Tuesday 20 December 2016

Goa Cabinet nod to include Vanxim island as ‘Investment Promotion Area’ is an abuse of Governance

Jai Mulnivasi!

Bharat Mukti Morcha (BMM) strongly condemns 16/12/2016 decision of Goa Cabinet to declare 82,595 sq. mts of paddy fields, water bodies and Khazan lands camouflaged as ‘Orchard’ into ‘settlement’ to facilitate construction of five star hotel and luxury villas by Ozone Leisure and Resorts Pvt. Ltd. The roots of this tragedy however are traced to brazen craze to liquidate Church lands all over Goa at the Office of the Goa Archbishop. BMM is not opposed to the Church nor to the Catholic Faith and but is totally opposed to the existing long term criminal nexus with real estate dealers. In fact BMM continues to carry forward this struggle by employing various tools of analysis available in Bible (Ephesians 6: 12) with regard to Vanxim. BMM continues to place itself against principalities and powers controlling the Office of the Goa Archbishop, against the rulers the world of this darkness in Goa Cabinet and against the spirits of wickedness in the high places in the office of the Indian Minister of Defense, Manohar Parrikar that remote controls Goa Government.

Cabinet decision is massive fraud not only from the office of the Archbishop but also from the Goa State. A complaint of fraud in Vanxim Association was filed by late Ligorio Silveira with Mamlatdar of Tiswadi as early as 17/4/1995 (See: http://bharatmukti.blogspot.in/2016/07/documents-of-vanxim-tenants-association.html). Office of the Archbishop claims that it based its decision to sell Vanxim on the N.O.C from Tenants Association of Vanxim dated 26/2/1996. Goa Government was already intimated and urged to crackdown on existing frauds and how boundaries are breached to destroy paddy fields by team headed Narayan Bhosle. Office of the Archbishop further acted against interests of the tenants deliberately (See http://bharatmukti.blogspot.in/2016/08/whats-aim-whats-game-goa-archbishops.html). Goa Cabinet decision has placed itself on par with the office of Goa Archbishop thereby raising them into twin towers of corruption. This twin tower of corruption currently looks invincible with even CBI refused to investigate in spite of letter of BMM disclosing details.
Late Mathany Saldanha was totally opposed to the conversion of Vanxim Paddy fields for tourism purpose. He had declared shortly before his death that this project will never come up in Vanxim. At a meeting in Delhi organized by Delhi Goans Association discussion Vanxim he had uttered that Goa Archbishop’s office is the office of business bureaucrats.  

BMM Calls for abolition of land titles granted to Ozone Leisure and Resorts Pvt. Ltd and revocation of the said cabinet approval to declare Vanxim as Investment Promotion Area. IPB Act as colonial enterprise with imperialist designs. Declaration of Vanxim as ‘Investment Promotion Area’ shift powers to the Secretaries to the government who are IAS officers sent to Goa by Central government with directions from Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Declaration of Goa Cabinet means direct imposition of rule of Central Government with PMO as an epicenter of Corruption.

IPB Act has been passed to enforce what is blatantly illegal. In case of Chapora River judgment of Nation Green Tribunal (NGT) it has been clear the Governance in Goa is an exception while abuse of Governance is a rule. Passing of IPB Act in Goa Assembly is a law meant to institutionalize this abuse of Governance. It can best be compared to the assembly of robbers gathering in the centre of town and passing a decree declaring their activities usurping of Goa’s lands as legal. Vanxim thus is handed over to the gang of dacoits where their dark rule of darkness reins. BMM will always stand against this in bold and uncompromising manner.

The consequences of this way of political governance will be “terrible as an army set in array” (Canticle of Canticles 6:3). BMM calls upon members of public to prepare for the long drawn wrestles against the powers that rule with wicked intentions, who pass laws that make land grabs legitimate. BMM will continue to raise its voice and requests people of Goa to contact us directly to shoulder responsibilities in organized manner. Please contact us directly in order to build up the momentum in numbers and take the movement across the State of Goa.

Wednesday 14 December 2016

Evidence of use of per seine nets in Zuari river

This is an evidence of use of per seine nets in Zuari. Evidence is furnished by Fisheries department itself. There are standing instructions of the Goa Fisheries department against the use of per sine nets in Zuari river. 

