Friday 28 September 2018

MPT recipe for quick end to Zuari river fishery - Part 1

By any standard MPT has prepared so far best recipe to quick end Zuari River fisheries. After the repeated appeals of Union Shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari to Zuari river fishermen to get trawlers and move into high seas got rejected, through Murmagoa Port Trust (MPT), it now plans to speedily destroy fish habitats in the River. According to the EIA report on Goa State Pollution Control Board website details of how Zuari river will be destroyed are spelt out clearly. The Public Hearing for expansion of Port is slotted for October 05, 2018 at Airport Road, Chicalim grounds in Goa from 10.30 am on wards.

Even though report claims in para 7.2 that port expansion will ultimately lead to the quality of of life of local people, quality of fisheries is destined to be poisoned. The scare of formalin laced fish imports into Goa has dominated public discourse over the past few months in favour of buying of local fish available in Goa. However examination of MPT plans of expansion would leave fish quality in Zuari poisoned. This EIA report has established connections between Zuari and Mandovi via Cumbharzua canal so the poison is destined to spread to these water bodies too besides Arabian Sea. The implications of this scenario is that not only fisher's livelihoods are at stake but also the health of those who will consume fish from these water bodies. It is therefore necessary that people should take up responsibility of defending Zuari river from the planned ambush by India's Ministry of Shipping rather than to leave Zuari river fishers to fend for themselves in an ongoing battle for this river waged from 2014. This battle is even bigger onw involving proposed modernisation and expansion at MPT under Sagarmala project of the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India as per para 2.3 of EIA.

Interestingly EIA on page 122 already acknowledges that these already loss of fishery resources and their habitats due to pollution, coastal development and intense illegal fishing; and their replenishment necessitates some strategic approaches. Irony of our times is that MPT after knowing that there is already loss of fisheries is working towards destroying them even further with irreversible changes. 

Pollution will spread through oil spills is admitted in para 4.5.2 and consequence is visualized too. It is noted "Only major impact on marine ecology is expected from accidental oil spills at liquid cargo berth. Oil destroys water repellency of bird's feathers, thus exposing these creatures to hard elements without the ability to repel water and insulate from the cold water, birds may die from hypothermia. Many birds also ingest oil when they try to clean themselves which can poison them. Fish, Shellfish and marine mammals may not be exposed immediately, but can come into contact with oil if it is mixed into water column. When exposed to oil adult fish may experience reduced growth, enlarged livers, changes in heart and respiratory rates, fin erosion and reproductive impairment. Oil also adversely affects eggs and larval survival." This is unacceptable risk of further polluting of Zuari river.  

After pollution this EIA report as quoted above points to coastal development as a cause of loss of fishery resources in Zuari on page 122. And MPT embarks on more coastal development! Totally insensitive and in fact arrogant decision to reclaim Zuari river by dredging and dumping specially recognizing that such coastal development causes loss of fishery resources. Terms of Reference to this EIA is for reclamation of 65,000 square meters. Page 44 under para 2.4.1 exceeds this limit and puts this figure to 85,195 square meters. However detail calculations of the break up on the same page exceeds even this and totals up to 85,715 square meters - 520 square meters in addition! So actual difference from the permitted total is 20,715 square meters. Is this not river grab scam? For purpose of construction on reclaimed land over the period of 24 months 60,000 cubic meters of sand will be needed and that will be procured from the nearby vendors as per page 47 para 2.4.3 of the EIA. Sand mining has a prowess to disrupt ecology and for this which rivers MPT plans to disrupt? Mandovi? Chapora? Tiracol? "nearby" vendors identity is not revealed in EIA. So in order to accomplish one ecological port expansion catastrophe more ecological catastrophes needs to be unleashed! This coastal development of port expansion is destined to further aggravate situation of marine ecology pollution. Sagarmala project has sanctioned Rs. 124.00 crore for fishing jetty as per Table 2.9 on page 48. Where do fisheries department allotted Rs.10 crore for fishing Jetty in Vasco will be utilized? Page 28 para 2.3.1 informs that the Goa Boat Boat owner's Association has been demanding a fully fledged jetty for landing of their catch. However there is no attached letter from the mentioned in EIA report to substantiate the MPT claim.

