Saturday 31 January 2015

Hotel Grand Hyatt violated fishing rights in Zuari river

31st January 2015 was indeed sad day for fishermen on Zuari coast. Bambolim based hotel Grand Hyatt repeatedly violated fishing rights of fishermen through it para-sailing boat with unmanned parachute in sky tied with a long rope to the passenger motor boat with tourists seated inside. Tourists boats of the hotel mentioned above do cause disturbances to fishing activities and fishermen are asking for halt to this. Yet since Goa government is Bamon Raj all the please of the fishermen has gone on deaf ear.

January ends with hieghtened illegal and unsustainable fishing in Zuari

Last day of January 2015 witnessed 12 trawlers carrying on the illegal fishing in Zuari river on 12 January 2015. State administration is paralyzed to act. So the law of jungle is in operation currently. Bamon Raj rejoices in systematic destruction of Zuari estuary by repeatedly digging its riverbed.

Fishing festival in Navelim and illegal fishing in Zuari

Today 31 January 2015 staff of fisheries department is busy in fish festival in Navelim. There is no one to check illegal fishing in Zuari river. At 9.30 am 5 trawlers were engaged in illegal fishing in Zuari river. Coastal police called said Goa Government still has not released fuel for police boats to nab illegal fishing. Fisheries Superintendent when called said his department is too busy in Navelim for fish festival in Minister Averatano Furtado's constituency.

Two trawlers sighted in process of illegal fishing in Zuari

Two trawlers were sighted today at 2.30 pm in Zuari river engaged illegal fishing. Goa Government continues to act adamant with respect to permanent stationing of patrol boat of the fisheries department. Bharat Mukti Morcha has made representations to the State Government in this regard.

Thursday 29 January 2015

Objections to Mopa Greenfield Airport massive land grab

Comments on the document procured from Goa State Pollution Control Board titled “Environmental Impact Study for the proposed Greenfield International Airport at Mopa, Goa” published by Government of India in October 2014 prepared by Engineers India Limited (A Govt of India undertaking).

Issued for submission to Public Hearing on 8th October 2014 and issued for comments on 17th February 2014. The report is confirmed by Mr. J.K. Joshi, Head – Environment Division of Engineers India Limited. The members of the EIA team include Jayant Kumar Joshi, Raja Subaratna Prasad, Sudhir Saksena, Dr. Chiranjibi Pattnaik, S.V.R. Subramanyam and P. Jayakumar.

Goa government on 17th July 2012 issued notice to take over 22,88,256 square meters of land and published in official gazette on 2nd August 2012 in series II No. 18.

Public Hearing under Environment Protection Act 1986 will be held on February 01, 2015. The below objectiosn can be filed before 31st January 2015 to Member-Secretary, Goa State Pollution Control Board, Panaji, Goa.


On page 90

“Government of Goa is the owner of the Mopa Airport land.”

Who made the Government owner of the land? Land is passed on to the present generation from earlier generation. And It is a duty of the present generation to transfer it to future generations without sacrileges of airport. Present generation has borrowed this land from the future generation. It is a great tragedy that Goa Government has claimed ownership over these villages like Archbishop of Goa claimed ownership over Vanxim. Traditionally ownership lies with village bodies like communidades. This is a great betrayal of mulnivasi people of Goa.


Page II of the Executive summery

“The Other facilities include ….Golf Course. The estimated cost in Phase I is Rs.1500 crore. An area of 2271 acres is envisaged for project development”
What will be the area for the golf course? Is it going to be 18 hole golf course? What is going to be land allocated to develop golf course? What is going to be the water requirement of this golf course maintenance? What type of grass and fertilizer will be utilized on it? No data is included in document. Is this gold course for greater good of Goa? Or it is Golf curse on Goa? Or there is a plan to shift off shore casinos from Mandovi adjacent to this Golf course onland in Pernem? So for Golf course are blocked through public opposition in Arambol, Paliem, Mandrem, Morjim, Bambolim, Naquerim, Quittol, Betul. Opposition in 1992-1995 and was catalized by Jagrut Goekarachi Fauz (JGF) along with Pernem Coastal Villages Welfare Committee and Quepem Coastal Villages Welfare Committee.


On page 25 of EIA Report

“Micrometeorology with respect to wind speed, wind direction, and temperature, recorded at meteorological station in the months of October, November and December 2011…”

This data is insufficient. There is data needed of at least 5 years with time daily record in time series method. Other wise the safety of aircrafts is at risk. Five year data from 2005 to 2010 has been collected and presented with regard to hour peak rainfall for Pernem on page 11. Why this five year period is ignored when it comes to wind speed and wind directions? The flow of winds are drastically different in other months of any year and may even vary from year to yeas as rainfall data shows  and the three months data cannot be taken as sufficient input to the baseline data.


