Wednesday 29 November 2023

And now Sawant-Godinho Marina duet!

Why do Goa Panchayat Minister Mauvin Godinho and Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant behave like Kargwal PROs advocating Nauxim Marina?

It is amazing as to how Minister of Panchayats Movin Godinho and Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant has taken up the role as twin Public Relations Officers of Bombay based constructions firm Kargwal Constructions Private Limited in the spirited bid to destroy Zuari river fisheries that employs hundreds of families. Check out the Prudent TV video links here:

There is also another Times of India links on the same topic here:

Goa Chief Minister is qouted saying if Marinas comes those employed will get same amount of salaries as abroad. If this is indeed true then he should first abolish all the contract labour practices and then raise the salaries of all the workers employees in all the industries on par with abroad where labour standards are highest. 

Godinho and Sawant must release white paper on employment status of Zuari river fisheries innits present form rather than shooting their mouth with verbuage. 

From their conduct it is possible to understand beyond doubt that heavy kick back are involved. In spite of the kickbacks to these politicians and most likely to ruling party too we need to go all out to defend and further enhance Fisheries in Goa and Zuari river fisheries in particular.

You are invited to ponder on this and contribute in your own way individually as well as in team work.

Monday 27 November 2023

Srinivas Dempo comment on Nauxim Marina is back by ignorance of ground situation


220, Paltad wada, Maulinguem, Bicholim, Goa 403 504 m: 7798098426, 9923272471


Date: 27th November 2023


Shri Shrinivas Dempo


Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Panaji, Goa 

Subject: GCCI support to Marina at Nauxim... regarding


It has come to our attention through series of media attention like Times of India of November 25, 2023 ( ).

From our investigations it has revealed that prior to expressing your support to Marina you have not consulted people of Nauxim, Bambolim, Odxel, Cacra and Siridao who are likely to suffer direct impact of the Marina at Nauxim.

Your statement in Times of India ignores EIA report of AHOY Marina submitted to the Goa State Pollution Control Board that in its chapter five has stated that Marina at Nauxim will have Long term irreversible negative impact on Fisheries of Zuari river. Several hundred people and their families are dependent upon fishing in Zuari river for their livelihoods and we don't understand why GCCI desires to destroy this secure employment in fishing based economy. This is abnormal behavior pattern and urgent correction in core values of GCCI.

For more information in this context you may refer the links here : 

We call upon you to immidiately withraw your support to Marina in Goa and thereby allow fishing in Zuari in an undisturbed manner. Your are requested to review your stand on Marina and report to the undersigned at the earliest.

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,

Anand B. Shirodkar,

(General Secretary)

Sunday 26 November 2023

Indian Labour Ministry issues directions to Goa Government on Nestle labour issues

Indian Labour Ministry has directed Goa Government to resolve the pending labour issue at Maulinguem, Goa. Letter are dispatched to the Secretary (Labour) and the Labour Commisioner, Government of Goa. Nestle is multinational company and alleged to be involved in troubling Labour Union Leader of the rank of Helper at its Maulingem Plant.


Saturday 25 November 2023

And now its Srinivas Dempo's turn to drown in Marina waters!

And now it's Srinivas Dempo's turn to drown in Marina waters! Suicidal move!

It is amazing as to how consent is attempted to be manufactured for proposed AHOY Marina at Nauxim, Goa.

Project that is derailed for more than 13 years is sought to be ressurcted through hercullen efforts from Industry, Journalists and Politicians in 2023. Marina EIA report itself has stated that it will have long-term, negative and irreversible impact on Fisheries in Zuari river predicting assured doom to the small scale fishing activities in Zuari rivers. Inspite of this certification from the Anamalai University, Chennai still drumbeat are being blasted in defence of this ultra-destructive project.

After series of brow beatings by Gomantak Marathi newspaper editor Raju Nayak, Union Minister of State for Shipping, National Waterways and Ports, and Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant now it is the turn of Srinivas Dempo, President of Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI). Times of India Goa edition of 25 November 2023 reports that Goa Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant has requested support for Nauxim Marina from GCCI. This means that Kargwal Constructions Private Limited doesn't have any support and even Raju Nayak, Sripad Naik and Dr. Pramod Sawant are failures in their support.

