Monday 31 August 2015

Bharat Mukti Morcha decry Indian Shipping Minister Gadkari's Marina comments

Maggie Silveira, President, Bharat Mukti Morcha,Goa Unit addressing Press Conference on 28th August 2015 in Panjim. She is accompanied on her left by Janardan Tamhankar, Convenor of Bharat Mukti Morcha, Siolim Constituency and to right by Syed Iftiyaz of Pupolar Front of India, Sanjay Pereira, Member of Santa Cruz Panchayat and Milind Palkar, Bharat Mukti Mrocha Convenor of Bharat Mukti Morcha, Nauxi village.
 Public and Press attending the Public meeting and Press Conference of Bharat Mukti Morcha
 Anthony Veronica Fernandes, founder of Kuwait Goans Solidarity Centre addressing the public meeting. He shared his experience as to how Philippine women were made to bear illegitimate children at a time when it was R-N-R destination to US soldiers.
Janardan Tamhankar addressing public meeting expressed complete opposition to Casinos in Chapora river

Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly objects to the recent statements of Union Minister of Shipping Nitin Gadkari about installing Marinas in Zuari river. Mr.Gadkari’s statements has been completely irresponsible considering that there has been wide opposition to marina projects in Zuari river ever since they were conceived through two Lease deeds of 12 October 2010 with Kargwal Constructions pvt Ltd and 14 October 2010 with Yatch Heaven Pvt Ltd. There have been consorted efforts made by Union Government to deprive local communities of fishing spaces in Zuari river. In both the Lease deeds there is special provision that favors zero obstruction of mining barge transport by Marinas. It states “The LESSEE shall take all precautions to ensure that barge movements are not affected during the construction as well as operation period of the Marina”. What is noteworthy is that such a provision does not exist for fishermen in Lease deed documents. Why this discrimination? The statements made by Mr.Gadkari does not have basis and he has made no estimates as to what it might mean if fishing spaces in Zuari River is lost. What is most insulting is that in face of overwhelming opposition from public of Chicalim, Nauxim, Cacra, Odxel and Goa Velha, Ministers like Alina Saldanha legislators like Vishnu S. N. Wagh, Panchayats of Sancoale, Cortalim, Agacaim, Siridao, Bambolim, Zilla Parishad of South Goa, Fishermen’s organisations like  Goenchea Raponkarancho Ekvott (GRE) and Bharat Mutki Morcha; Mr.Gadkari went on insisting on Marinas in Zuari River.

Bharat Mukti Morcha calls for revocation of notification issued by Central Government on 24th May 2000 extending jurisdiction of MPT over Zuari river. There are already number of problems in Vasco where MPT has jurisdiction and protests from fisher people opposing use of Vasco Bay for MPT projects and expansion plans. In this background Mr.Gadkari has announced that number of MPT berths is to be increased from 14 to 18. This means further displacement of local people. MPT has already caused social danger by announcing their plans of developing Goa into Rest and Recreation (R-n-R) destination. This involves accepting of foreign ships of soldiers fighting in different countries like Americans in Philipines in the past. This will only institutionalize Prostitution in Goa.

Bharat Mukti Morcha foresee that announced 50% subsidy for floating jetties will facilitate projects opposed by public specially at Divar of Champions group that is already carrying Gadkari’s photograph on their website, and Ozone group’s floating Jetty at Old Goa to ferry tourists to Vanxim island in Mandovi. Vanxim Island has faced strong public protests for past half a decade. Bharat Mukti Morcha extends support to all the people, groups, etc who are opposing irrational development policies sought to be developed by Goa Government as well as by Government of India.

