Saturday 29 June 2013

'If I was a Brahmin then I would have never been fabricated in criminal case by Goa Police'

On 27th June 2013 Bharat Mukti Morcha (BMM), Goa Unit blog  interviewed Cliffton de Souza of Velim, Salcete after he was arrested and released on bail at Cuncolim Police station on 26th June 2013 in a case fabricated against him. Cliffton answers wide range of questions by which he enters history as subject and not as object to be kicked and jostled around by the forces of Bamon Raj. You may also read up Bharat Mukti Morcha statement condemning Cliffton's arrest in this fabricated case here. Here is a full text of a short  interview with him:

BMM: What you think are the hidden intentions for your arrest by Goa Police on 26th June 2013 at Assolna, Salcete, Goa?

Cliffton: To suppress my voice.

BMM: Why?

Cliffton: So that I must not talk against the present government and also against Bamons.

BMM: Why you want to speak against present government?

Cliffton: Because present government is not favorable for OBC, SC and ST and is supporting only Bamons.

BMM: Why do you think this government is doing this discrimination?

Cliffton: Because ruling people are not original Indians and they want to suppress mulnivasis.

BMM: If they are not original Indians then how come they are ruling Goa?

Cliffton: Because before Portuguese rule in Goa Brahmins were ruling Goa and they denied education to Mulnivasis by applying the rule of Manusmriti.

BMM: Are you opposed to the rule of manusmriti?

Cliffton:  Yes.

BMM: Why?

Cliffton: Because it denies us the right to education, right to property, right to trade and right to carry weapons. It denies us our freedom. Manusmriti is Constitution of Bamon Raj and stands directly opposed to Constitution of India which is also sabotaged by Bamons.

BMM: So you mean Manusmriti denies all these rights to everyone?

Cliffton: No.

BMM: Then, who are denied these rights?

Cliffton: ST, SC, and OBC

BMM: What about Christians, Muslims, Sikhs and Buddists; do Manusmriti grants these rights to them?

Cliffton: No.

BMM: Whom does Manusmriti grants these rights?

Cliffton: Brahmins.

BMM: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar publicly burned the manusmriti at Mahad on 25th December 1927 at 9.00 pm for this very reason. Do you think it should burnt again now in 2013 in Goa?

Cliffton: Yes.

BMM:  How do you feel after being arrested and released on bail?

Cliffton: Feeling Proud.

BMM: normally people feel demoralized when they are slapped with police cases and you say you are feeling proud. Why this arrest does make you proud?

Cliffton: because this arrest is due to fabricated case against me.  

BMM: do you think it was correct on the part of Goa Police to fabricate criminal case against you?

Cliffton: No. They fabricated case against me because I am non-brahmin. If I was a Brahmin they would have never fabricated case against me.

BMM: But there are so many non-brahmins in Goa. Why case fabricated only against you? Do all non-brahmins face fabrication of police cases against them?

Cliffton: No. The case is fabricated against me because  I am talking against Brahmins and the various abusive deeds of their rule like destruction of environment, land, water bodies, justice to victims like rape case in Vasco, mining, Vanxim, Tiracol, Aadhaar card, distribution of money at the elections for getting votes, poor water supply, polluted water supply in South Goa, Contents of Magnesium in public water supply, Fish Mill, frauds in Communidade land specially in Canacona Communidade, Food poisoning of Children through mid-day meals in schools, denial of school bus of certain castes of OBC, Mopa airport, Casinos, mining, Police, Bearocrats, Romi Konkni, Seafarers pension etc.

BMM: Why do you think you should speak on all these issues?

Cliffton: because Mulnivasi people are affected due to them.

BMM: Who are Mulnivasis?

Cliffton: ST, SC, OBC and those from these categories converted and are today Muslims, Christians, Buddists, Sikh, etc.

BMM: Are you a Mulnivasi?

Cliffton: Yes.

BMM: Which category of mulnivasi you belong to?

Cliffton: OBC – Christian.

BMM: In Christianity there are no castes. How come you call yourself ‘OBC-Christian’?

Cliffton: I live in India. Indian Constitution is based on caste. If you follow religion you will not survive. You need to follow Constitution of India.

BMM: What about so many people who follow religions, are they not surviving?

Cliffton:  No. They are arrested and beaten up by brahmanical forces in India. They are burnt alive.

BMM: You mean to say people must give up their religions in order to survive?

Cliffton: No.

BMM: Then what?

Cliffton: Freedom of Religion is Constitutional Right in India and you can survive with your religion. That is the reason I give more importance to Constitution of India. If Constitution of India was not there then our country would have been like Saudi Arabia where only single religion practice is allowed. Because of Dr.Ambedkar we got the Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Expression. If Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar was not born then Christians would have no chance to practice their religion.

BMM: Do you think that your arrest would affect your movement in any way like will you get demoralized and will your activities in movement stop?

Cliffton: No.

BMM: Do you think that Goa Police has degenerated to such a low level to file fabricated cases or someone else is behind the scene operator?

Cliffton: Some one else is there behind this fabrication because police have no powers to fabricate the criminal cases but some one else has instigated them to fabricate the case against me.

BMM: Who do you think is the behind the scene operator?

Cliffton: Home Minister of Goa State who controls Police.

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