Tuesday 25 April 2017

Goa's sand for export abroad?

Today 25/04/2017 morning at 9.55 am a barge named "CHERYLYNE MRH 681" was sighted in Mandovi river near Ribandar, Tiswadi, Goa loaded with sand. Destination of barge is not known but proceeded towards Mormugao Port Trust (MPT). Is Goa's sand is being sold and transported in large quantities in barges? from this sand was extracted? Do Captain of Ports and department of mines has any answers? Who owns this barge? Some pictures for you in this posting.

Children's Court and other fascinating poems from Snehal Busa


Our principal did bad things 
With me and my friends 
I told my mother 
That would be in school ,her end 
We fought in a court 
Which is made for a child 
We went in police station and a case we filed 
I wish she go soon in prison 
That is also with a big reason 
Then she'll feel the pain she gave a child 
In school 
It was her mistake and she was a big fool 
I thank the children court 
To fight for my right 
And my parents too 
Who made my life light .

Snehal Busa
(This poem I had written in march And this all I had written was true. My principal really tortured me )


I have a big garden 
Anything can be hidden 
It has beautiful flowers 
And water that showers

My garden has many trees 
Thats why there is cool breeze 
The grass is so thick 
That my cat plays hide and sick 

Garden garden 
My fancy garden 
Without you 
My life is barren 
And I can't live life
which is forbidden.

Snehal Busa


In our aquarium we have goldfish 
Long back in my dreams I had wish 
It made me so happy 
And no more snappy 
I have kept it in the hall 
And in an aquarium which is in a shape of ball
I am happy withy gold 
And I will never give it to any one 
Because I know they'll turn it 
Into a dish.

Snehal Busa


 My mother's beautiful shawl ,
When she wears it ,she look like a beautiful doll
The shawl is so thick ,
So my mother doesn't fall sick .

She wears it when she goes out ,
But if we play with it,she shouts .

My mother's beautiful shawl ,
Was hung in glass cupboard for all to see .

Once she  kept it in front of a kitty ,
Later she draped it for a party.
When she spotted in it a big hole ,
It pained my mother's soul .

Mother cried ,"my beautiful shawl."
Father said ,"we'll purchase another one from caculo mall."

Snehal Busa


Always smile 
And be happy to do 
For a while 
Not forcingly too .
You are happy 
You never know 
Not too snappy like 
A little snow 
It will melt fast 
Into a liquid 
The sadness will be last 
That will turn happiness solid.

Snehal Busa


I saw squirrel near my house 
Running away looking the clouds .
It had a long tail
I didn't know  its a male or female 
It rained very heavily 
Then it cleaned itself nicely 
It ran here it ran there 
At last I didn't know it was where 

Snehal Busa


 Sitting outside I was thinking 
Of taking fresh air 
I saw a flower suddenly 
Which was very rare 

I handed it to my sister 
She loved it very much 
She wanted some more 
She said ,"will you please search ?"

I said to her,"no."
As no more would be 
It was the only one 
That I could see.

Snehal Busa


 Shadow shadow my own shadow 
Are you a good friend or a for 
I know you are my reflection 
So same will be our intention .
Shadow shadow my own shadow 
I have a question to ask you 
Why is that you can't be seen at night ?
Is that you are visible only in bright ?

Shadow shadow my own shadow 
I am very upset ,I want to share 
Because you invisible ,I can't bare 
Are you a ghost ?
That will kill me with cosh ?