Fishermen-mining clash in Zuari, Stones and abuses hurled at Vedanta barges near St. Jacinto island

There has been clashes between fishermen and mining industry in Zuari river. Vedanta has lodged protest against Fisheries department, Goa. Fishermen are sought to criminalised by calling terming them as 'miscreants'. Entire mining operation in Goa is huge scam and able demonstrated by Shah commission.  Mining companies has ruined an d destroyed Goa like no other industry and now Vendanta that is listed at London stock exchange began targeting Goa's fishermen in Zuari. Bharat Mukti Morcha considers mining in Goa as great plunder and calls for halt to mining in Goa. Here we reproduce letter from Vedanta to Fisheries department. 

Fisheries department acting on this complaint from Vedanta issued directions to Fisheries organisations across State of Goa not only in Zuari but also Mandovi. Told to stand, fisheries department crawls!  This is how mining scam continues to perpetuate further more.

Siridao fishermen lodge complaint against Kinjal Singh

Fishermen from Siridao, Tiswadi, Goa has filed police complaint against Kinjal Singh, believed be an IAS officer of 2008 batch. it is not sure as to what action police and local Panchayat has taken in this regard. latest information from Siridao indicate that Kinjal Singh may attempt to privatise beach which is a public common. Bharat Mukti Morcha CALLS PUBLIC ATTENTION to this latest incident of conquest of Goa's coast.  Currently fishermen are threatened with police cases in case they continue in their protests. Here we share scanned copy of the police complaint complaint.

Thursday 24 November 2016

Opposition to water sports continued and Fisheries Minister Avertano Furtado betrayed public and granted NOC as un-elected corporate represetnative

How then Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar fooled public and decided against traditional fishermen

After corrupt political fixing Goa Fisheries department re-considers N.O.C. for water sports activities in Zuari, betrays traditional fishermen

When Goa Fisheries department revoked permission for water sports after fishermen objected

Permission for water sports in Zuari under condition that activities of traditional fishermen must but not be hindered

Objections from Bharat Mukti Morcha for water sports activities noted by State Government

Goa Fisheries department is aware of identity of illegal trawlers in Zuari River

Bambolim Panchayat letter on water sports affecting negatively fishing in Zuari River

Goa Fisheries department directions to per seine fishing in Sea beyond 5 kms from the shore

Vedanta mining company finds Goa fishermen in Zuari River hindrance

Wednesday 9 November 2016

Mini per seine fishing in Zuari violates Earth Charter

Date: 27/10/2016

The Director,
Directorate of Fisheries,
Panjim, Goa

Subject:  Continuing violation of fishing rights in Zuari river


We wish to let you know about continues fishing rights violation in Zuari river.

Mini- per seine boats is constant violators. One of their boats was found tossed up on Siridao shore on Friday 16th September 2016. This boat was from Vasco and all the labourers on board were without their labour cards and boat was without owner. This was possible because Fisheries department has not installed proper monitoring system in the form of 24 hour fishing patrol boat in Zuari in spite of repeated requests from our side. 

On 19th October 2016 and 20th October 2016 there was mini – per seine boats again carried on illegal fishing early in the morning and continued till afternoon. Similarly on 21st October 2016 around 10 mini per seine boats carried on illegal fishing before 7.00 am The peak of illegal fishing by mini –per seine boats in recent times took place on 22nd October 2016 before 7.00 am when nearly 50 boats carried on illegal fishing within 100 meters from Siridao – Cacra shoreline. Your department was telephonically informed but we have not seen any action from your side to correct the wrongs being committed inside Zuari river.

You may note that the Earth Charter (http://earthcharter.org/invent/images/uploads/echarter_english.pdf)  in its Principle 15 (C) reads as follows “Avoid or eliminate to the full extent possible the taking or destruction of non-targeted species.” You may be aware that per seine and mini-per seine nets is all about destruction of non targeting species. 

Fisheries department has not taken any steps to defend the eco system of Zuari river and allowed mini-per seine boats to go on a rampage with their nets of even less than 5 mm in size that catches tiny fish that is either discarded or sold as fertilizer. This is gross insult to fish eating people in Goa and body blow to the eco system of Zuari river.