Thursday 27 August 2015

Nitin Gadkari and his shining shoes

Come on! Everyone’s attention please! Nitin Gadkari is a minister in Indian cabinet is on tour of Goa. He just spoke to press and we heard him speaking on 24th August 2015 night on number of TV channels. Oh vow we giggled. This is it! We exclaimed. Gadkari came from Delhi flying in air and spoke to Goa press about Marinas in Zuari water. He was wearing polished shoes and no one else matches his heart full of fear in the introduction “I will answer all your questions on this topic and none on other topics”. It is Political statement? Anyways, that’s by the way.
And Nitin Gadkari wore polished black shoes and he is all set, to put up Marinas in Zuari. His shoes were shining to glory as he spoke the language of ‘politicalizing’ issue of land acquisition in the Indian Parliament. And his shoes were radiating with all the pats from the Indian Defense Minster Manohar Parrikar from Goa who is just swallowing Quittol lock, stock and barrel. Any way that’s by the way.
And you know it was fascinating to watch Nitin Gadkari on TV vexing not so eloquent about the jobs that will be created and crores of investment he is willing to put in Goa to construct Floating Jetties that are known as pontoons. And he says any one or other industry can use it but that not his intention. His intention is just a construction.
And Nitin Gadkari wore shining shoes and was sparkling like none in the room. Gadkari has a vision to create atmosphere of development by implementing Marinas that are running late by 5 years for take off.

Oh Gadkari! You are such a darling to puff all of us off the shore of Zuari. Murmagao Port Trust (MPT) you praised to heavens: 14 berths are going to be increased to 18. This means you are just waiting to turn India into super power and people of Zuari coast -cheated by Eurasian bamons for centuries - into super duper loafers. Very good Nitin Gadkari, all Indians must be proud of your stupendous feet. One thing Nitin Gadkari you forgot to tell press that both the Lease agreements – one in Nauxim and another in Sancoale – has written clause to allow free flow of Barges undisturbed - The LESSEE shall take all precautions to ensure that barge movements are not affected during the construction as well as operation period of the Marina- and yet in spite of the fact that you spoke so much about fishermen in Zuari, they are not even acknowledged as existing in these two lease deeds leave alone protecting their rights.
Nitin Gadkari’s shoes were shining brighter than his brains. For shoes needs ground to stand and brain needs imagination to fly and Nitin Gadkari fly all the time to his heart’s content? We do not know only Gadkari knows. Nitin Gadkari’s shoes deserve applause.  This is not all. Nitin Gadkari too admires his shoes and in just few hours he put his shoes and crushed all the people and coastal Panchayats and MLA and Environment Minister who have publicly opposed Marinas in Zuari. His shining shoes relished bulldozing act oozing out agony as Nitin Gadkari shares so called honest smile, no one can beat him at that.

And who turned Gadkari’s shoes into machetes? Central government Notification issued on 24th May 2000 and quoted in both the lease deeds signed by MPT with Kargwal Constructions Pvt Ltd and Yacht Heaven in October 2010 for 30 years each. And who asked central government to issue this notification extending MPT jurisdiction over Zuari river? No one. Which Panchayats were consulted before issuing of this notification? None!