Next to Pollution and Coastal Development is illegal fishing in Zuari causing loss of fishery resources. To a great extend this is true and some clues are available. Goa Fisheries department has identified certain organizations for carrying on illegal fishing by trawlers in Zuari river. Here is one link. Illegal fishing is also being carried on by mini purse seine boats and Goa Fisheries department documents are available. Click here. MPT since 2000 has claimed that its jurisdiction over Zuari extends upto Cortalim bridge. Ministry of Shipping, Government of India has even published this in the Official gazetteer of India in May 2000. What MPT has done to stop illegal fishing in Zuari estuary when their EIA records that it is one of the causes for loss of Fisheries in Zuari river? EIA does not record any legal fishing activities in Zuari river. There are no such activities as per MPT? Or is it Nitin Gadkari's direction that fishermen's existence should not be recorded at all? Marina plans for Zuari are active in Investment Promotion Board (IPB) and they also do not find mention in EIA. Its a farce.

Sebastiao Rodrigues

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Thursday 20 September 2018

Illegal Fishing: Seven mini purse seine boats captured from River Zuari

According to reports received at 1.00 pm today September 20, 2018 seven mini purse seine boats indulging in illegal fishing in River Zuari within 50 meters distance from Nauxim and Cacra shoreline has been captured and towed at Siridao coast. The action was jointly carried by various fishing communities on Zuari coast. There was tension built up over the past few days due to repeated illegal fishing in Zuari river. On 12/09/2018 over 80 mini purse seine boats carried on illegal fishing at 7.30 am. On 16/09/2018 inside River Zuari 2 trawlers carried on illegal fishing. On 17/09/2018 nearly 07 trawlers carried on illegal fishing very close to Odxel shore. Today morning at 9.25 am onwards 12 mini purse seining boats carried on illegal fishing in Zuari river.

In all cases, the fisheries department control room was called and informed. They promised to sent patrol boat but never did so. Then they informed that they asked coastal security police to send their boat which rarely comes and if it does then it never captures any trawlers. When called at Harbour Coastal Police Station they indulge in defaming Sanjay Pereira that he is giving wrong information on illegal fishing in Zuari. Fisheries department shares the mobile numbers of those who complain about the offenders at Zuari river who then call up fishing communities indulging in Gill net fishing and threaten with violence. Today coastal security harbour police station land line number was disabled and not communicable. Very bad state of affairs indeed!

In this context now it remains to be seen as to what action Goa Fisheries department takes today with regard to captured fishing boats. It has been repeated the advice of coastal communities to induct 24 hours monitoring of Zuari river for illegal fishing but has not been done by Fisheries department even though promised. It has sanctioned Rs. 10 crores to construct fishing jetty at MPT but has not sanctioned even Rs. 10 to procure patrol boat for exclusive patrolling of Zuari river. When fishermen offered to forgo their subsidies for one year and divert funds to buy boats; that too was rejected by the erstwhile Director of Fisheries Shamila Monteiro.

So basically Goa Fisheries department is not interested in providing a solution but only aggravates problems of illegal fishing by its inaction, act of omission. There is a crisis in political leadership as it suffers from blurred vision towards the present. Zuari river is left to be cared for by none but by the coastal fishing communities. These communities are left with no option but to enforce fisheries laws that the fisheries department repeatedly fails to enforce. For a long-term solution to emerge Goa University, International Centre, Goa etc that occupies tribal lands has to play a proactive role in defending these fishing communities from various intruders on the prowl.

Monday 17 September 2018

Will Goa Archbishop's office act decisively now to reverse Vanxim scam?

There is one opportunity coming on the way of the office of the Goa Archbishop to pull out of Vanxim scam. So far their lawyer either kept silent in Courtrooms or openly supported Gaunekar in Vanxim matters, something a matter of deep disgust and a scandal. This time all eyes will be fixed on the lawyers/ agents of the Archbishop. This is a moment of test for everyone to know whether Archbishop of Goa stays firm in the Vanxim mess or willing to take a step to reverse the trend by opposing Gaunekar and supporting village commons of Vanxim - the submerged paddy fields of Vanxim.

It will also be the test for the office of mamlatdar of Tiswadi as the Ligorio Silveira's complaint is still pending in this very office regarding the flooding of Vanxim paddy fields since April 07, 1995, now 23 years have gone by. This case is to come up in the office of Tiswadi Mamlatdar on September 24, 2018. One of the earlier Mamlatdars informed Bharat Mukti Morcha President orally that his office is put under pressure by top politicians and bureaucrats to clear the way for the corporate takeover of Vanxim. Let us observe if Goa Archbishop's office if it continues with Vanxim scam, or what do they make of the opportunity on their way. May good sense prevail.

