Monday 30 April 2012

Why India and Goa budgets were burnt yesterday?

 Goa budget too was burned for its pro-bamon, pro-mining biases. For detail analysis click here

Bharat Mukti Morcha burns India and Goa budgets in Colomba

Bharat Mukti Morcha burnt 2012-13 budgets of government of India as well as Goa government for their anti-mulnivasi people’s policies. The burning ceremony took place in Colomba village of Sanguem Taluka on Sunday April 29, 2012. Bharat Mukti Mukti Morcha delegates from different parts of Goa were present for the burning ceremony.  India’s budget 2012-13 in complete support of brahmanical and capitalist powers. This budget also promotes the policies that are leading towards continues suicides of mulnivasi farmers across the India. 

This budget also systematically conspires to destroy the education of SC, ST, OBC and minorities. Unemployment rate will further increase as a result of the budgetary provisions in National budget of the Congress led government. Government of India has the entire ingredient to rapidly push mulnivasis of the country into hunger and malnutrition by facilitating the plunder of their resources. 

Bharat Mukti Morcha also burnt the 2012-13 budget of the Goa Government as it is suited for the interests of the bamons and mining companies. Detail analysis of the budget as to how it is tailored for the interests of the mining companies was read out on the occasion.

Colamb is a historical village for its uncompromising resistance to the mining companies.

Thursday 19 April 2012

The façade of Goa’s Golden Jubilee Health Insurance Scheme

Once again mulnivasi people of Goa have been taken on dangerous ride. This time with the scheme called Swarnajayanti Aarogya Bima Yojana (Golden Jubilee Health insurance scheme). The pamphlet circulated to attract public shows one photo identity card given by Directorate of Health Services with name, age, gender and 18 digit computerized number. Now let us examine this pamphlet with which our mulnivasi people are falling prey to.

Let us examine the each word of this scheme ‘Swarnajayanti’ means golden jubilee. The golden jubilee referred here is 50 years of Goa freed from Portuguese rule and brought under the rule of India in 1961. India itself has been colony of England till 1947 when ruling power was transferred to Brahmins on. Goa government has been involved in much fun fare of celebration of Goa’s Golden jubilee of liberation mainly because after 50 years political power has come in the hands of Saraswats (who constitute miniscule minority of Goa’s population), Bamons and Brahmins who are Eurasians ruling over mulnivasis. Their rule is for exploitation, misguidance and domination over mulnivasi people. Portuguese who ruled prior to 1961 were foreigners and Saraswats who are ruling us today are foreigners. Foreigners can never be expected to have welfare of the natives on their minds. They only have their caste self interest above any other interests on their mind.

Let’s examine the second word ‘Aarogya’ means Health. Health under the constitution of India written by late Babasaheb Ambedkar is one of the important directive principles of the state policy covered under Article 47. It’s title is ‘Duty of the State to raise the level of nutrition and the standard of living and to improve public health – the state shall regard the raising of the level of nutrition and the standard of living of its people and the improvement of public health as among its primary duties and, in particular, the State shall endeavour to bring about prohibition of the consumption except for medicinal purpose of intoxicating drinks and of drugs which are injurious to health.’  Further Article 39 (e) of the Constitution of India states ‘that the health and strength of workers, men and women, and tender age of children are not abused and that citizens are not forced by economic necessity to enter a vocations unsuited to their age and strength.’  Besides established case law through State of Punjab v/s Mahinder Singh Chawla declared the right to life includes the right to health. (AIR 1997 SC 1225).

Constitutionally it is the State duty to uphold the health of its people. Private companies are not included as duty bound to play any role in upholding health of it citizens. Goa government though its earlier health minister Vishwajit Rane has gone against spirit of the constitution of India and involved private companies in this insurance scheme. The name of the private foreign company here is ICICI Lombard. It is surprising that the current health minister Laxmikant Parsekar instead of cancelling this scheme has allowed it to proceed ahead.

Lets examine the third word ‘Bima’ means insurance. Insurance by itself is not a bad idea. There is state owned insurance company called Life Insurance Company (LIC). If LIC was involved in this scheme then there was no problem because it is a state owned company and public have control over the same. But getting foreign private company into health insurance of the people of Goa is detrimental. Private citizen data is shared with a foreign company. It is charging Rs.100/- at one time collection and promised free payment of the treatment of ailment covered under this scheme up to Rs.60,000/-. The common sense login does not make any sense. If it was done by state owned company like LIC then it would have been understood but private company doing this is a matter of suspect. It is simply strengthening presence of private company in health sector which is the state bounded duty.  Moreover no list of ailments covered under the scheme is listed in the pamphlet nor is website mentioned for citizens to know list of ailments covered. This insurance is merely an insidious exercise in collection of data of all the people specially mulnivasis of the State of Goa. The state is so terrified of mulnivasis in Goa.

The last word we need to examine is ‘Yozana’ which can be translated as a ‘scheme’ or ‘plan’. In practice this is a conspiracy against the mulnivasis (SC, ST, OBC, Marathas, non-ruling minorities such as Christians, Muslims, Sikh, Buddhists etc). Yesterday’s (18th April 2012) times of India has very clearly explained the Goa government is actually involved in direct supervision of making Goa’s children sick through another government scheme called mid-day meal scheme thereby working contrary to  the article 47 and Article 39 (e) & (f) of the Constitution. When Saraswats, Brahmins, Bamons currently ruling the State of Goa are so determined to destroy health of mulnivasi people of Goa through creation of hunger, malnutrition which is part of their hidden agendas how can it he expected to safeguard the interests of mulnivasis? This scheme violates the very Preamble of the Constitution of India in which People of India solemnly resolved to constitute India into a ‘Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic’. It neither resolved to constitute into India into Capitalist or Brahmanical Republic. Yet in practice this is an agenda that is being pursued in a systematic manner. The scheme under discussion here is part of this agenda. For Socialist agenda to follow as required by the Preamble of the Constitution itself there is no need to involve private companies like ICICI Lombard. This is a negation of the Constitution of India. Health is a right that People of India are entitled to without depending upon the private companies. We have an example of one private company called East India Company coming in and then conquering the country. The state government is well aware of this, yet it went ahead with this collaboration with ICICI Lombard. This amounts to the take over of the State government by a private company. This can be possible only with the clear understanding of what is going on and never without proper efforts towards it. This means at the time of conceptualization of this tie-up Goa’s brahmanical think tank has thought over and resolved to hand over state health sector to private companies to the detriment of the mulnivasis in Goa.