As Nitin Gadkari mauls all of us under his shoes we experience that his shoes are not just carry sparkling shine, but also has sharp spikes meant to pierce open all political opponents. All of us feel the crushing might of Gadkari’s shining shoes. They are best shoes in the world completely untouched by the erstwhile untouchables and they are non-polluting.
Gadkari came to Goa, he saw and set off in motion process to conquer. Not a simple conquest of land where he acknowledged there are ‘issues’ involved because of which Marinas are not taking off for half a decade and MPT’s calculations of profits are ruptured, but ideological conquest, an ideological colonialism that advocates slavery of mulnivasi people by Bamon Raj government of India as normal practice. This ideological shift is as per manusmriti that lays in clear terms that duty of Shudra is to server Brahmin, Kshatriya and Vyasha in all possible way. Brahmin has right to education, right to teach, right to arms and right to property. Kshatriya has right to education, right to arms, right to property but denied right to teach. Vyasha has right to education, right to property but denied right to teach and right to take up arms. Shudras are denied right to education, right to teach, right to take up arms and right to property. This sytem of Eurasians who styled themselves as Brahmins was challenges by movements in Indian History. Movements led by Mahavira Jain and Gautam Buddha challenged and triggered collapse of rule of Manusmriti and ushered in moment in Indian history known as golden age period - the rule Chandragupta Maurya.Later on Muslim religion that came to India along with Mughal invaders challenged manusmriti and large number of Indians including mulnivasis embraced Islam even as Eurasians and Mughals jointly ruled India for 750 years. Christianity gave a body blow to rule of Manu and missionaries embarked on education to shudras. Jyotibha Phooley and Savitri Phooley are the products of these educational ventures. Jyotibha Phooley launched movement to free Shudras and ati-shudras from Bhatjis and Shetjis and started Satyashodak samaj in 1872. Brahmins retaliated with launching of Arya Samaj in 1873. Because of this movement of Jyatibha Phooley that lasted for 108 years India has little bit of breathing space of freedom. Bamons through their political parties of BJP, Congress, Communists and so many other are attempting to take away this freedom and reduce India back to the rule of Manu where Shudras will be denied of all the rights. Imposition of Marinas, installing of Casinos offshore, dilution of tenancy rights etc, expansion of MPT are all directed to this goal. It is making Shudras landless and vulnerable through the path of development. And Goa's Chardos are also Shudras as cab be deducted from the way Shivaj Maharaj and his Son Sambhaji Maharaj were humiliated and killed by cruel Bamani conspiracies.

The agenda of enslavement is being pushed through in India as well as Goa in every possible way. Earlier we used to get fooled now we can notice even the powerful shine of Nitin Gadkari’s shoes. MPT is on mission to transform Goa into R-N-R destination for sex like Philippines in past (Rest and Recreation) for foreign soldiers fighting wars in Afghanistan, etc. Past MPT Chairman Pravin Agrawal announced this in press communications.

Nitin Gadkari’s shoes are really spiky effective. More so as Nitin Sawant is no longer there to obstruct Marinas in Goa Bio-diversity Board; thorny element moved out, perhaps shown the door. But we have taken note of this fact. 

Minister from Indian Government believe it is going to be cakewalk to install Marinas in Zuari. BJP MLA Vishnu Wagh has already roared that he is going to resign in protest in case his government decides to press ahead with Marinas. He also is on record declaring that Zuari’s water is going to turn red with blood in case Marinas are not scrapped. Environment Minister of Goa Alina Saldanha has declared that Sancoale will be declared as reserved site for Oysters and no way will Marinas be allowed. Sancoale Panchayat, Cortalim Panchayat, Agacaim Panchayat, Siridao Panchayat, Bambolim Panchayats have protested and passed unanimous resolution in their respective Gram Sabhas against setting up of Marinas in Zuari. Protests in Odxel, Cacra, Nauxim, Goa Velha does not stand in front of Gadkari’s shoes for they are of different DNA, different from mulnivasi people of India. Murmogao Municipal Council three weeks ago also resolved not to issue NOC for MPT plans to use Vasco Bay for cargo handling and it must be maintained only for fishing purpose. Goa Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar declared if people does not want Marinas then they will not come. He should strongly stick to what he spoke.  

Yet Shoes of Nitin Gadkari are mighty spiky and they are shining bright and he believes making hey while the sun shines and it’s pleasurable for his shoes to kick coastal people of Goa in a decent manner. He does everything under the sun except ‘politicalizing’ – a new word he invented to define activities of his political opponents inside and outside Indian Parliament. His shining shoes are non-political shoes even though his legs inside are political. If you oppose Marinas you will be ‘polticalizing’ Marinas.
Nitin Gadkari’s shoes are really polished for the occasion and he declared expansion of MPT and does not care about voices of Khareawada, Baina, Desterro fishermen staying on the beaches near MPT. For why should he? Gadkari feels secure in his shining shoes. His shoes add audacity in the menu of Nitin Gadkari to come to Goa and declare that he is going to impose Marinas on Goa’s Zuari river. 

