Friday 15 September 2023

Illegal early morning Sand mining in Mandovi

This video clip by anonymous went viral today on social media is from Naroa bank of Mandovi river in Bicholim taluka that captures illegal sand mining trade early  morning on 15 September 2023.

This indicated active container of Department of Mines and Geology, Goa Police and Mamlatdars of Tiswadi and Bicholim Talukas.

Naroa has been one of the Hotspot of daily illegal sand mining from mid-night to dawn. Other notable Hotspot include Vanxim island and Chamerem in Chorao island.

Yesterday six more cannoes are lined up in chamerem for illegal sand extraction. Cannoes are hidden inside Mangroves at Chamerem, Chorao.

There are other places of sand extraction tentacles have reached. One such place is Tikhazan in Naroa, Bicholim.

Current illegal sand Mining is being carried on with active conniving of Politicians and Police. Week ago raid was conducted against illegal sand mining in Vanxim. More details are awaited.

Thursday 14 September 2023

Goa Politicians surrenders agriculture to mining

 Goa Government surrender Agricultural land to mining interests 

It is saddening to note that Goa Government even though is preparing agriculture policy it has sabotaged Goa's farming interests through surrender to mining aggressions. Goa Legislative Assembly has not only committed blunder of the century but has also reduced themselves as merely executive committee of the mining companies. Long battle awaits us.

                      The text

Section 30 of the Goa Land Revenue Code, 1968 "Permision for non-agricultural use.--- No land used for agriculture shall be used for any non-agricultural purpose; and no land assessed for one non-agricultural purpose shall be used for any other non-agricultural purpose or for the same non-agricultural purpose but in relaxation of any of the conditions imposed at the time of the grant or permission for non-agricultural purpose, except with the permission of the Collector under Section 32.

[Provided that the provisions of this section shall not be applicable to the land in occupation of the Government, Corporation of the City of Panaji, a Municipal Council or a Village Panchayat and land to be used for the installation of solar or wind power station.(inserted vide Ammendment Act 5 of 2021)] 

[Provided further that, nothing in this section shall apply to the activity undertaken in pursuance of the permission/licence granted under the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 1957 (Central Act No. 67 of 1957) and rules made thereunder.(Inserted vide Amendment Act 6 of 2023)]



2023 Amendment to section 30 of the Goa Land Revenue Code, 1968 carried on by Goa Legislative Assembly allows mining in agriculture land without any permision from Collector of the respective Districts in Goa.


So now it is legal to take over paddy fields for mining purpose. There is no need for mining companies even to pay any compensation for crop loss due to siltation of fields.

                  Matter of Choice

Goa Government has chosen mining over agriculture. Mining is all set to inflict artifical planned disaster in near future and Goa's legislature is complicit in it. People have to make their choice. Agriculture policy cannot supercede Land Revenue Code. Ģoa Agriculuture Minister Ravi Naik and the members of the drafting committee has to make their stand clear or no policy can work however good it may be if Amendment to section 30 allowing mining in agriculture is not withdrawn.

Kindly share this note further. 

Dr. S.A. Rodrigues


Bharat Mukti Morcha,

Goa State

M: 9923336347