Monday 8 July 2013

Mere harassment by Bamon Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao to Fr. Saluzinho Vaz for his direct and bold questioning

Bharat Mukti Mukti strongly condemns the persecution of mulnivasi catholic priest Fr.Saluzinho Vaz located at Infant Jesus Chapel, Murida, Cuncolim at the hands of Bamon Archbishop of Goa, Daman and Diu Felipe Neri Ferrao over the past few years. The climax came when two complaints were filed against Fr.Saluzinho Vaz at Cuncolim Police Station on 7th June 2013 in order to exert pressure on Fr.Saluzinho Vaz to evict him from the residence of the Chapel that he has been occupying for the past 5 years after being posted there by the same Archbishop in 2008.

One complaint according to the police sources is filed by group of 10 or 35 people. No names are disclosed by police officially. The second complaint was filed by two catholic priests under the instructions to do so by the Archbishop. One of them is a Parish Priest of St. Thomas Church, Aldona, Amandio Valadares who is an Episcopal Vicar for North Zone of Goa besides being a Convenor of the Team of Transfers of Priests. The second Priest is Lucio Dias, Parish Priest of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church, Assolna who is also the Episcopal Vicar for the South Zone of Goa. Both these priest drafted the complaint on 6th June 2013 and handed over to Cuncolim Police station on 7th June 2013.

The pretext used by these two priests under the direction of the Archbishop is that Fr.Agnelo Quadros has been blocked from taking charge of Infant Jesus Chapel at Murida on 1st June 2013.

Police carried on the investigations in Murida and Fr.Saluzinho was called at the Police station couple of times.  However after the investigations police refused to register FIR against Fr.Saluzinho Vaz on any of these complaints because of two reasons; the first, Fr.Saaluzinho enjoys overwhelming support of the Murida parishioners. The second reason is that this matter is pertaining to Canon Law that governs the Church and it is beyond the scope of IPC and CrPC.

Fr.Saluzionho in the meanwhile applied for anticipatory bail on 14 June 2013 before the Sessions judge, South at Margao. The text of the application records that the ecclesiastical authorities have no right to simply relieve him without a posting.  The application also records that the Epicopal Vicar acting for the Archbishop has lodged police complaint with the Cuncolim Police Station seeking police action to evict the applicant on the ground that applicant is illegally in occupation of the Chapel. The application further records that the dispute if any is civil and ecclesiastical and church authorities have no right to lodge police complaint in matter which are entirely religious and more particularly involving a dispute in respect of the clergy. The application records that Fr.Saluzinho Vaz has over the years has frequently pointed out to the higher authorities in the Church the irregularities in the functioning, particularly in matters relating to money and property and it is for this reason that the Church hierarchy has turned hostile to the applicant and are planning to oust him from the church without any valid reason whatsoever. He further pointed out that the Ecclesiastical authorities are now threatening to misuse its powers to mislead the local parishioners, invade the residence of the priest and throw him on the streets in utter defiance of law both secular and ecclesiastic.

The very pertinent observation is also available in this application it reads “that is well known that the present government is having close relationship with the Archdiocesan Authority and therefore there is likelihood that the police may be influenced to arrest the applicant so as to facilitate the Archbishop to forcibly evict the applicant and install a new priest in his place.”  The present government is headed by a Bamon Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and the Diocese is headed by Bamon Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao. The close bamani collaboration of these people is well known. On the evening of the ordination as Archbishop, party was held on cruising ship in Mandovi river where Chief minister Manohar Parrikar during his last stint and the Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao cruised together. This is also the reason as to why Goa Archbishop has been so confident of deploying police to intimidate the priests who does not conform to the bamon raj policy of the Archbishop. And of course it is Goa Archbishop that is responsible to get Bamon Manohar Parrikar to power in Goa and it would not be surprising if law and logic is thrown to winds and brute police force is deployed against Fr.Saluzinho Vaz. That would be declaration of war against mulnivasi people of Goa and would have to be handled accordingly.  That is the reason Goa Archbishop is heading the team of persecutors of the catholic mulnivasi Priest. None but the infiltrated enemy of the mulnivasis inside the church can do this. And it is being done by the Eurasian bamon Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao.

The confidence of the bamon Archbishop to use police force against mulnivasi  priests is so high that he has even sent a written threat to Fr.Saluzinho Vaz. In a letter dated June 21, 2013 Archbishop writes “Failure to do so will compel us to resort to legal means, much against our will. Needless to say, defiance on your part to the above directive will be an act of grave disobedience.”

