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How Bamons used and discarded Marathas-OBC-Kunbis in India - Part 1

This is an English translation of speech made by current National President of Bharat Mukti Morcha Waman Meshram on 21st March 2009 at Daud, Pune. The original speech was in Hindi, and it was translated into Marathi by Prof.D.R.Ohol and published in a book form. From Marathi this speech has been translated into English by Sebastian Rodrigues. This speech is very informative and highly informative. It is particularly relevant to the current state of Marathas and OBC in India and in Goa too in view of ongoing agitation to demand caste based census in India which brahmanical Indian government refuses.

Today the question of Maratha-Kunbi-OBC reservation is a burning issue. Lok Sabha elections will take place in April 2009. Assembly elections will take place around November 2009. That time this question will get further aggravated. It is the issue of reservation. It is the issue of Representation.

What is Reservation?
SC, ST, OBC, Ex-CT gets reservation. These people deserve reservation. Amongst these people most of the people do not have any information as to what is reservation. Dr. Ambedkar says “Reservation for those who are not adequately represented”.

Views about reservation
a)    Amongst SC, ST, OBC most educated hold a perspective that reservation is crunches, alms, means self-devaluation, means handicap, means misery, means a way of poverty alleviation or below poverty line program. Reservation is also understood by some as a program to mitigate with unemployment. Most of the educated amongst SC,ST,OBC feels this way.

But is it really true that reservation is crunches, alms, means self-devaluation, means handicap, means misery, and means a way of poverty alleviation or below poverty line program, as program to mitigate unemployment? Is reservation means only jobs?
Answers to all the above questions are ‘No’.

Logical analysis
1)    If reservation means crunches then why our mulnivasi Mahapurushas struggle for reservations in their entire lifetime? Crunches are with only handicapped people. Were our mulnivasi Mahaprushas wished to win crunches to us so that we can become handicapped forever? Did they desire that we live in misery and desperation? Did they wish to make us beggars? Was these were wishes and desires of Phule-Periyar-Shahu-Ambedkar? Definitely not. Are we clever than them? Are we intellectually more advanced than them? Was Dr.Ambedkar wnted to make mulnivasi people handicap or rulers? To consider reservation as crunches or as alms in beggary is equal to insulting Phule-Shahu-Periyar-Ambedkar. It is like self believing oneself as intellectually more advanced than these mulnivasi Mahapurushas.

Dr. Ambedkar calls Reservation as Representation.

Logical analysis
2)    If reservation is crunches, if reservation is alms given in beggary, if it is a misery, if it is a poverty alleviation program, if it is unemployment alleviation program then why Eurasian Brahmins oppose reservations? This must be understood adequately by mulnivasi bhahujans.
The opposition to reservation from Eurasian Brahmins is not superficial. It is serious one where they even are willing to give up their lives in indefinite hunger strikes.
When Dr.Ambedkar raised the issue of Reservations in the Constituent Assembly Pandit (Brahmin) Jawaharlal Nehru and his Congress (Party of Brahmins) opposed reservation. And what was the logic provided while opposing reservations?
“With Reservation efficiency of the government will suffer and will create inferior quality nation.”  - Pandit Nehru and Congress.
What reply did Dr. Ambedkar give to this logic of Pandit Nehru?
“Representative Government is better than efficient Government?”  - Dr. Ambedkar.

Logical Analysis
3)    The perspectives of Mulnivasi Mahapurushas on Reservation
Reservation is share in Power. Reservation is the issue of Representation. This is not the issue of reducing mulnivasis to beggars but to make us mulnivasis into ruling community, to make us into Kings, into owners.

b)    Fears in the minds of Marathas-Kunbi-OBC People (Understanding)
Reservation means to reduce oneself to the level of Mahar, Mang, Chambar, and Dhor. After asking reservation we will become Mahar-Mang-Chambar-Dhor. Demanding Reservation means to reduce oneself to untouchable. Because of this on the issue of Reservation for Marathas-kunbis-OBC all the Marathas-Kunbis-OBC did not come together in unity. But they came together to Ram Temple. Here 67,000 youth from Maratha-Kunbi-OBC were killed. This means that we do not come together for our own Rights. But we come together for the Rights of Eurasian Brahmins so that then continue to be ruling caste again and again. For this we come together, we agitate, we even die. To fight to construct Ram Temple means to fight for the Eurasian Brahmins because in temple there are reservations only for Eurasian Brahmins. Temples are the sources of employment of Eurasian Brahmins. Here there is 100% reservation only for Eurasian Brahmins. 

