Monday 15 January 2018

Morjim fishermen silence Goa Fisheries minister on National Waterways issue

There was a meeting held on the 5th of Jan 2018 by the fisheries department.  In Morjim for the purpose of hearing the grievances of the fisherman of Pernem taluka. There were fisherman mostly from Morjim  and some even from Keri.

The Goa Fisheries Minister Vinod Palyenkar was present along with Dayanand Sopte MLA of Mandrem.
In the meeting the fisherman put down there grievances and also stated that there was a certain person known as "gautam singhania" who comes with his fleet of jets-ski in the river Chapora and disrupts the local fishing and the coastal police take no action.  

The people also complained about a certain  floating restaurant called (waterman) that is anchored in the river Chapora and that it plays loud music and stob lights disrupting the local way of living and affects the sensitivity of the eco-system of the river 

The fisheries Minister was also asked about the nationalization of rivers and especially the river Chapora and that if it is allowed it will affect the local fishing to a great degree. On hearing this the fisheries Minister said that such a thing was impossible. One person at the meeting  pointed out the exact article of the MoU before the legislative assembly that seeks to restrict fishing activities.

On hearing this Minister said that he promises in the name of the local temple that such a thing will not be allowed. 
One person at the meeting pointed out that his promise stands for nothing and that his promise has no power in front of the law. To this the minister had no answer.

After this the fisherman gave the minister the letter that stated that the village of Morjim  is against the nationalization the river Chapora.

Aaron Fernandes