Wednesday 12 September 2018

Jungle law reigns in River Zuari

Not withstanding any inputs yesterday from Coastal Security Police at Ribandar, Goa, purseining fishing boats carried on illegal fishing in full gusto today morning in Zuari river contributing greatly to the depletion of fish by use of banned fishing purse seine fishing nets within 5 kms from the Odxel shoreline. Around 80 purse seine boats carried on this illegality early morning today along with 5 trawlers that dig river bed disrupting marine ecology and livelihood of traditional fishing communities.

One is compelled to conclude that there is complete break down of fisheries department as well as Coastal security police. Fishermen who call up fisheries department are threatened by some vested interests with violence in Arabian Sea. Rule of law has departed from Zuari and Jungle law has reigned in due the utter lethargy displayed by Home Ministry and Fisheries Ministry. Bharat Mukti Morcha, Goa State condemns the operation of Jungle law in River Zuari. One wonder as to what right Fisheries Minister, Secretary (fisheries), and director of fisheries has to continue to hold on to their office? Shamila Monteiro was chucked out as Director of Fisheries for failure to stop illegal fishing in River Zuari. The lone IAS officer who cracked down on illegal fishing was Govind Jaiswal. Current leadership of fisheries department is a mega flop show that must immediately stop.

Tuesday 11 September 2018

Can Goa's Coastal Security Police stop illegal fishing in River Zuari ?

Bharat Mukti Morcha (BMM) welcomes intiative of Police Inspector Nerlon Albuquerque of Harbour Coastal Security Police Station on the question of illegal fishing in Zuari River. BMM has been consistently highlighting this issue for past four years. BMM however believes that police action has to go beyond interaction to a concrete action against the offenders. There are daily violations of fishing laws in Zuari by trawlers and purse seine fishing boats. Today 11/09/2018 itself there were 30 purse seine boats indulged in violation of law at 10.10 am in Zuari river.

According to Rule 10(1) of the Goa, Daman and Diu Fisheries Rules, 1981No person shall use a net the mesh size whereof is less than 24 mm for catching fish and 20 mm for catching prawns” What is the mesh size of purse seine nets? Far less. How many of them are registered with fisheries department? None.

Goa Government banned trawlers from fishing within 5 kms from the shoreline under section (2)(H) and section 4(1) of Marine Fishing Regulations Act, 1980 on July 09, 1981. Its implementation however takes place only in regular disciplined breach causing deep blows to marine ecology and livelihood options of the fishing communities.
In 2017 Directorate of Fisheries via notification Order no. DF/ENF/ORDER/2016-17, Official Gazette, Series II, No. 41, January 12, delegated powers to take action on illegal fishing to the following:

1.     Deputy Director, Directorate of Fisheries
2.     Superintendent of Fisheries, Directorate of Fisheries
3.     Assistant Superintendent of Fisheries, Directorate of Fisheries
4.     Fisheries Officer, Directorate of Fisheries
5.     Police Inspector
6.     Police Sub-Inspector
7.     Assistant Police Sub-Inspector
8.     Head Constable
9.     Mamlatdar
10.   Joint Mamlatdar
11.    Block Development Officer (B.D.O)

All of them has proved to be failures in tackling the issue of illegal fishing in Zuari.

BMM hopes that Coastal Police will explain the above laws to the fishing rights offenders and stop this menace completely.

Entire Fisheries Ministry lacks Statesmanship as well as leadership. Minister is a flop and so the Secretary Fisheries in the same boat. There is regular match fixing at the highest level to promote illegal fishing at Zuari river motivated by greed and avarice.

BMM wishes Nerlon Albuquerque all the best and extend support and collaboration in whatever possible even though he has carefully kept BMM out of this meeting called at Ribandar so that our members are not able to participate today. Anyway as Goa’s fisheries laws are clear it is the duty of Fisheries department and the Coastal Police to implement them in Zuari river in following manner: Zero tolerance to trawlers in Zuari, and zero tolerance to purse seine fishing in Zuari.

Reply to MLA Carlos Almeida in Goa Legislative Assembly by Goa Fisheries in July 2018 says it all: Found only one trawler fishing illegally in Zuari river. One can safely conclude that Zuari river has be handed over to be looted and plundered. This must stop!

Tuesday 4 September 2018

Action Alert on Vanxim Mortgage!

