Saturday 30 November 2013

In defense of Fr.Pratap Naik, Romi Konkni and Marathi: Goa alliance towards mulnivasi liberation

Raju Nayak, the editor of Lokmat - Goa Edition, Goa edition wrote long and highly controversial article involving Fr.Pratap Naik s.j, Romi Konkni protagonist labeling him as ‘terrorist’ in an attempt to tarnish his contribution to the movement of mulnivasi people of Goa and to trigger off regionalism and casteism. The article was published in Marathi in Lokmat on 27th October 2013 with title “Adharmakaran”. The article is fine blend of truth, lies and prejudices that seeks to absolve Bamons of Goa from their nefarious acts. Here are some selected extracts from the article accompanied with critical comments from Sebastian Rodrigues. Comments are indicated in colored text.

The above picture shows Fr.Pratap Naik s.j addressing 5th BAMCEF Goa State Convention in Panjim held on 27th October 2013. Also seen on the dais is Hon.D.R.Ohol, National Campaigner of BAMCEF, Janardhan Tamakar, Ramnath Naik, Milan Nare and Mohammad Salim all of whom also spoke on the day. Several others also spoke exposing the bamani system operating in Goa and in India.

1.       Because of religion country is partitioned. This is false. Country was split so that Bamons can have control. Gandhi functioned as stooge of Brahmins even though he was baniya (Vyashya). He was shot dead by Brahmin so that Banias (Vyashyas) will not pose competition for power.

2.       In Goa’s cultural field church has caused havoc provoking split in society. The Church is attacked here because Fr.Pratap Naik spoke the truth and exposed the Bamani conspiracy behind suppressing Romi Konkani. This is an attempt to divert attention and cover up Bamons’ disgraceful role. In any case in this very article Raju Nayak, a bamon himself, has admitted that Church in Goa is controlled by Bamons.

3.       Church does not want to transform Goa into modern, progressive society. It wants to build society on sole self interest, and self-minded ideals. Ideals of modernity does not come from one true living God and prayer to which church is dedicated to. The word ‘progressive’ is widely used to camouflage assaults from evil and persecute the Church as it was the case in various part of the world – French Revolution, Mexican Revolution, Russian Revolution. 

4.       This policy is followed in order to keep itself away from Hindus. The word ‘Hindu’ is from Persian dictionary that has three meanings – black, thief and slave. It was used by mughals who ruled India for 700 years with arrangement of power sharing with Brahmins who are also Euressian invaders in India as per Tilak and Nehru. Church has a message of freedom and it will not admit slavery until the enslavement is ended.

5.       This same policy is embarked from Portuguese colonial days when Christianity was State religion. There is no guilt in following this policy.

6.       After messing up with medium of instruction now they want to mess up language issue in Goa. Medium of instruction is a conspiracy created by Bamons so that the intellectual progress of our students in schools remains in the state of contended ignorance for the bamons to prolong their illegitimate rule little longer. The cracks are visible and it is only a matter of time that its edifice collapses. No Bamon would like to admit that they are manipulating language issue on non-stop basis. This is their conspiracy as a part of package of conspiracies in education like doing away with exams till std VIII. The conspiracy is national in nature. Bamons cause these problems from behind the curtain. Fr.Pratap Naik has uncovered the curtain.

7.       The real object is not language but to split society. This is desperate attempt to cover up Bamon raj that Fr.Pratap boldy exposed. No society is getting split, only Bamons and their nefarious role are getting exposed in the process and it is inevitable.

8.       Fr.Pratap Naik has become icon of Konkani. So let him. All power and strength to him!

9.       From the stage he delivers extremely casteist speeches triggering mind boggling conspiracies. His speeches are directed only to unravel the truth that Bamons have conspired to suppress mulnivasi people by concocting devnagri Konkani and imposing it by means of deceit.

10.   Chief aim of Fr.Pratap Naik is to create split in society. Whenever Bamon raj is in danger bamons shout from the roof top that society is in danger or nation is in danger or religion is danger. Raju Nayak provides excellent evidence of this in this article.

11.   In the language issue he is poisoning society. He is not poisoning society he is creating awareness about the oppression of Bamon Raj and exercising his call to do away with it. He needs to be supported by one and all. Bharat Mukti Morcha congratulates him for this.

12.   They before yesterday while speaking against devnagri Konkani he spoke against Saraswat samaj. This is very good. Hats off to Fr.Pratap Naik!

13.   He knows that Saraswats will not retaliate against him. Saraswats retaliated against him through Sunaprat articles where Raju Nayak himself was an editor. This article itself is retaliation from Saraswat.

14.   Instead of Hindu Saraswat he wants to dominate Christian bamons. There is no difference between the two, besides as per directions of Shenoy Goembab allias Valalkar Varde Hindu bamons and Christian bamons has to merge together and rule Goa. His book ‘Kahi Marathi Lekh’ written and and published in Bombai in 1945 is even dedicated to the younger generations of Bamons. He is completely casteist and his birth centrunary was sought to be celebrated by Manohar Parrikar in his earlier stint as Chief Minister.

15.   This is because bamons dominate church in Goa. This honest admission from Raju Nayak. Goa’s Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao is a Bamon and he sold Vanxim to another Bamon Mahendra Gaunkar without taking people Vanxim into confidence. He also seeking to evict mulnviasi Priest Fr.Saluzinho Vaz from Infant Jesus Chapel, Murida, Cuncolim by police force under the control of another Bamon Manohar Parrikar, the home minister of Goa. So here we go: Bamon dominate Church as well as State in Goa. This is so disgusting.

16.   This domination of bamons is crystal clear and visible in the process of appointment of Bishop. No dispute on this either. The current Archbishop Ferrao is a live example.

17.   It is the Bamon policies that are implemented through Church objectives/policies. This is so true too!

18.   During past few years there is an attempt to break this Bamon hegemony over church in Goa. It would be nice if Raju Nayak was more explicit on this. But surely there are signs of revolt against bamon Raj inside the Church and increasing awareness.

19.   This casteism has become intensive during the past 20 years and some firebrand priests using their talents and organizing capability are trying to defeat the Church objectives. The word ‘casteism’ is not correct to use here. It is the freedom movement from Bamany tyranny that worships satan in subtle forms. The priests who involved in this battle deserves to be supported although they are no named in this article.