In addition it is pertinent to realize that fundamental basis for health insurance given is that cost of medicines is high and it is sky rocketing every day. India’s brahmanical ruling elite itself is responsible for this scenario. Central government is controlled by Brahmins through ruling and opposition parties. Central government signed agreements with various international organizations like GATT and opened up India for foreign investment.  In order to make trade in medicine lucrative for the private companies’ government through its annual financial budgets went on giving various facilities to companies as well as increasing cost of medicines. This put the cost of medicines beyond the reach of mulnivasi people. Large number of people began to get into poverty. This situation is so dangerous that 75% India is living below poverty line. Medicines, education, employment was deliberately taken away from the mulnivasi people. Hungry people either have to die or have to rise up to revolt and overthrow Bamon raj. If people chose to die then ruling brahmanical elite have no regrets, they will let happiness and smiles cover their lives and mug up into celebrations. However it is a basic human instinct not to choose death but life even if one is pushed into hunger. Great Revolutionary from France Jean-Paul Sarte once remarked “Hunger creates history, hunger destroys history.”
This has been a deeply worrying aspect for the ruling brahmanical elites in India as well as Goa. If hungry mulnivasi people rise up the ruling Brahmins will be reduced to ashes. Their conspiracies will be exposed and laid bare public. Brahmins who are so used to lording over power will not allow this possibility to transform into a reality. They will try their level best to prevent such an unfortunate tragedy on them that will forever end their domination. They are working overtime as to avoid this. They are trying various ways, some very lethal and cruel like using government mid-day meal to poison  school children, to push mulnivasi children into poverty, hunger, frailty, stunted growth, hunger, anemia and ill health . This is an open declaration of war against Goa’s mulnivasis by Brahmanical State. Health Insurance scheme is part of this agenda. Brahmanical in India and Goa responsible for the high cost of medicine and medical treatment, for they are the once who hiked the rates. Now they are the once who are fooling us with medical insurance. Solution to the high cost of medical treatment is to lower it. Brahmins with their power have increased it. Brahmins with their power can lower it or can even give free health treatment and medicines too. Brahmanical mindset does not venture into this. Instead it is seeking to make business out of inflation via insurance by draining public resources to a private insurance company. This is unethical. This is anti-mulnivasi people. This is anti-national. This is brahmanical. This is capitalist. This is anti-constitutional.

On the other hand Directorate of health services has forged a tie up with ICICI Lombard for providing health insurance. Now let us examine how this scheme functions. Even though it is giving you smart card with just Rs.100/- and promises to cover the cost of health recovery up to the tune of Rs.60,000/-. It will have select hospitals including private hospitals on the list of this scheme. Hospital names are not made public on the circulated pamphlet. So patient will be admitted into private hospital covered under this scheme, will be treated. Either person is dead or recovers hospital bills will have to be covered by somebody. Now who is this somebody? ICICI Lombard is that somebody. This company will pay the cost of recovery of health of the smart card holders from Goa. But how economical it is for the company to do this? Besides aim of every private company is profit. How this aim will be fulfilled? It will be fulfilled recovering the money and more from the Goa government. Goa government will pay cost of treatment in private hospital to a private insurance company from the public treasury, from tax payers money. Public money will get diverted to private company.

And what is the need to list out private hospitals? This is called nexus. Nexus is connections for a specific goal. Here the specific goal is emptying of public treasury. We are yet to see the accounts of another tie up with private company that is operating 108 ambulances in Goa. We are still to know how much amount this company is charging per patient, per trip. So ambulance service to a large extend is privatized. Now it is the turn of the private health insurance through ICICI Lombard. Besides we have already witnessed process by with government hospitals are deliberately kept in bad conditions with number of avoidable shortcomings. This is done so that government hospitals get a bad name and justification for privatization builds up.  We have witnessed attempts to privatize government hospital in Mapusa failed. Nevertheless it is worthwhile to examine this to some extend. New hospital building was completed and shifting was pending. Health Minister was in negotiation with private companies and possibly also for his and his CM’s cuts. Then it was declared that this hospital will be privatized. Then Chief Minister bamon Digambar Kamat supported privatization of Asilo hospital.  Public protests took place headed by then congress MLA Dayanand Narvekar, from Bhahujan samaj. The attempt to privatize failed. Then Leader of the opposition and current Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar advocated Public Private Partnership (PPP) model for this hospital.

If this hospital was privatized then there would have been two direct fall-outs. In the first place there would have cost of admission hiked and treatment cost would have shot up and State government would have no control over it. The second more serious fallout would have been end to reservation of SC, ST, and OBC. In fact main privatization agenda is pursued in India is to end reservations for the various sections of the mulnivasi people. Reservations are valid only in government owned institutions. The enemies of mulnivasi people particularly Brahmins are busy pushing privatization agenda precisely for this reason. The spree of privation in health department is mainly to eliminate the scope of reservation and security of jobs to mulnivasis. ICICI Lombard in brought in to implement this scheme mainly for the purpose of siphoning of public money as well denying of reservation thereby clearing the ways for brahmanical agenda. This is the reason as to why ICICI Lombard’s tie up with Directorate of Health services is truly dangerous. There are no reservations in the company, it will take private data of citizens for private storage purpose which is likely to be misused as there is no legal binding for the privacy of the data collected, and it will recover amounts paid from the State treasury. In other words it will facilitate loot of state treasury. It has taken the role of middleman between the State and the citizens which must be done away with. Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns this scheme and advises Goa government to stop this scheme hostile to the interests of the mulnivasi people.
What is needed is upgrading of public hospitals and nationalization of private hospitals. There must be total state control and health as a profit venture must be avoided. Prices of medicines must be brought down and so the treatment costs. Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns central government for continues rise in price of medicines and protests against the same.

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Disaster for mulnivasi children through mid-day meal in Goa

Plan for destroying Goa’s future is not only going through destruction of its land through legal and illegal mining but it is also insidiously being put to target Goa’s  mulnivasi children by depriving them food and even poisoning their bodies. The children who were part of the midday meal scheme came in for rude shock today with the reports in the press about how program of malnutrion is pursued by the brahmanical State. 