Practical Analysis

Who are Marathas-Kunbi-OBC?

1)    As per Varna Maratha-Kunbi-OBC are Shudras. Meaning according to Brahmin dharma Maratha-Kunbi-OBC are Shudra. Because they are not Brahmin/Kshatriya/Vaishya. In this sense they are Shudras.
Proof: ‘According to brahmin dharma Marathas are Shudras’ Author: Pravin Gaekwad.
2)    Eurasian Brahmins has given in writing to Marathas-Kunbi-OBC in birth and marriage  horoscopes (Kundali)  that Maratha-Kunbi-OBC are Shudras by Varna and Rakshas by Gana.
·         Varna – Shudra
·         Gana – Rakshas
·         Yoni – Antyanya
·         Vansh – Nag
This horoscope (kundali) writer is Brahmins with qualification of 4 or 8 standard pass or fail. The one who takes these writing is Maratha-Kunbi-OBC who holds M.A, Ph.d degrees. And for this he pays dakshinas to Euresian brahmin. And how much dakshina is given? He pays him Rs.101/- or Rs. 501/- or Rs.1001/- and takes in writing. What he takes in writing from brahmin?
  • Varna – Shudra
  • Gana – Rakshas
  • Yoni – Antyanya
  • Vansh – Nag
It is our birth. In our house, from our parents but horoscope (Kundali) is with Brahmins. Are we going to prosper this way? This situation is like giving permission to robbers and dacoits to loot our homes.
3)    On 6th June 1674 Kulvadi Bhushan, Bhahujan Pratipalak Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj decided to himself crowned as Kings (Rajabhishek). That time Pune Brahmins insulted him as Shudra. Kulvadi Bhushan, Bhahujan Pratipalak Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj based on his own moral strength and with power of his sword had established the rule of Mulnivasi Bhumiputras in nooks and corners of Sahyadris. But to get himself crowned as King he went to the Brahmins of Pune. That time Pune Brahmins insulted him as Shudra. Inspite of Shivaji establishing his own chatrtej rule Pune Brahmins insulted him and refused to crown him as king (Rajabhishek). The truth is when you establish your rule you have to use your sword. While crown as king it is only required to put a tilak on the forehead. To put this tilak there is no need of wielding a sword. Even then Eurasian Brahmins refused to crown Shivaji as King (Rajabhishek). Moreover they insulted his as Shudra.
4)    After Kulvadi Bhushan, Bhahujan Pratipalak Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Mahapratapi Chatrapati Sambaji Maharaj: powerful father-son Maratha combination as rulers was destroyed Brahmins put incapable Chatrapati Rajaram, son of Soirabayee was installed as King by Eurasian Brahmins. But they put 13 conditions for his rule and one of them was “I am a Shudra and it is acceptable to me”. They took this in writing from him.
5)    From 1899 to 1905 Rajashree Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj was demanding priestly rights. That time Eurasian Brahmins declared as ‘Shudra’. That time Bal (Keshav) Gangadhar Tilak declared in uttered humiliating manner “We had granted temporary Kshatriyahood to Shivaji Maharaj.”  On 29th October 1901 Bal (Keshav) Gangadhar Tilak wrote an editorial in his newpaper ‘Kesari’ Title of this article was ‘Marathas and Vedothak karma’.  In this editorial he writes that Shudras (Brahmanetar) must not insist on reading of Vedas.’ This is his expressed opinion. From this we need to ponder on someone whom we call ‘Lokmanya’ whether his views can be agreeable to the people (Lok)? We have to think on this. These views that increase discrimination, do they fit in patriotism or in anti-national activities? This must also be decided. Truly speaking Tilak must be called ‘Bhatmanya’ or ‘Brahmanmanya’.
6)    In 1848 Rashtrapita Jyotiba Phule was insuted by Eurasian brahmin Sakharam Paranjpe by calling him ‘Shudra’ and was thrown out from the wedding party.
7)    In 1869 Rashrapita Jyotiba Phule searched and found Samadhi of Kulvadi Bhushan, Bhahujan Pratipalak Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Brahmins had killed Kulvadi Bhushan, Bhahujan Pratipalak Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Phule revived his memories again. To prove identity of Marathas to Marathas he cleared up Shivaji Maharaj’s Samadhi. Rashrapita Jyotiba Phule was searching the Samadhi for three days. Samadhi was hidden under the wild growth of bushes and covered with dirt. With axe Rashtrapita Jyotiba Phule cleared the vegetation and traced the Samadhi of Kulvadi Bhushan, Bhahujan Pratipalak Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He wiped away all the leaves from the Samadhi and washed it in clean water. Just when he was about to put flowers on the Samadhi village bhatji - Gramjoshi of Raigad understood this and turned red with anger. Topless with wavering zanvem (sacred thread) he came and kicked away from poured on the Samadhi. We however worship and touch the feet of these Brahmins. If Shivaj Maharaj was alive then then would have torn away the leg that kicked his Samadhi.  While kicking the Samadhi of Shivaji Maharaj that illetrate bhatji said to Phule “Hey you Shudra, you believe this Kunbhat as God, hey, what God he is? He was a King of Shudras. You forgot about about giving dakshinas to GramBhat and over that what Pooja you are performing of this Kunbhat? This means in 1869 this illiterate brahmin was abusing biggest personality of Marathas as ‘Kunbhat’, insulting him as ‘Shudra’. ‘Kunbi’ is a jati. ‘Kunbhat’ is an abusive word. It is like how ‘Brahmin’ is Varna as well as Jati. While ‘Baman’ is an abusive word.
8)    In 1918 South bureau commission visited India. Why did it visit? To fulfill the demands of the Congress that was set up in 1885. What were congress demands? ‘Give us (Eurasian Brahmins) share in power under British rule meaning reservations.’ For this Congress Brahmins were calling Home rule agitation. At this time few more people demanded representation in the share in Power. Who were these people?
a)    Hon. Bhaskarrao Jadav (M.A, LL.B.), Maratha-Kunbi. Demanded representation for Maratha-Kunbi-OBC.
b)    Dr.B.R.Ambedkar (M.A, Ph.d, M.Sc, D.Sc., L.L.D, D.Lit, Bar-at-law) Demanded representation for untouchables.
c)    Barrister Mohamad Ali Jinnah demanded representation for Muslims.