On Page 91 of EIA Report

“Preventing possession of firearms by project-personnel, except those responsible for security”

This indicates that Airport personnel will be permitted to carry fire arms. The airport will be constructed by corporate body. Corporate are allowed to keep firearms only under Special Economic Zone Act. This means the Mopa Airport will be SEZ – the fact that is carefully concealed in this EIA report. This means administratively it will be governed by SEZ Act and accordingly will be treated as foreign territory even though there are plans mentioned to set up police station at the Airport site. If police presence is factored than what is the permitted law that allows private corporate to carry fire arms? What is the need to include this as mitigation measure? In SEZ labour provisions and Environmental laws applicability is relaxed. As per Controller and Auditor General of India report India has suffered Rs.83,000 crore revenue loss in the last five years due to setting up of SEZs. This means there is going to be the governance though terror of firearms by private personnel of the corporate constructing airport. Page 87 of EIA report states that adequate funds will be allocated towards implementation of traffic management measures….as a Corporate Social Responsibility”. It is clear from this fact that Corporate will be constructing and administrating the proposed airport. Hence corporate will be using firearms. As per deductions flowing from page 91 of EIA report Mopa Airport is for business location and urban development. It is not for protecting environment, forest, rivers, wildlife, traditional occupations and agriculture.


On page 89 of EIA Report

“In the construction phase an influx of construction workers will have impact on some people, as demand for goods and services in the area would increase.”
What is the job security and housing for these workers? Will they be provided with houses or flats? Or they will be made to live in slums like in Birla, Vasco or Chimbel near Panjim? After so called independence in 1947 83 crore of people are living on daily income of less than Rs.20/- per day as per Arjun Sengupta committee report.  Will these laborers settle in Pernem? Affected people is already mentioned as being resettled in Bardez’s Siolim village.


On page 89 of EIA Report

The project affected people would be rehabilitated by government of Goa.”

On page 23 of EIA Report

Alignment alternative option-3 (Siolim 1000 acres) passes through forest area nearby chainage 7+300 both sides. It is learnt that this land would be earmarked for settlement of people whose land would be acquired in land acquisition requirement of this project.”

The memories of re-settlement are painful in case of mining in Pissurlem and Selaulim dam in Sanguem. Do people of Siolim aware of these plans? Plus people rehabilitee from Tillari dam - from whose canal Airport plans to use water meant for irrigation – are still without house number and road access and are on indefinite hunger strike in Dodamarg.


On page 10 of EIA Report

There is a picture of the plateau where proposed Greenfield airport is to be located

Ecologically these types of plateaus are used by wild animals for grazing and more importantly for reception of sunlight. It is misconception that it is barren land and therefore airport can be located on it without guilt. Only problem is that wild animals do not vote at the ballet other ruling parties would have been outvoted.


On page 7 of EIA Report

The airport site…. is located near the Villages of Mopa… and the property is acquired from six villages viz., Varconda, Casarvornem, Amberem, Uguem, Mopa and Chandel….An area of 2271 acres is envisaged for project in phase I excluding airport city is INR 3000 million.”
Who will administer this new city? Panchayats? Municipality? SEZ Authority? Or Contractors building and operating airport? Is there a plan to build airport city? Or it will end up like chaos in Gurgaon, Haryana.


On page 8 of EIA Report

Reserved Forest within 15 kms of proposed site
On pages 42 to 60 of EIA Report
Listed 385 species of plants, 86 species of Birds, 33 species of butterflies, 5 species of Amphibians, 18 species of reptiles and 10 species of Mammals.
Even though this may be gross understatement of life prevalent in varied form is it not foolish to disturb it through imposing of airport so close to reserved forest? It is indeed unethical and in fact foolish destroys such good habitat of the wild for the sake of Proposed Greenfield Airport.  The fact that this forest is not designated as ecologically sensitive area is not a license to impose airport in Mopa. Moreover the land ecosystem is integrated with lifestyle of natives in the vicinity.


On Page VI of the Executive Summery

“For construction phase water will be sourced from Tillari Irrigation Dam….for operation Phase I (2020) 1.2 MLD will be sourced from Tillari Canal. 80% will be sewage.”

Tillari irrigation canal is for irrigation purpose. Proposed airport is not for irrigation purpose and hence Tillari irrigation canal must not be used for anything to do with airport. Canal purpose and Airport purpose does not match. Water is precision it should not be wasted by diverting it for construction and operation of Airport at Mopa. How will water supply compensated for irrigation?


On page 98 of the EIA report
Goa handles 12% of all foreign tourist arrival in India….Goa is the smallest State with less than 2% of India’s land mass – and yet it accounts for nearly 46% of all the mining leases granted nationwide. It is anticipated that the airport development will not only increase and support tourism, but also accommodate the projected growth in business travel and cargo movements in Goa.”

This is a mythic thinking. It is assumed that so much tourism is good for Goa. It has not taken into account the constant clashes of tourism with fisheries in Zuari River for example that are regular phenomena. Proposed airport itself is a direct clash with primary sector occupations like agriculture. In case of mining it promotes imagination that this airport will be used to airlift the manganese, iron ore and bauxite to foreign countries thereby increasing dependency relationships. If this is truly the case then this proposed Airport is shelved lock, stock and barrel. For mining has created far too much damage that Goa can any longer tolerate, a visit to Sirgaon in Bicholim taluka is good example where water table has gone down to 70 meters below mean sea level (MSL) and agriculture is totally stopped due to draining of mining silt into paddy fields. The EIA report does not even mention that about number of water bodies that has gone dry, amount of forest land that has been sacrificed for mining and how much silt has accumulated in riverbeds of Mandovi, Zuari and their tributaries. The logic and concept of economic growth is erroneous and pumped up by publicity but it is resting on fractured foundations.  If the airport plans are for export of ore from Goa then it must be stopped at once. If not then why reference to mining has been included in the EIA report on proposed Airport at Mopa? Why current mining not uplifted from Dabolim? Is it economically feasible? If not, then Dabolim or Mopa does not matter.