We call upon you to act on two grounds:

1.       Install 24 hours monitoring of Zuari river for illegal fishing

2.       Limit the net size of those carrying on fishing to 25 mm

Lastly we also want to place on record that because Bharat Mukti Morcha has been raising ethical issues in fisheries in Goa one of our convener Sanjay Pereira and Siridao village Fishermen has been facing arm-twisting treatment in the form of threat of violence inside Zuari River to conform to unsustainable way of fishing harmful to ecology. For us to conform to sick society is be sick. We won’t. We inform you well in advance for you to act.
Your prompt will be highly appreciated. 

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Maggie Silveira,
Goa State

Sanjay Pereira
Cacra unit  

Rohidas Andrade
Bambolim unit

Soccoro Braganza
Convener, Siridao Unit

Anthony Cardozo
Convener, Curca Unit

Sitaram Pereira
Convener, Odxel Unit

Milind Palkar
Convener, Nauxi unit

Chandrakant Lotlikar
Siridao Unit

Hanuman Dias
Odxel Unit


Honu Dinkar,
Odxel Unit

Deu Kankonkar
Nauxi Unit

Bikaro Dias
Odxel Unit 

Yeshwant Shirodkar,
Odxel Unit

Manguesh Sawant,
Odxel unit

Amir Mardolkar,
Nauxim Unit

Francis Coelho,
Nauxim Unit

Dulba Pereira,
Cacra Unit

Santosh Gauns,
Cacra Unit 

Sheila D’mello,
Cacra Unit

Santosh Kukalkar,
Co-convener, Cacra unit

Copy :
1.    Chief Minister, Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa 
2.    OSD to Deputy Chief Minister, Secretariat, Goa
3.    Leader of the Opposition, Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa 
4.    Minister of Fisheries, Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa
5.    Minister for Science and Technology, Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa
6.    Director General of Police, Panjim, Goa
7.    Superintendent of Police (Coastal Security), Panjim, Goa
8.    Chief Secretary, Secretariat, Goa
9.    Captain of Ports, Panjim, Goa
10. Secretary (Fisheries), Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa
11. Joint Secretary (Home)
12. Collector (North Goa), Panjim
13. Deputy Collector & S.D.O (Tiswadi)
14. M.L.A, Taleigao Constituency
15. M.L.A, Santa Cruz Constituency
16. M.L.A, St. Andre Constituency
17. Goenchea Ramponkarancho Ekvott (GRE), Cansaulim, Goa
18. Being  Bhahujan c/o Ashwinkumar Naik, Raia, Goa tel: 9822177158
19. Director, ICAR – ICAR Research Complex for Goa, Ela, Old Goa
20. Director, National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa
21. Director, Tribal Research Centre, Baddem, Khotigaon, Canacona, Goa Tel: 9822177158
22. Dr. Baban Ingole, Professor& Chief Scientist, Biological Oceanography, NIO, Dona Paula

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Goa Tourism Master Plan 2016: who are masters? Who are slaves?

Press release: Goa Tourism Master Plan

This interim tourism Master Plan and Policy was put up on website www.goatourism.gov.in  on 24th August 2016

Module 3 last date for comments was 4th September 2016. Objections were to be mailed to goatourismmasterplan@gmail.com

Public was given 16 days for comments, pretty atrocious by any standards.

 Bharat Mukti Morcha objects following and shares here for public awareness purpose:

1.      Page 15: Consider the entire State as tourism development area. Culture of Goa is fishing and agriculture. It must be protected from tourism at all costs.

2.      Page 23: Fishermen Market and F&B Court at Britona, Siridao and Mobor. Captioned as Goa’s number one source of fresh sea food.” Domestic consumers of fish to be deprived as fish will be costly and with demands from tourism.

3.      Page 24: High End music venue paired with luxury lifestyle resort in Baga, Calangute and Candolim Beach with biggest clubs in India in one of these three beaches.

4.      Page 24: High end lifestyle beach club paired with luxury lifestyle resort at Cavelossim, Palolem, Arambol, Vagathor and Anjuna Beach with day and night atmosphere of music.

5.      Page 25: Eco-beach (Resort): Pure Eco-beach and Eco Resorts at Querim, Mandrem, and Morjim in Pernem and Agonda, Patnem and Palolem, Talpona and Galgibag beach. Captioned as “Built in harmony with nature and hence with minor impact on environment.”