In view of several queries received on the issue of Vanxim Mortgage posted on blog asking as to what is to be done. Basically three connected authories needs to be intimated on the manipulative racket put in swing by Capital India Finance Limited (CIFL) as below:

1. Ministry of Corporate Affairs where CIFL is registered as below:

LLPIN/CIN/Form INC-1 Ref No: L74899DL1994PLC128577
State: Delhi
Incorporation Date: 16/11/1994
Company Name Status: Allocated

list of Officials and their phone numbers, Fax and email ids at the Ministry of Corporate Affairs
Online complaint may be filed from there directly from above link
Above links contains Contacts of the Regional Directors of Ministry of Corporate Affairs
Above links have contacts of Registrar of Companies in India

   2. Reserve Bank of India that has approved CIFL management

Reserve Bank of India Mumbai office contacts
Financial Inclusion and Development Department: Shri R K Mahana, General Manager, 022-22620521, Email:
Banking Department: Shri A. J. Parikh, General Manager, 022-22618288 Email:
Financial Inclusion and Development Department: Shri M C Jadhav, General manager, 022-22610807, Email:
Consumer Education and Protection Cell: Ms S V Nadkarni, Human Resource Management Department, Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai Regional Office, P.B. No. 901, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Mumbai 400001, General Manager, 022-22705724,

Reserve Bank of India, Delhi contacts
6, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi - 110 001, India.
Tel: +91-11-23711333
Fax: +91-11-23711250
Above Links details board of directors of Reserve banks of India
C/o CGM and Secretary
Secretary's Department
Reserve Bank of India
16th floor, Central Office Building
Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg
Mumbai - 400 001

Dr. Urjit R. Patel
Shri N. S. Vishwanathan
Deputy Governor
Dr. Viral V. Acharya
Deputy Governor
Shri B.P. Kanungo
Deputy Governor
Shri Mahesh Kumar Jain
Deputy Governor
Shri Swaminathan Gurumurthy

* Directors nominated under Section 8 (1) (b) of the RBI Act, 1934.
@ Directors nominated under Section 8 (1) (c) of the RBI Act, 1934. 
# Directors nominated under Section 8 (1) (d) of the RBI Act, 1934 (as amended).
Dated: August 29, 2018

3. Bombay Stock Exchange from funds are raised from shareholders

Above links details contacts of Bombay Stock Exchange. Several email contacts and mobile numbers are available at above links. They can be contacted.

Corporate Office

BSE Limited 

Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers 
Dalal Street
Mumbai- 400001
Phones : 91-22-22721233/4, 91-22-66545695 (Hunting)
Fax : 91-22-22721919
CIN: L67120MH2005PLC155188

Complaints can be addressed to the Manager, BSE.

BSE Investor Service Centre
Flat No. 205, 2nd Floor, 
A Wing, Rizvi Towers, Caculo Circle, 
St Inez, Panaji,
GOA – 403001, 

GOA Mr. Jason Dias   91 68 465838

Saturday 1 September 2018

Vanxim (Capao) Mortgaged!

Bharat Mukti Morcha, Goa Unit takes strong objections to the unethical way Capital India Finance Limited (CIFL) has gone about on Capao island mortgaging of paddy fields and bunds to support Ozone corporate. What is most objectionable is that legal notice dated 24th August 18 is being circulating in Whats app groups giving deadline of 14 days for public objection to the Mortgage already carried on. 

This notice we have reproduced above in public interest informs that Ozone Leisure And Resorts Private Limited from Bangalore has created a first ranking exclusive charge by way of mortgage in favour of Capital India Finance Limited. There is no mention of crucial details as to when this mortgage was effected, for what amount, what are the deposits accepted and what are the terms and conditions agreed upon. 

The notice is in the past tense "created", that means it is already done. Why then ask for objections from Public. Objections had to be solicited before creating a first ranking exclusive change by way of mortgage. As a result this notice becomes a cruel joke on the people of Goa who have been resisting and objecting the way Capao island affairs are handled unethically by the Office of the Archbishop of Goa for past two decades.Click here for links. There is something fishy here and needs further investigation as to why the process has been followed inverted. Why Public objections are invited after the mortgage has already been effected?

According to bloomberg Capital India Finance Limited (CIFL) was known as Bhilwara Tex-Fin Limited and changed its name to Capital India Finance Limited in August 2017. 
According to online documents posted by CIFL their first business strategy is in finding niche and focus on opportunities where banks are not likely to be keen on entering like construction finance, last minute lending and acquisition finance. This means Ozone is not finding any more favour with banks and hence now resorted to equity capital from Bombay Stock exchange.

CIFL is listed on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and files regular reports to them. CIFL were allotted 3,96,83,000 equity shares on June 08, 2018 vide preferential allotment to promoter and non-promoter shareholders.