Annexure II

Provides location of Rain water harvesting pits Map published by Public-Private Partnership Cell, Government of Goa
This Public-Private Partnership cell of Goa government promotes Capitalism that is against Constitution of India that promotes Socialism by its very Preamble. Setting up of this Cell is in contravention of the Constitution of India. Construction of this proposed Airport through Public-Private Partnership is also against the Constitution of India. Hence it is an anti-constitutional act that must be stalled with immediate effect.


On Page 39 of EIA Report

The 2011 census data shows that the percentage of Agricultural Labourers (Main and marginal) and cultivators (main and marginal workers) are just 3% and 4.35% of the total working population of 3,27,658 persons. This indicates that very small percentage of the total working population in the North Goa district is engaged in agricultural activities”

There is a manipulation through non-inclusion of key data in the document. There is no data included  for agriculture and land ownership pattern for Pernem taluka. There is no data for agriculture in six affected villages of Varconda, Casarvanem, Amberem, Uguem, Mopa and Chandel. Also there is no data provided on mining led destruction of Agriculture in North Goa. It is common knowledge that mining has systematically destroyed agriculture in Sattari and Bicholim talukas in North Goa. Also there is no mention of the fact that State government provided incentives for the discontinuation of agriculture by supplying rice in fair price shop at the rate of Rs.2/-.


On Page 39 of EIA

Demographic profile of the affected six villages of Varconda, Casarvanem, Amberem, Uguem, Mopa and Chandel are given total population as 7298 of which Scheduled Caste as 268 people which is a 3.67% while there are no Scheduled Tribes people in the six villages.

Demographic profile is silent on the OBC and Maratha populations in these villages. This is unacceptable omission. Article 340 of the Constitution deals with Other Backward Classes, Article 341 with Scheduled Caste and Article 342 with Scheduled Tribes; even then it is omitted. While EIA report mentions SC population as 3.67% there is no mention of reservation policy in Airport Employment. This means there are no reservations at all for SC, ST, and OBC population.


On Page 8 of EIA

Water supply for the airport is available from the nearby Kalna River (Also called Chandel River) which is a tributary of Chapora River, in combination with the Tillari irrigation Canal

While Tillari irrigation canal water is clearly for irrigation it is unethical to divert it for Airport construction and operation, There is no study conducted to asses the impact on ecosystem of Chapora River on the pumping of water for Airport. Also there is no study carry reported on impact of water suction on Chandel river fisheries.


On page 2 of EIA

Goa, well known for it beaches and places of worship in India, promotes tourism as its prime industry. As tourism continues to flourish, the demands of the existing Dabolim Airport in Goa are increasing at an unprecedented rate. Capacity constraints and military restrictions are putting an ever increasing strain on the existing facilities for aircraft and passengers alike.

This claims needs to be swallowed with a pinch of salt. Rhodes International Airport in Greece has similar infrastructure as the Dabolim Airport and it is able to handle more movements based on study “DABOLIM AIRPORT  V/s MOPA GREENFIELD Airport” by Vito Gomes who is into Aviation business for the past 30 years. Like Goa Rhodes in Greece is also tourist place.  It is worth comparing this Airport to Goa. In 2011-2012 (1) it handled 3824626 domestic and international passengers combine, while Goa’s Dabolim Airport handled 3521551 international and domestic passengers combine. (2) During this period Rhodes International Airport received all aircrafts except A380, while Dabolim Airport received BAYS 1-9 – (Upto A321, B737-900 ACFTS), BAYS 10-11 (ATR-72) BAYS 5A: (B767, A310, A300) BaYS 6A: (B747-400, A340-600) BAYS 8A: (B747-400, A340-600). (3) Rhodes International Airport had 42 check in counters while Dabolim had 32 during this period. (4) At Rhodes international Airport there is ample private parking for travelers and a lot of free parking space around, while at Dabolim airport 350 cars, 10 coaches. Vehicle parking was a problem during this period.  (5) Rhodes International Airport operated for 24 hours while Dabolim Arport on weekdays from 13:00 hrs to 08.30 hours and on weekends (Sat-Sun) it functioned 24 hours. (6) Rhodes International Airport had 15 bays (including 2 wide bodies) and additional 4 bays for small private aircrafts, while Dabolim Airport had 11 bays (including 2 for small private jets, ATRs and 9 for narrow body or 3 wide bodied).  (7) Rhodes International Airport has an area of only 14.8 acres of land, while Dabolim Airport has 35 acres for Civilian Airport. It is worth noting that proposed Mopa airport is 2271 acres. This is a reduced figure from earlier Terms of Reference of 4,500 acres.

