Friday 15 February 2013

Let’s destroy Bamons’ Bamani Rashtra ! Let’s overturn Bamanism !!

Long time ago in 1945 Shenai wrote in his book “Kahi Marathi Lekh” “if India attained independence Bamons’ would be exclusively either Judges, Prime Ministers, Heads of the armed forces, or Ambassadors to foreign countries but Bamon’s real boss would be entirely different. Bamons would be mere puppets. That is why they must have their own nation with their own language – Bamani. Goa would be the capital of that Bamons’ nation.”

The then Chief Minister Manohar Parriker in 2002 proclaimed this Shenai as the identity of Goa! He also imposed this Shenai on Mulnivasi people as ‘Rashtrapurush’, Yugapurush’, and ‘Mahapurush’ ! This is the Bamani Raj !

98% Mulnivasi bahujans are mostly either motorcycle pilots, rickshaw drivers, bus drivers, conductors, clerks, peons, or selling flowers standing on both sides of the roads. 2% Eurasian Bamons usurped 90% of higher posts in different government offices.
Bamons have looted 90% land of Mulnivasi Bahujans by offering Bamon women in their homes to the Portuguese colonial officers. At this moment, 2% Bamons are the land owners of 90% land.

At a public lecture in October 2005 at XCHR, Porvorim one of the Bamons proudly beating his chest said, “We, Bamons ruined two generations of Mulnivasi Bahujans, and two more generations will be destroyed to create our Bamani Rashtra. There is no other alternative.”

Shah commission has proved that the then CM Digambar Kamat is involved in illegal mining scam amounting to 35 thousand crore rupees. So far the Goa Government has not taken any action to recover 35 thousand crore rupees. 

Bamons are on mission to destabilize Mulnivasis Bahujan in Vanxim in Tiswadi and Terekhol in Pedane  for golf courses, luxury villas, casinos, private marinas, spas, recreation clubs, etc.

RSS, VHP, Sanatan, Bamani language and so on are being used by Bamons to make Mulnivasi people their slaves.Through these mediums, Bamons intrude into Mulnivasi Bahujans. By dividing   Mulnivasi Bahujans, Bamons are enjoying fruits of uncontrolled power. These fruits are price rise, unemployement, terrorism, naxalism and corruption.

Adivasis in Goa are betrayed by Bamons through non-implementation of 5th Schedule of the Constitution thereby promoting Bamons loot of land and minerals.

Marathas are denied their rightful reservation under Article 340 of the Indian Constitution due to Bamani Conspiracy.

The program o Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization (LPG) and Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has made a mockery of reservation of SC, ST and OBC.

The Portuguese failed to expel Marathi and Roman Konkani from Goa during their reign of 450 years . Now Bamons mechanism is working to expel Roman Konkani and  Marathi for their Bamani Rashtra. They created clash between Romi Konkani and Marathi and got their Bamani language as the official language of Goa. This is the Bamon Raj.

In the face of all this Goa’s Mulnivasi Bahujans are manipulated and incited by Bamons against Muslims and taxi owners. This is achieved by tagging Muslims as terrorists and South Goa taxi owners as ‘Gangs’ and ‘mafia’. Mulnivasi shack owners on Goa’s coast are harassed beyond imagination in prevailing Bamani Raj in Goa.

To destabilize, 2% Eursian Bamons caused Bomb explosions all over India. And pin the entire blam on our Muslim brethren and highly publicized that the Muslims are terrorists. Through this way they divided us and rule over us.

Last Congress government made appointments to fill up posts in Health department at the fag end of its tenure. The new BJP government till date has not allowed them to join the duty on some flimsy grounds. Now the question arises here is about 90% doctors in Goa are Bamons. How can only Bamons occupy 90% of the posts of doctors when Bamons’ population in Goa is less than 2% ? This is because Bamons have uncontrolled power over State. Medical education has been made very costly at Goa Medical College by Bamons in power, and it is beyond the reach of most Mulnivasi students.

There was no need to implement the Aadhaar Cards. Even then Bamons have spent crores of rupees on them from public treasury for keeping Mulnivasis slaves.

Bamons are responsible to start Casinos in Goa. Some Bamons when out of power opposed Casinos in a bid to acquire power. After coming to Power they emphasized and promoted Casino gambling to destroy Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj.