Undoubtedly all the children who are subjected to this problem are mulnivasi children. Bamons and Saraswats in Goa never allow their children to suffer in this way.  They run the state by occupying all the top positions. They are the one who has created grave risk to Goa’s mulnivasi children. Digambar Kamat, a Bamon ex- Chief Minister had purposefully supervised this disaster. He gave all his time to implement ADHAR bio-metric cards so that when mulnivasi in Goa will rise against bamon raj they will be tracked through computer data. He also supervised Goa’s great mining plunder. Saraswat Digambar Kamat also supervised systematic destruction of the Goa’s agriculture as growth level slumped into negative. 

Goa’s mulnivasi children are made to suffer in hunger. Goa’s Bamon’s and Sarawats are celebrating Golden jubilee of Liberation. Perhaps they are celebrating because they are sure that within next 50 years there will be no mulnivasi left in Goa, there will be no assertion of bhahujan samaj in Goa. So Saraswats are celebrating. This chief minister too has joined the celebration party. Isn’t an irony that after 50 years of Goa’s liberation our mulnivasi children have to be pushed into this situation of systematic death?  This happened not because of lack of funds or because of lack of food around. This happened because Bamon long term agenda is to destroy mulnivasi children by malnutrion and food poisoning. There are many instances of food poisoning of mulnivasi children through mid-day scheme in Goa. In last instance few months ago lizards was cooked in food and served to children resulting in food poisoning of several mulnivasi children inVasco. Bamon children never go and eat food from these midday food scheme. They are carefully kept healthy.  Otherwise ask Dempos, Salgaonkars, Timblos, Tarcars, Kamats, Parrikars whether their children are enrolled for midday meal in Goa. This is a case of gross discrimination and criminal action on the part of brahmanical system in place.

This midday scheme was introduced to destroy the education process by diverting attention of teachers from teaching into cooking in unofficial manner. Teachers are pushed into cooking rather than teaching. This is done so that mulnivasi children do not go about studying and getting good education. This is indeed pervert motive to start with. In addition central government conducts review of this scheme and found that Goa government had not done its proper implementation. This scheme by itself was bad and its implementation has been as per the needs of the brahmanical desires. Digambar Kamat had behaved this way purposefully.  The result is a ruin of a one generation surely to the delight of the ruling Brahmins in the state who despise and hate bhahjan samaj infinitely and devise various ways to subdue us. Bamons in Goa has special taste for the ruining of generations of mulnivasi in Goa. They already ruined two generations through devnagri konkni. And bamon Adv.Uday Bhembre is proud about the same.

Situation is so dangerous that there is no place even to do testing of food. Home Science College in Panjim which has facilities but no staff to carry on the tests. Total students affected are 91,000. Of these hundreds are found to be severely anemic. Anemia is result of malnutrition. Thousands suffering from stunted growth and are frail.

Current Goa chief minister Parrikar who was leader of the opposition when this conspiracy was unfolding from 2006 onwards was aware of this conspiracy totally and yet did precious little to prevent it. He provides the evidence of his awareness of the gravity of the situation relating to midday scheme in his budget speech 2012-13. On pages 39-40 paragraph 123 he audaciously uses Marathi phrase comparing mulnivasi children under this midday scheme to dogs. He begins “Bhik Nako, Pann Kutre Avar. Such situation exists in implementation of Mid-Day-Meal Scheme. Today, such a sick feeling is created by the scheme that students prefer to remain hungry than to have a meal. My government shall completely revamp the scheme in order to improve the quality and nourishment value of the food”. The result of this sick feeling today is there for every one to see. For the reason of political expediency CM has promised revamp of the scheme and improvement in the quality and nourishment value of the food. What he does will be proved on ground in due course of time. Bharat Mukti Morcha however is of the opinion that unless the governance system is turned upside down; meaning till the time mulnivasis do not replace the rule of Saraswats and Brahmins in Goa and India our children are never going to be safe. Our future is never going to be secure. It is a ‘do or die’ battle for us. There will always remain dagger hanging on our heads till Bamons are at the helm of affairs. Bamons and Saraswats will only fool us as they have done so before in countless occasions; they are experts in this skill. 

This report is a certain alarm call for mulnivasis. It is an alarm of Saraswats conspiracy against mulnivasis to put our children to slow yet sure death. Bal Gangadhar Tilak has written that his brahmin ancestors when they came from Eurasia has committed grave mistake by not doing what whites did to Red Indians in America. Whites massacred native Red Indians of America. In our county brahmanical rule is speedily creating situation of hunger and malnutrition in order so that mistakes of their ancestor can be perhaps corrected. Various schemes are created just for this purpose. It is with this background understanding that we need to understand as to the reasons behind putting Goa’s mulnivasi children under severe disaster. Mulnivasis will have to rise up. And we will rise up, for now we understand brahmanical conspiracies against us. Brahamanical system will have to be ended and torn apart. Mulnivasi rule has to be hoisted in India as well as in Goa. Cause of our every problem is brahmanical system. Its destruction is solution to our every problem.

This is indeed very dangerous mission of the Saraswats, bamons and Brahmins in Goa. Its aim is annihilation of Bhahujan samaj. It is very important that we all aware arise and join nation wide agitation led by Bharat Mukti Morcha to overthrow brahmanical rule and establish rule of the mulnivasis. Brahamnical system has created problems for mulnivasis in every sector. They created the problem and now they are projecting themselves as our protectors. Mulnivasi can see through this game very well. The day is not far when we will witness a new sunrise of mulnivasi rule, new morning of mulnivasi rule. 

Today April 18, 2012 number of newspapers has covered the story of Goa’s children being fed sub standard food through the centrally sponsored scheme of mid-day meal for school children. Goa edition Times of India published from Panjim has carried front page story too. Only thing is that Time of India refrains from saying that all these children are mulnivasi children and not a single is of Saraswats, Bamons and Brahmins. The titled is ‘Despite mid-day meals Goa kids frail, says HRD’. Certain bullets are pointing to facts of this matter in the beginning itself.
Ø  91,000 primary students received low quality midday meals during the year 2011-12
Ø  Due to shortage of staff, Goa Home Science College has refused to accept food samples for analysis during 2010-11
Ø  62,000 upper primary students received meals
Ø  State level monitoring committee met for the first time in 2011-12 since 2006
Ø  1.59% of students severely anemic
Ø  21% of students frail

Then there is a loud comment ‘A child requires nutritious meals, lots of vegetables, and fruits while growing up to have a healthy life. The intention of introducing the midday meal scheme was to get the hungry children at least one healthy meal and make them study at school. A child with an empty stomach cannot be attentive. Statistics provided by the Union HRD ministry are shocking and proves that the state government machinery has been insensitive to the needs of the child. Grains are sanctioned by the state government for the purpose is being under utilized. It is a shame that nutritious food is not being provided through the midday meal programme.’