When congress was demanding representation for everybody then why these three put up separate demands? It is because these three did not have faith in Congress because congress demands were only for Eurasian Brahmins. This was clearly known to all these three.

At a time when Hon. Bhaskarao Jadav put up the demand for representation for Maratha-Kunbi-OBC on the recommendation from Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj, that time Bal (Keshav) Gangadhar Tilak organized public meeting in in between Kolhapur and Belgaum at a place called Athani. In this public meeting Tilak said “Are Teli, Taboli and Kunbhat going to plough in the Parliament?” Kunbi is a Jati while ‘Kunbhat is its abusive word with extreme hatred. This means that in 1869 one illiterate Brahmin after kicking Samadhi of Kulwadibhushan Chatrapati Shivaji abused as ‘kunbhat’ and on 14 February 1918 Bal (Keshav) Gangadhar Tilak used same abusive word ‘Kunbhat’ against Marathas in a public meeting at Athani. You imagine now as to how much hatred and Anger about Marathas-Kunbi-OBC  Tilak mush have been filled with. Tilak abuses Maratha-Kunbi-OBC as ‘Kunbhat’ while Maratha-Kunbi-OBC call him ‘Lokmanya’. Truly he was ‘Bhatmanya’, ‘Brahmanmanya’. Media made turned him into ‘Lokmanya’.