20.   These priests then get involved in politics. Contesting elections is banned for priests by Cannon Law that governs the church. True, some priests do get involved in open campaigning during elections. This is to be discouraged.

21.   There is debate now that Bishop has no control over Priests in Goa. Let the debate go on.

22.   These days it has become common phenomena for parishioners to accuse priests of financial irregularities, lobbying to keep control of important churches, direst participation of in elections, unnecessary interference in village unwanted matters, and allegations of sexual harassment. This is indeed true. In some cases there is basis for protests of the parishioners like in Sanvordem case where lottery scam of Rs.30 lakh is committed and Archbishop is involved in covering up the truth. Satan has cords of control over Goa Archbishop and it is evident from the way things unfolded in Sanvordem.

23.   Priests have to take the vows of obedience but they live in luxury. Lifestyles of some priests will leave even Jesus Christ sucking his figures. There is truth in luxurious lifestyle of the priests but why Raju Nayak excludes Archbishop and his lifestyle? Is it because he is also Bamon like Raju Nayak? Diocesan priests does not have vow of obedience and they are free to chart out their initiatives even against will of the Archbishop. Jesus Christ is all forgiving God and never sucks his figures instead he suffers on Calvary and willingly got crucified on Cross. 

24.   Fr.Naik has become desperate and hopeless and playing around his own life. This is a character assassination of Fr. Naik who is a mulnivasi priest from a Bamon writer Raju Nayak. Rightly the effigy of Raju nayak was burned in protests in Valpoi and police cases registered in Ponda and Verem police stations.

25.   He is not Goan. True. Dr.Ambedkar, Jyotibha Phule, Shahu Maharaj also were not Goan.
26.   He is not even from Mangalore. May be. Dr.Ambedkar, Jyotibha Phule, Shahu Maharaj also were not from Mangalore.

27.   Pundalik Naik even said that Fr.Pratap Naik’s mother tongue is not konkni. Pundalik Naik’s morality is reflected from the dedication of his novel ‘Bamber’. It is not surprising that Pundlik Naik has been brought into the discussion about Fr.Pratap Naik. The two are poles apart. Fr.Pratap Naik is exposing Bamon Raj while Pundalik Naik is inside the camp of Bamons. He will obviously cast stones at Fr.Pratap Naik as this priest has refused to admit tentacles of bamani slavery dished out through devnagri Konkni.

28.   Fr.Pratap Naik has doctorate in Linguistic. That’s very nice.

29.   He was given charge of St. Stephen Kendra. That time he accepted Devnagri Konkani. This is true.

30.   Then he changed to such an extend as to call devnagri Konkni  a dialect and not language. This is also true.

31.   When he is calling himself linguist how can he change? The linguists who are honest to themselves change when they see new light on the surface. And there is plenty of light surrounding Fr.Pratap Naik and it is reflected around him even in the cartoon intended to demonize him with thorns and tail and with Trishul in his hand. Light cannot be hidden. It shines even in the all pervasive darkness of bamon raj.

32.   After finishing his doctorate he expected to be facilitated widely in Konkani world. This did not happen. That’s why his ego is hurt. Political phenomena of Bamani oppression is sought to be reduced to personal petty issue. This is typical way of slandering that Raju Nayak and his saraswat colleagues are so good at them. Full marks here!

33.   That’s why he turned venomous. It is duty of every human being to revolt against oppressive situation and Fr.Pratap is doing exactly this. What is venom for Bamons in Goa is honey for mulnivasis in Goa.

34.   In 2005 he resigned from membership of Konkani Academy citing that Academy is causing injustice to Romi Konkani. That’s very good. Congratulations to Fr.Pratap!

35.   Once he accused Archbishop on his face at public function that he has done nothing for Romi Konkani. Bishop was shocked. Archbishop called him and fired him well. If this is indeed true then Fr.Pratp deserves all the praises. Archbishop is doing too many wrong things and very few priests can stand up and tell him that on his face. This proves that Fr.Pratap Naik is brave and upright priest of God.

36.   He fell from the eyes of the Church and then went aside and took side of Romi Konkani. This is not true. He might have fallen from the eyes of the Archbishop because of his forthright attitude. Goa Archbishop does not like such people and nor does Raju Nayk loves them! The Archbishop’s house itself is in the control of the fallen angel – the Lucifer and the fruits of the work of the Archbishop are self evident – sale of Vanxim, Repression of Fr.Saluzinho Vaz, cover up in Sanvordem lottery scam, etc. The light around him led Fr.Pratap to side of Romi Konkani and not any other reason.

37.   He thought that his self-intent will be fulfilled through this switching of sides. Which self-intent? Is it to expose bamon Raj? If yes, then it is very good.

38.   He incited Christian brethren and changed their minds. This is so pleasing. But the is a man who changed Fr.Pratap Naik’s view and that man is Ramnath Naik who is an encyclopedia of bamani conspiracy behind language controversy in Goa. Ramnath delivered lecture on this at Xaviers Centre for Historical Research, Porvorim half a decade ago.

39.   In political arena he wants to generate agitations that will surpass Konkani agitation with regard to unleashing of violence. This is how bamons react, creating fear of violence amongst public. Yet they will never criticize Gandhi for creating largest scale violence with a one call of ‘do or die’ on 9th August 1942. They never admit that independence is won on the violence unleashed by Gandhi and to cover up they go on propagating Gandhi was non-violent. Now they are forecasting that Fr.Pratap will generate violent waves of protests (against Bamons?).

40.   In 1987 Konkani agitation went away from the hands of devnagri leaders into the hands of religious tensions. No one can deny this. Violence was deliberately resorted to so that bamons and their leader Uday Bhembre can cunningly impose devnagri Konkni as official language of Goa.

41.   Fr.Pratap has erected pillar of venom when large number of Christian students studying devnagri kaonkani. No. Fr.Pratap has not spilled venom. He has spoken the truth. The truth hurts and Bamons perceive it as venom!

42.   In 2008 Fr.Naik made explosive speech for cultural conference and after that Tiatr Academy got set up and Dalgado academy was poured with funds but Fr.Pratap was not satisfied. Very good! Fr.Pratap has been credit with setting up of Tiatr Academy and pouring funds to Delgado Academy! Well done Fr.Pratap! this speech is labeled as explosive by Raju Nayak as bamons approach towards bulldozing devnagri konkni over State of Goa is that of terrorist (Akondvadi). The tag of ‘terrorist’ that Fr.Pratap Naik gave to Bamons is sought to be returned back to Fr.Pratap through this article of Raju Nayak.