Shadow shadow my own once 
I want my answer you are quite 
Snehal Busa


Why can't we survive in space ?
As there is less oxygen my teacher says 
 Why can't I ride a bike ,I doubt ?
Because you are yet 18 ,my mom shouts 
Why can't I call Mr as miss ?
As she is not he my sister whispers 
And why she is not he I questioned ?
As she is said for a girl 
And he is said for a boy my friend replied 
Why can't .... Was the last question 
Before I ask my father something 
But I had to answer now 
As my father asked me a question 
What about you my dear how are you feeling now ?
After questioning so many questions 
Didn't your head go round and round ?
I had a answer ,so what to do of my questions ?
Yes ,my father said 
These all while you asked question 
And now you have given an answer to a question 
But I said ,"dad don't think my answer was a question ?.
Snehal Busa


when my life was gunge 
I was totally muzzy .
When I was dopey 
You would flick it away .
When I went haywire 
And in murk 
You mad me understand 
In harmony .
But I would be churlish 
And huzard for you and others .
It is all changed now 
I have found the bliss in me 
And become indispensable  for me 
As you are my grief and 
And you are my crony .
Snehal Busa


 Don't live it all scrappy 
Listen what it want to say 
If so ,really very shoddy 
And still don't stops ,then it will get shirty .
It should not simply be scapegoat .
Its just a scraggy abiotic 
Scarcely ,not that good looking 
But can be a friendly phantom .
Snehal Busa


You tried to break my heart 
With your pin drops 
Passing from my roof to me 
You filed up the alley with your cry 
You defeated the street lights with 
Your lights 
Your dark faces turned my eyes blear 
My voice was quite when you thundered 
And then after sometime you stopped your jiggery Pokery 
Behavior .
And went to sleep like 
Every year .
Snehal Busa


My life has stopped with nothing 
I cry at night why don't the clock stop?
Why has the time left me alone ?
To the unknown and strange world 
Why can't it walk together ?
To the straights and to the molds
I always desire for it to stop 
But the ears are deaf and mouth is dump
Of the clock 
I wish and I wish 
Let the clock stop 
Though it ignores 
I'll always questions 
Why don't the clock stop?

Snehal Busa


How many tears have I lost ?
I didn't ever count them 
It was a big loss of tears 
I think I have now built up a dam 
They so precious to me 
Why had I neglected ?
I don't want them artificial or to be paid 
Why didn't I make them my collection?
Why didn't I do so ?
I just uncared my tears 
And always let them flow .
Snehal Busa



No jokers I found in life 
No warriors yet 
Whom should I trust 
I couldn't get .
My prediction ,sometimes is right 
Sometimes wrong 
So stop to think ,
I shout very strong .
I don't know to speak to someone 
I don't know to keep quiet 
The only difference I don't understand
Is what is wrong what is right .
Faces keeps on changing 
But the climate doesn't change 
What is wrong what is right I couldn't range 
Life is a puzzle for me 
Sometimes me myself 
Want to be huge a times 
Sometimes a tiny moon calf .
No matter how long it takes 
To develop from a hamlet 
To a city 
Life may change 
Life may not 
Its little bit twisty.
Snehal Busa


I was too far from 
The portals of success 
Where failure was my companion 
Many hurdles I found on way 
I Saw no night no day 
Through the crooked road 
I was close to my destiny .
Success and only success would lead 
Me nowhere 
I was now very close 
To the portals of success.

Snehal Busa


Monday 24 April 2017

Indian dealing of MPT expansion affairs in Goa is totally colonial arrogance

Bharat Mukti Morcha (BMM) strongly objects expansion plans of Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) to facilitate increased quantity of Coal imports. Over the past one decade there has already been public outcry due to the air pollution caused by Coal handling at MPT.

BMM also takes strong objections to the way in which public participation was prevented by Central government with the collusion of private business houses with the Ministry of Shipping and the Ministry of Environment and Forest while granting permission to MPT for the capital deepening of Navigation Channel for cape size vessels. Deepening is meant to facilitate supply of coal to hinterlands of Karnataka to JSW power plant and steel factory for freight advantage.

There is no public interest involved in MPT’s venture. Goa in fact is being treated only as corridor. Politically Central Government’s affairs in this matter can only be described as colonial. BMM commends challenge to this affairs mounted by Old Cross Fishing Canoe Owners Co-operative Society in National Green Tribunal (NGT). The investigations commissioned by NGT confirmed that actual damage has already been done to the estuarine environment, the biodiversity in particular. BMM calls for criminal proceedings against all those responsible for causing this damage.