9. According to Brahmin dharma Maratha-Kunbi-OBC has no right to conduct rite of munj and wear Janvem.  They have no right to perform any religious rite independently. This because according to Brahman dharma they are Shudras.

10. Take a live example of  Hon. Ashok Chavan, Chief Minister of Maharastra.

a) Is Ashok Chavan Brahmin?
    Ashok chavan is not a brahmin.
b)Is Ashok Chavan kshatriya?

On 6th June 1674 Chatrapati Shivaji, Chatrapati Rajaram and in 1899 to 1905 period Rajashree Shahu Maharaj was declared Shudra. That’s why Ashok Chavan is not Kshatriya.

c)Is Ashok Chavan Vaishya?

Ashok Chavan is not a Vaishya.

d)This means Ashok Chavan is left with only one Varna and that means Shudra, meaning OBC. Today Eurasian brahmin declare that only two Varnas are remaining in India. Which are the two?

1)Brahmin    2) Shudra

Who is a Maratha Precisely?
1.    The word Maratha differs regionally like Maratha-Kunbi, Maratha-Mali, Maratha-Parit, Maratha-Nhavi, Maratha-Sonar, Maratha-Kumbhar, Maratha-Sutar, Maratha-Shimpi, Maratha-Koshti, Maratha-Salli, Maratha-Dhangar etc. Meaning one who resides in Maharastra is a Maratha. This was used cleverly by Eurasian Brahmins. By this they left behind true Marathas and went ahead. They took themselves the name ‘Maratha’. Example (a) ‘Marathi step advances ahead’ actually ‘Eurasian step advances ahead’.
(b) ‘Injustice on Marathas will not be tolerated’ actually it is injustice in Eurasian Brahmins will not be tolerated’. If they say this directly then nobody will go along with Eurasian Brahmins. That’s why Brahmins use this word ‘Maratha’ with cleverness of a fox. (c) In the name of ‘marathas’ Eurasian Brahmins swallowed the vacancies of the genuine Marathas in government administration. To  do this they called Marathas ‘open’. Actually Marathas are not ‘open’. ‘Open’ are Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas. Open (Sarvan) mean of the same colour. Shudras are not of their colour.

Actually the word ‘Maratha was first used by Ramdas when he wrote “Maratha Tituka Melvava
Maharastra dharm vadvava”

Very important thing to note here is that Ramdas does not say ““Maratha Tituka Melvava Hindu dharm vadvava” because that time there was no hindu dharma but ony Varna dharma meaning chaturnya dharma.

2.    History of Marathas

In Maharastra Marathas are nagvanshi. Aryas and Nagas were at war, a bloody war. Aryabrahmins of that time used to call nagvanshis (today’s Marathas as most dangerous enemies. Arya means Erasian brahmin and Nag means non-aryan people means Dravidians. ‘Arya’ means those who came from outside. This means Eurasian Brahmins are foreigners. Non-Aryans means those people who have not come from outside. They are from here itself, they are mulnivasi Dravidian people. This means all these people are mulnivasi Indians. Marathas is/was a marshal race. Marathas was/are fighters’ jati. But they are not the Kshatriyas of the Chaturvarna system. They are the Kshtriyas of the india’s indigenous republican system – Ganavyavastha.

Kshatriyas are of two types:
1. Chaturvana Kshatriya (foreigner)
2. Ganavyavastha Kshatriya (Mulnivasi)

Today if Marathas believe themselves as Kshatriyas according to the Chaturvarna system then place themselves as the defenders or supporters of the Eurasian Brahmins. Truly Marathas are Kshatriyas from Ganavyavastha. They instead of becoming defenders of Eurasian Brahmins, Supporters of Eurasian Brahmins, Champions of Eurasian Brahmins they must become defenders  of the mulnivasi Bhahujan Samaj. They must support mulnivasi bhahujan samaj. They must champion the cause of the mulnivasis and fight against Eurasian Brahmins.