Then the story proceeds with the sub title ‘Central Funds For Q-Check Lie Unused’. The story by Gauree Malkarnekar reads further ‘of the over 1.50 lakh students served midday meals during the academic year 2011-12, 29% were found to be underweight, 21% were stunted and 1.59% suffered from severe anemia. This was discovered by the Union human resource development (HRD) ministry’s review of the midday meal scheme in Goa held in March 2012.

The review also found that another 12% students were frail and enfeebled despite having consumed the midday meals being served under a central government scheme to provide the required nutrition to school children from classes I to VIII.

HRD officials discovered at the review meeting, held in New Delhi on March 27, that Goa’s poor monitoring of the scheme since its implementation was the reason for the low quality of the meals served.
Food poisoning cases related to midday meals in Goa have suffered time and again, yet the state has not utilized a single rupee of the Rs. 25 lakh allotted by the centre for 2011-12 for monitoring and evaluation of quality under the scheme.

Goa’s casual approach was exposed yet again this year at the HRD ministry’s meeting to review the scheme’s implementation. It was not only noted in the review that Goa’s utilization of funds allotted for monitoring and evaluation of quality was ‘nil’, but that its state level committee (SSMC) became functional only during the 2011-12 academic year.

Even though midday meals are being served in Goa since 2006, the SSMC in Goa remained virtually non-operative for most part. While the earlier committee under chairmanship of then chief minister Digambar Kamat had not met even once in two years of its formation, the new committee under the chief secretary met just once during the current academic year.

Prescribed nutrition not provided to children: CAG report
During 2011-12, meals were served to 91,000 primary school students in 1,139 schools. At upper primary level, which is from Classes V to VIII, meals were served to 62,000 students in all the 425 upper primary schools in Goa, of the 70,000 who were entitled to receive the meals.

The directorate of education (DoE) officials from Goa told HRD authorities that measures have been taken to improve the scheme’s implementation by engaging 1,797 helpers from December 2011 to serve meals in schools so that teachers are not assigned the duty Goa had a much higher sanction of 3,252 cooks-cum-helpers.

DoE officials also said that the department appointed three deputy educational officers of the respective zone for grievance redressal. The HRD’s review meeting found that action was taken in only one of the three complaints received over the scheme’s implementation. 

The Controller and Auditor General (CAG) of India’s report tabled in the Goa state assembly session held in march 2012, had warned about the poor quality of meals supplied in the state, which also did not meet the prescribed nutritional standards.

“Quality of food grains served to children ranged from 79 to 95 grams in primary schools and 140 to 143 grams in upper primary schools, as against the prescribed quantity of 100 and 150 grams of food grains, indicating that the prescribed nutrition was not provided to the children,” the CAG report stated.

The CAG report also notes that only 11% of samples of the required quantity of 630 samples were collected for testing of quality. There was no check on the quality of food being supplied to students,” the report warned.

Goa Budget 2012-13 tailored to suit Saraswat, Bamon and mining interests

Chief Minister of Goa Manohar Parrikar has made some remarks about mining in his budget 2012-13 speech in Goa legislative Assembly in paragraphs 133, 134, 135 on pages 42, 43 and 44. He also remarked on barges in paragraph 151 on page 48, and paragraphs 233 on page 70. He also remarked on fees on handling of mineral dumps in paragraphs 235 and 236 on page 71. It is important to subject his remarks to the test of scrutiny at this juncture. 

Let’s start with paragraph 133.  It starts ‘I am personally aware of the fact that the rural Goa is suffering on account of rampant mining activity. With this he admits that mining per se has caused damage and legal status of the mining operations are of no consequence. This is an important admission from the Chief Minister himself. However his future course of event is illogical. Instead of assessing how much damage mining has done to Goa for the past over 50 years he takes flight into something else all together. If he was serious about the calculation of damage that mining had caused to Goa it would have been in fitness of things that he goes about assessing this damage. This he has not opted to do. That is his politics, his choice. The choice not to asses the quantum of damage caused to Goa because of the open cast mining is choice of Goa’s saraswat bamon Chief minister. If careful assessment was resorted to then CM would have realized that damage has longer restricted to rural Goa. Since he does not plan to go into all this we expect reality as pointed out by famous revolutionary philosopher of French Revolution Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s famous statement to come true:  ‘in the land of blind one eyed man is a king.’

His first statement admitted mining caused damage to rural Goa. We know mining industry has been controlled by Saraswat Brahmins. It is then matter logic to deduce that it is the Saraswats that damaged Goa through mining. Manohar Parrikar is a Saraswats bamon. His caste in collusion with others has damaged Goa specially mulnivasi people. How can one expect Parrikar to measure and calculate how much Saraswats has damaged Goa? If he does this then it would be suicidal for his Saraswats. He is only showing great bravado to hoodwink public opinion in his favor. Truth is never gets buried under public opinion or by majority. It is like a drop of oil that always stays above the sea of falsehood.

The second statement he makes ‘I reiterate the commitment of my government to forthwith stop all forms of illegal mining’. If Chief Minister was serious of stopping of the illegal mining then he would have declared to launch website for the department of mines and geology and list out all the legal and illegal mines that are in operation in Goa. To what extend the mines are legal and to what extend mines are illegal. Data with regard to T.C number, owner, operator, dates of licenses, and quantum of exports of each of the mines would have been made public on website. Not doing this leads to serious doubts about the transparency of his action against illegal mining. Also what action has been taken on illegal mines would have been made public. Nothing of this sort has been resorted to. This is serious matter and there is every possibility that illegal mine can become legal due to pecuniary favor to the ruling political parties or their members.  The damage to Goa that he admitted will continue.

