Sunday 17 July 2011

Breached bund causes havoc in Mulgao

Times of India, July 17, 2011

Rajendra P. Kerker

Mulgaon (Bicholim): A breached settling pond's embakement at Vedanta's Sesa Mining Corporation's Bicholim mine, wreked havoc in the village of Mulgao on Saturday morning, destroying horticultural plantations and agricultural fields and causing losses estimated at Rs. One Crore.

The gushing waters also washed away three locals who, luckily, survived; while mining silt has entered Xetrapal and Mahadev temples.
A major tragedy was averted as the incident, which occurred at 7.15 am, happened 4-5 minutes after a KTC bus carrying about 40 students passed along the road which waters inundated.

Sources said a massive water pump being used by the company over the last few days to pump out excess water, was also washed away.

Talathi Satyavan Naik, appointed by the Bicholim mamlatdar to asses the losses suffered, said, "Twenty horticulturists and farmers from Mulgao have suffered losses amounting to Rs 60 lakh, besides fields being damaged by mining silt". Bicholim Mamlatdar pramod Bhat, said, "A meeting of the villagers and mining company officials is convened for Monday at 10.30 am, to discuss the losses suffered and also to find out what precautionary measures were taken by the company to avert this incident." He added that the mining firm is "responsible for compensating the farmers".

M.K. Reddy, general manager, Sesa Resources, Bicholim mines, said in a press statement: On Saturday morning at Bicholim mine, due to heavy rainfall, bund of settling pond breached and water has entered adjoining areacanut plantation and paddy fields. The water has silted the adjoining fields.

There was no damage to any human or settlements. Company is taking adequate steps to repair the breach and other necessary precautionary measures on an immediate basis."

The three persons carried away by the waters are Shripad Raut, Rupesh Parab and Rajaram Parab. Shripad, who was washed about 100m away, was saved as he held onto a betelnut tree and remained there for over and hour. his brother Sakaram, who came looking for him, rescued him. Its rebirth for me...I was sure I was going to die. I was saved only because my brother reached me just as I began to lose the strength to hold unto the tree." the 60-60-year-old told STOL.

Rupesh and Rajaram saved themselves. All three were hospitalized at the Bicholim  primary health centre. While Rupesh and Rajaram were later discharged, Shripad was under observation till late evening.

Tulsidas Parab, a resident of Mulgao, said, "The mining company has destroyed the natural rocky layer which protected the water bodies. Our vodle tolle (lake) is totally silted and we have become victims of irresponsible mining activities."

Ramesh Gawas, an environmentalist from Bicholim, alleged, "Indiscriminate destruction of precious water bodies is rampant in Bicholim's mining areas. It is a criminal offense. Government should keep Mining companies consent to operate in abeyance since mining activities are not being carried on according to the mining plan."

This is the third major calamity at the mine in Mulgao. On june 13 1981, many places in the village were flooded causing considerable damage to property. In July 1991, four died, six were seriously injured and 1 farmers lost the output of their paddy fields due to a similar incident at the mine.

Health minister Vishwajit Rane, Bicholim MLA Rajesh Patnekar, deputy collector Narayan Gad visited Mulgao and have assured necessary assistance to the affected villagers.
Inputs by Pritam Chodankar

Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns Mulgao mine disaster

Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns Sesa Goa mining company owned by Vedanta registered on London stock exchange for the mining disaster at Mulgao, Bicholim, Goa, India on 16 July 2011 leading towards complete ruining of the village agriculture, water bodies besides injuring villagers caught up when the mining disaster unfolded villagers were trapped in the gushing water and mining debris.

Bharat Mukti Morcha advises Goa government to immediately arrest Sesa Goa company officials try criminally. Bharat Mukti Morcha also advises government of India to arrest Vedanta Director Anil Agrawal based in London. Indian government must immediately take steps to contact Interpool and arrest Anil Agrawal for criminal offense committed by Sesa Goa through Mulgao mining disaster.

Bharat Mukti Morcha is of the firm opinion that private mining companies in Goa are increasing their taste for mining disasters and hence it is very time that mining industry in Goa be totally nationalized. Last month there has been another fatal mining disaster at Kuddegal in Sanguem. This is second major mining disaster in Goa within one month.

Friday 15 July 2011

Tribal Welfare outsourced!

Goa State Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes established under the Directorate of Tribal Welfare created one post of sweeper with pay scale to be outsourced. This is published in the official gazette series I No.11 on 16th June, 2011.

The Question is as to why employment in Government department outsourced to private parties? Surely this is a handy work of the those whom Jyotibha Phule described as "Kalam Kasai" meaning pen-slaughters. They are none other than Euresian brahmins who constitutes 3% of India's population but are ruling the country as conquerors. And they indeed are. In 1947 they captured power from Brahmins to rule over SC, ST, OBCs and those converted from these categories. They are doing so in collaboration with other upper castes like Vaishyas and Kshatriyas.

This notification demonstrates depth of slavery Brahmanical system has induced.