So here we have uncalled for notification of 24th May 2000 and uncalled for leases for Marinas of 2010 and bull headed intervention of Nitin Gadkari amounts to enslavement of coastal people and generates atmosphere not of development but thirst for freedom in 2015. 

We know by now that Eurasians Bamons finished their freedom struggle on 15 August 1947. They got power transferred from British. In 1961 these Indian Army invaded Goa and with the support in the form veto exercised by Soviet Union on midnight of 18th December 1961 continued to annex through conquest and formal transfer of power by Portugal in 1972 to India.  

So the act of Indian government to impose Marinas will only lead to creation of super duper paupers of the current fishermen. River is being taken away from them without their consent and this is a colonial act of Bamon Raj. It’s pretty certain that once Nitin Gadkari’s shoes get dipped into Zuari River they will loose their shine and Nitin Gadkari will be left without shining shoes. Nitin Gadkari represents Shipping Ministry of India. 

While professed to practice democracy, Shipping Ministry’s every act relating to Marinas in Goa as well as expansion plans for MPT in Vasco are dictatorial. And that’s the point that is destined to take away the shine from the shoes of Nitin Gadkari.

In the middle of misadventures of shining shoes there is ray of hope. Zuari River is not the only issue that the theme of Freedom is replacing theme of Development. It is happening all over Goa and all over India. A big freedom struggle against bamon raj based on ideological foundations of Jyotibha Phule, Savitribai Phule, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar is brewing up and result can be seen everywhere and Bamon Raj is restless to enslave all of us by pushing us to the wall but wall too speaks up! It will always be a mystery as to how Nitin Gadkari’s once shining shoes descended into history.

At large, the People of Goa understood everything about Marinas. Everyone is awake. Goans cannot be taken for granted. They wake up when required. So Nitin Gadkari your foolish plans will only fool you to wear shoes which are not shining any more. Its going to be a big downfall as you speak only Crores. What a pathetic situation you are going to be in! Its going to be unimaginable scenario.

Jai Mulnivasi! Jai Bharat! Jai Goa!

Wednesday 19 August 2015

Dismiss Goa Director of Fisheries

Massive acts of illegal fishing in Zuari River by trawlers as below:
1.    9th August 2015 from 7.00 am to 10.30 am 2 trawlers in Zuari River violating law carried on illegal fishing.
2.    15th August 2015 at 2.30 pm 30 trawlers in Zuari River carried on fishing illegally. Open violations on 68th Independence Day of India.
3.    16th August 2015 carried on fishing early morning when it was dark. 18 trawlers were noticed carrying on illegal fishing at 7.00 am. Coastal police alerted at 7.00 am, trawlers went away. Then 2 trawlers came again at 9.30 am and carried on illegal fishing till 4.00 pm. Director of Fisheries Dr. Shamila Monteiro was contacted over the phone and informed of these flagrant violations of fishing rights. Fisheries Minister Avertano Furtado was contacted over the phone and informed of continuing violations of fishing rights in Zuari.
4.    17th August 2015 at 6.30 am 9 trawlers were found to carry on illegal fishing in Zuari River.
5.    19th August 2015 from 11.00 am beyond 3.30 pm two trawlers carried on illegal fishing near Siridao coast in Zuari river.
Looking at the way the fishing rights violations are being carried on by trawlers in Zuari River it reflects very poor capacity of the Goa Government to respect the implementation of law in force namely The Goa, Daman and Diu Marine Fishing Regulation Act, 1980 and Rules, 1982 that was formed after very strong movement of the traditional fishermen all over Goa. It appears that Goa government is behaving cowardly in implementing the law mainly because it does not care for traditional fishermen of Goa for the reasons best known to the State of Goa and its Directorate of Fisheries. Considering the aggressive violations of fishing laws by trawlers we have no doubt that this violations is taking place with active connivance of Director of Fisheries and we have already filed our letter in this regard on 13th July 2015 before Secretary (Fisheries) and other authorities giving evidence of nexus between the Director of Fisheries and the Trawlers indulging in violation of fishing rights in Zuari river.
In the above background Bharat Mukti Morcha calls for the immediate dismissal of the Director of Fisheries as it is due to her open defense and logistics support all the illegal fishing by trawlers is being carried on in Zuari River including illegal night fishing.

