Tuesday 30 April 2013

Goa Contributions for nation wide agitation

Goa unit of BAMCEF on 21st April contributed Rs.1000/- to nation wide agitation of mulnivasis for our freedom. The contribution raised was handed over to Mumbai full timer of BAMCEF Jeevan Bhalerao after the conclusion of day long cadre camp at Pernem.

Sunday 28 April 2013

Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns censorship at Sao Mathias Gram Sabha

Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly condemns censorship at the Sao Mathias village Panchayat Gram Sabha today 28th April 2013. A certain critical issues relating to the control of the Panchayat by the elements outside jurisdiction of the Panchayat was sought to be discussed today by Maggie Silveira, President of Ilha de Vanxim Association at Gram Sabha meeting. The Sarpanch Gurudas Bhomkar told Maggie three times to shut up without giving any reasons and then ordered sound system in the Hall to be switched off abruptly.
The issue under discussion was that of Vanxim Island that is clandestinely sold without informing Vanxim people by Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao, a Bamon to Mahendra Gaunekar, another Bamon on February 11, 2006 by violating canon law for around 54 lakh rupees on record besides of course underhand dealings running into crores. Or what are the reasons Vanxim is sold so cheaply for Rs.6/- and Rs.20/- per square meter?  Mahendra Gaunekar again sold this island to Ozone Corporate group for 35 crores on record. Ozone corporate has shattered dream to take over entire island, its houses, land and paddy field and turn the island for the purpose of luxury tourism like casinos, private marinas, recreation clubs, villas, helipad, water sports.  Ever since this fact came to the knowledge of the villagers in early 2010 agitation against this sale has spread in Vanxim and beyond.

A month back the ruling panel of the Sao Mathias Panchayat was called to Panjim at Ozone corporate office in Miramar and asked to compromise on the issue. Each member of the ruling panel was asked to put up their demands for personal gratification and aggrandizement. Mahendra Gaunekar himself was present at this meeting. According to the available reliable information Sao Mathias Sarpanch Gurudas Bhomkar said that he was shocked at the way Sao Mathias Gram Sabha meeting was manipulated with the presence of such a huge police force and voting on the project without proposal on 6th November 2011. He said that even though he was not the elected member of the Pachayat then but was present at the Gram Sabha. Mahendra Gaunekar apologized to the Sarpanch three times. This meant that the Mahendra Gaunekar was directly involved in Manipulating the Gram Sabha of 6th November 2011. Otherwise what was the need to apologize? Maggie Silveira shared this information with public at Gram Sabha and Sarpanch did not deny it.  Public was stunned to know this.

Further Maggie also shared the information that earlier Mahendra Gaunekar and MLA Pandurang Madkaikar were controlling the Panchayat and now there is one more addition this list. His name she disclosed as Abhay Raikar, Goa Architecture college drop out and classmate of Mahendra Gaunekar, from Divar and has nothing to do with Malar Panchayat yet he is throwing around his weight as the Cumbharjua Constituency President of BJP. Maggie Silveira publicly questioned the Sarpanch Gurudas Bhomkar as to under what provisions of Goa Panchayat Raj Act Abhay Raikar is dictating and directing terms to the Malar Panchayat. To this Sarpanch responded by suspending the Constitution of India that guarantees freedom of speech and expression under the article 19(1)(a) to every citizen of India. He asked Maggie to shut up and when she continued to speak he ordered sound system in hall to be switched off.  Before this Constitution was marshaled marvelously by Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar only Brahmins had right to speech under Manusmriti. Shudras had no rights as Manusmriti , the Constitution of Brahmins considers shudras, ati-shudras as slaves without freedom of speech and expression, freedom to own property, freedom to acquire education, freedom to own weapons. Their only freedom is to serve Brahmins.

Malar Sarpanch Gurudas Bhomkar even though he is a mulnivasi is truly a slave of Bamon Raj to such an extend that he cannot even tolerate anyone speaking and exposing how Bamon Raj is functioning in the Panchayat affairs.

Maggie did not stop speaking even after the sound system was ordered to be switched off by the Sarpanch Gurudas Bhomkar. She went on speaking in her loud voice till she completed what she had to say on this matter.  Sarpanch went on saying  “don’t discuss the name of Gaunekar in the Gram Sabha.” His heart was so much bleeding for Gaunekar for unknown reason left for the art and science of guessing.  Maggie retaliated saying “we have come to Gram Sabha only because of Gaunekar has put our Vanxim in trouble and we cannot help but discuss Gaunekar’s name in the Gram Sabha.” 

