Saturday 21 April 2018

Ozone gaze on East Vanxim

In a bizarre development Ozone corporate has now turned its gaze on Eastern Vanxim in Mandovi river in Goa. After fraudulently  taking over Western Vanxim, also known as Capao Island paddy fields and its embarrassment from the office of the Goa Archbishop via Mahendra Gaunkar, Ozone has launched soft publicity arsenal in a bid to face existing hurdles to put up a five star hotel and luxury villas in the paddy fields of Vanxim. 

The above picture is of calendar we found at the reception counter of the Goa State Pollution Control Board, Panjim accessible to public. April 2018 page of this calendar with Ozone logo on page has helicopter view picture of Vanxim Santus Cristus Church, cemetery and the residential houses. Ozone has has been careful to avoid depicting West Vanxim paddy fields that still lies flooded with river water due to vested interests. 

April is significant for Ozone as it is in April 1999 agreement was signed to sell Vanxim by the office of the Goa Archbishop with Fr. Victor Rodrigues signing out Vanxim to Mahendra Gaunekar without recording address of Gaunekar in Panjim. 

In a Calendar message Ozone has claimed that it is committed to making a difference. One is justified in questioning the claim. One visible difference to the island has been rise in moral corruption of the local people as Ozone and Gaunekar went on pumping money, bribing and co-opting local people and CBI refused to investigate corruption involved at highest level of political, bureaucratic and religious echelons.

Ozone does not stop at this. It has gone ahead and now playing God: Breathing new life! Ozone has taken manipulative snapshot of Vanxim history in just twenty words like this: Vanxim Island, Goa is a place where the vagaries of nature forced people to flee from the life they have known. Vanxim people knew the life as working in paddy filed and fishing, living in abundance of food security and rearing cattle by few, goats by few and hens by most. This life was violently disrupted when sluice gates were deliberately damaged by vested interests led by Narayana Bhosle who currently resides in Divar, Santarbhat. The documentary evidence to this can be accessed from here. The complaint dated 17 April 1995 is still lying before the Mamalatdar of Tiswadi as evident from the documents. Ozone only benefited from the destruction of paddy cultivation to further its evil intentions of constructing a five star hotel and luxury villas, a project of nearly 1000 crores and another one at Old Goa near North Goa MP Shripad Naik residence called porta de Capao. Did ozone make any difference to local people in any way? No. Situation is as it is. In fact Ozone manipulated court cases, putting people under pressure of legal system and forced to give up paddy fields illegally, unethically. Here is one example at this link. So it is not the vagaries of nature that forced people to flee from the life they have known, it is the corrupt political, administrative and religious system that has caused this.

The second sentence reads "We adopted the island and the entire population, making sure they rediscovered, their cherished earlier style of life" When was island of Vanxim adopted by Ozone? Under which law? Under whose authority? People are working and earning their livelihood for themselves and their families. Who is Ozone to write that they have adopted us in Vanxim? Are we orphans? Mass of People from Vanxim has already decided that Ozone should get out of Vanxim and here is the links to the scanned letter to the Chief Minister in case any one forgot.

Perhaps filing of criminal cases and arrests of Vanxim women was the symptoms of delinquent adopted children gone astray and paternal discipline was called for with collaboration with local MLA Madkaikar and PI Corte of Old Goa Police station.   

We request everyone to share this post widely so that truth of Vanxim Island and its population adoption by Ozone corporate is known far and wide. And yes we are eager to know the response from the office of the Goa Archbishop where this scam originated. We are waiting for the NOC from tenants association of Vanxim that Archbishop says exists but kept secret for few decades.Why? When it will be made public?