Eurasian brahmin is foxy smart. At the time of giving them rights they insult Marathas by calling them ‘Shudras’. But why Brahmins want themselves to be protected that time they call them Kshatriyas. Brahmins at the time of rajabhishek  called Kulvadibhushan, Bhahujanpratipalak Chatrapati Shivaji maharaj shudra. They then went on calling Shivaji Gobrahmanpratipalak too. This means Brahmins never changes their objectives they change their diplomacy regularly. We mulnivasis regularly get trapped in their diplomacy. At the end we accept their leadership. Eurasian Brahmins never become followers. They always become leaders. They never become disciples. They always become Gurus (Advisors).

In Maharastra just the way Marathas are Nagvanshis same way mahars are also nagvanshis. Mahars too is a marshal race. They are also fighters. Brahmin considers mahars too as its great foe. Eurasian Brahmin and Mahars have fought bloody wars. That’s how Marathas and Mahars have common surnames. Mulivasis have their ‘Kuls’ while Eurasians have their ‘gotras’.

Proof 1): Rashtripita Jyotirao Phule’s ideal :-

Rashtrapita Jyotirao Phule says: One farmer gave birth to three children. Out of them first one got himself engaged into farming. So he was called Kunbi. Second child got into cultivation of other variety of plants like those of vegetable, fruits and flowers. He began to be called Mali. Third child started taking sheep and goats for grazing. He began to be called Dhangar. These are basically three jatis. From these thousands of other jatis evolved. Eurasian Brahmins has no relations with farming because according to manusmriti it is a sin for a brahmin to engage in agriculture. 

Proof 2) “Broken men theory”  Author: Dr. B.R.Ambedkar

In this well researched essay Dr.Ambedkar has proved that the surnames of all the mulnivasi jatis match. Example Gaekwad is a surname is found amongst everyone except Eurasian Brahmins. From this it can be concluded that all people from 6000 jatis share common ancestry. We share common history, we share common DNA, and we share a common race. We are bhumiputras, we are mulnivasis. All this we had no clue what so ever. Eurasian Arya bramins devided us into 6000 jatis. Within each jati created 12 or 13 sub-jatis. Like this there are 75,000 jatis in India.

Proof 3) In a researched book ‘Who were shudras?’Dr.Ambedkar has proved that Maratha-Kunbi-OBC was never shudras earlier but they were rulers. Later on by writing of writing of religious scriptures Brahmins transformed them into shudras. After transforming them into shudras they were deprived of rights to education, kingdoms and wealth. In western countries those without rights are called slaves. In India Brahmins through the act of writing of religious scriptures deprived shudras of their rights. They were transformed into slaves. In order to tell shudras that ‘you were rulers and not slaves, brahmins by writing of religious scriptures has deprived you of your rights’ Dr.Ambedkar wrote this well researched book.

Proof 4) Prof. Ashok Rana – Yavatmal

This person in one of his books proved that Marathas and Mahars were brothers earlier. But Eurasian Brahmins do not allow Marathas and Mahars to come together. On the contraray they have created situation of hatred between two communities. Foxy smart Brahmins called Marathas Kshatriya and due to this there is brahmanisation of Marathas. This is a biggest block in our propaganda. That’s why we have to make people understand that ‘according to Brahman dharma Marathas are Shudras.’

Proof 5) This is about those who believe themselves to be Marathas: In the beginning there was three tiered varna system. In this system there were Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas; only these three Varnas. Then how did fourth Varna came about? Amongst the Vedas earliest Veda is Rigveda. In this Rigveda there is information about only three Varnas.
1) Brahmin
2) Kshatriya and
3) Vaishya.

There is no information about the fourth Varna. According to the linguistics and grammar it is proved that purushsukt was inserted later. That means attempt has been made to present that Chaturvana is an ancient system.

