Monday 29 January 2024

Need to address delays in canoe fishing subsidies

29 January 2024


Shri Nilkhant Halarnkar

Minister of Fisheries,

Government of Goa,

Porvorim, Goa

Subject: Petrol subsidy for fishing cannoes...regarding


All Goa Small Scale Responsible Fisheries Union (AGSSRFU) calls your urhent attention to the issues regarding Petrol subsidy as under:

1. Petrol subsidy for fishing cannoes given through department of fisheries is facing serious delays. Subsidy for the year 2022 is still not distributed even though we are in 2024. There is delay of two years. You are urged to direct Fisheries department to clear backlog of petrol subsidies for the years 2022 and 2023 with immidiate effect.

2. Subsidy amount for petrol that was Rs.50,000/- per cannoe was slashed down to Rs.30,000/- during Covid-19 pandemic even though that was difficult time for fishing communities. And this amount is still at the same level even tough Covid-19 pandemic ended many years ago. You are requested to increase the petrol subsidy amount from current Rs.30,000/- to Rs.75,000/-

Kindly oblige.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely 

Shaila D'mello


Laximan Mangueshkar


Tuesday 16 January 2024

Why Raju Nayak is wagging his tail on Nauxim Marina?

Raju Nayak and his hotch-potch writing "Nauxim..... Zauxim" in marathi Gomantak on Sunday, January 14, 2024 is yet another verbiage outburst of frustration and desperation.

Nayak doesn't even know the history of Marina at Nauxim that it is in 14th year of resistence. He writes that resistence has started few months back!

Raju Nayak has made spirited attempt to cover up his Maharastra master's nexus with Maharashtra's Kargwal Constructions Private Limited, both based in Mumbai. He has such a intimate Maharashtra presence that flows through his computer key board. 

This time without naming he hints that it was Ashwin Tombat that influenced him to support Marina at Nauxim. Industry- media nexus are well known for a long time and Raju Nayak's behavior is akin to breast feeding kitten with closed eyes believe that if he closes his eyes whole world also closes all the eyes and goes blind during his moments ecstasy in self-delirium.

Raju Nayak refers to Nauxim Marina and writes elaborately on how it is going to support Fisheries. What is clear from his writings is the fact that Kargwal's AHOY Marina is incapable to hoodwink Zuari river fishing communities. That's reason Nayak pretended blind to the fact that Marina EIA report itself has noted that Fisheries in Zuari river will have Long term, Negative, Irreversible impact. One had to be either moron or marina paid journalist to commit such a gross skip. We believe that Raju Nayak is not a moron.

Raju Nayak has also mischievously skipped the fact in Marina EIA that has refered all the people residing in Nauxim, Cacra and Odxel are Shudras. Why Raju Nayak never highlights this in any of his propaganda dishlets in Gomantak newspaper or TV? Because he doesn't stand up for truth only pure propaganda. Or is it he is not a Shudra? Or is Raju Nayak Shudra of AHOY Marina?

When EIA is in public domain what is the value of Gomantak nonsensical  bullet points in print about fishing. Only positive thing mentioned in EIA Study about fishing is that Marina will supply fuel to fishing trawlers. And in Nauxim there are no fishing trawlers.

Raju Nayak goes about praising himself on his role in various agitations in Goa's history. Someone famously once said "Donkey praises his own tail !"

Raju Nayak is frustrated with the governance system in place in Goa. To get the clearance for Marina at Nauxim he want Government to set up one more Ministry, Ministry of NGOs! And it is not implied if Raju Nayak want to be the first Minister of NGOs in Goa to end frustration of those who pay him to play media mischief. 

We wish Raju Nayak all the best for his rest of carrier in journalism in diverse colors including Yellow! We love to be entertained by humor cock! We enjoyed this piece of writing even though it was pathetic, incoherent, shabby, propagandist, terribly anti-fishing communities sugar coated biases. Such writing however has short shelf life and it would do good if Raju Nayak refrains from any further series of insults on Zuari river fishing. There is a saying that worth remembering "Every dog has his day".

Even Goa Chief Minister has come to his senses and directed Captain of Ports that it has not given any permision to set up Marina at Nauxim. Letter dated 13/12/2023 from Captain of Ports written to All Goa Small Scale Responsible Fisheries Union (AGSSRFU) even states that Captain of Ports has no Jurisdiction over Nauxim.

So why Raju Nayak is wagging his tail in marathi Gomantak?

Saturday 13 January 2024

Call to release all those detained due to mining protests in Mayem

 Action Alert

Call to release all those detained due to mining protests in Mayem, Bicholim, Goa

According to the confirmed information six people are illegally detained at the Bicholim Police station without any charges in them. They were arrested today 13 January morning at 10.30 am while protesting illegal transportation ore from their village of Mayem from Chowgule mine at Paira, Mayem.

Those amongst six includes Babuso Karbotkat, Santosh Sawant, Santosh Malvankar, Ajit Sawant, Apa Salgaonkar, Naguesh Naik.

Iron ore is being transported by contactor Dinesh Gauns through the village road in Mayem and is objected by villagers. 

It is also alleged by the villagers that Goa Chief Minister is directly involved in abuse of police force in his capacity as Home Minister for some petty selfish gains and detriment of the Public Interest. It is not know as to how much of 35,000 crores of mining scam has reached Goa Chief Minister as evidently he is silent on recovery of this amount.

Please call up Bicholim Police Station at numbers below and demand immediate release of all those detained at the Bicholim Police Station.

Phone: 0832 2362233

Bicholim Police Inspector Dinesh Gadekar mobile 7875756033

Goa has enough of mining loot, let's not tolerate it any further. Let's stop abuse of Police as private security of mining companies and mining contractors any more!

Monday 8 January 2024

Illegal trawling off Nauxim coast

From 8.30 pm today January 08, 2024 three trawlers are carrying on illegal fishing

All the complaints complaints to the Fisheries Control room has not solicitated any crackdown against these erring trawlers. In fact the staff at the control room is behaving in aggressive manner to those who phone to complaint.