Saturday 2 February 2013

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao’s forthcoming visit to Divar is a black day for Vanxim

Goa Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao is just about to visit Divar island on coming Sunday 3rd February 2013. He is visiting Divar island after he triggered off Goa’s biggest scandal by selling neighboring Vanxim island in the same month of February in 2006. Ever since that time the month of February has been significant month for mulnivasi of India.

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao is undoubtly most scandalous Archbishop Goa has ever had ever since Christianity was introduced and established in Goa during Portuguese rule beginning in 1510. 

No Archbishop so far in the history of Goa has acted in such a criminal manner as Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao. He violated the law that governs the church –the code of canon law – and sold Vanxim island without even informing Vanxim people prior to sale. 

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao is undoubtedly one of the biggest scamsters around and his scams are evident from the way Vanxim was sold. It was sold for Rs.6/- to Rs.20/- per square meters. It is a common sense that such sale deed could have gone ahead only with Archbishop directly or indirectly accepting crores of rupees in under the table transactions.

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao not only cheated people of Vanxim but also pitched them against one another by systematically cultivating greed with his fellow bamon collaborator Mahendra Gaunekar whom he sold Vanxim as if it was his personal property.

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao systematically destroyed most of the faith of people of Vanxim and his visit to Divar has undeclared intentions to destroy the little remaining faith. Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao drastically transformed the village of Vanxim from peaceful, united and harmonious into violent, divided and embroiled into discord.

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao has visited Vanxim as a priest and also as Auxiliary Bishop. But his satanic sell out of Vanxim on February 11, 2006 has left one and all with unexpected shock. From so good and loving priest and an auxiliary bishop he changed himself totally after taking over as Archbishop. He changed himself into satan on the prowl to devour souls. For him religion is merely a means of making money as explained in 1 Timothy 6:5. Now it is decipherable that his goodness and loving nature as priest and as auxiliary bishop was only a mask to cover up his deadly bamon intentions against mulnivasis.

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao is visiting Divar on coming Sunday but he has not yet disclosed as to how many accounts he had/having in Swiss bank and how much was/is  his balance in that bank. Before his suspicious death Mathany Saldanha had spoken with number of people about Archbishop’s accounts in swiss bank. At a Delhi Goan Association’s meeting in Delhi late Mathany Saldanha openly spoke against Goa Archbishop saying that Bishop’s house is a house of business beaurecrats. This statement was reported in Goan Obeserver. This is fully true. 

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao is yet to declare publicly as to how much money from the Vanxim sale has he contributed to Santa Monica convent. He is yet to share information as to by how much amount he has cheated santa monica convent by entering into underhand transactions in Vanxim sale.

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao is visiting Divar, an island neighboring to Vanxim at a time when Divar along with other neighboring islands of Chorao, Naroa, St.Estavam, Akado, and Malar are set to face major satanic afflictions from Casinos and other nefarious activities that will be started if Gaunekar and Ozone group is allowed to have their way. The youth and children will be victimized with this. Casinos in Panjim has already shown us the results of this project of Bamon raj.  People of Divar are already alert to this situation and they even passed a resolution in one of their recent Gram Sabhas opposing such type of satanic enterprise on Divar island. The irony of ironies is that this satanic project is driven by most unfit and incompetent Archbishop Goa has ever had. This is the Archbishop with open alliances with satan and selling the kingdom of God and his land without fear of God under the protection from satan to destroy church in Goa from within. This is how Vanxim sale was possible on February 11, 2006 that which he did without taking Vanxim people into confidence.

Editor Rajan Narayan wrote in his Goan Observer that “Father forgive him for he does not know what he is doing”, immediately after that the weeping image of Jesus Christ at Santa Monica was planned to be restored. What a pity today that thousands of people were venerating it every single day and now almost more than two years there is a board put “work in progress, sorry for inconvenience caused”. People are also deprived of veneration ever since. People who are concerned must come forward and inspect this miserable act of Archbishop and openly question him as to why this work is stopped for so long. Rise up people of Goa and question the Archbishop.

Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao’s visit to Divar is a black day for Vanxim island and its habitants. It is because of his actions of selling Vanxim that the islanders are put into innumerable troubles and are forced into litigations at deputy collector and mamlatdar’s courts in Panjim. For more than tow years people are going to deputy collector’s court. Archbishop’s lawyer is only silent witness in these cases, in one the cases he even openly said that he wants to file written arguments which was noted in deputy collector’s court. Then on the day hearing he was sent prepared to speak thus “I have nothing to say”. This is how Archbishop functions when it comes for the reality of truth that the tenants are original mulnivasis and they are deemed purchasers who have cultivated these very fields for number of years and eaten the very fruit/yield of the same.  It is a black day for Vaxim because Archbishop has soaked himself with black money and Sinai Mountain full of cannon law violations.

Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao is a model of destruction of catholic faith in Goa through sale of Vanxim island. This destroyer of faith is coming to Divar with 400 catechists from various parts of Goa. These 400 catechists are most welcome to Divar as well as to Vanxim not only for two days but as many days as they wish but not the Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao. After looking at the way he sold Vanxim and amount of black money he has earned he is an evil doer. He deserves to be treated as per the instructions of St.Paul in his first letter to Corinthians (1 Corinthian 5:13) “drive out the evil doer from among you”. 

Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao is visiting Divar on 3rd February 2013 in order to envelop himself and his sin of commission brief-case by brief-case of black money stocked up at various places in the world. The gullible and ignorant catechists so far have fallen prey to Archbishop’s hidden agenda.  Bharat Mukti Morcha has already initiated the awareness amongst catechists as to how Goa Archbishop played the role of a scoundrel in Vanxim sale. The time is not far when these very gullible and ignorant catechists will be transformed into daring and knowledgeable catalysts to lay bare the agenda of Bamons in destroying faith and church. The more the archbishop tries to cover up himself more vulnerable he is turning out to be. Vanxim sale will hound this Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao forever in his life and death. These are the wages of his work of destroying Peace and Tranquility of Vanxim and seeding strife and division. Who is going to unite people now?  Before Archbishop sold Vanxim they were reaching out to one another, they were helping one another. They were living true church of Christ till satan in Archbishop destroyed it all.  It is because of this Bamon Archbishop’s nefarious activities that four women from Vanxim were arrested on 12 November 2011. 

People of Divar cannot afford to remain silent to happenings in Vanxim for if Archbishop and Gaunekar are allowed to have their way then Vanxim is going to be a headache for Divar. It is certain that their younger generations will have gambling dens closer to Divar in Madovi river at Vanxim. 

The question arises in this context as to why Archbishop is coming to the neighborhood of Vanxim again? To destroy whatever little faith remains with people?

Any banners coming up towards his visit for 3rd February 2013 are only going to be hypocritical banners. They may be at ferry boat or anywhere at Malar/Divar etc.  Any garland/bouquet flowers will be a hypocritical act for such a person who is fully and completely responsible for ruining up such a beautiful paradise Vanxim island and the islanders living there. With this Archbishop has turned himself ugly and blemish.

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