When Rhodes international Airport in Greece functions far better than Dabolim in less than 50% of land it is beyond doubt that the Mopa airport coupled with relaxation of no airport within 150 kms is pure land grab.
Prior to annexation it was a civilian airport and only after 1961 it was worked on by Public Works Department and taken over by Navy, applying their rules and regulations. Navy must step out of Dabolim airport and let it function as civilian base only.  After Goa was annexed in 1961 the civilian airport was commandeered of strategic government establishments. Then taking the temporary emergency legislation – Defense of India Act 1962 – as a cover up it came under navy occupation. Since then the scope of Section 29 (1) of the Defense of India Act 1962 was limited to requisitioning of immovable property on a temporary basis the Naval authorities reportedly altered the intended purpose of requisition to that of permanent nature. The owners of the land and the State Government have definitely not agreed to this fact although it is not clear while subsequent Governments have not requisitioned and challenged this.

Why can’t Navy just more out when Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar  is from Goa?  When he was Chief Minister of Goa had said on 16th May 2012 in a leading National daily “I have raised the issue of disputed land with the Prime Minister and he has agreed to take it up with the Navy. Now Navy has to agree to transfer the land. Once the letter goes we will follow up daily.” Manohar Parrikar now is supporting the land grab in Pernem by not getting Navy to shift their base to another location and getting Dabolim Airport as an entirely civilian airport. Currently 5 days a week the airport is shut for civilian activities from 8.30 am to 13.00 hours due to military flight training during the that time. Charters prefer using the airport during weekends when there is a freer schedule. This gap of 4 and half hours can be utilized by civilian aircrafts if the Navy moves out as requested. Currently Navy has turned into real headache.  It is unethical for Navy to ignore citizens plea and continue to occupy Dabolim airport the way it is done currently. Because of its adamant attitude another land Grab is looming large for brand new airport. New airport constructions from scratch are known as Green field airports while improvising on existing airports is known as brown field airports.  EIA provides no distinctions between the two.  In fact it is not even mentioned.  Brownfield airport up gradation of Dabolim is advisable along with shifting out of Navy. No new Greenfield airport at Mopa is needed.  It is only a huge attraction to legitimize the land grab by creating public consensus for new airport at Mopa, Pernem.

Sunday 25 January 2015

Hotel Grand Hyatt, Illegal trawling violates fishing rights in Zuari river

24th January 2015 at 9.30 am Bambolim based Hotel Grand Hyatt violated fishing rights. Hotel sent out its water sports boat (goa 073 ws) with passengers on board. Fishermen has filed written objections to Fisheiries department in this regard but it looks like politcal pressure pressure is heavy on Goa Government as a result there is no State crackdown on Hotel Grand Hyatt. Only policitcal power of the masses will set the course of events right.

24th January 2015 at 4.00 pm six trawlers were illegally fishing in Zuari river. When police at Harbor Police station were contacted they said they are not able act as boats still do not have fuel. When questioned as to who is supposed to supply fuel to the boat police reply was that it must come from Department of accounts. So there is high level political pressure at play for which funds are not released to the police boats. 

The political system needs to be changed drastically. Its rotten to the core because at the highest level it is controlled by bamons for the benefit of bamons. Zuari River seems to be to their benefit as their EMV MLA perhaps are interested parties in illegal fishing practices.

Saturday 24 January 2015

Illegal fishing in Zuari with vengeance, police boats lacks fuel

As Bharat Mukti Morcha has filed complaints illegal fishing activities has got into reactive mode and are carrying on the illegal acts with vengeance. 23rd January 2015 at 6.00 am 16 trawlers were illegally fishing in Zuari river. Fisheries department Superintendent was on leave as reported by him over the phone when asked to act. Police at harbor in Vasco said their boat does not have diesel. In spite of informing Government authorities no fuel has been supplied for Patrol boats of Police. So illegal fishing continues. 

Director Sharmila Moneiro’s mobile was coming out of range while fisheries Minister Avertano Furtado did not receive calls. They were both informed via sms. Later in the day Sanjay Pereira did speak to the Fisheries Minister over the phone. The response however was not known.

Thursday 22 January 2015

Mining provokes water wars in Goa: Shirgao V/s Poira

They are both in Bicholim Taluka. They are both facing water shortages. They are both victims of mining. They are both neighboring villages  They both have politicians who try to find superficial solution to water shortages. The political leadership is hypocritical for it carries on sycophancy with mining industry. The two villages are Sirgao and Poira. Both has history of mining of half a century. The water shortages are due to reckless destruction of water table that has been pushed down to 70 meters below Sea Level. Mountains of Shirgao were majestic. They served not only to wildlife and plants, trees big and small but also as natural water tanks. They made the village prosperous many decades ago with non-stop water supply. And then mining came. Villagers protested. Protesting villagers arrested in 1970s as in Mayem and protest fizzled out. Miners won and Goa's mulnivasis lost. They lost the rivers to mining and so they lost the paddy fields to mining silt. And they lost their health to the dust from the mining companies. 