6.       Page 25: Marinas in Mandovi river at Britonna, Nauxi Bay and Chicalim. Fishermen directly affected. There is already opposition to the same from 2010.

7.      Page 31: Cultural Events, Music day and night atmosphere. Actually there will be drinks and food. This must not be allowed where St. Francis Xavier walked. Old Goa is a place of religious sanctity. This must be rejected, and Religious values must not be hurt.

8.      Page 32: Goa Multicultural experience at Old Goa Church. Has office of the Archbishop of Goa endorsed this? Or is it another scam like Vanxim sale? For the said purpose the Archeology Survey of India has given permission? As it is place of complete sanctify of high religious values.

9.      Page 36: Discovery River Cruises: Chapora River, Cumbharjua canal, Mandovi River and Zuari River. Tourism has already caused irreversible damage to Goa’s beaches. Fishermen are to be directly impacted through dredging as well as tourism through boat rides.

10.  Page 37: Divar island along with eastern Goa has been demarcated for “Slow Movement Wellness centres”. There is already one such centre in Divar that releases its effluent in Mandovi river near Vanxim. Tourism Master Plan is silent on what is to be done with such cases. In module 2 page nos 47 & 48 in fact names this entity as Devaaya – Ayurveda and Nature Cure Centre. Can continues daily release of effluents in Mandovi river part of its ethics? Part of Tourism Department ethics? Daily release of effluents gives out obnoxious odor to people around as well as staff of Ferry services plying between Vanxim and Divar.

11.  Page 37: Nature Sanctuaries to be opened up for tourism. This is disruption of wild life. The question about cordoning off access to forest for tribal people and blockade to through digging of trenches to prevent cattle grazing of tribal people has been kept under wraps.

12.  Page 42: Waterfront Promenades  (dancing floors on land at water’s edge) at Old Goa, Chapora, Panjim, Mayem lake and Colva beach. This is a must to stop as it would cause lot of social damage to everyone especially the youth.

13.  Page 42: Family Entertainment District inclusive of Themed Park. Entire Pernem Taluka is marked with pointer towards proposed Mopa Airport and termed as “District”. Goa already has two districts. Is Pernem going to be third district? Are People of Goa taken in confidence on declaring Pernem Taluka as third district? Captioned as “A leisure and entertainment hub for the family offering a themed park, F&B, shopping, and accommodation.” Pernem already has Golf Course proposal in Tiracol along with luxury hotel of Leading Hotels. Mopa airport EIA records plans for Golf Course in Mopa itself. Luxury hotels are shown in beaches of Pernem a Querim, Mandrem, and Morjim.

14.   Page 43: Chapora Bay and Chicalim Bay has been proposed as Gaming districts. This means Panjim off shore casinos will be shifted at these two venues. Two areas will be marked exclusively for casinos and this is direct blow to fishing allied activities.

15.  Page 43: Up-gradation of nightlife across Goa. People of Goa must be prepared to go without sleep. Night life must be stopped completely as it is destruction of Youth. Many Youth are hooked on drugs due to such night life parties. Even school students are attracted to this menace.

16.  Page 44: Golf Course at Mopa. There is already opposition to Golf Courses in Tiracol and Vanxim. Water requirement for maintaining of Golf Course is not mentioned.

17.  Page 48: Mass Events at Vagator beach, Candolim beach and Shyma Prasad Indoor Stadium. Are local people consulted before making this proposal public? We object such mass events.

18.  Page 55: Mode of Transport through water is in direct confrontation with fishermen. Cruise Terminal at MPT is mentioned as attracting international cruise travelers. MPT is also causing harm to local fishermen at Khariavaddo. Then Sea based inter-state transportation of tourists is proposed at Tiracol Fort, Chapora River Basin, Fort Aguada, Dona Paula/ Panjim-Old Goa, Mormugao Port, Colva beach, Mobor Beach/ River Sal/ Cabo-de-Rama, River Talpona/ Polem. Jetties are proposed to be built in these venues.  These Jetties then can support Ferry Services, Catamaran Ferry, Sea Buses, Speed boats and Sea Planes to ferry tourists.

19.  Page 55: Mopa Aiport is expected to handle 13.1 million passengers by 2036 with focus on Free Independent Travellers (FITs). Mopa airport is not needed when Dabolim serve Goa well.