This means in earlier system there were only three varnas. Then the question arises as to from where fourth Varna rose up? Intense struggle took place between Eurasian Brahmins and Kshatriyas from here. Who should be the first one to greet ‘namaskar’ was the issue on which this struggle began. This turned out to be very dangerous struggle. This struggle bet kshatriyas and Brahmins truned out to be so violent that Brahmins tells us that sixth Avatar Parshuram destroyed the earth 21 times to kill Kshatriyas from here. By the way Parshuram did only two important jobs in his lifetime.
1) He murdered his mother Renuka because she was a mulnivasi.
2) He destroyed this earth 21 times to kill kshatriyas from here.

This is a story of epic that unfolded in India. After killing kshatriyas how did they survive? If they did not survive then how did they were killed again?

The meaning of this is only that there was tense relationship between brahmin and mulnivasi kshatiryas from here. Open and violent struggle took place. To describe the gravity of the struggle they used this language. Sixth Avatar Parshuram killed khstriyas 21 times means there was violent struggle between Eurasian Brahmins and mulnivasis 21 times.

Once killed how did people lived? If they never lived then how did they were killed again and again? In future some people may doubt this logic that’s why they made provision of answer. How?

Eurasian brahmins give shameful answer ….

After killing all the kshatriyas their women became widows. All these widows went to Eurasian Brahmin and said “Oh Bhudev (Brahmin), it is not correct to leave this land without kshatriyas. That’s why you put son in our wombs.” In this way Eurasian Brahmins put sons in their wombs. In this way kshatriyas were born again. This means religious scriptures of the Brahmins violate honor of today’s kshatriyas and declares them cheaters. Secondly no women would to the murderer of her husband and ask to the establishing of sexual relationship. And mulnivasi women of India will never do this. This means Eurasian Brahmins committed atrocities against mulnivasi women who were widows. Khstriyas were wielding sword and on the power of sword were wining themselves kingdoms. Religious scripture writers brought about obstructions in this trend. Which obstructions? They put condition that in case mulnivasi kings want to administer punishment to the subjects then their kings must be crowned (Rajabhishek) at the hands of a Brahmin. This was a binding condition put on mulnivasi kshatriyas. Further on those mulnivasi kshatriyas who accepted this condition of Eurasian Brahmins were decalred to be kshatriyas. Those who refused to accept superiority of Brahmins were pushed into Shudra Varna.

Thereafter means after the end of Kind Nanda Eurasian Brahmins declared through Puranas that now there are only two varnas 1) Brahman and 2) Shudra.

In the beginning they announced three Varnas. Then they themselves announced four varnas. After that they themselves made a declaration of two Varnas. Mulnivasi bhahujan Samaj must keep in mind as to how Eurasian Brahmins change their colour.
With the above examples and explanation it is hoped that understanding amongst Maratha-Kunbi-OBC that reservation means to become like Mahar-Mang-Chambar-Dhor will change.

Current state of Marathas in Maharastra today. Maharastra is divided into five parts.
1) Western Maharastra – Maratha (because of prevalence of Lion)
2) Marathwada – maratha (because of prevalence of State of Nizam. Nizam was a brahmin)
3) Konkan – Kunbi
4) Vidharbha – Kunbi 
5) Khandesh - Kunbi

That’s why except western Maharastra and Marathwada mulnivasi Marathas are seen to be associated with the struggle. Reservation is not the program of converting into Mahar-Mang-Chambar-Dhor but it is a program of making entire mulnivasi people into politically ruling community. This must be kept in mind.

·         There is one school of thought that holds that reservation should not be based on caste but on economic status. This thought is of Eurasian Brahmins. But the mouths that speak this thought are of mulnivasis. We mulnivasi bhahujan samaj listen to only that what Eurasian Brahmins tell, we read only that what they write, we behave as they suggest, We see only that what they show, we pay minute attention to only that they want us to pay minute attention to. This process is called ‘mind control’. Bodies are ours but mind and brain is controlled by Eurasian Brahmins. Strength lies in brain, not in bodies. 


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