And Panchayats including Sirgao Panchayat is least bothered about all this. The Sarpanch has threatened to march on the streets on the issue of concrete water tanks water diversion to Poira village but cares a hoot for enormous destruction of natural water tanks of Shirgao - its mountains by Dempos, sold to Vendanta, Chowgules and other mining interests. Damage is really huge and protest of the Panchayat is not matching to the damage caused. And media is silent on the core issues too. Reports in Herald and Navhind Times carefully avoided any reference to mining and to the Speech of Dinanath Gaonkar in the Gram Sabha under discussion that was held on 18 January 2015. Media too is protecting mining industry and this is unfortunate development. 

While this is a situation of Shirgao as far as water is concerned Goa's EVM fraud government is going ahead with renewal of 29 mining leases. And Goa Government wants to finish of rest of Goa as well: loot, plunder, decimate, terrorize. This is the mantra of the present governance in Goa. Yet none of these are enough stifle the voices. We still remember police torture of Babi Gaonkar of Shirgao for protesting against mining industry. You may refresh your memory with a click here.

NEERI report on mining is clear in dissection what went on wrong due to mining for Shirgao. Click here to refresh your memory if needed. Shirgao Panchayat is has been completely misguided and enslaved to avoid attacking mining that has horrendously mauled Shirgao like a tiger does to its prey.  

Water tank under discussion here was constructed as a result of compliance of PWD affidavit to the Goa bench of Bombai High Court, Panaji in response to Sirgaon villagers Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in 2007. No MLA has proposed it. No Sarpanch has proposed it to be constructed.

Illegal fishing continues in Zuari

Today 22 January 2015 morning at 7.30 am eight trawlers were illegally fishing in Zuari river. Then at 3.00 pm nine trawlers were doing the same. Police were contacted. Action taken is yer to be known. Illegal fishing has to be stopped.

The fraud rule of EVM government in India

Bharat Mukti Morcha protests against the Electronic Voting machines (EVMs). They are hindrance to free, fair and impartial elections. Last Assembly Elections as well as Parliamentary election conducted through EVM are neither free nor fair but they are great orgies of manipulation through IT skills. We also protest against Election Commission of India for allowing EVM scandal to unfold in India including Goa.

Dr. Subramanium Swamy alleged scandal in the 2009 elections by way of Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) by which Congress won the elections. He filed cases on this issue first in Delhi High court and then in Supreme Court of India at Delhi. Before the cases were filed there were public criticisms of the EVM by Lal Krishna Advani, Chandrababu Naidu, Omesh Saigal, Gulam Nabi Azad, Mamta Bannerjee,  Jaylalita, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Ram Vilas Paswan, V.V.Rao, Hariprasad (Expert Technologist), Sitaram Yechuri and Prakash Kharat. Leaders of that time were angry that by manipulating EVMs Congress has won the elections. 

Dr. Subramanium Swamy – with full preparation and evidence filed the cases in Delhi High Court and Supreme Court. For this Dr.Swamy deserves praise.  His study on EVM forced Supreme Court of India to take note and on October 8th 2013 delivered judgment against EVMs in India. In this judgment Supreme Court held in para 29 “From the materials placed by both the sides, we are satisfied that the paper trail is an indispensable requirement of free and fair elections.” From this it is clear that Supreme Court, Election Commission, and the one who filed the case in Supreme Court – Dr. Subramanium Swamy – is unanimous that without paper trail elections cannot be free, fair and impartial.  

In face of this judgment it was necessary to introduce paper trail for 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. Paper trail means evidence on paper that a person has voted. If any voters ask for the proof it can be produced. 

Along with this it is compulsory to do paper counting of the candidates as per 8th October 2013 judgment of the Supreme Court. But since it would need 10 lakh machines and these numbers of machines cannot be arranged on time Supreme Court allowed the use of phase-wise paper trails.

Taking advantage of this permission Election Commission of India installed paper trail machines in only 338 locations. From this fact it is clear that Election Commission of India made a mockery of the Supreme Court permission and violated its judgment.  Election commission has misused the permissions granted by Supreme Court and for this reason there need to be contempt of court petition filed against Election of India. The conduct of the Election Commission of India is against the Constitution of India. This is clear from the way Election Commission of India has been conducting its affairs.

EVM scandal ridden government is taking decision against Constitution of India and in the absence of genuine representation in the Parliament problems of Indians are multiplying. 