Goa Industrial Development Corporation re-constituted for more land grabs

Much known for its land grabs of mulnivasi people particularly tribal people Goa government has reconstituted Goa Industrial Development Corporation in exercise of the powers conferred under section 4 of the Goa Industrial Development Act, 1965. Notification is published in Government of Goa Official Gazette Series II No. 11 on 16th June 2011. The members include:
1. Shri Chandrakant R. Kavlekar, MLA  ....Chairman
2. Secretary (Industries)  ....Director
3. Secretary (Finance)   ....Director
4. Chief Electrical Engineer  ....Director
5. Director of Industries, Trade and Commerce   Director
6. Shri Prisco Sequeira, Industrialist ....Director
7. Shri Atik Bandukada  ....Director
8. President, Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industries  ...Director
9. President, Goa Small Scale Industries Association ....Director
10. Managing Director, Goa Industrial Dev. Corporation  ....Ex officio Secretary

The activities of Goa IDC must be watched. All the lands taken from the mulnivasi people of Goa must be accounted for. Already large amount of Goa's mulnivasis including adivasis have been captured by brahmins through trickery of various sorts. The remaining land is being confiscated for industry including setting up of SEZ.

Goa Government constitute Tripartite Committee/Planning Authority to review Tribal Sub-plan implimentation

Goa Government has constituted Tripartite Committee/planning Authority to review implementation of Tribal Sub-Plan and also to suggest the measures to different line departments to ensure effective implementation of Tribal Sub-Plan. The committee is to meet twice a year. The is declared in the Official Gazette Series II No.14 on July 07, 2011  The members include:
1. Minister of Tribal Welfare   ...Chairman
2. Chairman, Goa Commission for Schedule Castes and Scheduled Tribes  ....Member
3. Chief Secretry  ...Member
4. Secretary, Finance Planning  ...Member
5. Secretary, Tribal Welfare  ....Member
6. Chairman, Goa State Scheduled Tribes, Finance and Development Corporation ....Member
7. Vasudev M. Gaunkar, MLA   ....Member
8. Ramesh Tawadkar, MLA ...Member
9. Director of Tribal Welfare  .....Member Secretary

Though this is result of hard of fight that led to the martydom of Manguesh Gaounkar and Dilip Velip who were burnt alive by the police-upper caste nexus in Balli, Quepem on May 25, 2011, it remains to be seen as to what extend this committee is effective considering brahmins are historic enemies of all the mulnivasis not just tribals and they are the once who has captured the State Bureaucracy, Judiciary, Executive as well as all the Political Parties. Two tribal enemies on this committee will have to struggle hard for success. It however looks very unlikely the both of them are the products of Poona Pact of 1932 between Gandhi and Ambedkar. 

Two tribal leaders of Goa Govind Gawde from Bandora, Ponda and Malu Velip of Barcem, Quepem are languishing in jail for over 20 days due to consensus amongst brahmins scattered around in political parties and judiciary. They have been charged under section 307 of Indian Penal Code for May 25 agitation in Balli, Quepem.

The brahmanical modus operandi is to form committees like this on one side and demoralize the tribal movement on the other side.

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Brahminical and capitalist powers to review Goa's TCP Act

Elected members of the Goa Assembly has been rendered defunct in their of legislating. Goa Government has formed 11 member committee to review Goa, Daman and Diu Town and Country Planning Act 1974. It is notified in Official Gazette of Government of Goa on 30th June 2011 (Series II No. 13). This committee is complete brahmanical hijack of Goa and its mulnivasi people. The list of the committee is as follows:
1. Secretary (TCP), Government of Goa ...Chairman
2. Adv. Nitin Sardesai ...Member
3. Adv. Cleofato Coutinho .... Member
4. Shri Shirdhar Kamat ....Member
5. Shri Prabhakar Timble ....Member
6. Representative of the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) ...Member
7. Representative of the Indian Institute of Engineers (IIE) ...Member
8. Representative of the Institute of Town Planners India (ITPI) ...Member
9. Representative of Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) ...Member
10. representative of the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry ....Member
11. Shri James Mathew, Senior Town Planner, Town and Country Planning Department ....Member Convenor.
The constitution of this committee attains significance because of promotion of increasing urbanisation by taking away the agricultural lands of the mulnivasi people. From the membership of the above committee it is very clear that the brhamanical state in Goa is all out to further strengthen its its power and position.

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Illegal Sand mining in Mandovi continues

Inspite of legal ban on sand extraction in rivers it continues in Mandovi river. Boats to extract sand arrive on the scene at 2.00 am every morning and continue till 11.00 am in the Mandovi stretch between islands of Divar and Vanxim. It was on even today.

All the three authorities Director of Mines and Geology, Director of Environment, Science and Technology,  North Goa Collector  and  Deputy Collector for Tiswadi, are not acting in firm way.  Sand extraction operate illegally purely supported by grafts to police, government officers, politicians.  This is a specialty of brhamanical state headed by Digambar Kamat who is not only Chief Minister but also mines minister and sand mining comes directly under his jurisdictions.

Friday 8 July 2011

Stop Sand extraction in Mandovi river

For the past few month Mandovi river has witnessed lots of sand extraction at various places. Bharat Mukti Morcha has been involved in protest against the same. State authorities are turning deaf ear to the complaints. kindly call up and register your voice of protest against the sand extraction in Mandovi river between Vanxim and Divar islands, Tiswadi, Goa, India.

Call up Director of mines and Geology Mr. Arvind Lolienkar and lodge your protests. He is the main person who is not fulfilling his duties to act against illegal sand mining. His office phone number is 0832-2425291. His mobile 09923654795.

The second authority to contact and lodge your protest is Tiwadi taluka deputy collector Sabaji Shetye. His mobile number is 09422057531.

The Goa Coastal Zone management Authority has given given general directions to stop sand mining on 19th May 2011 in rivers in Goa citing examples of Cumbharjua, Corlim, Keri and Khandola.