43.   Fr.Pratap went on making explosive speeches and that’s why Catholics went way from him. That’s very good. Even Jesus whom Fr.Pratap serves was also deserted by every one of his follower and was left to be crucified and die alone. Even heavenly Father abandoned him to die. And yet through his death he scored a stunning victory over the army of the forces of darkness with sensational resurrection. It is therefore no big deal if Fr.Pratap are left with no Catholics around him. They will come when time is ripe. That should not be worry to Bamons of Goa.

44.   Amongst Roman Catholics now there is difference (bhed) with Fr.Pratap. It is not a big deal to have differences. Jesus himself came to set the earth on fire. He came to set one against another. Truth will always go against falsities. The two will not reconcile. The differences are inevitable. The existence of differences does not necessarily thwart the onward march of the movement of Romi Konkani-Marathi together.

45.   When he realized that he cannot work with Roman Konkni protagonists he collaborated with Marathi protagonists! This is not the realization. The true realization is that when it dawned to Ramnath Naik that Marathi and Romi Konkani has common enemies and they are Bomons of Goa. Ramnath Naik is the one who brought about awareness to Catholics in Goa as to how bamons have conspired to suppress Romi Konkani as well as Marathi. Raju Nayak has no courage to write against Ramnath Naik. Instead in order to end this collaboration Raju Naik has published this type of nasty breakfast.

46.   Last week on stage for press conference there was not a single Roman Konkani protagonist with him because they are not terrorists to the degree of Fr.Pratap. Calling Raman Konkani protagonists terrorist and Fr.Pratap a terrorist of higher degree only reflects the frustration and desperation of bamons in Goa. Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns Raju Nayak for tagging Roman Konkani Protogonists as ‘terrorists’.

47.   Tomazinho cannot say that devnagri is conspiracy created by Saraswats. He cannot even take stand that along with Roman Konkani Marathi also must be made Goa’s State language. True for now. But ones he sees the light of truth and gathers courage to stand up for it Tomazinho will say that devangri is a conspiracy created by Saraswats and will also stand to make Raman Konkani along with Marathi state languages of Goa and repeal devangri. And even if Tomazinho Cardozo does not realize his folly of remaining attached to bamon raj as their lackey the objective truth will continue to surface irrespective of some getting bitter about it. Act of omissions of Tomazinho Cardozo will not prevent the march of Romi konkni and Marathi towards intellectual vibrancy and mulnivasi freedom.

48.   Roman Konkani protagonists know that even as hypothesis if they take stand to side Marathi then Christian society will not forgive them. Bamons are so confident that the division that that they created during opinion poll will last forever.

49.   Fr.Pratap can speak alone in press conference but if he goes ahead and calls joint meeting of supporters of Romi Konkani and Marathi no none will come. Time will prove. No reason for bamons to worry.

50.   According to an intellectual it is common understanding now that devnagri konkni has done injustice to Roman Konkani. Roman Konkani protagonists has lost the war long time ago; they should chart out their way independently not by going along with Marathi. Opinion of an unnamed intellectual need not be the imposed on readers. This intellectual has no courage to come out openly with his name. Most probably there is no such intellectual anywhere other than in the figment of imagination of Raju Nayak.

51.   Christian intellectual admit that the reason for failure of Romi Konkni movement is absence of intellectual leadership. But Fr.Pratap cannot lead as he is not Goan and he does not even have reputation that he is a leader of great capability. In addition he has not even sweated out in konkni agitation. After Konkani was declared State language he came to Goa. The Christian intellectual who cannot even disclose his name cannot be taken seriously. Raju Nayak is indulging in cock and bull stories for the reasons best known to him. When bamon writes and speaks  he has only one intention supremacy of Brahmanism and Raju Nayak is no different.

52.   That’s why he cannot claim that “I represent Christian People”. His claims are laughable. Not sure is who is to be laughed at whether Fr.Pratap to be laughed at or Raju Nayak for basing his case on anonymous intellectuals. Not even sure as to what is the color of his journalism, yellow or some other colour.

53.   While speaking about Konkani and its rights he speaks in English. True. What’s wrong? In which language struggle for devnagri was fought? Marathi!

54.   Did Catholics in Goa ever learn Konkani? After victory of Konkani, Chiristian intellectuals and litterateurs neglected Romi Konkani. This is the truth. Manusmriti permits Bamons to present falsity as truth. We got to take Raju Nayak’s writing with a pinch of salt.

55.   These upper caste Brahmins even ignored Tiatrs as of low status. This is true.

56.   People going for Tiatr are dwindling today. Today’s generation is strength as well as weakness of Tiatrs. Perhaps Raju Nayak has statistics on this. Raju Nayak is worried about strengths or weaknesses?

57.   Even in devnagri Proffesional journalists, Publishers, Dramatists and Litterateurs are not getting formed, and this is regrettable. If this is the case then it should revoked as official language immediately.

58.   Marathi literature world is in despair today. Oh really?

59.   Marathi newspapers are sold in Goa today but where is market for books? Drama ‘nataks’ are stopped! Who mastered launched vicious campaigns against nataks in 1970s? The role of Bamons in stopping Marathi nataks in Goa is well documented in books of Ramnath Naik.

60.   Unfortunately Devnagri, Roman and Marathi’s progress is throttled by historic differences and hatred. No. It is through suppression of Raman Konkani and Marathi, and imposition of devangri with deceit the progress of mulnivasis in Goa is throttled.