Maggie further spoke that for the past three Gram Sabha resolutions are remaining without being implemented and it looks that people’s time at Gram Sabha is wasted by Sarpanch. She pointed out that the pot-holes at Divar-Sao Pedro ferry ramp are still the same.  People who come for the occasions like feasts, funerals, birthdays etc are forced to leave their vehicles half way and travel by bus. It is a mere shame for Divar and Malar Panchayats.

It was also proposed at the Gram Sabha few months ago that both the Panchayats – Divar and Malar should meet together and co-ordinate with each other and solves these types of issues. This has not happened. It looks as if both the Panchayats – Malar and Divar are only waiting for a major accident to take place. It is shameful act of Malar and Divar Panchayats not to fulfill this necessity of the people.

Telephone cable wires in Mandovi River between Vanxim and Amboi ferry point is accidently cut off with dredging machine. It is brought to the notice of the Panchayat because of ongoing heavy monsoon currents this work needs monitoring from the Panchayat. Yet there is no progress on this front.

The last one year water pipeline to Vanxim again through Mandovi river needs immediate repairs as it is badly damaged due to sand mining activities carried out near Vanxim till few months ago. The complaint was lodged with Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar one year ago by Ilha de Vanxim Association but still remains unattended.  Why does it take one year for an emergency repair works of the water pipeline supplying water to Vanxim from the river bed of Mandovi River? Water is a daily necessity, not a luxury. Is it kept unrepaired this way to make sure that Vanxim people run away when the water pipeline bursts so that Bamon Gaunekar and Ozone group take ready passion of Vanxim?

Bamon Raj control over Sao Mathias Sarpanch Gurudas Bhomkar is clearly visible even in the issue of revocation of permission for commercial activities in Vanxim in a house fraudulently taken control of by Bamon Gaunekar. Sarpanch Gurudas Bhomkar reported that he along with other elected members visited Vanxim and they found no grounds to revoke the permission for ongoing commercial activities. He is clearly protecting Bamon Gaunekar on this issue too. This is a reason he does not want Gaunekar’s name to be discussed at all. 

Bharat Mukti Morcha will speak out even more boldly and discuss and expose the current cruel nexus of Bamon raj that is causing enormous harm to Vanxim ranging from non-repair of water pipeline to Vanxim in Mandovi river, Lack of though repair of Telephone cables in Mandovi; there is a danger of upcoming heavy flow of monsoon currents, non-revocation of permission for commercial activities in house fraudulently under control of Mahendra Gaunekar, non-repairs of bunds thereby causing flooding of paddy fields. Etc. For all this problems Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar is responsible. It is a matter of time that his hold over Vanxim is smashed, damaged and shattered.

Bharat Mukti Morcha also advises Abhay Raikar to stay from Vanxim and control over Malar Panchayat.

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Bharat mukti morcha condemns helicopter violations over Vanxim Island

Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns Ozone group of companies along with Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar, Goa Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao and Goa Chief Minister Bamon Manohar Parrikar for continues violations of Vanxim air space by mercenaries of Bamon Raj today April 23, 2013. Helicopter hovered over Vanxim Island in Tiswadi, Goa for nearly 15 minutes before it flew away to unknown destination.

This is a fourth violation of Vanxim air space and Bharat Mukti Morcha takes serious note over goings on over Vanxim in Helicopter. All these things are happening because of satanic nexus between Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao and Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar in collusion with corporate Ozone group. This nexus is responsible for sale of Vanxim for a paltry amount of Rs.6/- to Rs.20/- per square meter. There is no evidence even of the legally received cash of nearly Rs.55 lakhs has been given to Santa Monica convent. It is clear that 100 crore that Archbishop received underhand in this deal has not reached Santa Monica convent.

The earlier air space violations over Vanxim took place on 5th November 2010, 5th May 2011 and 18th April 2013.

Archbishop sold the Vanxim island on February 11, 2006 and current Parish Priest named Victor Rodrigues at Nuvem's Church in Salcete facilitated this takeover in his then capacity as Procurator. He manufactured documents under the direction of the Archbishop and gave birth to mega scandal facing church of Goa that led to the repeated visits to the courts to litigate deputy collector’s court, mamlatdar’s court and administrative tribunal, Panjim with waste of time and money of mulnivasis. 