Friday 7 August 2015

Scam in the N.O.C. for undertaking cage farming at Navelim, Diwar, granted to the Champions Yacht Club

Date: 06th August 2015

Avertano Furtado,
The Minister of Fisheries,
Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa.

The Secretary (Fisheries)
Secretariat, Porvorim,

The Director of Fisheries,
Directorate of Fisheries,
Government of Goa,
Panaji, Goa.

The Superintendent of Police,
Crime Branch,
Ribandar, Goa

Subject: Scam in the N.O.C. for undertaking cage farming at Navelim, Diwar, Tiswadi at Survey no. 118/1 granted to the Champions Yacht Club

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Bharat Mukti Morcha calls upon the office of the Director of Fisheries to immediately revoke the N.O.C. for undertaking cage farming granted to the Champions Yacht club, Gera Imperium 1, Ground Floor – G12 & G14, EDC Complex, Patto Plaza, Panaji, Goa due to several discrepancies amounting to scam noticed by us as follows:-
1.    The letter from the Champions Yacht club dated 26/02/2015 that Director have cited in her N.O.C letter dated 10/03/2015 has dubious character as there are two such letters with the same date of 26/02/2015.
2.    The first letter from Champions Yacht Club is dated 26/02/2015 but inward to the Department of Fisheries, Panaji is dated 03/03/2015 with inward number 7570. The letter is signed by Hema Malini N. with no indication of her designation in the Champions Yacht Club.
3.    The second letter from the Champions Yacht Club is also dated again 26/02/2015 but inward entry to the Department of Fisheries, Panaji is 09/03/2015 with inward no.7672. That means the letter was given entry just one day before the Director’s N.O.C for cage farming. N.O.C. was granted next day 10/03/2015. This letter is signed by Hema Malini, Sree Sai Champions Family trust. In this letter one additional sentence appears from the first letter namely “We also need approval to use mechanized/ non-mechanized boats to reach these cages.”
4.    The letter head used for both the letters is of Champions Yacht Club and there is no mention of any links with Sree Sai Champions Family Trust as per documents procured under R.T.I from the Directorate of Fisheries. Hema Malini allias Hema Malini N appears is aware of the fraud and that’s the reason she refrained from mentioning her designation in the Champions Yacht Club.
5.    Both the letters are not identical but they are separate with the same date 26/02/2015. It is not clear as to in response to which letter that the Director of Fisheries has granted the N.O.C for cage farming. Hence deliberate confusion is sought be created in this matter with vested interests at play.
6.    Further R.T.I replies from the office of the village Panchayat of Goltim-Navelim (Piedade) has revealed that the Champions Yacht Club is not carrying on any kind of fishing activity at survey number 118/1. Panchayat is also not aware of the date of commencement of fishing activities at survey number 118/1. Panchayat is also unaware of the fish species used at survey no 118/1 for breeding/rearing purpose.
7.    On 15th June 2015 we noticed advertisement banner of Champions group at Ribandar near Chorao Ferry Warf and boats carrying the staff to work at Champions Yacht Club in Divar. The advertisement banner advertised tours for Divar as tours to Champions Island. There was also mention of website on the banner as . This website as accessed on 16th June 2015 is about actual ongoing activities in Divar at survey no 118 as a base to carry on tourism activities. On payment of Rs.1000/- or Rs.1,500/- per day tourist can enjoy Fishing, Kayaking and Pontoon Boat Rides. The website also has pictures of destroyed mangroves and many enjoying boat rides next to them. Ironically both the letters of 26th February 2015 records “The property also had some areas covered with mangroves, which help in providing shelter and nutrition for wide variety of fishery.” This means mangroves are deliberately