people and the mindset of Rahul Basu, the chief proponent of resource curse in Goa."

Mainstream Indigenous view is that nature through custodianship is to be securely handed over to the next generation for from them that they have loaned it.

Custodianship notion applied through Goenchi Mati Movement (GMM) is to monetize and liquidate Goa's underground minerals. GMM thus comes across as crafty movement to sell of Goa's soil and minerals underneath. Truly demonic powers at play. GMM is nasty virus that needs to be eradicated from the soil of Goa.

Someone passionate about Goa communicated with me on this "Into whose bank account do they want to share the mining funds?

Into the bank accounts of those who have coveted Goa's natural wealth and than destroyed it?

Into the bank accounts of those who have destroyed our hills to build their fancy eyesore  bungalows for the want of a view  of our fields and beaches?

Into the bank accounts of those who have destroyed our khazan lands to build their eyesore bungalows for the want of a view of our Hills?

Yes minning affected people should be compensated , and that's what the funds must be utilised for they have lost their children to accidents, many lost their health, they were put through so much distress, wading through the dirt and dust to reach schools and work places , they lost their food sources and water sources.

Even our natural beauty is being mined for money in the name of views. When we had systems such as Gaunkaries in place that knew how to share the profits gained through an agrarian economy, does one think that indigenous people don't understand intergenerational equity or some such jargon terms that they are coining 'for the same idea that existed in Goa for so long?

Rahul Basu used the same concept of the communidade system camouflaged it using some  fancy terms, in order to  bestow  indigenous rights upon the new super rich settlers in Goa who have already destroyed it.
So by default they too will be on par with indigenous people. Even more so."

Dangerous Implications

This discourse is bound to affect public mindset regarding resistence to mining in Goa. In future there is a looming danger that people instead of opposing mining industry for all that is disastrous will be calculating as to how much stands to be credited in personal account as profit share from mining. Attitude of care-a-dam to verdant forest, rivers, agriculture to be destroyed by mining industry is likely to set in. This is consequence that we need to guard against very vigilantly. And for this purpose of staying vigilant and intervene effectively is dedicated this piece of my writings. Do communicate back with your thoughts, fears, doubts, reflections, creativity and suggestions by posting your comments below.

God Bless Goa and protect us from Demons and their minions!

May God guide us in every step we take and grant us victory over demons!

May God set us free from every prevailing curse including resource curse!

Sebastian Rodrigues

Saturday 13 May 2023

In Front of Ribandar Coastal Security Police Station Illegal Sand Miners Feel Safe And Secure

100 meters in front of Ribandar Coastal Security Police Station illegal sand mining flourish in Mandovi

Around 08 big cannoes were seen carrying on illegal sand mining in Mandovi river on mid-night of May 12-13, 2023 barely 100 meters from Coastal Security Police Station at Ribandar. Complaint was lodged on 112 Emergency Service as well as Police Inspector, Coastal Security Police Station, Ribandar on his mobile phone 7875756099 at 11.30 pm.

Goa Police Station personnel came to the Ribandar -Divar Ferry spot at 00.10 am. They came in one Jeep and one two-wheeler. All together six policemen came. Four in uniform and two in civil clothes.

Visit was also made to the office of Coastal Security Police Station at 11.35 pm. Cops there were surprised to know that hundred meters away visibly sand mining is going in front of the Coastal Security Police Station, Ribandar. Police there on duty came out to see if that's true. After confirming he assured that he will call other Police personell and dispatch patrol boat to nab illegal sand miners in Mandovi. 

By 00.15 am boats moved 200 hundred meters upwards towards East little beyond the Ferry Jetty and stopped to continue sand extraction illegally. Patrol boat of Coastal Security Police never turned up. We don't know the reasons for they never got communicated. Last we heard about the Patrol boat was that Goa CM Dr. P. Sawant was operating. We don't know if the boat has been taken by him to destination of his choice.

Police at the Ribandar-Divar Ferry Jetty said that their duty is on land and water duty belong to Coastal Security Police Station. And now they will go. They were told to follow up the cannoe route. Police were reluctant and replied that they have no time to do so.

From this experience it is clear that Police telephone complaint was leaked to the cannoes in Mandovi waters. There is well oiled nexus between the Police and illegal sand mining cannoes.

Previous night of May 11-12, 2023 these cannoes carried  on illegal sand mining near Vitogem, Diwar from 00.00 hours to 04.00 hours.

This is an indication that illegal San mining operators are turning into mafia. Goa administration is colluding with illegal sand miners in this manner.