Fr.Victor Rodrigues created record to facilitate the harassment of Vanxim people in courts in Panjim with the following letter with a subject header “immovable property – Vanxi at Capao”, and the text of the letter dated 10th November 2009 read as follows:

“Dear Gaunekar

As we were re-arranging our records, files and documents in our office, we came across some notices issued by the mamlatdar to us under the Goa Agricultural Tenancy Act in respect of the above mentioned property. We immediately applied for the certified copies of the relevant papers to the mamlatdar which are received on 4th November, 2009. Since the said property has already been sold to you we enclose herewith the said papers received by us to enable you to initiate appropriate steps if so desired.”

All the curses of Vanxim people are resting on Fr.Victor Rodrigues and that’s reason he is subjected to so much of current sufferings in a bed ridden state. His sufferings is a reward for all that mischievous things he has done while he exercised his powers as Procurator with criminal mindset under the direction from Archbishop Ferrao who is also reaping the fruits of his distrustful deeds of selling Vanxim.

It was too bad for this priest to support the Archbishop of Goa who is racing himself on highway to Hell. Now the both this priest as well as the Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao are paying the price for what they have done to Vanxim. And they are paying through their nose. They played around and cheated as if they were handling some mundane sub-human creatures. 

Goa Archbishop has been watching the fun as to how he has put Vanxim people in innumerable trials while he surfeits in the Bishop’s house in Altinho, Panjim with black money received this satanic deal in safe deposit of Swiss bank in Europe.

Goa Archbishop Ferrao is in supervision of sale of church lands for real estate purposes in various parts of Goa. Vanxim is certainly glaring example of this.

Because of this irresponsible behavior of the Archbishop Ferrao Vanxim people are forced to undergo number of trials including arrests of four innocent women. It is written in Latin on the casket of St.Francis Xavier’s body at the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa “Nihil Horum Vereor” which means “I fear none of these trials”. Bamon Raj is free to put us mulnivasis under innumerable trials yet fear none of them.

Friday 19 April 2013

Why did Helicopter hover over Vanxim today?

Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly condemns Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar for helicopter survey of Vanxim island by suspected mercenaries of corporate group that is interested in conquest of Vanxim island for the purpose of establishment of Bamon Raj.

Bharat Mukti Morcha does not share an iota of doubt that Goa Chief Minister is actively promoting trespassing of air space over Vanxim by Corporate group today 18th April 2013. This is a third violation of air space by miscreants in Helicopter hovering over Vanxin for nearly four hours. Earlier similar helicopter hovering was witnessed by the villagers of Vanxim on 5th November 2010 and 5th May 2011.

Vanxim  is an island inhabited by mulnivasi people but sold out in a satanic transaction between two Eurasian Bamons in Goa. One of them who sold is Archbishop of Goa Archdiocese Felipe Neri Ferrao while the one who purchased it is Mahendra Gaunekar, an architecture college drop out from Gaunem in Ponda with additional residences in Panjim and Saligao. Gaunekar then sold the island to corporate body known by name Ozone. 

This transactions involved huge kickbacks to the Archbishop of Goa that is suspected to be 100 crore. Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar who is working hard to generate revenue for the State has so far refrained from initiating raids against this stocked money not only for the reason of political expediency but also because he himself is a Bamon like Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao and Mahendra Gaunekar. All these three men have no difference in their genes. All of them are Eurasians, who constitute less than 1% of Goa’s population but troubling every other mulnivasis who is not willing to get subdued and comprised at their bamani escapades. Even if the Chief Minister orders state agencies to raid, his powers does not extend to Switzerland and its infamous bank that stocks black money of the world including black money received by Goa Archbishop.

Archbishop sold this land legally for just around Rs.55 lakhs and received nearly 100 crores in black. If this figure of 100 crore is wrong then Goa Archbishop must clarify the exact amount he and his colleagues in this shady deal received in black and the nature of bargaining involved to achieve this towering record of corruption. Also Goa Archbishop owes an explanation to public as to why he sold Vanxim island at the rate of Rs.6/- to Rs.20/- per square meter on February 11, 2006 in a sale deed recorded in registrar’s office in Panjim. Most interestingly not only the Chief Minister of Goa but every MLA is silent on this second biggest scandal of Goa next only to mining scandal. There may be more scandals that are yet to come to such a public glare involving people in such a highly responsible position as that of Archbishop of Goa that is entrusted to the care of the salvation of the souls. Yet he gallops on the road to Hell by selling such a holy place as Vanxim dedicated to Santus Cristus. Along with the Archbishop are all those priests are on the way to Hell for failing to stand up and speak out the truth and resist Archbishop. What a pity! May they change and gather courage to speak out.

Corruption is oozing out of the dens of Bamon Raj inside the Church in Goa as well as out of it. Bharat Mukti Morcha is opposed to the very dens of bamon raj inside as well as outside the Church.