NGT on September 2nd 2016 quashed Environmental Clearance of February 9th 2016 granting exemption from public consultations as illegal, arbitrary and in violation of the EIA notification, 2006. It’s clear that central government has followed unethical path in MPT case in order to avoid public consultations all together. MPT’s Affidavit in NGT dated 15th July 2016 stated that already 64 % of the project dredging work is completed and Rs 87.25 crores paid to M/s DCI. This means majority of the work has already been completed before public hearing. This is unacceptable and bulldozing of Goa by Central Government.

Solutions suggested in EIAs of Beths 5A and 6A to combat coal pollution carries scope to intensify public suffering. When there is already shortage of water can 5 lakh litres of water be made available to JSW on daily basis including 3 lakh litres per day to extinguish coal fires? MPT would be far safer without Coal and Coal importers. MPTs total daily water requirement as per their draft EIA is 16 lakh litres.

The intensity of coal import also means increase in flow of barge traffic in Mandovi and Zuari rivers. Already there are number of problems due to barges in both the rivers. Mining companies like Vedanta has filed complaints against fishermen citing slowing down of barge traffic and fishermen should not carry on fishing in the middle of rivers. Fishing department also has sent out warning letters to fishermen taking side of Vendanta. With increase in barge traffic fishermen in Mandovi and Zuari are to face tough times as fishing would become impossible.

In none of the three EIA reports fishing villages on the banks of River Zuari like Cacra and Odxel is not even mentioned to have been existing.

MPT now plans to deepen its approach channel from 14.40 meters to almost 20 meters to facilitate entry of cape size vessels at any time of the tide. Its ecological, public health and political costs are heavy that Goa is unable to bear. 

It’s not only people of Vasco that are directly affected negatively but entire coastal residents and fishermen on the banks of Zuari. Increase in Barge traffic will push fishermen out of their livelihood. Regularly observed irresponsible practice of dumping left over ore and coal in Mandovi and Zuari and washing of barges in transit will only increase doze of pollution of rivers causing unpredictable and irreversible effects on ecology and livelihoods.

MPT must shelve its expansion plans for coal purpose. BMM calls upon people to participate in Public Hearings at Tilak Maidan, Vasco on 26, 27 & 28 April 2017 and lodge their objections to JSW proposal for Berth 5A-6A and MPTs proposals of deepening of approach navigational channel and re-development of berths 8,9 and Barge berth at MPT.

Maggie Silveira
President, Goa Unit

Friday 21 April 2017

Snehal Busa's Poetry of Protest

She is Snehal Busa became part of protest that her dad waged in the form of 100 days hunger strike against education department of Goa. She along with her sister and mother were bared bare heat of sun to make their point on injustice she and her family suffered. She as latched inside the washroom and then made to eat her food near the toilet with foul smell everywhere few years ago in Talegao school. Her protest against headmistress went in vain and after sharing with parents she found stream of support. 

While press and public is well aware of her support to her dad's hunger strike outside education department what is not known are her poetic instincts. Here we share three of her fascinating poems here. 'Daddy' is poem she writes to her own dad Balkrishna Busa who carried on 100 days hunger strike, fitting salutation. 

'Ghost' is poem that reflects reactions to her natural black complexion from fellow students in school. Its also sharp critic of racists bias in our minds. Fantastic combat. 

"Being touch" is a poem among other things expresses abandonment by friends in the path of struggle she is walking. All three are fabulous poems. Goa can be proud for having such a Poet amidst us though a growing child still.

Poems are fit to go into school syllabus. On our part we make them public with gratitude Snehal Busa, her mother Geeta Busa and father Balkrishna Busa.