  1. EVM government now does not pass laws after discussion in the Parliament. It makes laws through Ordinances. In Ordinance on Land acquisition there is no thought given to those whom the land belongs. Therefore already impoverished farmers are on the way to streets by turning into landless labourers.
  2. Ministers themselves in this EVM government are creating atmosphere of Superstitions, Hatred and Violence.
  3. EVM government has increased taxed on petrol and diesel. Due to this in spite of the lowered costs in international market the petrol and diesel rates continues to be higher.
  4. EVM government has withheld the scholarship of the studios students; they are pushed to abandon their education program.
  5. As this EVM government has not taken any firm stand on agriculture and co-operatives, farmers and those co-operatives businesses are on the path towards ruin.
  6. EVM government has made mockery of the Indian who live hand-to-mouth by increasing rate of cooking gas cylinder and enforcing pretenses of bank account deposits for subsidies.
  7. In Goa EVM government has granted 29 mining leases for 20 years so that Goa is totally looted to the core. Rs.35,000 crores looted by mining companies are not recovered nor miners sent to jail. Manohar Parrikar’s promise to file FIR against Pratapsingh Rane and Digambar Kamat still remains unfulfilled.
  8.  EVM Government has turned Goa Legislative Assembly into cemetery by passing amendment to the tenancy law and taking control over land away from mulnivasis and handing control to the Landlords who are mostly Eurasian Bamons. In our land Eurasian Bamons are land lords. In our own land we are slaves. This was done when Manhar Parrikkar was the Chief Minister. For us mulnivasis, are a conquered people. We are slaves in our own country. We are tenants on our own soil. We have no strength, no power, and no control over our own destiny in the land of birth. They (Eurasian Bamons) live a life of unequaled prosperity.
  9. EVM government has not initiated action against Swiss government that prevented submission of Swiss account holders list to the Supreme court of India. Radha Timblo has staked money in Swiss Bank as per Government of India submission to the Supreme Court, while Sulcorna, Muscavrem, Rivona dried up, and paddy field gone forever; forest and springs only a memory.  This is our land. This is a land of Goa. This is mining plunder of Goa. Mulnivasis from all over India cough their lungs out in the bowels of Radha Timblo’s and others’ mines, destroying their health.
  10. EVM government has encouraged illegal fishing in Zuari River and also aggressive incursions by Hotel Grand Hyatt in Zuari River causing disruption of fishing activities of those already disrupted due to sale of their land by Eurasian bamons Sinari, Kamat and Mhambrey in Bambolim and Nauxim.  In spite of so many complaints there is no arrest of single Trawler owner. EVM government is committed in fostering illegalities and sky is the limit.
  11. EVM government in Goa not investigating Vanxim island scandal. Instead has encouraged criminal prosecution of Bharat Mukti Morcha President Maggie Silveira and three other women for defending Vanxim Island in Mandovi River. 
  12. EVM government has turned Goa into gambling den with Casinos flourishing in Mandovi River causing enormous harm to the fisheries. Already report prepared by experts for National Green Tribunal and reported in today’s Lokmat daily  indicate high level of Fecal Colifom exceeding the prescribed limits for Rivers. Fecal Colifom causes Gastro, ear infection, typhoid, dysentery etc.
  13. EVM government is attempting to snatch away the lives and livelihoods of the mulnivasi people by imposing Airport at Mopa.

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Goa is a Goonda Raj at Zuari river

Today January 21, 2015 morning 12 trawlers were illegally fishing. When the Superintendent of fisheries was phoned by Sanjay Pereira he promised to come. But before he could reach all the trawlers left Zuari at 12.00 noon. There looks to be nexus clear nefarious nexus between the Fisheries department of Goa Government and the illegal fishing in Zuari river.

In the afternoon 9 trawlers are illegally fishing in Zuari when the last reports came in. Violations are zooming to new level ever day. Law and Order situation is pathetic in Goa. Goa has turned into Goonda Raj at Zuari river.

Police patrol boat attached to Harbor station in Vasco has suffered breakdown. Police has revealed information that they have contacted Goa Fisheries department to sent their boat and police department is willing to provide their personnel. Fisheries departments has not responded to police request till 4.00 pm today. In the meanwhile illegal fishing continues. 

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Goa is a lawless state, illegal fishing continues unabated in Zuari river

According to reports reaching from Zuari river off coast of Odxel 20th January witness 10 trawlers engaged in illegal fishing in the morning session from 6.00 am to 12.00 noon. 

In the evening session there were 8 trawlers illegally fishing. It is truly deplorable that Goa has tuned into a lawless state in spite of having stringent laws. 

So today's total of illegal fishing is 18.

No firm commitment from Fisheries Minister of Goa to stop illegal fishing in Zuari river

19th January 2015 at 7.00 am 10 trawlers engaged in illegal fishing. At 3.15 pm 6 trawlers engaged in illegal fishing. In the evening Fisheries minister Avertano Furtado, MLA Benjamin Silva - who operates six fishing trawlers in Velim - and Director of Fisheries Sharmila Monteiro visited Cacra supposedly in connection with constrution of retaining wall/jetty that Cacra fishermen had asked for. 

No firm commitment to arrest trawlers engaged in illegal trawling came from the Fisheries Minister. He was comletely casual about illegal fishing in Zuari river. When they were in Cacra two trawlers were illegally fishing in Zuari and all three of them saw but none called up the police and initiated action against the trawlers. The inaction of the Minister and the Director speaks volumes on his commitment to stop illegal fishing in Zuari.

Minister casually told Director of fisheries to station permanent fisheries patrol boat in Zuari river and Director refused to obliged. Minister did not even reprimand her for her gross inefficiency.