Today’s Helicopter hovering over Vanxim is one more symptom of deep rooted disease called Bamon Raj. There will be no cure for this disease till this Bamon Raj is uprooted in systematic manner.   Bharat Mukti Morcha is braced up for the challenge posed by Bamon Raj. It is only a matter of time that Bamon Raj in Goa will be given dignified burial.

Bharat Mukti Morcha will continue to resist to defeat bamon raj in completely uncompromising manner. The enemies of the Church and enemies of mulnivasi people are on magnificent prowl inside and outside the Church. Yet it is written in Latin on the casket containing the body of St.Francis Xavier, one of the strongest saints of the Church “Mox Inimica Fugat” means “He Shall soon put the enemies to flight”. This includes not just enemies such Bamons as Gaunekar and Parrikar but also bamons such as Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao. They can all fly in Helicopter hovering over Vanxim. According to St.Francis Xavier enemies are fit only for a flight and their helicopter is ready and hovering over Vanxim. The body of St.Francis Xavier is resting in the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa.

Chapter case against Cliffton de Souza in Margao is politically motivated

Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns Goa Chief Minister and Home Minister of Goa Bamon Manohar Parrikar for abuse of the Police force at Cuncolim Police Station and the abuse of the Office of Deputy Collector & Sub Divisional Magistrate Margao Surendra Naik to frame and intimidate Mr. Parrikar’s political opponent Cliffton de Souza, a budding politician from South Goa who contested Velim Assembly seat in 2012 elections. 

In a latest incident of targeting Manohar Parrikar has used Ashok Parwar Scheduled Caste head constable bearing buckle number 4126 attached to Cuncolim police station to frame Cliffton in criminal Chapter cases. This Scheduled Caste (SC) – as per article 342 of the Indian Constitution head constable has been manipulated to file false report against Clifton de Souza, who is an OBC (Other backward Class as per article 340 of the Indian Constitution). Manohar Parrikar is a Eurasian Bamon. Eurasian bamons are just tiny minority of less than 2% of Goa’s population and are busy consolidating the Bamon Raj. This form of abuse of police force is way of consolidating Bamon Raj. It is an attempt to demoralize mulnivasi political leadership. But this will never happen. Instead every time Bamon Manohar Parrikar uses state machinery like the Deputy Collector & the Sub-Divisional Magistrate and the police force Bharat Mukti Morcha will expose bamani conspiracy involved in increasing intensity and vigor.

The notice that is signed by the Deputy Collector & Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Margao on 28th March 2013 directs Cliffton de Souza to appear in the Court of the deputy collector and sub-divisional Magistrate, Margao on 15th April 2013. The notice issued under section 111 of Criminal Procedure Code was not delivered to Cliffton till 14th April 2013 afternoon. The notice is signed by Surendra Naik in his capacity as Deputy Collector & Sub divisional magistrate. 

New case has been opened as MAG/107/Cr.Pc./41/2013/1520. The Cuncolim police station has invoked section 107 of Cr.P.C. that fearing that there is going to be breach of Peace due to indulgence of Clifton in anti-social activities.

Submission of the Cuncolim police station to the Court is completely biased.  Cliffton de Souza was assaulted in Gram Sabha of Velim Panchayat in full public view by three people and chairs were thrown on him. One of these three persons has been Savio D’Silva. Cliffton was rescued from the scenario by police themselves. The person who video filmed the entire episode was attacked and his camera confiscated.

Cuncolim police station has forwarded the manipulated facts to the sub-divisional magistrate that on 03.02.2013 at 14.30 hours at Velim Panchayat Hall, Velim, Salcete Cliffton assaulted Savio D’silva with slaps and abused in filthy languages and threatened in dire consequences. In this connection Cuncolim Police Station N.C. case No.55/2013 U/s 323, 504, 506 (ii) IPC has been registered. 

Bamon Manohar Parrikar’s  influence here is evident from the fact that it was the Cliffton who went to the police station on 03.02.2013 and verbally informed police about the attacked on him in Panchayat Hall during Gram Sabha in Velim, Salcete. Police transported Cliffton for medical assistance at Hospicio Margao after primary treatment in Balli government hospital. Doctor observed, examined and concluded that Cliffton was attacked by Goondas.

After recovering Cliffton submitted written complaint to the Cuncolim police station on 06.02.2013 detailing the facts of the 3rd February 2013 assault on him. The note submitted to the Court of sub-divisional magistrate in Margao records another written complaint in the name of Joaquina Fernandes, a 91 year old grandmother of Cliffton de Souza who can barely walk.