Legally CIFL is a company that raises funds from shareholders and invests in constructions, real estates and Special Economic Zones (SEZ) under lease rental discounting. Click here. Goa has revolted against SEZs and CIFL is involved in financing them! CIFL provides long loans for 20 years period under Loan against property. Click here.

CIFL has posted letter dated 27/11/2017 online written to the Manager, BSE Ltd with Ref: "Script Code - BSE - 530879". From this letter it is clear that Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has sent approval letter to CIFL to the management team of this company. The RBI letter bears no.DMBS/CMS-6/No.647/05.02.224/2017-18. The composition of the Board is as as under:
1. Mr. Keshav Porwal with DIN 06706341
2. Mr. Amit Sahai Kulshreshtha with DIN 07869849
3. Mr. Vineet Kumar Saxena with DIN 07710277
4. Mr. Subodh Kumar with DIN 07781250
5. Ms. Shraddha Kamat Suresh with DIN 07555355
6. Mr. Rahul Ramesh Kumar Jain with 07541089

The same letter also coveys following significant decisions taken:
1. Mr. Keshav Porwar's appointment as an Additional Director, categorized as  Executive Director. He was appointed also as Managing Director of the Company for the term of 5 years.
2. Mr. Amit Sahai Kulshreshtha's appointment as an Additional Director, categorized as  Executive Director. He was appointed also as CEO of the Company for the term of 5 years.
3. Mr. Vineet Kumar Saxena's appointment as an Additional Director, categorized as  Non-Executive Director. 
4. Mr. Subodh Kumar's appointment as an Additional Director, categorized as  Non-Executive Director. 
5. Ms. Shraddha Kamat Suresh's appointment as an Additional Director, categorized as  Women Non-Executive Director. 
6. Mr. Rahul Ramesh Kumar Jain's designation changed to Non-executive Director.
This letter is signed by Company Secretary Archana Aggarwal.

From this letter letter three things are clear:
1. Identity of Board of Directors who are involved in Capao mischief on behalf of CIFL and Ozone corporate.
2. Reserve Bank of India has given approval for this mischievous management team of CIFL. 
3. Communication is made to Bombay Stock Exchange about this new mischievous team. 

Bharat Mukti Morcha calls upon Board of Directors of CIFL to cut off all the links with Ozone and Capao island.
Bharat Mukti Morcha calls upon Reserve Bank of India to withdraw approval given to the above team of management following their unethical conduct over Capao island mortgage. 
Bharat Mukti Morcha calls upon Bombay Stock Exchange to de-list CIFL.
Bharat Mukti Morcha calls upon all the Shareholders of CIFL to object to Capao mortgage.
Since 2010 there has been prolonged protests over the way tenanted lands were sold by the office of Goa Archbishop to Mahendra P. Gaunekar in unethical manner in February 2006 in violation of Cannon law and in top secrecy. Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao himself described this sale as morally wrong. Mahendra P. Gaunekar sold Vanxim to Ozone corporate in August 2015. In December 2015 Vanxim was brought under purview of unethical law Investment Promotion Board. Bharat Mukiti Morcha (BMM) protested and protests continued. BMM protests this mortgage of Vanxim too.
For the Board of Directors of CIFL we leave a link of protest on Capao island that is also known as Vanxim island in Mandovi river.  Here is the first link.
It would do them good to study well and stay aside. the paddy fields has be brought under cultivation again. Here is the second link.
BMM believe that the named Board of directors will take this seriously and go away from Vanxim (Capao). However if the Board of Directors does not withraw from their gaze on Vanxim then suitable action will be initiated against them and those connected and associated with CIFL.

Public are requested the following action:

1. Identify emails and mobile numbers of Board of Directors and send this post to them to let them know that they are unwanted intruders in Goa.

2. Identify shareholders of CIFL and share this write up and get it raised by them publicly.

3. Write to Bombay Stock Exchange and protest against CIFL.

4. Write to Reserve Bank of India and inform them about unethical practices indulged in by CIFL.

We are aware that Rohan Khaute while in the Opposition has spoken out in the Legislative Assembly on Vanxim scam of getting it under Investment Promotion Board. Now that he is Revenue Minister he can very easily intervene and order thorough investigations on Vanxim scam. Complaints are pending in Mamlatdar office from April 1995 unattended. Click here for links. 

If investigation is ordered then all the judgements on Vanxim will be null and void. Neither Gaunekar nor Ozone nor CIFL will be left with anything. Time is not far for this investigation to be launched. CIFL may take note and move out of Goa. We will not tolerate mortgaging of our land. Jai Mulnivasi!