Intensified violations of fishing rights in Zuari by illegal fishing by trawlers and water sports activities by Hotel Grand Hyatt

Date: 19th January 2015
The Governor,
Government of Goa
Dona Paula, Goa
The Chief Minister,
Government of Goa
Porvorim, Goa
The Minister of Fisheries,
Government of Goa,
Porvorim, Goa
The Chief Secretary,
Government of Goa,
Porvorim, Goa
The Secretary (Fisheries)
Government of Goa,
The Under Secretary (Fisheries),
Government of Goa,
The Captain of Ports,
River Navigation Department
Panjim, Goa
The Director,
Department of Tourism,
Panjim,  Goa
The Director,
Department of Fisheries,
Government of Goa,
Panjim, Goa
The Collector (North Goa),
Government of Goa
Panjim, Goa
The Mamlatdar,
Tiswadi Taluka,
Panjim, Goa
The Director-General of Police (DGP)
Police Headquarters,
Panjim, Goa

The Superintendent of Police (North Goa)
Porvorim, Goa

Vishnu Surya Wagh
The Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA)
St. Andre Constituency,
The Parish Priest,
Our Lady of Bethlehem,
The Sarpanch,
Village Panchayat of Curca – Bambolim- Talaulim

The Sarpanch,
Village Panchayat of Siridao

The Sarpanch,
Village Panchayat of Taleigao,
The Sarpanch,
Village Panchayat of Santa Cruz, Goa
The Parish Priest,
Our Lady of Rosary Church,
Siridao, Goa

Subject:  Intensified violations of fishing rights in Zuari by illegal fishing by trawlers and water sports activities by Hotel Grand Hyatt