While his first two statements are meant for attaining public sympathy, his third statement is tongue with taste for and from the mining industry that is controlled by Saraswats. He says ‘It will be the endeavor of my Government to regulate the legal operations in such a manner that these operations are socially responsive and environmentally sustainable, without allowing them to aggravate the suffering of the people further.’  What social responsiveness of mining then Chief Minister is talking about? Socially mining is controlled and promoted by saraswats and Brahmins in Goa as well as at central government level. They are either directly involved in mining or are facilitating granting of mining permissions through government offices for Brahmins ruled India since 1947 when transfer of power took place from British to Brahmins. No nationwide revolutionary movement so far has succeeded in identifying oppression of brahmin rule except Bharat Mukti Morcha. As a result there is complete hijacking of the system towards racists ends via systematic sabotage of Indian constitution so ardently written by Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. The damage that CM admits is a manifestation of social reality of saraswat aggression against bhahujan samaj. Aggression through mining has been social response from the Saraswats in Goa and Brahmins in India. Mining industry has been already socially responsive and aggression has been their response. If Chief Minister believes that mining industry has not been socially responsive he is wrong. Any ecological crime cannot be committed without first committing a social crime. Leonardo Boff has elucidated this principle so well in his book titled ‘Ecology and liberation’. Mining damage in Goa is first and foremost result of social aggression of Saraswats, Bamans that gets visibly manifested into ecological damage. The second assertion in this statement CM makes is about environment sustainability of the mining industry. Now he admits that mining in Goa is environmentally unsustainable and he pledges to make it environmentally sustainable. However nowhere has he explained what he means by it; forget about achieving the same.  Is he going to review water table of all the mines operating in Goa? Few years ago scientist from Ministry of Environment and forest from western regional office located in Bangalore made the statement that over 70% of Goa’s mines are operating below ground water table. Is he going to shut these mines even though they are legal? Or is he giving some monkey nuts for public pleasing?  Sustainable mining is a myth. Mines have to be closed down the moment they reach ground water table. If not entire Goa will turn into what has become of Sirgaon village in Bicholim taluka or Pissurlem in Sattari taluka? Lush green western ghats tropical forest and villages being turned into desert thirsting for water. Chief minister maintained studied silence on this point and yet he speaks about environmental sustainability.

His fourth statement reads as ‘Incessant operations of illegal mining in the State of has a tremendous negative impact on the environment, health of the people living in the mining belt, valuable loss to the Exchequer, as the operators do not pay the due royalty on the ore exploration.’ This statement clearly indicates that CM is aware of various mining related issues. He however does not mention the actual earnings of the mining companies through exports. He restricts himself only royalty. One is left to only guess as to what could be the reason for this deception trick. If one calculates earning from mining exports one realizes that mining companies earning from Goa has been double the size of India’s budget. For the past few years what Manohar Parrikar is doing is playing with numbers by carefully avoiding discussion on it. This goes very well to benefit mining companies. It is well known fact that mining companies fund every political party including BJP. In fact Vedanta put it on record few years ago in London. When mining companies fund political parties legally or otherwise how can impartial assessment of what the mining has done to Goa and how brutally cheating is going on can be brought up on the table? How can sincere action be expected? Only manipulation to benefit mining companies can be expected.

CM’s fifth statement reads ‘Historically mining has been a cornerstone in the Goa’s economy as it had provided livelihood to a large number of people in the rural areas, when there were very few jobs available in the private sector’. Like well oiled justification for mining this statement provides paternalistic cover up for the industry. But here again there is historical blunder that he has deliberately committed to suit the vested interests. He omits to admit that agriculture was source of employment then and mining has destroyed it. If he was sincere then he should have accepted to calculate as to how many jobs mining has destroyed by destroying natural economies. If from 1961 if the mining industry in Goa was nationalized several times more secure jobs would have been created. What is the historical reason as to why mining remained private predatory enterprise? What was the role of Saraswats in all this?

CM’s sixth statement is ‘Having said that, I am not advocating incessant, uncontrolled, and unregulated illegal mining in the State.’ No Chief Minister in the past advocated this. Digambar Kamat did not advocate this either. He just did it. This statement is of merely entropy value: wastage.

His seventh statement ‘It will not be a misplaced exaggeration, if I point at the ill effects of the mining on health, environmental, and revenue aspect.’ One can only expect him to say ‘if I point at ill effects’ and then stop. Never actually to point out! He cannot speak as that would hurt his saraswat blood brothers so proud of him. With this approach one can clearly see through things to come up in the times ahead of us.

His last statement in this paragraph reads as ‘However, I am certainly advocating, in unequivocal terms for a sustainable mining under a controlled and well regulated regime.’ This statement is a repackaging of the mining industry. It is like changing wrapper of the chocolate because it is no longer attractive, hence a new wrapper. CM along with mining industry must have hoped that with these re-packaging protests around mining would stop. This re-packaging if widely accepted only will take us into disaster.

Now let us examine paragraph 134 on page 43. The first sentence starts ‘My Government, therefore, subscribes for such a policy framework so as to bring about the virtues of natural wealth in improving the lives of the people at large.’  To translate into action would require nationalization of mining in Goa which Goa Chief minister is not willing to do. This sentence is mere bluff.

The second sentence facilitates total surrender to the mining companies. It is long 64 words sentence. It reads ‘As resolved in the Manifesto of my party, I propose to allocate 60% of the revenue generated through mining royalty for the constructing a dedicated corridor for ensuring a safer and trouble free transportation of iron ore, development and creation of appropriate infrastructure to act as a catalyst for growth and development of the mining area, and revitalize the adversely affected agriculture land and environment.’ This has been the demand of the mining industry ever since past three years after tribal people in mining belt became increasingly assertive and sensitive to the mining brutalities. The separate roads exclusively for mining in no way benefits the people of the state. In fact they totally benefit the mining industry. These roads would have made sense if this decision were matched with another decision to nationalize mining industry. Then entire earning of the mining industry would have come into State treasury. Currently is going in the pockets of mining companies and most of it do even stay in India. It goes to England with Vendanta  (and to its share holders world over) that owns over 33 mines belonging to Sesa Goa and Dempos. Last year mining companies earned over 27 lakh crore rupees. Year before last it was over 23 lakh crore rupees. Vedanta that owns Sesa Goa and Dempos, Timblos, Fomentos, Salgaonkars, Chowgules, Damodar Mangalji , Tarcars etc are other big time beneficiaries that Goa CM is protecting through this budget.
The third sentence of this paragraph reads ‘The proposed mining corridor at Sanguem, Quepem and Curchorem will be fast tracked to be completed within thirty months.’ People of Goa are going to be loosers with speedy draining out of the Goa’s wealth for the exclusive benefit of the mining companies. Only Saraswats and few other contractors (few of them are elected to the State Assembly as MLAs) will be the beneficiaries with these exclusive roads for mining. The central theme of the entire budget is to sincerely clear the roads for sale of Goa’s mineral wealth. This action is the most condemnable one.