20.  Page 75 of module 2 proposes State subsidy for Hotels as well as single window clearances. It is using public funds for public ruin. BMM opposes the same.

Goa government tourism department believes that people of Goa are incapable to plan their own future and needs Swiss agency to draw up the Tourism master plan and policy for Goa. Goa is fully equipped with qualified personalities do to the required success oriented requirements to up lift Goa’s Development as required by Goans.

The nomenclature used is “Tourism Master Plan” One such Tourism Master Plan was opposed chiefly by students and youth in 1987. Now after 29 years another one is proposed.
Who is a master? Who is a Slave? If there is a master plan there has to somebody who is to be enslaved. Needlessly this nomenclature of “Master Plan” does not fit. And target of enslavement are People of Goa, Land of Goa and Ecology of Goa.

We call upon the People of Goa to read, study & we need to move fast and decisively to object the Tourism Master Plan 2016. It is mentioned in that it’s a draft which could be final – So lets go for it as committed Goans, for us & our future Generations.


Maggie Silveira

Goa State Unit

Friday 26 August 2016

What's the aim? What's the game? Goa Archbishop's office statement on Vanxim

Vanxim land scam has grabbed major attention of the office of the Goa Archbishop in Goa. After reckless collusion of land mafia the Archdiocese of Goa though the office of the Archbishop has gone about convincing the public that its secretive deal on Vanxim beginning from 1992 was correct. This statement published in official church bulletin "Renevacao" of January 16-31, 2016 is rather surprising considering that Archbishop Ferrao himself has declared that Vanxim sale deed is morally wrong. In spite of lengthy statement the names of those who signed Tenants Association of Vanxim N.O.C dated 26/02/1996 still remains undisclosed. 

Office of the Goa Archbishop after tolerating eco-terrorist attacks on bunds of vanxim and flooding of paddy fields now wants to ascertain view of Vanxim villagers on the genuine development of Vanxim and how many are willing to cultivate paddy fields. This means if the Vanxim people are willing to cultivate the Paddy fields office of the archbishop will support them even though rice fields are sold twice already; first by Archbishop on February 11, 2006 to Mahendra Gaunekar and next by Mahendra Gaunekar to Ozone Leisure and Resorts Pvt Ltd from Bangalore on August 05, 2015. By the way why entire people of Goa were not consulted before selling Vanxim?

This issue of the newsletter has cover page depicting Santus Cristus Church in Vanxim and google map of Vanxim used for promotional purposes by Ozone Leisure and Resorts Pvt Ltd. The satellite image of Vanxim was published online advertising sale of luxury villas in Vanxim at the rate of Rs 40 crore each. The links was as follows : http://googleweblight.com/?lite_url=http://zoperty.com/properties/ultra-luxury-bungalows-ozone-vanxim-island-goa-ultra-luxury-bungalows-villas-zoperty-40-crores-onwards/&ei=ML-QbA8i&lc=en-IN&s=1&m=130&host=www.google.co.in&ts=1465957985&sig=APY536yK8KFlIG_FlD18bjJCXGG8-dQvtA

However after the links began to be viewed by people of Vanxim and details of loans advanced to Ozone from various banks became known the advertisement was quickly withdrawn in May 2016.

This picture of Vanxim shown luxury villas in Vanxim. What's the aim and what's the game of this advertisement on cover page? Office of the Archbishop got to answer.

There is no explanation of cover page by the editors and editorial team of Renevacao. Its editor is Fr. Francisco Caldeira and Editorial board consists of Fr. Olavo Caiado, Adv. Dr. F. Edgar Noronha and Mrs. Maria Helena Souza.

We however agree with the quote from Laudato Si' 219 that reads on index page "Social problems must be addressed by community networks and not simply by the sum of individual good deeds." This is the reason this is put up here for networks to debate and act. Yes, this posting is an invitation to participate in this debate and act. This is the way we could contribute to rescue not only Goa and Vanxim from the Bamani clutches but also rescue the office of the Archbishop itself. Its aims and games are contrary to Gospel as well as contrary to Christian stewardship and on selling spree. This trends must be arrested immediately.