1.   As you are already aware of our letter to you dated 21st November 2014 and 15th December 2014 and that fishermen of Zuari coast in Tiswadi taluka are facing intense violations of fishing rights. Here we write to update on the situation since our last letter of 15th December 2014 and calling upon you to act in defense of traditional fishermen and stop illegal fishing in Zuari river by trawlers (81 violations)  as well as incursions by Hotel Grand Hyatt, Bambolim through the water sports activities (25 violations). The details are listed below with web links for your reference for pictures.
2.   On 15th December itself According to the information received at 12.20 pm two water sports boats of Hotel Grand Hyatt were noticed violating fishing rights in Zuari River. Fishermen of the locality has objected to the speed boats plying in Zuari River by Hotel Grand Hyatt, Bambolim.
3.   On 17 December 2014 three Speed boats were released in Zuari River at 1.00 pm.
4.   On 18th December 2014 Hotel Grand Hyatt, Bambolim released 3 speed boats in Zuari river thereby causing fishing rights violation. The aggression was carried on at around 10.30 am. The boats belonged to Aquasail. Please access the pictures of these boast at the links:
5.   On 20th December 2014 Bharat Mukti Morcha identified violators: 8 trawlers of unknown owners from Vasco and 6 water sports speed boats of Hotel Grand Hyatt, Bambolim.
6.   On 21st December 2014 at around 12.30 pm Hotel Grand Hyatt released 10 water sports boats in Zuari River in an act that is flagrant violation of the fishing rights of the local fishermen. 
7.   On 22nd December 2014 at 2.00 pm mechanized fishing trawler was seen trawling in Zuari river. Department of fisheries was contacted but they refused to sent patrol boat of the fisheries department. These kinds of violations are bad. Another trawler latter was also seen in Zuari river but was intercepted and pushed out of Zuari river into Arabian Sea by the patrolling boat of the fisheries department after repeated telephonic complaints was lodged with the department by the fishermen and the Bharat Mukti Morcha.
8.   On 23rd December there were four violations of fishing rights. One trawler named "Netra"  from Vasco belonging to Tulsidas A. Kukalkar licence no. FVL – 407/0105 – Goa dated 01/01/2004 was fishing illegally for the entire day starting from 6.30 am up to 6.30 pm. This trawler was earlier detained by fishermen in Siridao on December 4, 2014 night at 10.30 pm while fishing illegally and ripping through the fishing nets of Siridao fishermen. His season’s pass indicates that he has been authorized to carry on fishing activities in Arabian Sea and not in Zuari river. Fisheries department must invoke Goa, Daman and Diu Fisheries Regulation Act, 1980 and rules of this law of 1981 and punish the offenders immediately. When informed over the phone fisheries department at Panaji refused to act against the offending trawler. Later in the day this trawler was joined by another one.  In the night time at around 8.30 pm two trawlers were found fishing illegally in Zuari River with lights on. When fishermen called fisheries Minister Avertano Furtado he did not answer any of the 6 calls made by fishermen from Bambolim-Cacra coastal belt.
9.   On December 24, 2014 two trawlers were sighted in the morning fishing illegally in Zuari river. In fact they carried on fishing entire December 23-24, 2014 night as per eye witness reports from Odxel-Cacra-Nauxi-Bambolim-Siridao fishermen. Then at around 11.30 pm one more trawler came at the distance of 70 meters off the Cacra coast.
10.               20 seated double motor Tourism boat launched at 10.30 am on December 28, 2014 provoked discontents amongst the coastal people on Odxel-Cacra-Nauxi-Bambolim-Siridao coast. The illegally sailed through fishing rich Zuari river with tourists on board towards Arabian Sea with key officials of Aquasail on board. Brigadier Puri of Aldeia de Goa as well as Vinod Govekar, high ranking corporate official is seen supervising fishing rights violations. The pictures are accessible here: . Their double motored boat disturbed local fishermen in Zuari river. Here is the picture of the boat and the fishermen fishing in Zuari:
11.               Two trawlers were fishing within 20 meters of Nauxi-Cacra-Odxel coast in Zuari river. The violations were observed at 09.45 am on Monday 29 December 2014.
12.               On December 31, 2014 morning at 10.00 am two trawlers found to be engaged in illegal fishing activities off Cacra coast. One of the two trawlers is named ‘Netra’ owned by Tulsidas Kukalkar of Vasco. This trawlers is engaging in illegal fishing third time in December 2014. Earlier this month it was detained by fishermen at Siridao coast and documents confiscated at mid-night of 3-4 December 2014 in Zuari river. The offender is yet to be booked.
13.               Aquasail fleet of boats parked on Bambolim beach is causing severe fishing rights violations in Zuari River. Here is accessible picture:  
14.               On 8th January 2015 at 9.00 am six trawlers were found to be engaged in illegal fishing in Zuari river. Director of Fisheries Sharmila Monteiro was immediately contacted by fishermen and member of Panchayat from Cacra Sanjay Pereira. Director told him to contact Superintendent of Fisheries. When the Superintendent of Fisheries was contacted he informed that he cannot act until ordered to do so by the Director of Fisheries. Then at 12.00 noon full three hour after an offense committed and Director being informed, police reached Bambolim coast and were searching for illegally fishing trawlers. When they could not trace the trawlers they met local residents. Police were questioned as to the reasons for delay in approaching Zuari river. Police informed that they cannot come until sent by Director of Fisheries. So clearly today they were not informed on time and trawlers allowed to carry on illegal fishing activities in Zuari river. This is also the reason as to why there is no permanent fishing vessel being stationed in Zuari river. The pictures of this days illegal fishing is accessible here:
15.               On 9th January 2015 morning session two trawlers carried on illegal fishing in Zuari river. From 4 pm onwards 6 trawlers fishing in Zuari river. Director, Minister contacted. Coastal police also contacted. Action taken by authorities not known.
16.               On 10th January 2015 morning ten trawlers illegally fishing in Zuari river. By 11.45 am 8 left two continued. Director was contacted by fishermen from fishermen from Odxel village. Director switched off the mobile after fishermen questioned her on illegal trawling in Zuari river on 9 January 2015. 5 Trawlers continued illegal fishing violating regulations in place till 5.00 pm. Police at Harbor police station were contacted. They replied that their boats have gone for patrolling Colva and Majorda due to terrorists threats. It looks that police does not view illegal trawling as dangerous as terrorism. In fact it is more dangerous as industrial hunting which they are indulging is leading several fish species into extinction. 
17.               On 11th January 2015 at 7.00 am 6 trawlers were illegally fishing in Zuari river. After few hours three of them left.  Then at 12.30 afternoon police boat from Agassaim confronted the remaining trawlers and they went off to Vasco.  Superintendent of fisheries informed Sanjay Pereira of Cacra that his boats are not able to locate illegal trawlers. By 5.00 pm 5 trawlers were illegally fishing in Zuari.
18.               12th January 2015 at 5.00 pm two trawlers carried on illegal fishing Zuari coast. Harbor police at Vasco were intimated and urged to act. Police promised to send boats to nab the culprits but well beyond sun set at 6.30 pm trawlers continued fishing illegally throwing law and the police into winds. They displayed care-free attitude in violating the law. 
19.               On 13th January 2015 from 6 am till 12.00 noon 12 trawlers were illegally fishing in Zuari River. Between 3.00 pm to 6.30 pm 8 trawlers carried on illegal fishing in Zuari River. Director of Fisheries Sharmila Monteiro was contacted by fishermen from Siridao to intervene to stop illegalities. She refused. Police at harbor station were contacted in Vasco to act. They promised to act and sent police patrol boat in Zuari. Whether they actually sent or not is not known. This day created a record of violations in single day - 20 trawlers in a day.
20.               14th January 2015 at 7.30 am two trawlers and one mini-per seining boat spotted in Zuari River. Police contacted. Trawlers returned to Vasco as also mini per seining boat.
21.               15th January 2015 at 6.00 am in the morning two trawlers were carrying on the illegal fishing in Zuari River very close to Cacra coast.
22.               You are advised once again to station permanent fishing patrol vessel inside Zuari river.
23.               You are advised to drastically increase police surveillance and crackdown on illegal fishing by trawlers as well as water sports in Zuari River.

Awaiting your positive and prompt action.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Maggie Silveira
President, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Goa State Unit

Sanjay Pereira
Convener, Bharat Mutkti Morcha, Cacra unit

Rohidas Andrade
Convener, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Bambolim unit

Soccoro Braganza
Convener, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Siridao Unit

Anthony Cardozo
Convener, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Curca Unit

Sitaram Pereira
Convener, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Odxel Unit

Milind Palkar
Convener, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Nauxi unit

Chandrakant Lotlikar
Secretary, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Siridao Unit

Deu Kankonkar
Secretary, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Nauxi Unit

Jeronio D’Souza,
Secretary, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Siridao Unit

Vishnu Kankonkar

Secretary, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Bambolim