Srinivas Dempo is the latest entrant on the nautical tourism bandwagon with commitment to destroy Zuari river fisheries and with facination of Crotia in Europe. Srinivas Dempo had family tradition of destroying Goa's ecology through mining industry. One has to visit Bicholim to know how Dempos destroyed paddy fields, dried up several water bodies, finished of Forest land and deposited silt in paddy fields as well as Bicholim River. It was Dempo family owned Dempo Mining Corporation that singularly responsible for flooding in Bicholim from 1980s to 2009.

After tasting success at destroying Goa's mountains through their August 1941 mining concessions for set of five Mines covering 14 kilometers from Sirigao to Pilgao. 

Sooner Srinivas Dempo gets out of Marina bandwagon better it is for him. Otherwise his own family criminal heritage will ooze out the unexpected into Serendipity, IFFI and beyond. 

None of the fishermen of Zuari river has ever crossed swords against Srinivas Dempo and it is absolutely unclear as to why he should be so determined to destroy livelihoods of fishing communities. Perhaps because none of these gillnet fishers of Zuari are Bamons.  And EIA report has already classified Nauxim,  Cacra, Odxel villages as Shudra. Marina project has already laid caste based distinctions and Srinivas Dempo as Bamon must treat cautiously for these are troubled waters.

25 November 2023

Tuesday 21 November 2023

Sobit Amche Ganv! Nistem Amchem Dispoto Giraiz!

Applea jivitantle moladik onbhov ani vichar amche modem vantta 
Joao Manuel Pinto. 

Siridao ani Nauxim  ganvant 1961 vorsa adim jem hanvem dolleamnim dekhlam ani kananim aikolam tem lokamche nodrek hadtam. Siridao Ani  Nauxim he karvi  lokamche  ganv. Portugues kaidea pormonem rampnim, xinzelam, magg doriantlem nistem dorunk,  lahn toxem vodd poneuv  ani  vodeanchim lisiençam  Captain of Ports hea kateantlean Kadchim podtalim. Lisiençam aiz pasum kadtat ani lokam laguim samballun dovorlolim asat.

Zallamchim vanxim (fish nets) bharik, lhan, modle ani motea zokachim  astalim. Bharik vaxeamchea zalanim nistem mharpak vo dorunk bondhi asli. Oxe toren Portugues sorkar nisteacho sambal kori ani nisteachi vadd zaunk pautali.

Pausachea tempar June, July, Agost moineant rampnim, xinzelam, magg doreant ghali nasle, kiteak nistem zolmon evunk adhar zatalo. Uchamboll zalelea doreant nistem tondgar svateamcher doreache thodik evum rautalim mhonn amche sorgest kharvi bhau sangtale.

Nauxe Ani Bambolim Bay-acho (doreacho) zagho uchamboll axillea doreachea adosak podta ani nisteacho jiv prann vadonk sondhi meuta.

Agostachea moineant paus khomin zatoch Setembrache survatek Siridao, Bambolim , Nauxim veller nisteachi  xeu (uvar) mhunn zatali ani bhorpur nistem zallamnim podtalem. Nistem polleun jivak umedh ani sontos bogtalo. Oxe porim nistem akhe Zuari nodient ani Arbi somdirant porsautalem. Captain-Of-Ports-ache odhikari oslea velar zallanchim topasnim (inspection) korunk goemchea vellancher bounvtale. Bharik vanxeanchea zallanim nistem dorlolem mheulear tim zallam zopt kortale.

1961 vorsa adhim zuari nodint motoracheo botti (motorboats) ani fishing trawlers nasle, fokot minacheo bharji choltaleo. Atam dista tosli uchanbollai, Zuari nodint nam mhunn Arbi somdhirant nasli.

Nauxe dhongrachem pont Zuari nodint (estuary) pauta. Te svatek amche kharvi bhav ‘Nauxe Bandear’ mhunntale. He svatecher doriant khoddpancher utpon zalelim kalvam, xinnaneo, mhendhieo (Window pane shells) kharvi bhav doriant budd mharun konchun kadtale. Toxench dorea-sukte velar Siridao Jesus Nazareth vadeant oddakodche veller lokh kubhe, tisreo, mhendhio Ani  sutte chinklantle korpun kadtale.

Nistekar Zuari nodi ani Arbi somdhirachea udexim  aplo ani aple familichem udharposon korun sukhi jietale. Tankam Govermentacho kosloch adhar  naslo.