Shee ! Such disgusting, mean, degraded, betrayer, cunning, doubtful parentage, shameless, masked, cheater, looter, species as Eurasian Bamons is not found anywhere else in the universe.

Mulnivasi Bhahujans wake up ! 
Abolish the shackles of slavery !                                                                                   
Crush Bamonshahi !   
Destroy the Baman Raj !

Jai Bharat !    Jai Mulnivasi !!

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns Goa Chief Minister for violent attacks and torture of two OBC youth Babi Suresh Gaonkar and Cliffton de Souza

Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly condemns spate of attacks on OBC youth in Goa. In the past 10 days from January 25, 2013 to February 03, 2013 two bright and promising youth were attacked and assaulted in various parts of in North and South Goa. Both of them were involved in interrogating the Bamani state in Goa in form of sustained use of RTI for the purpose of public awareness, and share a potential of offering brand new political alternative before the people of Goa. Both of them had to face the brunt of the Bamani state of Goa headed by Chief minister Manohar Parrikar simply because they are uncompromising, brave and work with single minded determination. Their only fault is that they are not Bamons like Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar of BJP or his predecessor Digambar Kamat of Congress. Their genes are different from bamons, their race is different from Bamons. This is the reason Bamons sought to violently crush them by police and the private agency of violence.

The first assault was more dramatic and was carried on directly under the police supervision, by police personnel making mockery of police-civil society good relations rhetoric. This was assault and police torture of 18 year old brave, young, gutsy, brilliant yet honest Babi Suresh Gaonkar from Sirigao, Bicholim, Goa. His family has a history of genuine opposition to mining in their village of Sirigao and his dad late Suresh Babani Gaonkar was even arrested for protesting against mining on 10th May 2009. Babi’s assault and torture ordeal was facilitated by several policemen at Bicholim Police Station, Bicholim on the eve and on the day of the Republic day - 25th and 26th January 2013. Babi submitted signed letter of his torture to Bharat Mukti Morcha on 29th January 2013. This letter is vivid in its description of torture inflicted on him at the behest of Bandekar mining company operating in his village of Sirgao. The copy of his letter was made available to the members of public by Bharat Mukti Morcha online on the same day. It is accessible on the links below:


  Now the two departments are party to the torture of Babi Suresh Gaonkar in this case. One is Police Department. The second one is department of mines and geology. Both the departments are headed by the Chief Minister Bamon Manohar Parrikar. The torture saga carried on in collaboration with both these departments, illegally in violation of the Constitution of India lasted for two days. Police department could not have mustered this courage except with support and encouragement of the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar who is committed for spread of baman raj over mulnivasi with his every word, thought and action. That’s why he promoted Shannai Goembab Wamanrao Varde Walaulikar’s  125th birth anniversary celebration during his last tenure as Chief Minister through state funding in 2002. Walaulikar’s writings are anti-national and by granting state funding Manohar Parrikar had transformed himself anti-national ever since June 23, 2002. Shannai has dedicated his book ‘kahi Marathi Lekh’ with love to the children of bamons ‘tarnea-dhaktea Brahman bhugeank maye-mogan’. This is the reason ‘bamon’ is a legitimate and self-adopted title of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. If he still has problem with word ‘bamon’ then let him do his DNA test. He will realize that he is neither Goan nor Indian but Eurasian. Not sure as to how he is continuing as Chief Minister of Goa. Man of the Year is a fraud of the millennium. Goa’s noted writer Ramnath G. Naik has ably demonstrated as to how Manohar Parrikar is an anti-national in his Marathi book titled “Goveachea Bhashavadathil Karasthan (Conspiracy in Goa’s Language controversy) published by Gomantak Marathi Bhasha Parishad (Ponda) on 6th July 2003. Till date Manohar Parrikar has not sued Ramnath Naik’s book. This implies that what Ramnath Naik has written in his book is true and he riding his political fortune on the waves of ignorance of the masses.