Post Script

Later at 1.25 am an ASI named Chopdekar from Coastal Security Police Station, Ribandar called up to inquire as to where the sand mining was going on. When questioned as to why so much the delay in responding he answered saying that his team had gone to answer call at Amona Bridge. When location was disclosed he said that currently no boats are seen. Possibility of cops speaking truth is reputed to be remote. Further when questioned about status of Patrol boat he disclosed that the said boat is on G-20 duty. Other small boat has no trained staff to navigate as the regular staff is posted on G-20 duty. This further confirms toothless nature of policing in Goa's rivers.

Seby Rodrigues

Sunday 7 May 2023

Arch. Elsa Fernandes files criminal defamation complaint at Old Goa Police Station

From: Arch. Elsa Fernandes

 H. No. 1236, Segundo Bairo,

Santa Cruz – Goa

Ph. No. 09822130241


Date: 28th April 2023



The Police Inspector,

Old Goa Police Station

Old Goa – Goa

Subject: Police Complaint against Mr Justiniano Ciriaco Fernandes alias Justin De St. Cruz, Mr Felipe Barreto and Mr Jaime Jeoffrey Romano Gonsalves for defamation and discrimination against me.


Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that a person named Mr Justiniano Ciriaco Fernandes alias Justin De St. Cruz, a resident of H. No. 1003, Behind Santa Cruz High School, Premeiro Bairo Ward, Santa Cruz, Tiswadi – Goa 403005, Contact No.: 9657234056, Mr Felipe Barreto, Owner of V4U Studio, having his studio at V. N. Naik Road, Ambaji, Margao - Goa 403602, Contact No.: 09822165251 and Mr Jaime Jeoffrey Romano Gonsalves, Owner of 7N Creation Photography & Videography, having his residence at H. No. 248, Gudiwada, Neura, Pilar – Goa 403104, Contact No. 07507047753, collectively, severally and jointly created, wrote, composed, sang, videographed, published and then circulated a Konkani Song titled ‘Soth Tem Soth’.

That the abovementioned song was published and circulated on YouTube on Justin de St. Cruz Channel, subscribed by 6,91,000 followers on 5th April, 2023, by the abovementioned Accused No. 1, Mr Justiniano Ciriaco Fernandes alias Justin De St. Cruz. That furthermore, the said Song has already been viewed by 23,538 viewers as on 27th April, 2023.

That at the behest of the abovenamed accused, the song has been re-published and re-circulated on Goa News Hub Channel subscribed by 9,83,000 followers and has been viewed by 3,661 viewers as on 27th April, 2023.

That besides the abovementioned channels, the song has been published and circulated on several Whatsapp groups, Instagram and other social media channels.

That it may be known that several fallacious, erroneous, distorted, inaccurate, discriminatory and fictitious words and gestures are made against me with the aim to tarnish my name and goodwill, in the abovementioned Song. In addition, racist, bigoted and discriminatory words and gestures, are also used against me, downrightly defaming me, both in a libellous and slanderous manner.

That I am a respectable Environmental Architect, Professor, Researcher, Architectural Expert, IGBC Accredited Professional, Expert Panel Member of several Governmental and Non – Governmental Environmental and Village Planning Boards, as well as a upstanding and upright citizen of Goa and India, as a whole and that I have earned the same through my uninterrupted, incessant and continuous hardwork, dedication, diligence and commitment for over 40 years, and that the abovementioned song has caused incomputable loss and damage to my reputation and goodwill.

That usage of libellous, slanderous and discriminatory words and gestures in the Song published and circulated jointly and collectively by the abovementioned three accused amounts to a criminal offence punishable with fine as well as imprisonment under Section 499, 500, 502, 153A, 505 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, as well is violative of Article 15 of the Constitution of India.

That I am informed that the three accused have also earned unlawful monies at the cost of my reputation, from the creation, publication and circulation of the abovementioned Song.



That I am utterly and completely aggrieved by the repulsive, criminal, unlawful and delinquent behaviour jointly and severally displayed by the above three Accused.


That on account of the abovementioned you are requested to take strict action and proceed under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and any other law that your honourable office may deem fit.


Hoping for a speedy remedy and action from your honourable office.



Yours Sincerely,




Arch. Elsa Fernandes






Friday 5 May 2023

Voice of Caurem People

Goa's ecology benefitted greatly after mining in Goa was stopped from 2012. Over the past few years however some miners are at work to resume the ugly mining yet again. Let's look at Caurem village in Goa's Quepem Taluka.