Collapse of Fisheries Administration in Goa

Date: 22ndAugust 2016
The Director,
Directorate of Fisheries,
Panjim, Goa

Subject: Collapse of Fisheries Administration in Goa

There is complete collapse of Fisheries administration in Goa for the past one week. It is evident from the following facts from Zuaririver:
1.     There is uninterrupted violation of fishing rights in Zuaririver for the past one week. On daily basis there are trawlers carrying on their illegal trawling in Zuari within 5 kms from the shore from Siridao to Odxelfrom  August 16, 2016 from 4.00 am to 9.00 am.
2.    On August 21, 2016 nearly 70 mini-per seining boats carried on illegal fishing in Zuari.
3.    There were no fisheries department boats nor coastal police boats patrolling Zuaririver for past one week to check illegal fishing by mini- per seining and trawlers.
4.    Telephonic complaints from the fishermen to fisheries department head office are ignored.
5.    Bharat MuktiMorcha has been protesting these kinds of fishing rights violation for past two years but response is evasive especially from Director of Fisheries.
6.    Response to telephonic calls to Coastal Police Station at Harbour is poor.
Due to this reason ground situation has turned volatile and urgent war footing steps from your office is needed. We therefore recommend the following to restore fisheries administration in Goa:
1.    Immediate stationing of permanent patrol vessel in Zuaririver to check illegal fishing by trawlers and mini- per seining boats.
2.    Capture and seizure of trawlers and mini per seining boats responsible for illegal fishing in Zuari.
3.    Those trawlers and mini – per seining boats caught fishing in Zuari river be fined with minimum amount of Rs.10,000/-.
4.    Those trawlers and mini – per seining boats – with three violations of fishing rights be punished with termination of licenses.

Your failure to act on this matter will result the following:
1.    Total collapse of Fisheries Administration in Goa
2.    Non-stop violations of 5 kms ban on trawlers and mini-per seining boats
3.    Irreversible damage to marine ecology of Zuari river by trawlers
4.    Depletion of fish stock due to computerized mini-per seining boats and trawlers.
5.    Loss of livelihood to fishermen of Zuari river who pay taxes to the State
6.    Increasing anger of fishermen and tense situation for which you will be held responsible.
7.    Widespread agitation of fishermen, fish traders and fish consumers across coast of Goa and beyond.
8.    Most of the fishermen of this coast are Scheduled Tribes (ST) and OBC. Their caste networks will be activated.

We trust you understand the gravity of the situation and call upon you to act. Your department must be committed and responsible to act in accordance with the given situation as the fishermen undergo tremendous pressure because of your department. With N number of letters to your department your office has failed to act on priority basis to address grievances of traditional fishermen. Their problems have only remained as problems because of your negligence. It is high time that you look into this matter as the traditional fishermen are totally disgusted with your approach towards them. It’s a time to change now. We need your co-operation and change in attitude for better Goa.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

Maggie Silveira
Goa StateUnit

Sanjay Pereira
Cacra Unit

Rohidas Andrade
Bambolim Unit

Soccoro Braganza
Siridao Unit

Copy :
1.    Chief Minister, Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa
2.    OSD to Deputy Chief Minister, Secretariat, Goa
3.    Leader of the Opposition, Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa
4.    Minister of Fisheries, Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa
5.    Minister for Science and Technology, Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa
6.    Director General of Police, Panjim, Goa
7.    Superintendent of Police (Coastal Security), Panjim, Goa
8.    Chief Secretary, Secretariat, Goa
9.    Captain of Ports, Panjim, Goa
10. Secretary (Fisheries), Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa
11. Joint Secretary (Home)
12. Collector (North Goa), Panjim
13. Deputy Collector & S.D.O (Tiswadi)
14. M.L.A, Taleigao Constituency
15. M.L.A, Santa Cruz Constituency
16. M.L.A, St. Andre Constituency
17. GoencheaRamponkaranchoEkvott (GRE), Cansaulim, Goa
18. Being  Bhahujan c/o AshwinkumarNaik, Raia, Goa
19. Director, ICAR – ICAR Research Complex for Goa, Ela, Old Goa
20. Director, National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa
21. Director, Tribal Research Centre, Baddem, Khotigaon, Canacona, Goa

22. Dr. BabanIngole, Professor& Chief Scientist, Biological Oceanography, NIO, Dona Paula