Terrific, dad's don't grow on trees 
Shopping shows don't carry them 
Nor come to you by mail or any kind of sale 
They don't fall from sky 
you can't pull them from magic hats 
no matter how much you try 
In fact, you could look high and low 
And search the whole world through 
But you'd never find another dad 
Who's half as great as you . 

Once I saw a Ghost,
I felt he will turn me into a toast,
He had red eyes
He will eat me if I tell lies
I saw it and screamed
I woke up and found,
it was just a dream. 

What a bad luck
I heard them calling me a duck!
My friends didn't support,
Felt like appealing in Principal's Court,
To make me happy, they fell pleading on the floor,
But I got angry and closed the door.

Wednesday 19 April 2017

Pictures of Mining barge polluting Mandovi river

F SHARAD PNJ 222, a mining barge carrying ore in Mandovi river at 5.30 pm on 18/4/2017 was spotted washing and releasing mining waste from the barge inside Mandovi River. According to fishermen this is a common practice followed though illegal by barges in Mandovi and Zuari rivers of Goa. This leads to marine pollution and has direct negative effect on fisheries and ecological health of rivers. Here are few pictures clicked near Ribandar, Tiswadi. BMM calls for stringent action against barges carrying ore polluting Mandovi and Zuari. Captain of Ports, Goa needs to act on this immediately and issue warnings to all the mining companies on this matter.

 Clear visibility of water targeting to release ore waste inside the River Mandovi.

 Name of the Barge visible as F SHARAD PNJ 222. Investigation is needed as to whom this mine belongs to and whose ore it was transporting and to whom. Why barge is being washed in the middle of river?
Long range view of the erring barge. Mining is cause of all round ruin of Goa and this is yet another evidence to this effect.

Tuesday 18 April 2017

BMM condemns Sonshi mining arrests

Bharat Mukti Morcha (BMM) condemns the arrests of about 45 people including women from Sonshi, Pissurlem for protesting against mining ore transportation on April 11, 2017 and detained at Colvale Jail till date. BMM also takes note of posting from Ravindra Velip on facebook after his visit to Sonshi yesterday as follows:

"I along with my several other friends visited Sonshi village today. A village which was situated in the lap of the forests is now surrounded by six giant mining companies operating at less than radial distance of 100 mts. There are 60 to 65 households in this village of which 55 to 60 families are tribals. 9000 to 10000 trips are daily transported from this village by approximately 1200 mining trucks. You can imagine the Air and Water Quality in this village. Imagine the noise pollution that they are witnessing. When these tribals protested, they were arrested and sent in the Judicial lockup. 45 of them including women members are in Colvale jail from last 8 days. Their children and old age people who are at home are going through a tuff time. HELP THEM IF YOU CAN OR EXTEND YOUR SUPPORT"

Shonshi village earlier suffered irreversible damage to their paddy fields and and got absorbed reluctantly into buying of trucks and plying for various mining companies. The decsion of illegitimate Goa government to arrest Shonshi people is a war against natives by Goa's Bamani State. Shonshi-Pissurlem mining belt is under severe pressure from companies. They first finished off agriculture, ground then forest and huge cracks to ground reflects continues threat to life. Then they got village addicted to mining through mining trucks operation syphoning the village of minerals to be sent to Japan, China and other countries of the World. Now they are in the process of snapping the villagers of trucks business and sent them to Colvale Jail. Currently Sesa Goa owned by a British company Vedanta is carrying on most of the mining in that belt. The planet is under barabric plunder as the is being ripped and raped, homes and shattered and bled dry. Human dignity totally robbed off and visit Sonshi to know what a life without dignity is all about.