Goa Government had called for the Public Hearing on April 11, 2023 and its suddenly called off. One mining company had proposed to mine beautiful Forest land on top of Zamblidadga mountain to extract Iron ore and Manganese. To oppose this plan Gawda, Kunbi, Velip and Dhangar Federation (GAKUVED) moved Goa Bench of Bombay High Court calling for enforcement of Forest Rights Act, 2006.

Public Hearing was fixed to be held in Quepem's Maina village as part of consultative process required by law. According to the Terms of Reference issued by the State Government mining company is required to hold mandatory Public Hearing before starting of any activity of excavation on ground.

People has stacked their claims over this Forest land with concerned government offices six years ago.

To deliberate this issue Caurem Gram Sabha meeting passed two unanimous resolutions. First, the survey number 19 be brought under the purview of Forest Rights Act. Second, Forest land in this survey number should not be diverted for any mining or industrial projects.

Miner Pradnya Zoivont Pai Kano has prepared 768 page draft Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Report under Environment Protection Act 1986 to put before public. According to this report depth of the proposed mine will go upto 173 meters deep in ground to extract minerals. Water found in the ground is permitted by Water Resources Department to be pumped out and sold at the rate of 720,000 litres per day. Further this extracted water is permitted to be transported through GPS attached water tankers. Who benefits here?

We know that for the past 22 years Pissurlem farmers are asking for supply of water stocked in their village mining pits to be supplied to cultivate paddy fields. State Government has put all these demands on deaf ear while it has permitted miners in Caurem to extract and sell water. Is this correct?

Draft EIA report notes that Caurem mine when it starts will provide employment for 52 people. According to individual Forest Rights claims filed with State Authorities 149 families are dependent upon this Forest land for their livelihood in the form of Cashew and allied activities. If each family is assumed to be consisting of 04 people then total number of people depending on this forest land for their livelihoods is 496. So in order to create employment for 52 people through mining employment of 496 people will be stopped. What Justice is this?

Goa's mining history is 94 years old. First mining lease was granted in 1929. Few people accumulated huge wealth from mining in Goa. This has led to frightening impacts on society and ecology of Goa. In this context will the voice of Caurem people be the beacon of Hope?

Seby Rodrigues

Konkani version of this article was published in daily oHeraldo published from Panjim, Goa on Sunday, April 23, 2023.

Click here to access the Konkani version. 

Tuesday 2 May 2023

Call to stop police harrasment of youth Royen Fenandes

Please call up Colva Police Station on its landline 0832-2788396 and lodge your protest against Police harassment to Royen Fernandes of Benaulim

According to the information just received talented youth Royen Fernandes from Benaulim has been repeatedly called to Colva Police Station headed by Police Inspector Theron D'costa without serving call letter. This makes Police engagement with Royen Fernandes suspicious.

According to the details available Police campaign started against Royen for unknown reasons on Friday April 28, 2023 when he received call from lady Police officer connected to Colva Police Station at night time 10:54 pm calling Royen to the police station. Mobile number used to make this call to Royen is 7030948254. Royen is a male and not female.

This was followed by Police Jeep visit to Royen's residence at around 10.30 am on Saturday April 29, 2023. Jeep had two male policemen and one lady police. They too did not serve any call letter to Royen Fernandes and called him to the Colva Police Station. Royen was not at home. Cops then kept verbal message with Royen's uncle that Police will arrest Royen in the night time. This is further cause of suspecting police action. Names and buckle numbers of these police personnel is not yet known. Police Jeep registration number needs to be traced. These details are needed to file compliant against these policemen before Police Complaints Authority headed by a retired Judge.

Next today, Tuesday, May 02, 2023 one policeman on motorcycle visited Royen's residence at 6.30 pm and wanted Royen to come to Colva Police Station. Royen did not go and asked for call letter. Police did not serve any call letter this time too.

Then after few minutes at 06.43 pm Royen received another phone call from 8975356753 who identified as policemen attached to Colva Police Station and asked Royen to report at Colva Police Station.

Theron Fernandes is known ro be acting under political pressure and trapping innocent people speaking out against injustice. While he was PSI at Coastal Security Police Station at Harbor, Vasco he contributed towards successful framing of Sanjay and Cosme in false case filed by purse seiners from Vasco : Gracias Coutinho and two others. He registered criminal case, filed FIR, Submitted the charge-sheet to two courts in Vasco - deputy collector and senior division at Vasco, and made sure that harassment is prolonged in duration. It continues from 2019 till date and Deputy Collector has already thrown out the case. He derived some sadistic pleasure from such cruel act. This deed will keep haunding him time and again. Click here to know more on how PI Theron D'costa functioned while serving as PSI in Harbour Coastal Security Police Station.