Paragraph 135 has five sections from (a) to (f). Let’s examine each of them.
(a)  De-novo review all the mining licenses/leases issued during last 10 years.
(b)  Review of all licenses and carry out compliance audit, and if found necessary shall be referred to CAG for a Review Audit;
(c)  Use of e-governance platform through ICT for aiding operational audit, royalty declaration, collections and monitoring;
(d)  Use GIS based monitoring and surveillance system to map the mining exploration and transportation of the iron-ore export or other purposes out of State.
(e)  Set out parameters for environmental compliance and set up monitoring stations on transportation routes and at source to check for pollution related compliances; and
(f)   The principle of “polluter must pay” would be employed to recover these costs for monitoring compliances and all such other measures the Government takes.

Three important points are missing here. The first one is website of the department to share information with public on action taken reports on various mines in Goa with their T/C numbers. Monthly report on what has been the compliance of the mining industry. Otherwise promises remain promises without any information to public. 

Secondly nationalization of mining industry would be hugely beneficial to the people of Goa both in terms of jobs, its security and well as export earnings. Brahmanical system however is geared up for total sale of Goa to mining companies as well enticing people away from jobs through various types of retirement schemes. This is dangerous for mulnivasi people as Saraswats are moving for supremacy over Goa for next half a century and throwing out mulnivasi people out of job by offering money as part of this agenda and so is the case of giving money to avoid working in paddy fields as what happened in Pissurlem. This strategy only results in transfer of land control from mulnivasis to Saraswats and Brahmins in Goa who occupy most of high positions in the State of Goa including the post of Chief minister even though they are not even 2% of population of the State. That is the reason they are refusing to carry on caste based census. If caste based census takes place, saraswats will be proved as minority and their politics of domination will be stopped. Their rights then will be secured through Goa State Commission for minorities that CM has declared in this budget in paragraph 65, page 23.
Thirdly there is no declaration to identify as to which caste has how many mining leases, what is caste composition of mining contractors all over Goa. As a result overwhelming Saraswat, Bamon and brahmin domination gets pushed under the carpet.

That’s why they work overtime to fool and misguide mulnivasi of Goa in various ways. Bharat Mukti Morcha is determined to overthrow brahmanical tyranny in India as well as Goa.
The next sentence comes with important declaration ‘based on the above, I propose a comprehensive Mining Policy, to control the total extraction from the lease areas as also quantum of dump handling, by May end.’ There is no radical shift in approach from that of the last congress Chief Minister Digambar Kamat. He too came up with mining policy but was faced with overwhelming opposition due to protests from large number of people. Mining policy never saw day of light. He came up with Forest policy handing over forest lands to mining companies through the back door. Again because of the protests he could not succeed. As long as Saraswats control both the State as well as mining industry no mining policy can be expected to benefit Goa’s mulnivasi people. In fact no policy can be expected to benefit Goa’s mulnivasi people. Goa CM pursues on the agenda of the Saraswats in innovative, tech savvy ways without changing the objectives of the bamon raj, saraswat supremacy.

The last sentence of paragraph 135 reads ‘I wish to categorically assure the House, that my Government would under no condition tolerate any instance of illegal mining in the State.’ By overstressing illegal mining in his budget speech CM has cleverly defended other destructive mining. His sole yard stick has been whether or not there is revenue to the State from the mining. If there is revenue then it is legal, if no revenue then it is illegal. CM has acted as a loyal sergeant of the mining industry controlled by Saraswats . He is one of the Saraswats. It becomes his obligation to protect and promote the interest of Saraswats rather than State interests. That’s why mining has been left in the hands of private players. Mulnivasis has zero benefit from his utterances on mining in his budget speech.

Under paragraph 233 on page 70 CM seeks to raise marginal revenue by taxing Rs.100/- per tone for barge vessel less than 1000 Dead Weight Tonnage (DWT) and Rs.200/- per tone for barge vessel more than 1000 DWT. In the international market per ton rate of Goa’s ore is Rs.5000/-. From this it is easy to understand as to how much CM is conceding to the mining industry.

Logic of imposing tax on barges is only a public relations exercise as in Paragraph 151 on page 48 CM declares ‘the small time barge owner would be covered under a reimbursement scheme, in order to refund the barge tax paid’. No criteria for small time barge owner are laid out him in this budget. There is nothing. And if collected tax is going to be returned to the barge owner then why impose tax on barges? This is ridiculous. He acknowledges problems faced by barge owners in the opening line of this paragraph itself ‘I am aware about the problems faced by the barge and truck owners.’  If barge owners cannot afford to pay the taxes then let them not run the barges.  Solution to the problem of barge owners is not the reimbursing of taxes collected but to nationalize the mining industry including the barges that transport ore. Anyway we cannot expect current Goa assembly to take this decision for they are strongly swayed by Saraswats, Bamons and Brahmins.

Similarly some revenue is sought to be raised from mining dumps. He states in paragraph 235 on page 71 ‘As a measure of additional resource mobilization and as a measure of restriction on unorganized dump handling, I propose  to impose a fee of Rs.250/- to Rs.500/- per tone depending on iron ore percentage, on all the dumps on Government, Forest and communidade land.’  

Further in pagagraph236 CM makes an interesting declaration “I am given to understand that there are large quantum of minerals got deposited on agricultural lands due to mining operations and ore handling. These deposits are said to be large in quantity and I am also given to understand that few private players are in negotiation with the owners of the land for its handling. My Government will take immediate custody of such areas and evaluate the iron ore deposits and also degradation of the agricultural land. If found feasible such ore deposits will be put to auction and the proceeds, so received will be put to rejuvenate the affected agricultural land.’ If CM can think of taking custody of such areas why can’t he think of taking custody of all the mines? This is a practice of double standard to protect the saraswat interests that control mining industry as well as Goa State. How come CM does not understand that legal mining is conduit for plunder? He understands very well but wants this to go on as it is a way of perpetual prosperity of his Saraswats and degeneration of mulnivasis in Goa. We all have to put  our thinking caps on and come up with strategies as face this situation immediately. We are left with no option but to take on might of Saraswats and their allies in Goa and India. Bharat Mukti Morcha remains in the forefront of this task.