Poem "I love Pissurlem" by Sebastian Rodrigues reflects this reality and you may read at links 


What to do with this poem to support Sonshi?
1. Share links to your contacts
2. Take a printout on one page and organise discussions aount mining.
3. Study further the Economic and Political situation of Sonshi mining belt. You may read this report for more details:


4. Approach members of Legislative Assembly to support People of Sonshi and withdraw support to the illegitimate Manohar Parrikar goverment formed through betrayal of masses of Goa and needs to be pulled down.
5. Gather at least five people and protest arrest of Sonshi villagers in your locality. If possible share report to the press friends or you may post below as comment.

Currently illegitimate Goa government formed unethically in everyway possible and functions as criminal enterprise with total moral bankruptcy. Out little actions will lead to collapse and dismantling of this Politician-Mining nexus. It must by noted that Sonshi is represented by Pratapsing Rane for past several decades and he cares a damn for environment and support mining completely even if peoples homes are shattered through mining: ecocide of Sattari and Vishwajit Rane and Pratapsingh Rane are committed to intensify it further or why else are they silent for decades together? Time for revolt yet again! It is a law of nature of nature: Every action has equal and opposite reaction, and every situation of oppression sows seeds of rebellion. So is it in Sonshi.

It is important to follow pattern in our approach always: Study. Organise. Agitate.

Jai Mulnivasi!

Controversy of caste based harassment at School in Talegao

Here in public interest we share order on harassment of students decreed by Goa State Commission for Protection of Child Rights Chairperson Samira Kazi dated 25/8/2014. There are allegations and counter allegations of harassment of students, and judgement indicting school management of harassing students referring to their caste as SC/ST/OBC. The School in question is located in Talegaon, Tiswadi, Goa and alleged perpetrator is headmistress herself. BMM finds this whole episode bizarre yet deeply disturbing. 

Why should the head of the institution herself indulge in long term abuse of students referring to them on their caste or caste category as OBC? In fact origin of categorising certain jatis as OBC is in Article 340 of the Constitution of India and we fail to understand as to why this has to become subject of derogatory treatment from the headmistress of the school Mariazita Afonso as recorded in the above order. It is likely that headmistress as well as students are unaware of the history of Article 340, 341 and 342 of the Indian constitution and has got into degenerated thinking about these articles as means of identity formations. In this case awareness programs needs to be organised for this purpose. 

Dr. Ambedkar has included these articles with an intention of liberation of India's native people. As per Mandal Commission report OBCs constitute 52% of India's population. To use insulting words against OBCs amounts to insulting majority of India. Headmistress, teachers as well as students must be aware of this implication before speaking in public. 

Recently in order to protest against this harassment Blakrishna Busa carried on 100 days hunger strike in front of education department, Porvorim and concluded at Azad Maidan, Panjim. Here is our posting for your reference. Click here.

Thursday 13 April 2017

Goa Education in Crisis: Balkrishna Busa hunger strike completes 99 days

Balarishna Busa hunger strike has compelted 99 days today. Above picture today is from Azad Maidan Panjim. Busa is accompanied by his wife and two daughters. They alledge abuse of school students by headmistress of one High School in Taleigao on March 03, 2014 and are seeking her auster. They have petioned various authorites not only in Goa but also Prime Minister and the President of India and received their responses. They also posess Ministerial notings from Manohar Parrikar to take action against the headmistress. Nature of abuse is detailed in the complaint to Panjim Police Station.

Busa like many other parents has got thier children out from the controversiol school in Taleigaon and are studying in other schools in Tiswadi Taluka. One of Busa's daughters was found to be tortured in March 2014. It is alleged that headmistress locked the child in toilet for many hours and then forced her to take her lunch outside the toilet in the vicinity of foul smell. Although number of State agencies are aware of this situation yet no action seems to be forth coming even though tomorrow hunger strike completes 100 days most of which were in front of Education department in Porvorim.

Busa informed that Headmistress continues to harrass his daughter on road even though his daughters are no longer studying in controversial Taleigao School. Education in Goa has hit crisis state and non other than Education Minister of the illegitimate government of Goa is responsible for this sad state of affairs in India. How long will this go on? Why? Is this Bamon Raj?