Cuncolim police Inspector never sent call letter to Cliffton de Souza ever to investigate the authenticity of the complaints and directly forwarded the note recommending prosecution under section 107 Cr.P.C. 

The involvement of Goa Chief minister Bamon Manohar Parrikar is clearly visible here as Mr.Parrikar is treading path of vengeance against Clifton de Souza who had publicly protested against the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on the issue of controversial fish mill project on the coast of Velim. Cliffton also publicly participated in debate on fish mill project and effectively sealed its fate on the day of Gram Sabha on 3rd Februray 2013 minutes before he was assaulted by Savio.

In fact Cliffton has been opposed to Manohar Parrikar on large number of issues. That’s why both the above complaints has been filed against him and merged into chapter case in order to pressurize him away from pursuing further his complaint dated 06.02.2013 so that his attackers go unpunished without being nabbed, tried and convicted. Informant Savio D’silva and Police are acting in the coordinated manner with evil intention of harassing Cliffton as he is a budding politician and his political opponents in the ruling party headed by Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar want to throttle his prospect by framing him in various fictitious criminal cases as mentioned in the report of the police department that is politically headed by Mr.Manohar Parrikar in his capacity as Home Minister.

Parrikar is against Cliffton due to his vehement opposition to Fish mill project in Velim/Betul area on pollution ground, Parrikar is also against his, as Cliffton puts it in his own words “because I popularize the book “Berlin Wall” written by Ramnath Naik, the book that is exposing anti-national conspiracy of Mr.Manohar Parrikar in Goa’s language controversy, Mr. Manohar Parrikar is also against me as I exposed how Catholics and Bhahujan Samaj in Goa are betrayed by imposition of devnagri Konkani script described as bamani as Goa’s official language; ditching both Roman Konkani script and Marathi in 1986, Mr. Manohar Parrikar is also against me because of my opposition to the Aadhaar card project that is being implemented in Goa bypassing Parliament whose standing committee on finance recommended scrapping of Aadhaar card project due to threat to privacy, lack of direction and threat to national security as authentication contracts are granted to foreign companies and they will be deciding whether we are Indians or not. 

Mr. Manohar Parrikar is also against me because I have been demanding implementation of 5th  Schedule of the Indian Constitution to safeguard the rights of the tribal people in Goa. Mr. Manohar Parrikar is also against me due to my support to Vanxim people near Divar who are fighting against takeover of land by corporate after being sold by Goa’s Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao. This has turned Mr. Manohar Parrikar against me as in the last assembly elections Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao supported Mr. Manohar Parrikar and that is the reason he got so many catholic MLAs elected on BJP ticket. Mr. Manohar Parrikar is also against me because I am arguing that Article 340 of the Indian Constitution be implemented in totality and census in India be carried on caste basis just like British did when they ruled India and counted each caste including the Brahmins

Mr.Manohar Parrikar is scared that in case caste based census is done then Bamons will loose all the overwhelming privileges and powers in administration which they hold now after being proved as minority dominating over majority. Mr.Manohar Parrikar is against me because I defended the muslims of Baina when ‘The Goan’ tagged them as terrorists, Mr.Manohar Parrikar is against me because I defended taxi owners of South Goa when ‘The Goan’ newspaper called them 'The Gangs of Sashtipur'. Mr.Manohar Parrikar is against me because I publicly criticized mining industry that threatens water bodies, forest, paddy fields, tribal and other people. I found that all the mines in Goa are illegal. Mr.Manohar Parrikar is against me because I demanded that 35,000 crore rupees robbed by mining companies and proved by Shah Commission report be recovered by confiscating the assets of the mining companies. 

Mr.Manohar Parrikar is also against me because I am opposed to Mopa airport. Mr.Manohar Parrikar is against me because I speak against his decision to close down 150 government primary schools. Mr.Manohar Parrikar is against me because I am criticizing his police recruitment policy in which Bhahujans are Constables while Bamons are DySPs.  

 My political stand as politician is against the political positions of the ruling party in Goa. To silence me from expressing my political view is a hidden agenda of Goa CM and Home Minister Manohar Parrikar for which Chapter case has been registered against me even without sending me single call letter for inquiry at Cuncolim Police Station that has forwarded the note against me to the Deputy Collector and Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Margao, Surendra Naik. But I will not be deterred by such threats from Chief Minister Parrikar. It only makes me strong further in my convictions and political postures. Chapter case registered against me is politically motivated without any other basis whatsoever.”