There is fundamental continuity with Digambar Kamat government with regard of promotion of mining. Only strategy of making Saraswats interests acceptable to public has changed. The objective of Goa’s mineral plunder through private enterprise has remained unchanged. Public is dished out with items of distraction like suspension of Director of Mines and Geology. The Fundamental structure of the mining industry has been carefully kept undisturbed. In fact mining industry has been strengthened through separate mining roads termed as ‘mining corridors’.
His stand on people resisting mining has not changed either. People in mining belt continue to make trips to the courts every week for resisting mining. Cases filed by mining companies such as Fomentos, Sesa Goa have become source of harassment to various people in Colamb, Advalpal etc.

Mining is going on largely in tribal belt of Goa. Parrikar government has failed to mention in his budget as to how much earnings of Goa’s mining has come from mining belt in terms of net worth in foreign exchange. He has arbitrarily allotted Rs.300 crores for the welfare and overall development of ST population. He makes this allotment in paragraph 68 of his budget speech on page 24. Why these calculations were not laid before the house by CM that hold finance as well as mining portfolios? It would have been great education from CM who is also education minister. But no, this information ill always remain hidden. It is so only to protect mining and Saraswat interests.

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is heading massive saraswat conspiracy against bhahujans/ mulnivasis in Goa. Opposition in the House is party to this conspiracy with their silence. They consider it as a taboo to speak against Saraswats. It is very dangerous times for the mulnivasis in Goa.

Goa’s mulnivasi person therefore has no option other than to join nationwide agitation to for liberation from brahmanical tyranny.

Thursday 12 April 2012

Historical reasons for humiliation of Scheduled Castes in Goa budget 2012-13

One very interesting feature of the budget of Manohar Parrikar for the year 2012-13 is absence of any kind of financial allocations to Scheduled Caste people. In fact mentions SC only in the context of land acquisition under paragraph 152 on page number 49 of his budget speech. This is a policy statement of the Manohar Parrikar government. It is noteworthy to note that he has allocated Rs.300/- crores for welfare and overall development of the Scheduled Tribes including Rs.170.50 crores under Tribal Development. No allocation has been made to Scheduled caste people even though one BJP’s MLA has been elected from the reserved constituency for Scheduled Castes and currently occupies the post of Speaker of the Goa Legislative Assembly.

The situation is indeed poignant and deserves deep introspection as the complete humiliation via budget cannot be patched up by justifying it as an oversight. Scheduled caste people in India have been historical defenders of the country from the brahmanical Eurasian invasion for thousands of years. They were important category of people to involve in Gautam Buddha’s movement that ended brahmanical domination in India. Scheduled caste people have also been very important targets of brahmanical rulers after the brahmanical counter revolution led by Pushya Mitra Sung. Scheduled caste people were considered by Brahmins as their great foes. Scheduled caste people were stigmatized, humiliated and stripped off their civil liberties to facilitate brahmanical supremacy. They were pushed outside the borders of the village and were forced to live in ghettos. They were subjected to innumerable humiliations. Humiliations of Scheduled caste and other people were codified into law. This law is known as Manusmriti. India was ruled through Manusmiriti. In Maharastra rule of Brahmins was known as Peshwaee. They excelled in humiliating Scheduled caste people through the enforcement of Manusmriti. Scheduled caste people suffered under Peshwas for many centuries in Maharastra specially in and around Pune.  Pune was the headquarters of the Peshwas. Scheduled caste people revolted with deadly effect. 500 Scheduled caste men butchered 20,000 Peshwas in less than 24 hours and rule of Peshwas was put to an end. This historic day was 1st January 1818. The place was Koregaon, Pune. Few days back one of newspapers carried photograph of Mapusa BJP MLA Adv. Francis D’Souza who is now a minister in Bamon Manohar Parrikar’s government being crowned with Peswaee head gear under the hands of one of the brahmanical swamis. This is call for serious note for Mulnivasis in Goa. The system is being put in place to usher in Peshwaee in the State of Goa. 

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar  used to visit Koregaon, Pune every year to derive inspiration for the liberation of mulnivasi people. Scheduled caste people were against backbone of the Schedule caste federation that Ambedkar formed.  In 1942 75,000 Scheduled caste people attended the organisation’s convention that lasted for over 4 days. Dr. Ambedkar considered Brahmins as hereditary enemies of Scheduled caste people. He was vehement and powerful organizer and statesmen and was poisoned his second wife Savita Ranade, a Saraswat brahmin from Konkan region in collusion with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Pandit Nehru, a Kashmiri brahmin never allowed Saxena report investigating the cause of death of Dr. Ambedkar to be tabled in the Parliament. In fact till date this report has not been tabled in the Parliament.

When Ambedkar brought back Buddism back to India it was to a large extend Scheduled caste people to embarced Buddism. Tenets of Budhism sharply contrasted with that of Brahmanism. And Ambedkar wanted to spread this to the entire country. In fact he made this public few month before his death in Kathmandu.
Ambedkar was one of the first one to scholarly point out the foreign origin of the word ‘hindu’ in his speech titled ‘Annihilation of Caste’ in 1936 which was never delivered due to cancellation of The 1936 Annual Conference of the Jat-Pat-Todak Mandal of Lahore but published in a book form later. He said “The first and foremost thing that must be recognized is that Hindu society is a myth. The name Hindu is itself a foreign name. It was given by the Mohammedans to the natives for the purpose of distinguishing themselves. It does not occur in any Sanskrit work prior to the Mohammedan invasion. They did not feel the necessity of a common name because they had no conception of their having constituted a community. Hindu society as such does not exist. It is only a collection of castes. Each caste is conscious of its existence. Its survival is the be all and end all of its existence. Castes do not even form a federation. A caste has no feeling that it is affiliated to other castes except when there is a Hindu-Muslim riot”.

Brahmins tried to counter Ambedkar via brahmin Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya who invested his attention on Babu Jagjivan Ram to play the role of the stooge for Brahmins.