The modus operandi adopted by Chief Minister in the second assault had to be changed after Bharat Mukti Morcha published the letter of Babi Suresh Gaonkar online. In this assault police were taken away from the action. The responsibility was outsourced and handed over to the private enterprise specializing in causing harm to others though the means of raw violence. This enterprise is popularly known as gangsters but truly in this case of assault they were agents of Bamons – mulnivasi from various parts of Goa used even though they do not know that they are being used.  The venue chosen was Velim Panchayat in Salcete. The occasion was the village Gram Sabha. Visible target was Clifton de Souza. But Bamon Raj also had invisible targets all those mulnivasis who were commissioned to assault Clifton are equal targets of Bamons. In case Clifton files police cases they will be the sacrificial pigs for feast of bamons.

Gram Sabha proceeds and reaches halfway at around 1.15 pm. Cliffton de Souza was sitting silently in the Gram Sabha after his earlier interventions related to controversial fish mill project. Suddenly one man Savio, a Portuguese passport holder hit him with plastic chair followed by punches. What a person with Portuguese passport was doing at Velim Gram Sabha? What were the Sarpanch, Secretary, and the Panch members doing when Portuguese national, passport holder was present at the Gram Sabha, that too creating violence? Investigation should follow up this right from BDOs office.

 Then without gap another man Umesh attacked him with plastic chair followed by punches. Umesh is from Ponda and resides in Betul.  All this unfolded in the presence of public and members of the Panchayat including the Sarpanch Melvyn and Panchayat Secretary and other Panch members.  Sarpanch did not come to rescue Cliffton during the assault nor did he publicly condemn the attack at the Gram Sabha. He failed in both his duties. Instead he declared Gram Sabha meeting terminated. Sarpanch also failed to call police to rescue Cliffton and arrest the attackers, the gangsters from outside the village. Cliffton pleaded with Sarpanch to call police. Sarpanch instead of calling police called local MLA Benjamin Silva. This proves that Sarpanch is not independent and is controlled by MLA.  Because Sarpanch is not independent he had no guts to call the police himself and that’s why he told the MLA to call the police. This behavior of Sarpanch needs to be reflected upon. Sarpanch was not at all shocked nor was he hurt when Cliffton was attacked.  It must be kept in mind that Sarpanch at this critical moment decided not to call police but instead informed local MLA Benjamin Silva of Velim who has been publicly declared by Manohar Parrikar as supported by him. MLA certainly has more influence with the police so it was expected that local MLA should have mustered courage and brought in police to protect Clifton. Yet local MLA Silva had no guts and independence to call the cops. It proves from this behavior that his independence is a biggest joke of 2012. Why local MLA Silva was powerless to protect Cliffton by calling in police? This is because local MLA is under control of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. And why did Manohar Parrikar never wanted to protect Cliffton? This is because Clifton is not under the control of Manohar Parrikar. So, the local MLA was doing the will of the Chief Minister on receiving the phone call from the Sarpanch. It was not difficult at all for the local MLA to get police and protect Cliffton. Yet he did not do so. Why? This is because local MLA is not only supported by Bamon Manohar Parrikar but he is also controlled by Manohar Parrikar. And Manohar Parrikar is a Home Minister with entire police force under his control including intelligence agencies.

Police was called to the scene by Cliffton himself. First he called office of Police Inspector (PI) of his jurisdiction. PI was on leave. Was it deliberate that PI was on leave? It looks this attack was pre-planned and pre-meditated.  Then DySP was contacted. Still police did not come. Then IGP was contacted. Still police did not come. Finally South Goa Collector was contacted and one ASI reached the Velim Panchayat and rescued Cliffton from the Mayhem. This ASI also recorded statement from Cliffton and then accompanied up to Cuncolim Police Station. From here Clifton was taken to Balli for medical check up in Police jeep. From Balli Cliffton was brought to Hospicio, Margao casualty ward. From casualty ward he was kept for 24 hours in orthopedic ward under medical supervision. He was discharged from the hospital late night on February 04, 2013. In spite of attack taking place in full public view with Sarpanch, Secretary, panch members as witnesses no arrests of the accused are effected. This is nothing but Bamon Raj.