1961 vorsa uprant jednam fishing trawlers, motorboats, zuari nodint bhitor sorle ani boraboruch doriant tourism sports suru zaunk laglo ani vadot  ghelo tednam, traditional kharvi bhavanchea pottar farr ievunk suru zalle. Itlench nuim, bhotinchea avazan ani bizlechea (light) uzvadan Siridao, Bambolim, Nauxe  bay-ant nistem tant’tiam ghallunk bhivonk laglim ani oxe toren nistem komim  zait vochonk laglem (Unauv zait ghelo).

Kaim vorsam fatim, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Bambolim velek tenkhun CRZ- ant bandhun kadlem. Tem ek illegal contruction mhonn goem bhor dass podleli. Atam legalise zalam ou Kellam astolem.

Bambolim veller aiz xinzellam ani lhan khantaeo dhovorpacheo bhond zait gheleo ani fudharak bhond zaupache vatter assa, karan veller vospacheo vatto oxhir ani bhond zait geleleo dista. Tea bhair highend touristank veller fishing kellelem bhilkul mandhonam kiteak veller zai toxi mouza touristank korunk mevonam. Itlench noim nisteacho vass hotelak lagta.

Hotelachi security rampnim-xinzelam ani magg dovrunk adkoll adunk laglea ani hadtatt. Akach lagun soimbim add udorghoticher goenkar avaz utounk fudem sorla ani sorot assa.

Corporate Houses, newspapers, TV channels (anchors), digital media, dis ani rath development projectancher advertisement ani conferences goddun haddun, projectam udexim boreponam ieunchim ani lokhank mhellchim assa tem lokamche nodre mukar dovrun , ek ‘Public Opinion’ toyar korta (manufacturing consent) fokot ‘political economink’ lagon ani  he baxen lokamchim monan dixeabull kortat.

Dusre vaten projectam voir kritik (tika) khortoleank, NGO-ank, goemchem bhorem dektoleank  projectam voir bhasabas korunk, newspapers, TV channels ani digital mediacher favo tho zaggo dinnant, karan tanche vichar ani ievzonneo projectam voir add vochot mhunn.


Dekik Nauxim-Marina Project

Nauxim-Bambolim bay-ant ho project bhandun haddunk MPT vo MPA -n   lease deed contrad sign kelo mhunn kobhor podlea ani IPB-n (Investment Promotion Board), soimbim kaidhea add appli porvanghi dillea. Jedhnam ho project suru kortole tednam poilim Nauxi-bhandear  thaun doriant ek robol fatrancho vado toear kortole (embankment/reclaim land). Uprant Bambolim resort-achea fudlean sukte velar doriant ek durig zalelea porim koddpam distat, taka Bambolimcho bhando munntat. Hea bhandeak thaun robolsancho bhand (embankment) toear zatolo ani uprant donuim bhandeam  modhem ek khavtem (opening) doriachem udok bhair bhitor sorpak dhovortole. Tea uprant Nauxim bay kolaitole (ustitole) ani chikoll, mati kaddun Nauxi vele vatten doriantlean zomin borun hadtole (reclaiming land) boattink (yatchs,etc )  dock korpak.

Bottinchi suvidha korunk ek doko, Fuel house, water storage tanks, Toilets, maintenance yard, staff housing, warehouse/boathouse, training centre osleo souloti bandhun haddtole. Uprant shopping centre, tourist hotels, land casinos, adi, Nauxim dongrar bandhpachi goroz podttoli. Oxem zatoch drugs, prostitution, gambling, crimes, zaun ganv chi xhanti bigottoli zoxe porim goemchea sabar ganvamnim dixtti podtta .

Itlench noim, project toyar zatoch, nisteachi pik vadot kaii?

Zuari nodint nistem porsovtolem kaii?

Vo sorkar xetam puroun , xetanim nisteacheo hatcheries (farming) korun  nisteachem bhiim doriant Ani nhodinim sodtole kaii?

Ani sorv bhonvtim vattaranim hacho faido vo luksonn zatolem kai? Osle sabar proxnn upzota.