61.   And to increase this differences and hatred non-goans like Fr.Pratap Naik dedicated. They came as priests and undertake irreligious conspiracies. They are not bothered at all about Goa. Tomorrow they will leave Goa but leave their venom of irreligion. This clear bamani conspiracy to promote regionalism – a fight between Goans and non-Goans- so that Fr.Pratap Naik will get isolated from movement in Goa. But Bamons are not the alfa and omega of Goa. Their conspiracies are so visible now. Fr.Pratap Naik in collaboration with another mulnivasi Ramnath Naik has collaborated to bring about tremendous awareness amongst people of Goa. We are no bothered whether you are from Goa or Mangalore or from Kashmir. The light that you have focused on Goa will serve as a beacon for a discerning mind. Let the Bamons keep their malice and hatred to themselves and not mess around with affairs of mulnivasis any longer. Its time to say enough is enough. The all round loot and plunder deceit and cheating which leveled mulnivasis for many generations are legendary. All this Bamons did only because they are Eurasian invaders and they wanted to rule over mulnivasis in india. Language is one area in which they carried on their devilish policy and propaganda. Bamon Raj stops now.  Jai Mulnivasi!

Thursday 28 November 2013

In Solidarity with Ramesh Gauns

Bharat Mukti Morcha expresses total solidarity with Ramesh Gauns. He has been under pressure from mining companies for his uncompromising opposition to the industry. For more information on Ramesh Gauns visit the links below:

Tuesday 26 November 2013

South Goa Collector misguiding people on Aadhaar Card

Navelim Civic & Consumer Forum along with other activists from Cuncolim, Velim, St. Jose de Areal, Majorda and Margao today visited the South Goa Collector, Mr. N. D. Agarwal and questioned him on the issue.

The meeting was very stormy. Collector, N.D. Agarwal could not satisfactorily answer when told that the UID scheme is rejected by the Parliament and subsequently confirmed by the Supreme Court. He merely kept saying that he has not given any order and that he has no say in the matter.

When pressed hard, he said that he has received a verbal order through "Video Conferencing" from the Government. When asked to reply in writing stating this fact, he refused and said that he has nothing to do with the implementation of the Aadhaar Card. He said that he has nothing to loose if people don't do the Aadhar card. When reminded that he is the Head of South Goa administration and that the poor aam
aadmi will have to pay Rs. 1000/- for every refill and in view of it, people are requesting him to scrape or at least postpone indefinitely the implementation of it, he refused and starting accusing the activist for seeking publicity and asked the local Channel cameramen to put off their cameras as he did not have any answers.

Below is the letter submitted to Collector today.


 NCCF/LPG/ CS/2013/085                   25th November 2013


District Collector - South,

Mathany Saldanha Complex,

Margao, Goa

Dear Sir,

Sub: Clarification about linking bank account no. with LPG connection

With reference to the recent press report about 30th November being the last day for south Goa, to link bank account number with the LPG connection to avail gas subsidies, kindly inform as to what are the documents accepted for the same?

Since the press note/advertisements mention only Aadhaar number, we want a written clarification from you whether other I.D. documents like voter’s card, Passport, Driving license, Pan card, residence certificate, ect can also be submitted in lieu of the Aadhar card. All these are unique i.e. one person can have only one card. In fact onthe Aadhar card it is clearly mentioned that it is only a identity
card and not a proof of citizenship, whereas some of the above mentioned cards prove your citizenship as well.

We strongly object to forcing the consumers to link their Aadhar Number and Bank account with their LPG consumer no. as it directly contradicts the statement of Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Mr. Rajeev Shukla in the Rajya Sabha on 23/08/2013 and earlier in Lok Sabha on 8/5/2013.

“The National Identification Authority of India, (NIDAI) Bill 2010”, was prepared by the UIDAI in June 2010; and was introduced in Parliament. This Bill was roundly rejected by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance in December 2011. The Parliamentary Committee recommended that both the Bill and the UID project be sent
back to the drawing board. The Committee, in a near unanimous decision, rejected not just the Bill, but it also trashed the UID scheme. The Supreme Court too has confirmed this.

The matter which was raised by members of the Parliament was answered by the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Rajeev Sukla, saying that Aadhaar card is not mandatory for availing subsidies including domestic cooking gas. He further added that “if any public sector undertaking is doing it, we will correct it”. You nor the Petroleum Companies are not above the Indian Parliament and the Supreme Court of

We kindly request you to give proper information to the public andmention that Aadhar number is not mandatory for availing domestic cooking gas subsidy and all consumers irrespective of whether they have Aadhar or not, will get the subsidy. Also please ensure that LPG dealers do not threaten the poor consumers that refills will not be
supplied if no Aadhar number is given.

Awaiting your necessary action in the matter, thanking you in anticipation,

For Navelim Civic & Consumer Forum,


Thanks & regards,

For Navelim Civic & Consumer Forum

Thanks & regards,

For Navelim Civic & Consumer Forum

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Through violence Gandhi, Congress and Brahmins partitioned country, established their control over India

Bharat Mukti Mukti Morcha, 2nd national convention, 26th December 2012, Malda Town, West Bengal, Hon. Waman Meshram’s speech in session titled “Brahmins captured power through violence”. Translated from Hindi speech published in बहुजनो  का  बहुजन  भारत  of 3rd March 2013.

Brahmins even though they are minority are ruling over overwhelming majority. It is necessary to think and reflect deeply; further research it seriously. If awareness can be created on this subject and debated all over India, if opinions of experts is collected then lots of information will get accumulated. In order to destroy Indus valley civilization Brahmins adopted strategies of betrayal, cheating and varied violent means.

There are plenty of examples of violence available in Ramayana and Mahabharata. Secondly the descendent of Samrat Ashoka who was to take over the throne Bruhadrath was killed by none other than a Brahmin named Pushyamitra Sungh. This was not just an end of King but it was an end of an era. That’s why this happening is path-breaking event. This was very frightful event. The outcome of Budha’s revolution was establishment of Maurya Kingdom. This was a political effect of this revolution. Those who were declared by Brahmins as Shudras (slaves) their Kingdom got established. That why this was very big revolution, and that’s why it was path-breaking event. This path-breaking happening that we call revolution, Brahmins sought to convert into counter-revolution; that’s why Bruhadrath was killed and counter-revolution triggered off. This was path-breaking event. This was not just a killing of King as we people of mulnivasi samaj still live in the shadow of that counter-revolution. That’s why it was not an ordinary event.  Ramayana is a coded-fiction-story of Bruhadrath killing. After Bruhadrath killing was the mass killings of Bikhus. This is very big history and it is entirely history of violence. Evidence from ancient India is available that points out that Pushyamitra Sungh issued order that any one wearing yellowish clothes (followers of budhas worn yellow clothes then) found anywhere, his head is to be severed from the body and whoever does this was rewarded with gold coins. After counter-revolution Pushyamitra Sungh performed the ceremony of sacrificing horse in fire (Ashvamedh Yadhnya). Pushyamitra Sungh’s teacher was Patanjali for whom Ramdev Baba accepts as his teacher too. Ramdev is not aware that he himself is Ahir (Yadav) and Ahirs are nagavanshi people, and Nagavanshi people were slaughtered by Patanjali and his Jati people. Ramdev is calling him his teacher. It is important to understand this deficiency of history. All this is result of being ignorant of history.