The question now arises as to why Manohar Parrikar is feeling threaten by Cliffton and have decided to unleash gangsters on him. This young gutsy man contested last Assembly elections from Velim constituency and even got some 380 votes. His total assets on election commission record including fix deposits does not exceed Rs.80,000/-. Yet Cliffton resisted every pressure to withdraw from the election. He resisted every offer of cash in exchange to withdraw from election fray. He contested elections to oppose two candidates supported by political parties of the Bamons and for the upliftment of Bamon interests. One of them was then Forest Minister Philip Neri Rodrigues of Congress and second one was BJP supported Independent candidate and current MLA Benjamin Silva. Clifton de Souza was offered few lakhs of Rupees to withdraw from the election fray, but he refused and proceeded on to contest elections. Then this person who attacked Clifton today with chair was commission by Bamon parties to threaten Clifton de Souza in order to stop his election campaigning. Clifton was told by this attacker not to carry on house to house visits and canvas for votes. Only reason why all this pressure on Clifton was that he was not subscribing to the agenda of the bamons in his words, thoughts and deeds. He was following independent path that was beneficial to Sudhirs or Shudras, ST, SC, bhahujans. He was and is loud and outspoken on various forms of injustices in society. Bamon raj represented by Manohar Parrikar  just hates him and is all out to harm him. Bamon Raj is terrified that politics in Goa may have a genuine voice of defense, a daring and young person in the Goa Assembly. This is the real intention as to why Bamons like Manohar Parrikar are using MLA and Sarpanch to destroy Clifton. Sarpanch, MLA nor Chief Minister Parrikar will ever succeed in destroying Clifton. Clifton is not alone. Entire might of Bharat Mukti Morcha is with Clifton, with People of Velim Assembly constituency as well as South Goa Parliamentary Constituency. Every time Bamon Raj will interfere with Clifton Bharat Mukti Morcha will retaliate generously and fittingly again and again till Bamon Raj is crushed and smashed for Satan is fit only to be smashed and crushed totally and completely.

Bharat Mukti Mukti Morcha salutes both these young and courageous men of Goa. Bharat Mukti advises Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar to desist from such assaults and gangster tactics as they were used in case of Babi Suresh Gaonkar and Cliffton de Souza. The days of hidden planned attacks against Mulnivasi people by Bamons are still continuing and these two attacks are ample testimony to this fact.  Already with these two instances Manohar Parrikar has sown the seeds of bitter struggle between OBCs and Bamons. He supervised two attacks on OBCs within 10 days. Bharat Mukti Morcha has also noted that Chief Minister has indulged in torture and assault only of OBC and none of the Bamon youth during the past 10 days. This is a fact with very serious implications. Hence forth for any torture and assault of any OBC, SC, ST, Christians, Muslims and Buddhists in Goa, the Chief Minister and his Bamon Raj will be held responsible and retaliated fittingly.

Saturday 2 February 2013

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao’s forthcoming visit to Divar is a black day for Vanxim

Goa Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao is just about to visit Divar island on coming Sunday 3rd February 2013. He is visiting Divar island after he triggered off Goa’s biggest scandal by selling neighboring Vanxim island in the same month of February in 2006. Ever since that time the month of February has been significant month for mulnivasi of India.

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao is undoubtly most scandalous Archbishop Goa has ever had ever since Christianity was introduced and established in Goa during Portuguese rule beginning in 1510. 

No Archbishop so far in the history of Goa has acted in such a criminal manner as Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao. He violated the law that governs the church –the code of canon law – and sold Vanxim island without even informing Vanxim people prior to sale. 

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao is undoubtedly one of the biggest scamsters around and his scams are evident from the way Vanxim was sold. It was sold for Rs.6/- to Rs.20/- per square meters. It is a common sense that such sale deed could have gone ahead only with Archbishop directly or indirectly accepting crores of rupees in under the table transactions.

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao not only cheated people of Vanxim but also pitched them against one another by systematically cultivating greed with his fellow bamon collaborator Mahendra Gaunekar whom he sold Vanxim as if it was his personal property.

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao systematically destroyed most of the faith of people of Vanxim and his visit to Divar has undeclared intentions to destroy the little remaining faith. Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao drastically transformed the village of Vanxim from peaceful, united and harmonious into violent, divided and embroiled into discord.