Shirdonnchea kharvi bhavank Bambolim ani Nauxeche veller xinzelam Ani khanttalleo hea fuddem vodunk mellot Kai?  Hea projectak lagon nauxechea lokak aplea garantle umttun kaddun uddoitole Ani tankam  dusrea svateancher galtole. Oxem godot zalear te aplea nusteacho vaur he novea  svateancher thaun korunk pavot Kai? Zori tor tankam Compensation legit dilem zalear, kitlo temp legun hea compensationacher te  zogtole? Hea nustekar bhavanchea koxtank lagon sodeak sabar ganvchea lokank tajem nustem khaunk mellta, fudarak tem mevot Kai vo tankam formalinchench khauchem poddtolem? Monant Osle sabar proxnn upzotat.

Munxean apleaponank lagon soimbhacho duspott kelolo dolleam mukar dista. Desadesanim dornkamp, butteo, volcanic eruptions, sunamin, adol-moddam, adi zait assat. Apsuvartak lagon Goemchi doxea zaunk paulea. Atamcho somaz cronic capitalistamcho zala.

Adle purvoz, xinkonk nasle tori tankam zanvai asli. Zanvai-en  te cholle ani goemcho fudhar boro zauncho ani goem sodanch bhangarachem urchem mhunn tamchea kallzachi axea asli.

Atamche xinklele ani amche amdhar (goemkaramche kamdhar) apponn bhudvont ani zannar mhunn somzotat ani goemchi durdoxea kortat.

Khori zanvai xinkpa udhexim azun tankam mheuli-nam,  dekhun aiz bhangarachem Goa chiklachem Goa  zaunk paulam.

Chint munxea korchea adhim uprant rodonn faido-nam.







Monday 6 November 2023

AGSSRFU letter to Goa CM on Nauxim Marina


190, Nauxim, Tiswadi, Goa 

November 06, 2023


Dr. Pramod Sawant

The Chief Minister 

Government of Goa

Porvorim, Goa

Subject: Withrawal of support to Nauxim AHOY Marina in Zuari river

Respected Sir,

We have come to know from media reports that you are advocating enforcement of AHOY Marina at Nauxim Beach.

We wish to draw your attention urgently to the fact that the draft EIA of the declared that Nauxim Marina will create negative long term irreversible impact on Zuari river fisheries. This means the following:

1. Impact will be negative. It is going to harm Zuari river fisheries. Marina will do bad things to Zuari river.

2. Impact will be long term. Harm caused to fisheries will be long lasting. It is not short term harm.

3. Impact will be irreversible. It will never be possible to undo the harm caused. That means Zuari river fishery will be forever destroyed.

If inspie of all the above points you still support AHOY Marina project then undoubly you are leading the State of Goa's fishery towards suicide and not the accidental death. This is so because project proponents through their draft EIA themselves have declared doom of the Zuari river fishery.

Additionally lease deeds for both the Marinas -Nauxim by Kargwal Constructions and Sancoale by Chowgules-has ensured safely only of the barges navigating in Zuari river. Both the lease deeds has not even acknowledged existence of fishing canoes in Zuari river. So on record Marinas at Nauxim and Sancoale are a strategy to destroy robust Zuari river fishery.

Please retract your support to this Marina at Nauxim Sir before it is too late and intimate the undersigned immidiately.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Shaila D'mello


Laximan Mangueshkar 


Copy to 

Shri Nilkhant Halarnkar,

Minister of Fisheries, 

Government of Goa

Shri Nilesh Cabral,

Minister of Environment, 

Government of Goa,

Porvorim, Goa

Secretary (Fisheries)

Government of Goa,

Porvorim, Goa

Director of Fisheries,

Government of Goa, 

Panaji, Goa

Captain of Ports,

Panaji, Goa

Shri Viresh Borkar

MLA, St. Andre Constituency

Goa Velha, Goa

Smt. Jennifer Monserrate 

MLA, Taleigao Constituency, 

Taleigao, Goa

Shri A. Monserrate,

Minister for Labour, 

Government of Goa,

Porvorim, Goa

Shri Antonio Vaz

MLA, Cortalim Constituency,

Cortalim, Goa


Goa State Bio-diversity Board,

Saligao, Goa


Village Panchayat of Curca-Bambolim-Telaulim,

Tiswadi, Goa


Village Panchayat of Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, Goa 


Village Panchayat of Taleigao

Taleigao, Goa


Village Panchayat of Siridao,

Siridao, Goa


Village Panchayat of Cortalim,

Cortalim, Goa 


Village Panchayat of Sancoale,

Sancoale, Goa


Village Panchayat of Chicalim,

Chicalim, Goa

When Goa Fisheries department joins purse seiners for Zuari river loot

 When Goa Fisheries department joins purse seiners for Zuari river loot...