If you read Mahabharata then you will realize that King of Nagvanshi people was Takshak. In order to kill him Khandav forest was set on fire. This also is an instance of violence. After that it was Shashank who was Budhist King. After Samrat Ashoka biggest King was Samrat Kanishka and he was found dead in his bed room. The meaning of Samrat is the ruler of huge territory. Samrat Kanishka was also killed. After this came King Harshavardhan, who during Kumb Mela in Allahabad had organized very big Buddist Convention.  500 Brahmin attempted to kill him by roasting in fire. In this way all these people were killed by Brahmins in large numbers. In Maharabharat it is not the story of lone King Takshak but they carried on the genocide which is called ceremony of snake sacrifice (Nag Yadhyna). Snake was a totem of mulnivasi people of India. In North India Ahir people are Brahminised into ‘’Yadavs’. ‘Ahi’ in Sanskrit means snake (Nag). The word ‘Ahir’ is derived from the word ‘Ahi’. Maurya too was Nagvanshi and Ahir too is Nagvanshi. In order to Brahmanize them they are given new identity as ‘Yadav’. After transforming them to Yadav it became possible to connect Yadav with Krishna. After connecting with Krishna connection with Mahabharat became possible. After connecting with Mahabharata it is possible to connect with Gita. After connecting with Gita it is possible to Brahmanize Yadav. And this is how Brahmanization took place. It is necessary to write the history of India in new mindset. After this saints were massacred; such as Sant Tukaram, Chakradhar and Chokhomela. These people were born in Maharastra. Kabir, Ravidas and Namdev were punished with expulsion from the country or they might have been killed too.

1857 agitation was planned entirely by Brahmins. After completion of planning, Brahmins went to Bahadur Shah Jafar who was ruling Delhi as Badshah.  Under Jafar there were number of small Kingdoms and Princely States. All of them had weapons with them. If Bahadur Shah Jafar involves all of them then it was possible to carry on armed rebellion. This is exactly what Brahmins planned and carried on their task by pushing Bahadur Shah Jafar in front. In this armed rebellion of 1857 many people were killed. After this on 9th August 1942 Gandhi issued an order “Do or Die!” This was also violent agitation and its documents of evidence are available; there was nation wide violence at that time. It is totally wrong to claim that Freedom was earned with non-violence.

Before 9th August 1942 Subhas Chandra Bose had broadcasted campaign “Chalo Delhi” from Singapore radio. With Azad Hind Fauz he was approaching Delhi, this was also violent agitation. Gandhi thought if Subhas Chandra Bose who according to his caste is Kaisth (Shudra) captures power over India by force then Brahmins will have to be subservient to Shudras. In order to prevent the capture of power by Subhas Chandra Bose Gandhi started violent agitation with a slogan “Do or Die!”. Gandhi achieved freedom through violence. It is very important to understand that due to violent agitation Gandhi refused to hold talks with Babasaheb Ambedkar. Gandhi refused to hold talks with Barrister Jinha and Gandhi never took any initiative to grant them their rights. As Freedom was won through violence Gandhi created terror amongst others and attempted to suppress other voices.

Violence is also one of the reasons for partition of India because of which Jinha was compelled to accept proposal of Partition of India. The ‘reason is Gandhi and effect is Jinha’. Effect is not responsible for Reason. At a time of partition nearly 10 lakh people were killed. Perhaps nowhere in the world such a big scale of genocide might have not taken place. Freedom was achieved with violence, because of violence India was partitioned and because of violence Gandhi, Brahmins and Congress were able to capture power. Through violence Brahmins and Vyashas together captured India. After that however in order to keep power exclusively with Brahmins Gandhi was assassinated and perpetuated more violence so that Vyashas will not have equal share in power in free India. In this way in order to capture India through violence Gandhi was assassinated.

Today it is with violence alone that Brahmins have kept control over power structure in India. That’s why it can be said that Brahmins have captured India through violence. Indian Constitution came in force and Universal adult suffrage got enforced. According to Universal Adult suffrage minority cannot rule over majority. Minority cannot establish their hegemony. Yet Brahmins took help of violence and in 65 years of Freedom carried on 65,000 riots in which many lakhs of muslims were killed. Besides this Brahmins carried on the Hinduization of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes and Backward jatis (OBC). This is a principle of coercion to accept Brahmin religion. Hinduisation triggered off riots. In this scenario minority Brahmins established rule over majority mulnivasis and in 65 years established rule over Indians. All this was possible only because of application of violence.

But now we have to free India from Brahmins, so what and how to do? We have ultimate option that is peaceful mass agitation that has to be non-violent. One point has to be kept in mind that through agitation we will not get freedom but with mass agitation. Mass agitation means one objective but participation of many crores of people. If we - in this way - peacefully carry on the mass agitation then we may be able to peacefully dislodge Brahmins who have captured power violently. This is an option before us. Agitation will be non-violent but it will be mass agitation; then we will succeed in peaceful manner. Or there is no way of succeeding in violent agitation. If Brahmins are not able to understand Peaceful manner of agitation and if any event takes place in future that signals that Brahmins are incapable to understand Peaceful agitation then alternate method of agitation to be adopted will be decided then. Right now this is not the situation in before us. If we connect crores of people in mass agitation then definitely we will succeed in achieving our objective. That’s why you have to do only one task, search one new person daily and explain to him. In order to awaken people you have to get out of the house. After preparing new person tell him also to prepare any one person per day. In this way if you prepare second person, second person prepares third person, third person prepare fourth person, if this task is carried out by people in all the States, people all over India, people of District, Tehsil, Block and in very village simultaneously we will succeed and that too quickly. If 6.5 lakh village people do this simultaneously then we will be able to set our captive society free. That’s why in order to prepare yourselves and your people, and organize people, to motivate people for participation in mass agitation, get yourself trained and be alert. With this hope National President ended his speech.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Bamon Raj pushes Goa Church into crisis

Vanxim arrests of Maggie Silveira, Swati Tari, Anuradha Volvoikar and Deepika Tari completes two years on November 12 2013. Two years ago on this very day these four ladies were arrested while defending Vanxim from the assaults of Bamon Raj. The Vanxim island scandalous sale out is a well known episode in Goa that has brought Goa’s Roman Catholic Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao in picture along with several other shady characters including the ministers.

