Monday 31 October 2011

Waman Meshram jolts bamon raj at Goa public meeting

Bharat Mukti Morcha National president Waman Meshram addressed a public meeting in the Goa's capital city of Panjim on October 29, 2011. Meeting in the centre of city in Azad Maidan was attended by nearly 500 people inside the maidan and numerous other people in the heart of city. Waman Meshram in his speech highlighted as to how our country is still under the foreign colonial rule of brahmins. In 1947 one foreigner called British left India and another foreigner called Brahmin took over and they rule till date. He further went on to elaborate as to how mulnivasi people of India are held captives by Brahmanism powers. He explained detail politics behind not carrying out of caste based census of OBC in India. He held Brahmanism responsible for depriving development of OBC people.

Waman Meshram examined the role of each of the Prime Ministers of India in suppressing cased based census cutting party lines. He outlined the agitation program of mobilization for liberation of India and appealed to all the mulnivasi people to join in the struggle in large numbers. He said currently our country though ruled by Manmohan Singh the decision not hold caste based census was taken by Bengali brahmin Pranab Mukherjee.

Earlier Waman Meshram was accorded warm welcome with a song 'Bharat Mukti Morcha' composed and Choreographed by Maggie Silveira, President of Bharat Mukti Morcha Mahila Aghadi  and sang by children from Vanxim island. Entire gathering came alive with the song and participants waved Bharat Mukti Morcha flags in air.

Number of people connected with movements also spoke during the meeting. Devidas Gaonkar, Francis Fernades, Hanumant Porob, Rama Velip, Sebastian Rorigues, Maggie Silveira, Fr.Bismark Dias, Xavier Fernandes spoke on the occasion. Kashinath Mayekar was present on the dias.

Devidas Gaonkar spoke about how Goa government has betrayed SC,ST,OBC people by non-implementation of Forest Rights Act. Francis Fernandes dealt with land reforms in Goa and how Brahmanism interests has sabotaged the entire program. Hanumant Porob spoke about the how mining has ruined environments are people are forced to struggle for their livelihood. Rama Velip exposed brahmanical links in mining destruction of Goa. Maggie Silveira criticized Goa government on introduction of Aadhaar card (UID). She said it is worse than a bomb blast in its impact of taking private information and recording it in centralized computerized system. She criticized Digambar Kamat for this project. Sebastian Rodrigues criticized Brahmanism forces for looting of Goa through mining and creating burden of public debt of Rs.631 crore. He questioned as to why Goa that generated Rs.28 lakh crore in last financial year though mining should have public debt at all. Fr.Bismark Dias criticized Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao for selling of Vanxim island.

Maggie Silveira in her second round of speech launched scathing attack on Brahmanical system that has sold Vanxim island. 'Not a chair will be allowed to be parked in Vanxim island', Maggie thundered warning to Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar. Gaunekar is planning to take over Vanxim island and has got Goa government to get village survey number 8 consisting of water bodies as settlement zone for 'hotel and resort only'.

People from far and wide traveled to Panjim for the meeting and Brahmanism hold in Goa got jolted. It was for the first time that such a public meeting was being held in the heart of Panjim boldly criticizing brahmanism.

Bharat Mukti Morcha blog was inaugurated at the hands of National President Waman Meshram. Blog contains posting related to Bharat Mukti Morcha activities in Goa. It also contains number of postings criticizing brahmanical rule in Goa.

Booklet titled 'Goa's Great Mining Plunder' authored by Sebastian Rodrigues was released at the hands of National President Waman Meshram. This booklet documents police repression in mining belt as well as large scale plunder since 1981. The booklet is published by Mulnivasi Publication Trust, Pune.

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