In reply to the anticipatory bail application Police Inspector of Cuncolim police station carefully protected the Archbishop and did not acknowledge that the two priests Fr.Lucio Dias and Fr.Amandio Valadares has submitted the compliant against Fr.Saluzinho Vaz - something that police informed members of public over the phone. The close co-ordination between the Chief minister and Archbishop is evident from this fact. Instead police stated that some 35 local people from Murida, Cuncolim has filed a complaint. Not even a single complainant is named in the police reply to the court. Further police submitted on 17th June 2013 to the court that “no any offence stands registered against the applicant at Cuncolim Police Station.”

Fr.Saluzinho Vaz was to be forcefully evicted from the premises at the Infant Jesus Chapel, Murida, Cuncolim on 29th of June 2013 at 10.30 am. The eviction notice was served on this Mulnivasi priest Fr.Saluzinho Vaz by this Eurasian bamon Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao via his letter dated 21st June 2013. It states  “I call upon you to cease to perform the functions of Chaplain in the Chapel of Infant Jesus and to hand over the charge of the Chapel to new incumbent, which would mean handing over to him the keys of the Chapel along with everything that belongs to it and the keys of the residence annexed to the Chapel, along with everything belongs to it, after removing all your belongings from the same on 29th June, 2013, at 10.30 am., on which date and time the new incumbent, Fr.Agnelo Quadros, accompanied by Fr.Lucio Dias, the Episcopal Vicar for the South Zone of Goa and Fr.Manuel Fernandes, the Parish Priest of the Parish of Cuncolim, will be present at the said premises to take charge of his post as the Chaplain of the Chapel of Infant Jesus.”

Archbishop played bamani mischief here again by not allocating him any office and that he was to be evicted from the premises and thrown on the road. And after that Archbishop assures Fr.Saluzinho that “our relieving order does not deprive you from the monthly remuneration to which all our diocesan priests are entitled. Such remuneration you will get directly from the Archdiocese.” Monthly remuneration of priests is just Rs.4000/-.

One may wonder as why Fr Saluzinho has been targeted by Bamon Raj in Church headed by Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao. The basic reason has been that he has been publicly expressing few concerns on his website which has proved to be subversive to bamon raj. He alleges that Goa Archbishops’ palace is involved in practice of witchcraft that is forbidden by the Church. He writes in a blogspot titiles God’s Kingdom suffered “I’ll start with the predecessor over here, which came to power using his own influence in the high places and coupled with witchcraft, yes witchcraft, to get a boost from the forces of Hell; later climbed up in a similar fashion to rule the roost, with Hell’s support all along. It was in his term sadly, all this talk of bringing about God’s Kingdom started, though, he might have been forced by the circumstances to do so; and it gave an opportunity to do a lot of movement, with loads of money wasted and hardly any results from God’s perspective.”

The second allegation he has been making is that this Archbishop has come to occupy the position purely because he is a Bamon. He writes  “Now coming, to the present one ruling, who also has his beginnings marred with controversy, with the move by the few, with vested interests to get one of their own type (i.e. the cream, the head of erstwhile god who dominate over the rest, by way of this socio/religious structure) chosen; they gave the whole underground exercise a different colour, by incorporating members of the lower rank, to get the task fulfilled of eliminating the possibility of the other contender from being selected; this was done on the ground of he having bad temperaments, and a personality, which is difficult to deal with; but actually the ring leaders abhorred someone of a lower caste coming to that position.”

The third allegation is directly against the Archbishop bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao. He writes “Coming back to the present head, he earlier, being a partner in the team of the previous boss and flowing with the tide of things done, has eventually reached the present position; because, somehow he satisfied everyone concerned, that there was no other better person for the job; also the previous satanic gang, which was built up by their head, realised they could continue with their hidden agenda, with the present one in control. But Oh! It’s obvious, how he is a slave of the hidden cronies and bends, bows and does a U-turn to the second in command; who is kept over there by himself and to whom he is enslaved as it were; it could be, because of some reason not known on the outside, perhaps, a dark secret, which is used as a trump card at will, against him. Now, the second person who is ruling unofficially, could be surely having a darker, remote operator, from amongst the satanic group, one, who could be the gang-leader.

Fourthly Fr.Saluzinho Vaz paints very grim picture of downfall for the Goa Archbishop considering the way he has been functioning with satanic powers. He writes “All this is going to end shortly; the previous dark gang disbanded with the leader left with black boils to deal with, as consequence of God’s judgement; which will be brought upon him to do a purification, which if it leads to repentance, will lead to salvation, or if he remains unrepentant then eternal condemnation will be the unfortunate result of it all for him. In this whole process, the present leader will have to scurry and hurry, in order to escape the mess created and will have to be pulled up, by the highest ones, to save face and ‘reputation’; which they think they will be doing; but ultimately, will lead to a downfall of the whole structure, bringing about a total transformation in this organisation; which for centuries (i.e. for most of the time of its existence) was a horrible stench for God’s nostrils.”