The arrests which were intended less to prove women as robbers of tripod and more to demoralize protesting women failed in its objective. The courageous outburst of the courageous women at Old Goa police station however turned the tables against the Bamon Raj. It is not sure exactly as to how much underhand money was received by then Police Inspector of Old Goa police station Francis Corte to reduce himself to the level of private security of the bamon raj. PI Corte himself is a best person to throw light on this historical moment in Goa that unfolded so close to Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral and Santa Monica convent in Old Goa.

The unfolding of scandal involving Archbishop selling Vanxim and his later justification of sale as legally correct yet morally wrong decision raises several controversial points. It also points out the level of satanic penetration of bamani elements at the highest level in Goa.

The Archbishop sold Vanxim to Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar and he then sold it to corporate named Ozone that is building profile for setting up Special Economic Zones (SEZ) which are essentially contrary to the Constitution of India. The issue is not about whether Vanxim will be turned into SEZ or not, seven star hotel or not. The issue is that Goa Archbishop has maintained that sale of Vanxim is morally wrong and legally right. If the sale deed was legally wrong then why people of Vanxim were not informed about it for three years through public announcement? This is Bamon Raj.

Acceptance of moral wrong by Goa Archbishop is true. Terming Vanxim sale as legally correct is false. Vanxim sale has taken place contrary to the provisions of Canon Law that provides for consultation with the stakeholders before the land is sold. Both ways, Archbishop is promoting scandal. Bible rebukes such scandals in Luke 17:1-2 “It is impossible that scandals should not come: but woe to him through whom they come. It were better for him, that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones.”
What Vanxim episode has brought forth glaringly is the prevailing of acute system of oppression. For the leader of Church such as the Goa Archbishop to be integral part of oppressive system means going against its own mandate to “relieve the oppressed” as outlined in Isaiah 1:17. This means the Church in Goa is going counter to the Bible. This is very serious matter.

Even more serious matter is that Vatican is silent on the Vanxim sale out even as its done by violating cannon law in perfect bamani conspiratorial manner. The situation is even more gloomy at Vatican. Instead of cleanly dismantling the Church partnership in satanic enterprise the moves are to the contrary direction. In the name of reforms the foundation of the Church is being attempted to dismantle, history is being re-interpreted to cover-up satanic Bamon Raj within the institution of the church.

It is matter of deep reflection and prophetic action in the current times of Church in crisis. The sores of this crisis are so visible not just in Vanxim but all over Goa. There are too many scandals that Bamon raj functioning within the Church has caused. Bamon Raj inside the Church can only create scandals. It is not capable of anything good.

Vanxim is one case where Bamon raj has created written evidence of its aggression though scandalous sell out. There are other instances too that has surfaced of late. One of them being persecution of mulnivasi Catholic Priest Fr.Saluzinho Vaz at Infant Jesus Chapel, Murida, Cuncolim. Bamon Raj has again left trail of torments in this case too. This case too now is well known. After unsuccessful attempt to evict Fr.Vaz through the use of police force now the case against him is filed at senior division court in Margao Spl.C.Suit No.56/2013/I. The dispute within the church is sought to be resolved by resorting to the State courts. This is like so many cases involving Santa Monica convent that are being fought in the mamlatdar, deputy collector, Administrative Tribunal and High Court and other Courts. Internal matter of the Church are sought to be solved in secular courts. This means for some reason the problem solving mechanism involving trust and goodwill has collapsed completely. The Bamon Raj leadership of the Church is driving disputes to the secular courts which are against Bible too.

Few weeks ago the representatives of the struggling people at Snavordem publicly testified in Panjim as to how Goa Archbishop has been promoting and upholding corrupt practices and even pressurized Fr. James Alex Torres e Silva to succumb to the whims and fancies of the Bamon Raj that is going on at top echelons of Bishop’s palace. These representatives were detailed and graphic in their description of how lottery scam was created, how it was exposed and the extent to which Archbishop of Goa went to suppress the Truth of the scandal. Fr.James Alex Torres e Silva was put under pressure to give up his support to the agitating villagers. Fr.James Alex Torres e Silva was made to sign the letter leaving the Sanvordem Parish on the health ground and left for USA. He then sent messages to Goa that he was healthy without any problems to his health. This gave rise to speculations that he might have been made to sign the letter under duress. 

Parishioners galvanized and organized protests in Sanvordem and also at Bishop’s palace ‘Paço Patriarchal’ and police defended Archbishop from the Sanvordem parishioners. Fr. James Alex Torres e Silva was then put up alone with the Archbishop and put under pressure for four hours and was compelled to withdraw his support to the agitating Sanvordem parishioners who are mulnivasis. Thus the U-turn and Sanvordem parishioners have not given up the fight the lottery scam running into lakhs of rupees.

In Vanxim it is Land scandal, In Murida, Cuncolim it is Transfer scandal, in Sanvordem it is Lottery scandal. In all the scandals Goa Archbishop is perpetuating and defending falsehood. Scandals are promoted so that mulnivasi people loose their faith and go astray so that Bamon will have total control over the Church and usher in the satanic Bamon Raj.

It is time for mulnivasis to read between the lines as well as the writing on the wall and take decisions to combat Bamon Raj in spiritual warfare with its varied material manifestations.  The time for combat is at hands. Time for spiritual warfare is knocking on our front door. Demons have captured Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao and he is sending Goa’s mulnivasi people into the spiral of dance of beast.

The silence of mulnivasis has to cease. The thunder of protest and dissent has to rise up loud into the corridors of power. There is every likelihood that prevailing applecart of Bamon Raj is going to collapse. So let it collapse. It has held on for so long because of silence and ignorance of mulnivasi people of Goa.