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao has visited Vanxim as a priest and also as Auxiliary Bishop. But his satanic sell out of Vanxim on February 11, 2006 has left one and all with unexpected shock. From so good and loving priest and an auxiliary bishop he changed himself totally after taking over as Archbishop. He changed himself into satan on the prowl to devour souls. For him religion is merely a means of making money as explained in 1 Timothy 6:5. Now it is decipherable that his goodness and loving nature as priest and as auxiliary bishop was only a mask to cover up his deadly bamon intentions against mulnivasis.

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao is visiting Divar on coming Sunday but he has not yet disclosed as to how many accounts he had/having in Swiss bank and how much was/is  his balance in that bank. Before his suspicious death Mathany Saldanha had spoken with number of people about Archbishop’s accounts in swiss bank. At a Delhi Goan Association’s meeting in Delhi late Mathany Saldanha openly spoke against Goa Archbishop saying that Bishop’s house is a house of business beaurecrats. This statement was reported in Goan Obeserver. This is fully true. 

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao is yet to declare publicly as to how much money from the Vanxim sale has he contributed to Santa Monica convent. He is yet to share information as to by how much amount he has cheated santa monica convent by entering into underhand transactions in Vanxim sale.

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao is visiting Divar, an island neighboring to Vanxim at a time when Divar along with other neighboring islands of Chorao, Naroa, St.Estavam, Akado, and Malar are set to face major satanic afflictions from Casinos and other nefarious activities that will be started if Gaunekar and Ozone group is allowed to have their way. The youth and children will be victimized with this. Casinos in Panjim has already shown us the results of this project of Bamon raj.  People of Divar are already alert to this situation and they even passed a resolution in one of their recent Gram Sabhas opposing such type of satanic enterprise on Divar island. The irony of ironies is that this satanic project is driven by most unfit and incompetent Archbishop Goa has ever had. This is the Archbishop with open alliances with satan and selling the kingdom of God and his land without fear of God under the protection from satan to destroy church in Goa from within. This is how Vanxim sale was possible on February 11, 2006 that which he did without taking Vanxim people into confidence.

Editor Rajan Narayan wrote in his Goan Observer that “Father forgive him for he does not know what he is doing”, immediately after that the weeping image of Jesus Christ at Santa Monica was planned to be restored. What a pity today that thousands of people were venerating it every single day and now almost more than two years there is a board put “work in progress, sorry for inconvenience caused”. People are also deprived of veneration ever since. People who are concerned must come forward and inspect this miserable act of Archbishop and openly question him as to why this work is stopped for so long. Rise up people of Goa and question the Archbishop.

Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao’s visit to Divar is a black day for Vanxim island and its habitants. It is because of his actions of selling Vanxim that the islanders are put into innumerable troubles and are forced into litigations at deputy collector and mamlatdar’s courts in Panjim. For more than tow years people are going to deputy collector’s court. Archbishop’s lawyer is only silent witness in these cases, in one the cases he even openly said that he wants to file written arguments which was noted in deputy collector’s court. Then on the day hearing he was sent prepared to speak thus “I have nothing to say”. This is how Archbishop functions when it comes for the reality of truth that the tenants are original mulnivasis and they are deemed purchasers who have cultivated these very fields for number of years and eaten the very fruit/yield of the same.  It is a black day for Vaxim because Archbishop has soaked himself with black money and Sinai Mountain full of cannon law violations.

Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao is a model of destruction of catholic faith in Goa through sale of Vanxim island. This destroyer of faith is coming to Divar with 400 catechists from various parts of Goa. These 400 catechists are most welcome to Divar as well as to Vanxim not only for two days but as many days as they wish but not the Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao. After looking at the way he sold Vanxim and amount of black money he has earned he is an evil doer. He deserves to be treated as per the instructions of St.Paul in his first letter to Corinthians (1 Corinthian 5:13) “drive out the evil doer from among you”. 

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao is visiting Divar on 3rd February 2013 in order to envelop himself and his sin of commission brief-case by brief-case of black money stocked up at various places in the world. The gullible and ignorant catechists so far have fallen prey to Archbishop’s hidden agenda.  Bharat Mukti Morcha has already initiated the awareness amongst catechists as to how Goa Archbishop played the role of a scoundrel in Vanxim sale. The time is not far when these very gullible and ignorant catechists will be transformed into daring and knowledgeable catalysts to lay bare the agenda of Bamons in destroying faith and church. The more the archbishop tries to cover up himself more vulnerable he is turning out to be. Vanxim sale will hound this Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao forever in his life and death. These are the wages of his work of destroying Peace and Tranquility of Vanxim and seeding strife and division. Who is going to unite people now?  Before Archbishop sold Vanxim they were reaching out to one another, they were helping one another. They were living true church of Christ till satan in Archbishop destroyed it all.  It is because of this Bamon Archbishop’s nefarious activities that four women from Vanxim were arrested on 12 November 2011. 