On 19th September 2013 Fr.Saluzinho Vaz wrote to Goa Archbishop that he has noticed injustice in the Archdiocese “I have realized after being ordained a priest to serve God that there is injustice in the Archdiocese. Sincere priests who send their accounts as per the rules you’ll have made, get remuneration which you’ll have established which is a pittance for their own living but the insincere priests who swindle funds and have their accounts not in order have plenty for their needs and in all probability give (i.e. through under the table dealings) to the authorities up in the Bishop Palace i.e. the group that controls you (to whom you yourself are a slave, which is known to most priests) and this same priests (i.e. those who swindle funds) are the favourites of the Archdiocese. Till when this wrongdoing will continue in the Church of Christ?”

In the same letter Fr.Saluzinho Vaz declared his resolve to fight continuously “I have to state that I will be continuing the fight with you’ll in the manner I have already decided i.e. by God’s guidance.”

Finally Fr.Saluzinho Vaz asked the Archbishop to quit the Archdiocese. He states in the same letter “This is my sincere question to you and if you are not able to solve this longstanding ill, it will be better that you quit the Archdiocese and allow justice to prevail in the Church that Jesus Himself founded by the change in the Shepherd that will result for the Archdiocese of Goa Daman and Diu.”

Fr.Saluzinho Vaz asked Archbishop to quit. Archbishop on his part is taking revenge on Fr.Saluzinho Vaz and sack him from Murida. Goa Archbishop’s high-handed behavior is more because of drive to the agenda of bamon raj in which every mulnivasi priest who stands up for truth are done away with and silenced. They are then to be replaced with his agents, pliant, bonded priests who will be taking pride in their slavery and pursuing the agenda of bamon raj with vigor and aggression and will collaborate in selling off land like in Vanxim and Tiracol and many other places, also who will help in effective siphoning of funds for the purpose of mega swindling so that Bamon Raj is strengthened and Archdiocese of Goa be destroyed thoroughly.

Bharat Mukti Morcha congratulates Fr.Saluzinho Vaz for his bold and spiritually combative resistance, defiance and disobedience against the powers of Satan deployed to establish Bamon Raj in Goa through Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao. Bharat Mukti Morcha stands in solidarity and support with Fr.Saluzinho Vaz in this fight.

Fr.Saluzhino’s fight is not for his personal interests but this is a fight for freedom from forces of darkness hidden in Bamon Raj.

Bharat Mukti Morcha call upon all the mulnivasi people of Goa that is biggest diocese of India with population crossing 6 lakh people to rise up and question the Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao publicly. We can no longer  stay on the fence and things are clear that he is standing up only for the interest of bamon raj and that involves silencing of every sane voice in Church.

Bharat Mukti Morcha also congratulates people of Murida, Cuncolim and the neighborhood Assolna for their strong support to Fr.Saluzinho Vaz.

People of Cuncolim, Assolna and the rest of Goa are silently watching the game played by the Bamon Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao and it will be People’s decision and support for Fr.Saluzinho Vaz for his bold attitutide that the people of Goa at large will support Fr.Saluzinho and Bamon Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao will have to face the consequences for damaging such a young and dynamic forthright mulnivasi Priest Fr.Saluzinho Vaz.

And this message of harassment has gone to the nooks and corner of the entire world. So here begins the second down fall of Bamon Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao after the sale of Vanxim island that too for peanuts i.e Rs. 55 lakhs (at the rate Rs.6/- and Rs. 20/- per square meter!) on paper to Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar, who in turn sold it to Ozone group of companies for Rs. 35 crore. What a fraudulency created by this bamon Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao! The under hand money received by Bamon Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao, if one thinks logically it is lump sum and not Rs.55 lakh as Bamon Gaunekar sold this very property for crores of rupees.

As Vanxim agitation becomes strong and known world wide so also bamon Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao will be exposed for his wrong doings against Fr.Saluzinho Vaz. It takes a decade and a half to become a priest that too priest has to leave his father, mother, brother, sister, grand parents, his house, his property and become a priest. And now Bamon Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao is destroying the Archdiocese of Goa by sending this very worthy Priest on the streets. Is this what is expected from a Bishop? Fr.Saluzinho Vaz will be rewarded for his bold approach to fight the Bamon Archbishop very successfully because he is a man of God who keeps himself committed to what he preaches. Very soon the time will come for the Bamon Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao to be on streets himself.

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