Historically Church has supplied mulnivasi people with lots of grace and security. However of late this is sought to be changed ever since 1962 and today in 2013 after 51 years of compromises with satanic powers these very satanic bamon raj agents are all out to take over the Church from inside. There are lots of agents in high ranking positions within the Church already. Goa Archbishop is certainly one of them without any doubt as visible from the fruits of his work that sold Vanxim for a song, sought to send Fr.Saluzinho Vaz on streets of Salcete and covered up lottery scam in Sanvordem.

The current crisis of the Church is like ever festering wound. This is particularly so because those at the top most level like Archbishop of Goa are responsible to triggering crisis in very crafty manner. They are responsible to package crisis as something tolerable. The present crisis is geared up to dismantle the world system and create new world order, the satanic world order in which mulnivasi people will be enslaved forever. The crisis in the Church is geared towards setting up of one World Government with one World currency. In October 2012 Vatican even organized three days meeting on this subject “How to bring about one world government”. Meet was attended by then Pope Benedict XVI. Pope Francis is carrying on the task of dismantling of the strengths of the Church in the name of reforms. What Pope John XXIII stated in 1958 with the convening of Vatican Council II this current Pope Francis armed with all the charms of trickery is handing over the institutions and rules, histories and their re-interpretation for the common ruin of the Church and accompanying public acceptance of the same. If this trend that is unfolding within the church and flowing like a tsunami is left unchallenged then mulnivasi people of Goa will witness further deterioration of their status as satanic capture over minds, lands and souls will be tragic.

Discussions and dissemination of this information needs to be done on priority basis. What we see in cases of Vanxim, Murida and Sanvordem is only the tip of the iceberg. There are strong satanic undercurrents in the flow. We got to speak up and challenge. We got to ponder and come out with alternatives. We got to resist. We got to dare. We in church got to immerse in traditional catholic prayers. We got to move step after step unceasing. We got to harness spirit of strength and grace around us. We got to speak up lot more openly, lot more boldly. It is then Bamon Raj inside the Church will surely collapse. We got to trigger its collapse just the way Bamons have triggered the crisis in the Church that led to arrest of four bold ladies from Vanxim. This will be fitting tribute on the occasion of second anniversary of Vanxim arrests of women. 

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Scandal by Chief Town Planner regarding Vanxim

Ilha de Vanxim Association, Vanxim, Ilhas, Goa.
Date: 5th November 2013



The Chief Town Planner,

Town and Country Planning department,

Panjim, Goa

Subject: News about Vanxim in weekly ‘Goan Observer’ dated October 26- November 1, 2013


This is bring to your notice article authored by Rajan Narayan  in the above mentioned weekly titled ‘Leading scam in Terekhol’ that has claimed that Town and Country Planning department has given permission to a builder for carrying on the construction for the purpose of so-called eco-tourism (project of seven star hotel) without conversion sanads.

For number of times at various Gram Sabhas of Sao Mathias Panchayat we raised the question of proposal coming from Ozone or any other builder for development work at Vanxim. We got all the resolutions saying ‘no’.

You may be aware that Ilhas de Vanxim Association has opposed any developmental work regarding the so-called project in Vanxim. Time and again objections are filed with written representation to your office/ facilitation centre and at Sao Mathias Panchayat opposing the entire project.

As it is a Khazan land and survey number 8 is a water body with mud flats and thick Mangroves. In case what Goan Observer has published is correct then it amounts to major scandal in Town and Country Planning department.

You are therefore hereby directed to clarify the status in writing regarding Vanxim to the President of Ilha de Vanxim Association on or before 12th November 2013.

Wednesday 6 November 2013

An agitation for Goa’s social, religious, cultural, linguistic equality

Marathi Rajbhasha Andolan (MRA) and Romi Konknni Andolon (RKA)

Press Release

22 October 2013
The Portuguese were invited in 1509 to conquer Tiswadi from Adil Shah of Bijapur by two Bamonns of Goa, namely, Timoja Nayak and Mhal Pai Vernekar! They wanted to overthrow Adil Shah and gradually establish their own Bamonn rule. Thus these two Bamonns and their colleagues were responsible to bring the Portuguese to Tiswadi and later to modern day Goa. During the Portuguese rule from 1510 to 1961, Bamonns of Goa learnt the Portuguese language and benefited from the Portuguese rule for education, jobs and other areas of life. With the arrival of the Portuguese Roman script and the printing press came to Goa. Up to 1987, Romi Konknni and Marathi were the two Indian languages which were popular in Goa as written languages and used for all spheres of life such as religious, spiritual, cultural, literature, educational, etc. Marathi was used as a written language in Goa at least from the early 13th century. The first Marathi inscription written in 1236 is found on a copper plate at Kasarpal of Bicholim Taluka.

Portuguese missionaries were the first one to start the written tradition to Konknni in 1556. They used the Roman script to write and print Konknni. Since then Romi Konknni developed as a written language. Till then Konknni was only a spoken language and it had no written tradition. But a few Bamonns of Devanagari Konknni proponents have created a myth saying that the first inscription of Devanagari Konknni is found in an inscription of 12th century at the foot of Bahubali’s statue at Shravanabelagola, Karnataka! All the known scholars and linguists have said that the inscription is in Marathi. In Tanjavore temple in Tamil Nadu there are plenty of Marathi inscriptions in Devanagari script. Due to various Maharashtrian kings, Marathi language had reached in certain parts of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

In 17th century whatever literature which Portuguese destroyed was either Marathi or Sanskrit and not definitely Konknni. How could they destroy Konknni literature which never existed? The myth that the Portuguese destroyed Konknni literature written in Modi, Halekannada script and Devanagari script was created by a section of Bamonn Community of Goa to hide their inferiority complex. They have created enough myths to prove that their community and the actual production and imaginary production of their community are superior, pure, holy, and standard.