cut down hence the sentence is in past tense. This website gallery has a photograph of CEO of Champions Yacht Club Subhakar Rao Surapaneni himself personally rowing in yacht for pleasure in the middle of destroyed mangroves with one female child. Champions Yacht Club was aware of the importance of mangroves to fishery and yet it indulged in destroying the same and evidence posted on above mentioned website. This is a supreme demonstration of arrogance towards fisheries, law and nature. (Has the Director of Fisheries carried on site inspection before granting of N.O.C. considering that inward was done on 9th February 2015 and N.O.C granted next day?)
8.    The exact quote from this website is “Island: Picnic + Water Sports Rs. 1,000/- per person. 300 yards off the shores of Ribandar, this open ocean playground is stocked with unlimited exiting water sports activities: Kayaks, Paddle boats, Car boats, Swan rides, Fishing, Soft drinks, snacks and water bottle. Time slots12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm & 4 pm Pick up point: Ribandar Jetty.” This Jetty is used by Public plying ferry to Chorao. Tourists are also shown as indulging in fishing activities in open waters of Mandovi river on Yachts. On ground investigation at survey number 118/1 revealed that hard liquor along with beer is continuesly being sold to the visiting tourists.
9.    N.O.C from the Director of Fisheries has been used for tourism purpose. The website mentioned on the letterhead to make two dubious letter of 26th February 2015 to the Director of Fisheries - - reveals zero activities in fisheries sector except mere mention of cage farming  and overwhelming focus on tourism and water sports. It is unlikely that Director of Tourism has not checked the track record of Champions Yacht Club in fishing activities in past. If the Director has done so then it is sign of high degree of incompetence that calls for severe reprimand.
10. Message from the Champions Yacht Club CEO Subhakar Rao Surapaneni itself is clear on the above mentioned website and Divar is being sought to be projected for tourism purpose on the above cited website, “At Divar Island, one can have the highest boating options and travelers can even have a meal right in the middle of a lake in a floating BBQ boat.” So the second letter of 26th February 2015 given for inward on 09th March 2015 as referred in point 3 above was to get legal cover for these tourism boats to enter into island for tourism purpose.
11. We however have observed that N.O.C from Director of Fisheries is used as an entry point for mechanized boats not for fishing but tourism purpose in CRZ area of survey no.118/1 of Goltim, Tiswadi. Fishing is only the pretext for tourism activities and Director of Fisheries is active participant in this scam as N.O.C granted on 10/03/2015 is fraud beyond doubt.
12. Bharat Mukti Morcha calls upon The Secretary (Fisheries) and the Director of Fisheries for immediate revocation of this N.O.C. granted to the Champions Yacht Club.
13. Bharat Mukti Morcha calls for police investigation action into nexus between the Champions Yacht Club and the Director of Fisheries who entertained two different applications of dubious nature dated 26th February 2015 as explained in above points 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 and without specifying as to which applications Director has responded to and issued N.O.C that is misused for tourism purpose without carrying on prior site inspection and granting of N.O.C.
14. Criminal proceedings are initiated against the Champions Yacht Club for all the reasons mentioned in all the above 13 points.

Kindly act with urgency,

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Maggie Silveira
President, Bharat Mukti Morcha,
Goa State Unit

Rohidas Andrade,
Convener, Bharat Mukti Morcha
Tiswadi Taluka Unit

Sanjay Harmalkar
Convener, Bharat Mukti Morcha,
Divar Unit

Aaron D’Mello,
Convener, Bharat Mukti Morcha,
Old Goa Unit