Wednesday 23 November 2011

Vanxim: 'Thank you my loving mulnivasis', message from Maggie Silveira

V- Victory
A – Action
N- Numbers
M – Mog (Love)

By Maggie Silveira
President, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Mahila Agahdi, Goa unit
President, Ilha de Vanxim Association

V- Victory: As our cases at Deputy Collector’s court and beyond are very strong, because we are deemed owners. Agricultural tenancy Act proves us right all the way. To add further victory because Supreme Court law says with a judgments etc that mangroves cannot be cut. Further more  victory because survey number 8 is completely and fully a water body with mangroves, mud flat, low lying area with two sluice gates. Chief Minister Digambar Kamat, Chief Town Planner Putturaju, State level committee, local panchayat did not carry any inspection on survey number 8. The same survey number 8 is shown on the Regional Plan 2021 as hotel and Resort project only. This is all next to impossible by law. To detail victory furthermore because our Vanxim island is a very tiny in the whole of Goa, but known for our forthright attitude and commitments which people have seen and believed from 8th of August 2010 onwards… Victory as a whole only because we believe in Godly Power, not down pouring of money power. RP-2021 shows survey number 8 as settlement zone for ‘hotel and resort project only’ 1,85,000 square meters is a water body which by law cannot be sold. It is a crime to do so. No law says that mining waste can be dumped in survey number 8 by giving height of 2 meters etc. So Vanxim again a victory. Great live Vanxim island with beautiful birds, mangroves etc. More to top as one can experience the beauty of survey number 8 as bats, birds make it all great as you enter survey number 8. We thank the Lord for these numerous birds, bats, water body etc.

A-Action: highly efficient action plan all out on work for success in completion. Many minds are at work, ideas conceded and implemented with a accordance. Team work is all that makes our action.
N-Numbers: we at Vanxim are strong in numbers as our strength, our family members also add to our nmneber strength from whenever they are in the world. Numbers because “N” number of NGOs, not mentioning details are huge, plus Bharat Mukti Morcha which is our foundation stone for our Ilha de Vanxim Association.

X-ray: X-ray in its due respect is highly expensive for any change to take place in Vanxim. We all Vashekars are on high alert from all sides – East, West, North and South. On all our survey numbers demarked etc. X-rays are formed when a high speed stream of electrons strikes a target. X-rays are used to locate brakes in bones, bullets lodged in the body and other particles and mal function, and to diagnose and treat certain diseases. X-rays examine minutely. That’s exactly we Ilha de Vanxim Association and Bharat Mukti Morcha are known for.

I-Important: Important as Vanxim is a treasure for all Vashekars because of our dear and caring ancestors. They are highly important to us for preserving Vanxim in its original beauty. In the good old days we did not have Ferry boats only small wooden boats (Canoes).  In spite of all hardships our century old houses were constructed with huge walls still in existence. Our heritage kept alive by those very important and dedicated Vodil.  You all mean so much to us. Amche Vodil amche borobor sodach astole, amche purvoz amkam devanuch dillem dennem.

M-Mog (Love): Our Vanxim is beautiful, original, no make-ups in use. Everyone who comes to Vanxim loves Vanxim at its first site. Today Vanxim is known throughout the whole world. What a proud feeling. Vanxim, you are most beautiful bride that everyone loves you and we Vshekars love you too. Experts say that love builds up everyday. Yes Vanxim you have proved it all (right). Mog Vashecho sogleank pavoicho, Ekvotant ravon mog Vashecho ekamekak ami diucho. Vanxim amchi, Goem amchem. Ami soglim ekamekachim. Dev Borem Korum, Thank you every one my loving mulnivasis.

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