Brahmins in India deeply fear Schedule caste people. They are valiant fighters and caused enormous damage to the brahmanical system. Dr.B.R.Ambedkar with his hard work and genius mind ended rule of Manusmriti with the ushering of the Constitution of India.  With the Constitution of India in force brahmanical rule in India began to find great difficulty. Brahmanism began toothless tiger. Brahmins rule India through various political parties such as Congress (I), BJP, and Communists etc. They tried their level best to subjugate mulnivasis in innumerable ways. One of most dangerous ways they have done this through is systematic program of genocide by pushing 75% (83 crore) of the population of India into poverty. All these people are mulnivasis SC, ST, OBC, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs or Buddhists. Brahmins and their policies are responsible for this state of affairs.

The objective here is not to get funds sanctioned for SC but to expose the historical functions of brahmanical system invading Scheduled Caste people in resistance mode. Funds will flow as brahmanical system gets jolted. Scheduled caste people are historical fighters against brahmanical system. And they will fight but it will be with a difference. This fight is just not that of Scheduled caste people. It is a fight of entire mulnivasi people. Fight not for release of funds but for the overthrow of the brahmanical system that is mother of all the problems in India as well as in Goa. In Goa Saraswats have very clear objective of finishing and smashing of the Bahujansamaj who are mulnivasis. We at Bharat Mukti Morcha on our part pledge a struggle against the brahmanical system every hour of our lives with scant respect to the risks involved. We mulnivasis are risking our entire future if we silently watch Brahmins and saraswats carrying ahead their agenda of annihilation mulnivasis. The day mulnivasis will awake and get up, Brahmins will get have to get out. Mulnivasis are rising. Mulnivasis are waking up. Mulnivasis are preparing a thunder to tear brahmanical system asunder.

Manohar Parrikar through his budget gave a fitting treatment to SCs as per his caste. It is a treatment of humiliation for which he has to pay dearly in the days to come. This treatment has been going on from the days of Peshwas. Scheduled caste people has ended Peshwaee in Maharastra on new year day in 1818. It is matter of time that it is ended in Goa too. The count down has begun. For now we know the agenda of Saraswats.

Wednesday 11 April 2012

Secret Saraswat letter calls for finishing of Goa's Bhahujan Samaj (mulnivasis)

This letter pamphlet calls for the unity of the Saraswats to 'finish', 'smash' mulnivasis who are known as bhahujan samaj in Goa. This letter is marked as 'confidential' as bamons believe they can never gain supremacy in Goa without conspiring against the mulnivasis through secret methods. This letter is an evidence of deep rooted racism in Goa. The leaflet was issued during last Lok Sabha elections in 2009. Mulnivasi people must be alert to the agenda of the Saraswat bamon supremacy in Goa and brace up for the struggle on their doors. Their agenda is already unfolding and one baman has replace another baman as Goa's Chief Minister. This letter expresses pride in Manohar Parrikar as Chief Minister then and surely Saraswats will basking in glory of their triumph through him again. This letter calls for retaining of Sarawat supremacy in Goa for the next 50 years. For this agenda blessings of the God's are invoked in the beginning of letter. So systematically Goa's Mulnivasis/ bhahujan samaj will be enslaved. This program is already unfolding though the 2012-13 budget of Manohar Parrikar.

Saraswats of Goa, Unite !

Let the blessings of Lord Veer Vithal, lord Parashurama, Lord Narasimha, Goddess Mahalasa, Lord Manguesh and Lord Naguesh be upon you !
I am writing this secret letter to you with the only intention ofestablishing total Saraswat supremacy over the State of Goa.
We Saraswats form the highest strata of the society and have always been on top in all the fields. The only field where we were kept out by others (mainly the so-called bahujansamaj) was politics. It was because of MGP and mainly because of Dayanand Bandodkar that Saraswats like Dempo, Sarmalkar, Salgaonkar etc were defeated in elections. Later on, only option was Babu Naik but he too was thrown out by the Bahujan samaj leaders.
Fortunely enough, tables turned in the year 2001 and Manohar Parrikar became CM of Goa. The first Saraswat baman CM. We should be proud of him. He became very popular but Bahujan Samaj – especially the cunning bastard leader of the Bhandaris Ravi Naik betrayed him first. Eventually his Govt. was toppled in 2005 to make Rane CM again.
It was a sad day for us to see Rane in CM’s chair instead of Rarrikar, but we did not loose hope – we prayed, prayed and prayed. We also consulted all our Swamijis – Partagal, Kavalej Shirali, Daboli and Kashimat – over future course of action.
They all decided to come on one platform and show the strength of Saraswats to the World.
By the grace of God, elections took place for Goa Assembly and our own Digambar Kamat alias Digubab was elected CM again. The Bhandari leader Ravi Naik was given slap in the face. In the last two years, Digubab has been able to gain popularity of bahujan samaj by using leaders like Subhas Shirodkar, Vishnu Wagh, Girish Chodankar etc. for his benefit. Now is the Golden of Saraswats in Goa politics. Our Chief Minister is Saraswat and our opposition leader is also a Saraswat. To add sugar to the milk we have a Saraswat (Jeetendra Deshprabhu) as NCP candidate in North and Christian Saraswat (Francis Sardinha) as Congress candidate in South Goa.
Let us make the best of this opportunity. We want Saraswats to rule Goa for next 50 years. We shall begin by electing our own caste people for Lok Sabha. Deshprabhu in North, Sardinha in South. BJP’s Shripad Naik should not be allowed to do a hat trick. Because if at all he wins – he will become strong and create problems for Manohar Parrikar. In South, BJP has fielded a Bhatji. Why we should vote a ‘bhot’ when our own Saraswat christao brother?
Let us all bury differences on religion – but all Saraswats should become one. This is the need of the hour. The so called bahujan samaj should be finished. Leaders like Ravi Naik, Dayanand Narvekar, Pandurang Madkaikar, Shripad Naik, Subhas Shirodkar, Vishnu Wagh, Chandrakant Chodankar, Kashinath Jhalmi etc should be completely smashed. Only than we can dream of Saraswat Supremacy.
We need not worry about Vishwajit Rane. After all, he belongs to us. Everybody knows he has Saraswat blood in his veins and he will always do his best to help another Saraswat. That is why he is tirelessly working to ensure Deshprabhu’s victory !
This is very secret letter. Please don’t show it to anybody except a Saraswat. Pass on the message silently. Vote for Deshprahu – North and Vote for Saardinha in South. Only then Saraswatization of Goa will be complete.

Prabhakar R. Sinai Dhume
Kundaikar Nagar, Panaji, Goa.