In 1987 a Konknni dialect (Devanagari Konknni) of approximately 2% of Goans, namely Bamonn community was declared as the Official Language of Goa through their manipulative methods! Devanagari Konknni was created in 20th century by Vaman Varde Valavlikar, popularly known as Shanai Gõybab who lived and died in Mumbai. A few leaders of this 2% Bamonn community used this Devanagari Konknni to get recognition from Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi as an independent literary language in 1975 with the active support of Romi Konknni. In 1981 they convinced the Sahitya Akademi to accept the Devanagari script as the only official script of Konknni. They did this to have their sole control in the literary, educational, cultural, social and later on in the administrative fields. The Bamonn Community promoted the Devanagari Konknni to have an upper hand over the Catholic Community and Hindu Bahujan Samaj which identified with Marathi. Though the Bamonn Community widely uses Marathi still they promoted Devanagari Konknni and not Marathi because the Marathi used by them and the Bahujan Samaj is identical and it is influenced by the standard Marathi. The Bamonn Community knew very well that Marathi will not give them the greater advantage over the Bahujan Samaj. To suppress, oppress and subdue the Bahujan Samaj and the Catholic Community, the Devanagari Konknni was created and vociferously promoted. It was a Machiavellian or Chanakya’s conspiracy hatched by a section of the Bamonn Community to impose their dialect under the garb of the Devanagari script as the standard language over the rest of the Goans!

This minority Bamonn community very well knew that the Catholic Community and the Bahujan Samaj will not unite to fight against their hidden agenda. A section of the Bamonn Community put fear in the mind of the Catholic Community by saying that if they demand Romi Konknni, then Konknni will not become the Official Language of Goa, instead Marathi the language of Maharashtra will become the Official Language and Goa might be eventually merged with Maharashtra and thus Goa will loose its own identity! The Bamonn leaders brain washed the Catholic Community leaders who were members of the Konknni Porjecho Avaz (KPA) to accept the Devanagari Konknni as the Official Language of Goa. The leaders of the Catholic Community reluctantly accepted this proposal to prevent Marathi to occupy the status of the Official Language. KPA was funded and supported to a large extent by the Romi Konknni supporters. The vast majority of Romi Konknni users were under the impression that their Konknni will become the Official Language. When the Language Bill was passed on 4 February 1987, the Catholic Community realized that they were cheated and betrayed. Paul did the hard labour and Pandurang reaped the fruit! The vast majority of the Hindu Community, especially the Bahujan Samaj which was using Marathi for educational, social, cultural, religious and in other domains of lives too felt that their language and their community was reduced to the status of second class in their own State of Goa.

Till date the Devanagari Konknni has not been fully accepted by the all members of Bamonn Community members for written purpose! They either use Marathi or English for written communication!  Both the Catholic Community and the Hindu Bahujan Samaj have not accepted the Devanagari Konknni which is labelled by a few as Bamonni Konknni. The Devanagari Konknni survives on State and Central Governments’ grants, projects, schemes and advertisements. On the other hand the Romi Konknni and Marathi have the popular support of the people. They have survived and will survive without State and Central Governments’ support. Marathi Plays, sale of dailies, periodicals, books, DVDs, number of Marathi schools prove the fact that though the Bahujan Samaj speaks a dialect of Konknni, they do not accept it as an independent language, rather they consider it as an oral language and a dialect of Marathi. Till 1987, for the Bahujan Samaj, Konknni meant Romi Konknni. In Romi Konknni Tiatrs, weeklies and periodicals, DVDs are very popular.  Devanagari Konknni is a parasite, which lives with the support of a few members of Catholic and Bahujan Samaj communities.

The Devanagari Konknni though lacks popularity and support of the people, it has been forced on Goans as the Official Language! It has created division, intellectual vacuum and harm in every area of life of the Goans. Due to Devanagari Konknni, the social unity of Goa is shattered and stunted. Even after 27 years of the Official Language status, Devanagari Konknni has not yet become popular and it has been rejected at all levels by the majority of the Goan Community. The proponents of Devanagari Konknni promote the fascist principle, “One language, one script, one community”. This principle is against the Constitution of India which promotes “Unity in diversity”. 

To undo the great harm caused by the Devanagari Konknni and its proponents to the Goan Society and to foster social unity in Goa, Marathi Rajbhasha Andolan (MRA) and Romi Konknni Andolon (RKA) have come together on a common platform to jointly demand for the change in the Official Language Act 1987. The time has come for the Bhaujan Samaj and the Catholic Community to come together to build a stronger, peaceful and united Goa. Up to now the proponents of Marathi and Romi Konknni were independently demanding to change the Official Language Act to obtain the official status for Marathi and Romi Konknni. In the past politicians promised them but did not fulfil their promises. Even the present Chief Minister before coming to power had promised both the groups that if his party (BJP) comes to power, he will do justice to both Marathi and Romi Konknni. Now he has conveniently forgotten his own promise.   Hence now the time has come for MRA and RKA to fight together for their rights.

MRA and RKA demand from the Goa Government, Ruling Party’s MLAs, Opposition Party’s MLAs, MPs of Goa to change the Official Language Act 1987 and pass a new bill which declares Romi Konknni and Marathi as the Official Languages of Goa.

We demand from the Goa Government to present and pass a Language Bill in the winter session in the month of December 2013 or to call a special session in the month of January 2014 and once and for all to settle the issue of Official Languages of Goa before the Lok Sabha Election 2014. The Official Language Act 1987 has played havoc in Goa and divided Goans and created hatred towards the native languages.

Clarion Call:
If the just demand of MRA and RKA is not fulfilled at the earliest then the agitation will continue throughout Goa and it will have unprecedented political implications both for Parliamentary election and Goa Assembly election. In democracy the just and lawful demands of the majority should be respected and fulfilled. We earnestly call upon the Goans to set aside their past prejudices and to support MRA and RKA to make Romi Konknni and Marathi as the Official Languages of Goa to unite the Catholic Community and the Hindu Community. A few states in India have more than one language as the Official Languages. For Example in Bihar: Hindi and Urdu; in Uttar Pradesh: Hindi and Urdu; in Haryana: Hindi and Punjabi; in Andhra Pradesh: Telugu and Urdu; in Delhi: Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi; in Jharkhand: Hindi, Santhali, Oriya, Bengali and Mundari; in Tripura: Kokborok and Bengali; Daman and Diu: Marathi and Gujarati. If Romi Konknni and Marathi become the Official Languages of Goa then both the Catholic Community and the Hindu Community can live peacefully with unity and friendship. Let all of us who care for Goa make this dream a reality without further delay.

Mr. Pradeep Ghadi Amonkar                                                              Fr. (Dr.) Pratap Naik, S. J.
Convenor of MRA                                                                       Convenor & Spokesperson of RKA