Fisheries department today allowed illegal purse seine fishing by three canoes near Dona Paula Jetty on the mouth of Zuari river. Inspite of telephonic complaint to the control room of the Fisheries department there was no action. 

Three canoes carried on their illegal act at 5.30 pm today 06 November 2023 violating section 144 imposed by North Goa Collector due to National Games. From this action it is clear that Fisheries department is biased against Gill nets fishers in its action.

Director of Fisheries had warned the fishermen to such an extent that even the presence of fishing boats on Vaiguinim beach was intolerable and wanted to clear off canoes like bin of garbage with 20 days with ban on fishing.

Now it is clear that Fisheries department allowed illegal fishing to go on at Miramar Jetty thereby confirming nexus between the purse seiners and the department of Fisheries.

At the venue of National Games at Dona Paula only small scale fishers are banned while purse seiners carry the loot with impunity. 

How many people from fishing community are there in Fisheries department who can understand fishing issues properly? 

Goa's great fishing tragedy continues with Fisheries department being active collabotator of fishing loot.

All Goa Small-scale responsible Fisheries Union strongly condemns ongoing loot of Fisheries in Zuari under Section 144 Cr.Pc.

Friday 3 November 2023

As more Marina lies are peddled...

 As more Marina lies gets peddled...

There is latest video online from Gomantal TV that peddles more lies regarding attempted Predatory assault on Nauxi village through Marina. Here is the link: 

We take this opportunity to expose them one by one and understand their implications. 

1. Col. Milind on behalf of AHOY Marina of Kargwal Constructions from Mumbai asserts that there will be no impact on fishing due to Marina at Nauxim. It appears that he has not read their own EIA Report that notes that this Marina will have Long term negative irreversible impact on Fisheries. Col. Milind has to explain as to how he can go against his own EIA. This means that Col. Milind is intellectually dishonest person and cannot be trusted. 

2. Show anchor Raju states that mining barges has no negative impact on rivers. He has ignored Goa University Marine Sceince department study that proved how Zuari river in Goa is polluted due to mining. Further Raju Nayak willfully ignored first meeting minutes of Goa State Pollution Control Board that has clearly recorded damage being inflicted on Goa's rivers due to mining transportation and need to create public awareness about the same.

3. If Marina is to be safeguarding fishing canoes then why there is protection provided in the lease deed of 12 October 2010 itself where is safeguards are provided to right of passage of the barges?

4. If Marina promises jobs to locals then there needs to be prior auditing of how Manu jobs locals were given at Goa Medical College at Bambolim. If projects were for jobs to locals of Nauxim then daily five kadambas would have not transported workers from Valpoi. Similar auditing is required of Goa University too that took over land of local people.

5. Raju Nayak tom-toms about nautical tourism for which Marina is sought ro be pushed on Nauxim. There is already five star tourism in Goa and there is acute labour exploitation through rampant contract system. He is quite about it.

6. The entire edifice of Marina led aggression is as terrible in its consequence as Mopa Airport for people as well as ecology. It is form of mass anhilition of people's livelihoods and ecological sustainability that needs to be resisted and opposed.

7. St. Andre MLA Viresh Borkar opposed Marina at Nauxim as it will destroy fishing based livelihoods. This is a good sign and his defence needs further upgradation.

8. One thing that remained without reference is that local people has not proposed Marina as form of development. It has been imposed from outside. This is a consequence of Goa being annexed through conquest in 1961 as underlined by Supreme Court of India in Gosalia case. Nauxim is a first hand experience of what the conquest mean.

9. People of Goa doesn't have any option but to oppose the projects that are imposed from outside for that's the way of asserting freedom. People like the TV anchor and the Project Proponent has deformed understanding of communities. For these two guys all that matters is money, capital, profit. People and ecology are merely fodders for their pervert agenda.

10. Frustration of Col. Milind got revealed when he refered to opposition to IIT in Goa. He went bankrupt on marina therefore got IIT on the agenda. Debate was not out IIT Col. Milind breached in his conduct.

11. Political and economic ties of Gomantak owners in Mumbai needs to be examined to identify their links with Kargwal Constructions Private Limited.

03 November 2023