People of Divar cannot afford to remain silent to happenings in Vanxim for if Archbishop and Gaunekar are allowed to have their way then Vanxim is going to be a headache for Divar. It is certain that their younger generations will have gambling dens closer to Divar in Madovi river at Vanxim. 

The question arises in this context as to why Archbishop is coming to the neighborhood of Vanxim again? To destroy whatever little faith remains with people?

Any banners coming up towards his visit for 3rd February 2013 are only going to be hypocritical banners. They may be at ferry boat or anywhere at Malar/Divar etc.  Any garland/bouquet flowers will be a hypocritical act for such a person who is fully and completely responsible for ruining up such a beautiful paradise Vanxim island and the islanders living there. With this Archbishop has turned himself ugly and blemish.

Friday 1 February 2013

MLA Pandurang Madkaikar’s behavior in Goa Assembly is like an agent of Bamons

Cumbharjua MLA Pandurang Madkaikar’s comments on 29th January 2013 in the Goa Legislative Assembly is an ample evidence of frustration that he and his colleagues like Bamon Gaunekar are going through with regard to Vanxim Island. Today’s comments in the Goa Legislative Assembly directing his ire against Tiswadi Mamlatdar Kerker were indeed very surprising. Madkaikar was full of frustration while speaking about delay in getting mutation process done instantly. He seems visibly frustrated because of legal procedure being followed by the Tiswadi Mamlatdar Kerker that  takes six months for mutation process to complete. Pandurang Madkaikar who named Kerker as his target of attack, was speaking in the context of sale of Vanxim Church lands in Tiswadi taluka of which Bamon Gaunekar is a major stake holder. MLA Madkaikar  behaved in the Assembly as a well groomed product of Poona Pact who is in a mighty hurry to sell Goa’s mulnivasi people including SC and ST people to bamons. Pandurang Madkaikar has proved himself as a truly and genuine enemy of the mulnivasi people and is involved in speedy sale of Goa. He should resign, go home enjoy his remaining days instead of dragging mulnivasi people of Goa into collusion Path that will only destroy him in the matter of time.

Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly condemns MLA Pandurang Madkaikar for he has long ceased to represent mulnivasi people and transformed himself as a representative of Bamons like Mahendra Gaunekar and corporate like Ozone that has its stakes in purchase of Vanxim.

MLA Pandurang Madkaikar will be shortly thrown into dustbin of history for he is true villain of the mulnivasi people in spite of himself being ST and is selling his own people. Such a disgusting and pitiable plight to experience this man. He is playing very dirty role in the assembly by promoting Bamon interest. He takes such a great pride in letting himself used by Bamon Raj. Perhaps he thinks himself like a baby cat on milk plate busy with eyes closed. Yet the world has not closed its eyes on him, he is being watched and monitored closely: he will get the reward for all his betrayal of mulnivasi people in order to join the club of other enemies of Mulnivasi people – Gaunekar, Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao and corporate Ozone involved in biggest scandal of Goa – sale of Vanxim by Goa Archbishop Ferrao. Madkaikar’s reward will come sooner than the later. 

This message is meant to express utmost disagreements with the destructive opposition role that MLA Pandurang Madkaikar is playing in the Goa Legislative Assembly.  The opposition in the assembly has to be about public interest but Madkaikar’s today’s intervention in the Assembly was totally in private interest of Mahendra Gaunekar,  Corporate Ozone and the  Goa Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao who sold Vanxim for less than Rs.20/- per square meter in order to do fund raising for Santa Monica Convent located at Old Goa. Pandurang Madkaikar in this intervention has given evidence that he is all out to sell Church land, SC lands as well as ST lands, in other words he is in a hurry to make mulnivasi people of Tiswadi taluka slaves of Free India.